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Choosing Joy

Day 6: Creating Oneness


arnsmugI have given my realisation of yesterday (see Day 5) a great deal of thought and have come to a number of conclusions.


The first is no big deal but I find it interesting: I have decided that this choice: to want oneness more than happiness is not actually an objection at all. I think the very happiest of all possible outcomes for any soul who finds Itself in this reality is to awaken to the shared co-created realisation that All is One. If we were to live in a society of wholly unity conscious beings it would very much be heaven on earth which would be the happiest possible outcome for all of us. I guess what I am saying is that I realise that I-that-I-am am willing to give up on some temporary personal happiness in order to work to co-create a massive amount of shared universal happiness.


I’d like to take just a moment to elucidate this point: Why do I say a unity-conscious society is heaven on earth? Well, think upon it: if everyone KNOWS that they are truly One with each other then no-one will be able to even think about hurting, abusing, cheating, stealing or in any other way harming anyone else. They would all KNOW that what they are doing to the other they are doing to themselves also. Because their eyes are open to this fact they will see that this is indeed what happens. They will see that it is factually correct that “what you put out is what you get back”. So, of course, folks will only do to others that which they also want done to themselves. They will be as loving and kind as they can be in every circumstance (because that is how they want to be treated). Of course we would all draw boundaries and be firm about this but we could be quite loving in the way we enforced those boundaries because we would know that no-one else would willingly and knowingly be trying to take advantage of us: if you tell me where your boundaries are I will want to respect that. Because that is how I would want to be treated. And so, in such a society, we would quickly see how any hurtful or self-destructive tendency is nothing other than a spiritual illness. When we became aware of these issues we would seek help for ourselves or the other who is afflicted. We would look for healing rather than for punishment (as is the case in our current society).


Life in such a society would be almost unrecognisably different from what we have now. Almost all of the systems and institutions that we currently have would then be redundant.

The whole criminal justice system, right from police to the courts to jails… all of that would disappear into a small sub-section of the mental health profession. And mental health (along with all the healthcare professions) would recognise that spiritual health is the most vital of all.

There would be no need for politics or politicians. Why do we need these lying agents of separation when we know we are one? Why do we need laws when we know the law of One? Why do we need leaders when we are each taking full responsibility for every aspect of our lives? Why do we need separate nations if we are one?

The business of money and especially banking would be an entirely different prospect. Currencies, as we currently have, could not exist. They are created, literally, out of debt and separation. If there is no separate nation to be indebted to the obscenely wealthy old families of banking (for that is how they create the nations money) then there would be no currency. Instead we would simply exchange value. Of course, to make matters simpler we would find compact and useful carriers of that value. Gold and silver coins and paper that legitimately represents such real value could be used. This is what money used to be until the politicians and the bankers colluded to transform it into the monster that it now is. The point here is that bankers won’t automatically own the whole world’s money supply… WE will. If you make, grow, produce, offer any product or service then YOU own the value.


I touch on a number of points that come to my imagination as I think about how the world would be different if we were all of unity consciousness. I don’t KNOW that it would be exactly this way. Perhaps I fail to imagine just how different it would be. But think for yourself: if EVERYONE was only acting, to the very best of their ability, in the interests of the greatest good of the all… how different would life be. How different would it be if we found notions like lying, cheating a stealing to be strange and somewhat laughable because it just didn’t happen? How different would life be if we all knew that we were also One with the plants, the animals and indeed the whole planet? Would it be even possible for us to consider the polluting, harmful and destructive practices we now do so casually in the name of “profit”? Of course not!


I don’t wish to belabour the point further. I simply make the strong contention that the very closest that this world could ever get to being Utopian is if we all knew that we were One and that this would be the happiest possible outcome for this planetary civilisation.


So what am I talking about here?  Do I plan to start a new religion? Do I intend to be grow a straggly beard and then stand on a street corner and with wild eyes shout at everyone that they “must find oneness”? No, nothing like that. I very much believe that we will all eventually awaken to this knowledge. Eventually, every single soul currently alive on earth will realise this. Because Oneness is the true state of being of everyone and everything, there is nowhere else for us to go other than to return our consciousness to Oneness. So that is an inevitability. If we just leave things as they are and wait for everyone to find their way there it might, however, take a very long time for that to happen. There are, you see, a great many very powerful interests vested in separation. Every single one of the most powerful organisations, institutions and individuals on planet earth right now, ALL derive their power from manufacturing as much separation between us as possible. Their power comes from our fear and pain. Our collective awakening to Oneness will promptly make them and all their abusive systems of control and manipulation redundant. So obviously they are working against that and they are, as mentioned, very powerful. But they work against the truest nature of the very universe. They work against their own truest nature. And the time has come for the changing of the direction of the tide of life. The time has come for our collective awakening. And so the time is come for us to stop waiting for unity consciousness to flower and to take an active hand in it’s co-creation.


The time is NOW.


What I am saying here is that I certainly don’t plan on trying to change the world on my own!  This is not about my ego trying to force my desires on everyone else. I am not demanding that the world change to make me happy. Quite the opposite of that! I am saying that Oneness is the natural, right, most workable, most joyful and best possible way for us to be. Right now is, furthermore, the time when our civilisation can and should awaken to oneness. I am simply proposing to bring my creative energy, my talents and abilities, my Light and my Life to bear to assist all the many, many other magnificent souls that are participating in re-birthing this most ancient and true awareness back into this planetary civilisation’s consciousness.


How will I be doing this?  I have some thoughts but, obviously, as I go these will evolve.


The first thought was an idea given to me as a powerful gift of true inspiration from my Inner-Self. In that same meditation I have just recently related (see Day 5), right at the end, I was told/ shown that I will write another book. I was even given the title and saw the cover. It is to be called The Book of The One. It will lay out in simple, clear and concise terms exactly what Oneness really means. What it means to be living a life of unity consciousness. Some guidelines on how we can most effectively create unity and reduce separation. A book that anyone can read and understand and use in their day-to-day life. A short book unembellished with all the intricacies and stories that (I must admit) I love to get involved in when I write. Just the Isness. The Book of The One.  I will write that book and then, I was told/ shown that I will give that book away for free. If it is true that what I want more than my own happiness is Oneness then it must be true that I want the most basic message of Oneness to get out as far as it can go, right?  So then I will not hamper that distribution by charging money for it. This truly is to be my gift of love to this world. I will give it away for free. The e-book will be free and the printed copy will sell at the very lowest cost price that I can get it printed for. I’ll seek translators to get it into all the languages I can. And those too will be offered with no profit.


So that is the first thing that I will give purely on my own. But I know very well that the greatest power of creation is CO-creation. So I will be inviting co-creation with you (if you so desire) and anyone else that also wants this same thing. There are many groups around the world who are, each in their own way, working towards oneness. I hope to connect with as many of them as I can and bring them all together. I am working with a friend to create a website where we can consciously become aware of our co-creative efforts and bring some focus and coherence to them. That we can align our energies and begin truly to create the unity conscious reality that we desire.


These two things I will be working on next. As I go I shall continue to follow my heart to see how else I might bring my energy to bear.


And so here is my question: what about you? Are you “in”? Are you coming along for the greatest ride in all of this reality?  And will you give some thought as to what you can do to assist in it’s co-creation? Are you ready to enact YOUR soul’s purpose in giving your energy to the co-creation of oneness? Of course you are!