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21 December 2012 – What will happen?


Dear friends


As I write this on the 19th of December, just two days before (possibly) the most anticipated date in history, I feel compelled to publicly address the accelerating influx of messages that I have been receiving that have all asked, in one way or another “what will happen on the 21st?


To begin to answer this, I would like to offer you a little anecdote from my childhood:  It was the day before my 5th birthday. I was standing in the kitchen on tip-toes peeking over the lip of the counter at my mother who was icing my birthday cake. I was puzzling over this thing: "today I am four but tomorrow I will be five". I couldn’t figure it out. "How will I change tomorrow that I will suddenly be a 'bigger boy'". Suddenly when people ask my age, I will hold out a whole handful of fingers. Suddenly, tomorrow, I will change in some magical way and BE FIVE! I looked again at what my mother was doing and I wondered if the magic was in the cake. Was it the eating of that magical confection that would instantly make me leap up in stature and maturity that would transform little four-year-old-me into a big-boy? Too puzzling!


Needless to say, my birthday arrived, the friends came, the five candles were lit, the friends sang the excruciatingly embarrassing "happy birthday" song, I blew out the candles and we ate the cake… but nowhere in that arcane, magical ceremony did I actually change. I didn’t feel any different. I ran to the mirror as soon as I could and noticed with considerable disappointment that I didn’t look any bigger or older (no trace of a moustache and so on). 


You see, friends, I made a very simple mistake. I confused the marking of a process for the process itself. I confused the celebration of an ongoing and gradual change for the change itself.


And with that I can segue directly to the 21st of December 2012...


Friends, nothing special will happen on this day at all… unless we MAKE it happen. We can throw a party and that will be special if we want it to be. We can enact some atrocity like having one nation's military start a war on another nation (they are certainly champing at the bit for World War 3 at the moment). Or we can meditate and connect with all the other millions around the globe that will be doing that and really FEEL something profound. But whatever happens on the 21st will be our creation. Because the 21st isn’t IT. It is just the moment at which we mark the very center point of a truly vast transitional process. It is the moment when many clocks hit their “midnight” point.


What I mean by this is that there are all kinds of cycles that occur in our reality. There is the vast many-billion-year-long cycle in which our solar system goes around the galaxy like a speck on a turntable. There is the somewhat shorter cycle in which our solar system oscillates up and down through the galactic plane of the ecliptic. There are many such cycles. Some of them become short enough for our human civilisations to notice such as the 26 000-year-cycle of the precession of the equinoxes. And then there are MUCH shorter cycles like the 11-year solar activity cycle, the year-long orbit of the earth around the sun which, due to the inclination of the planet leads also to the year-long cycle of seasons.


Is it surprising and miraculous that ALL of these cycles come to an end right now? Or is it perhaps more by design?


My contention, dear friends, is that our physical reality is a lower-order manifestation of what occurs at the higher-energy and vibratory rates of our spiritual reality. 


And what is going on on the spiritual plane is a massive changing of the guard.  The watchers of this reality are evolving. As so they are moving on to other tasks and, possibly, leaving for other realities. New watchers are taking their place. And as this happens so a new way of life becomes not just possible… but inevitable.


What do I mean by “watchers”. This is a complex and oft-misunderstood concept.  To explain it: have you heard the German word “zeitgeist”? It literally means “time spirit”… a spirit that governs a particular age and procures that that age has a particular flavour. The English equivalent is “spirit of the age”. It is usually meant metaphorically. It is my contention that there really are such beings who, by observing our reality, collapse certain probabilities into particular outcomes. Some of these beings operate at the micro-scale and watch over communities or nations. Others watch over certain aspects of a planetary reality and they, in turn are watched over by greater consciousnesses that, eventually watch over the whole galactic reality.  And this extends right up to the way our whole universe is “observed”.


So the “furniture” of our universe is in place and it will continue to make many, many more of these cycles-within-cycles. We will perceive no change in that. What has been changing and will continue to change is the flavour of this reality.  What will change is the way we think about ourselves, the way we feel, the way we interact.  This has been busy changing and will continue to change. It has been accelerating in transformation as the “hand-over” of the watchers has occurred. The high-point of that hand-over is now-ish. We mark and celebrate that hand-over now. And then the hand-over tails of and is completed over the next few years.


The changes that happen as a result of all this hand-over are many but the top-level over-arching change is that we are being handed over from a watcher that observed duality consciousness to a watcher that observes unity consciousness. The difference between these two states is something that I have handled exhaustively in my book, The Ascension Papers and is also succinctly and adroitly addressed by Adamu in the Adamu Speaks series of videos. The bottom-line however is that a difficult, toxic and painful experience of reality in which we abuse and harm each other and the planet we live upon was made possible by the long, long aeons of belief that we were all separate. The belief that creator and creation are separate also allowed for the abuses of power that became the hallmark of first religion and then politics. Well, friends, this is coming to a tumultuous end round about now. There is now a dawning awareness that this whole way of doing the business of life cannot continue. We are awakening to the realisation that we are all, at root, ONE.  That we are not separate. That what we do to one another we do to ourselves also. We are awakening to the realisation that creator and creation are ONE. And this means of course that WE are co-creating our reality. We are not victims. And we are not separate. And as this awareness dawns so religion, and indeed politics and any other system that puts power over the many in the hands of the few, becomes archaic and irrelevant.


Of course those “few” are resisting this change with everything that have. So we see their final desperate attempts to keep us locked into fear and hatred. Because, sadly, these are their most powerful tools.


But friends, the point of this great transition is that they will fail. The have already failed. It is just a matter of the changes that are underway being completed.


So this IS a time of great celebration.  But let us not confuse the celebration of the transition for the transition itself!


A final note my dear friends. Do not look outside of yourself for what is true.  If you look to the news media or to the events of the world you will very likely become disheartened and say “the change is too slow” or perhaps “I see no change” or even “the change is all going in the wrong direction”.  But friends!  Is it not so that if you look within… if you look at your own experience, your own relationships, your own growth in consciousness, your own awakening that you will see clearly and say “the change is just amazing and so full of Light!”


You see, we have been waiting for some amazing beings of wonder and light to come sweeping in to help us and to change this world into a more loving and Light filled place. And we have not waited in vain. For we ARE those amazing beings of wonder and Light. With the changing of the spiritual guard there is a massive influx of Light. We are the ones that are welcoming that Light. We are the ones indeed that are bearing that Light. 


The changes are afoot... welcome to the new world!