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Doing What Works


arnsmugMy spirit guide, 8, is a great proponent of what he calls "doing what works". He says a great deal of what ails human society is that we are unobservant: we don't take the time to see what is working and what is not. And we don't take the effort to do things in a way that works better. In a nut-shell, he says, we abdicate our responsibility for this to others who don't always have our best interests at heart. So, with his encouragement, I am endeavouring to find ways of living "that work". For me this means finding ways to do what I need as efficiently and effectively as possible, with minimized negative impact on the planet. And since I am striving for a self-sufficient lifestyle this will obviously be reflected in my choices too.


The Doing What Works blog series is a place for me to share with you what I have found. I'd like to encourage you to try some of these things out and let me know how they work for you. Let me know too if you can improve on what I am doing. And by all means let me know what you are doing that WORKS.

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# John 2016-05-09 19:15
Doing what works I guess is all a matter of what is important at the moment. In my society I see people just doing with no thought process of any kind. When I try to make my friends think of why things are the way they are, they dont have time!
Strange; is this living in the moment with only the thought on the moment or maybe no thought at all? I like to investigate, understand and speak of my finding's but others just do not have the time! It's frustrating! I agree with 8 "doing what works" but I also believe in knowing why it works and how it became so. Curiosity is so important and people are so busy living in the moment they have lost that God given gift of wanting to understand? I just wish I could find and talk to people that have a need and a want to understand! Their is so much to learn!!
Thanks for keeping me awake and I hope alert!
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