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Intuitive Conversation

(How I Do What I Do)


arnsmugI get a large number of emails and messages on my website from folks who are all, in one way or another curious about the method by which I obtain the information that appears in my books, youtube videos, etc:

“How do I talk to, and receive responses from, Adamu, 8, J-D and others?”


The queries are of two types: curiosity about my experience when engaging in Intuitive Conversation and then also seeking for guidance as to how they might also engage in such conversations.


I’d like to address both of these issues now.  But firstly:


Why is it not “Channeling”?

Most people call what I do “channeling”. For simplicity’s sake I occasionally even call it that myself. But I prefer not to as I don’t feel this term describes what I do at all.


Channeling is, in my opinion, allowing your body to be used as a vessel (literally a channel) through which information and ideas are passed by some other entity. Channels are, to my way of thinking, passive conduits for this information. True trance channeling, when the channel “vacates” their own body and the other entity speaks using that body as a vessel is probably the most extreme form of this. There are less extreme forms where, for example, the channel is still conscious but seeks to minimise their own presence in the communication. But there is no way to escape the fact that the more mentally and emotionally present the channel is, the more they will influence the content and tone of the message. Two beings sharing the same tool will do a different job than just one on its own!


I have no judgement or negative feelings at all about channeling per se. One of the greatest gifts I have been given in this lifetime came in the form of a set of channeled messages. I do, however, feel this is something that one should be very, very careful of doing. Would you hand the keys to your car over to an unknown stranger and allow them to use it as they see fit for an hour or two?  How much more should we be careful of who we hand “the keys” to our body and mind over to?  We should also be careful with channeled messages themselves. The fact that a discarnate entity is willing to be channeled is NO guarantee at all that they are trustworthy, truthful and rich in wisdom!


There are, of course, ways to ensure a clean connection to a being that the channel does trust implicitly. But such a discussion on methods of spiritual hygiene and protection when channeling is beyond the ambit of this article. And since channeling is not something I do I am probably not the best authority on the subject anyway.


Intuitive conversation is, to my mind, an entirely different way of obtaining information that might otherwise not be available to me. I do not hand over control of any faculty of my mind or my body to anyone else. I do not go into any kind of trance. I am, if anything, MORE present and aware than normal when I engage in Intuitive Conversation.


The difficulty with trying to tell others what Intuitive Conversation is, is that the process itself is so very “normal”, non-mystical, non-mumbo-jumbo, non-woo-woo that I almost can’t describe it.


The simplest explanation is that I have taken listening to my “little voice” of intuition to a fine art. I have listened so regularly and with such consistent effort that I am now able to hear it quite well. Now, instead of just giving me the occasional warning of a “don’t go there” feeling I can ask complex questions and get a knowing that I can translate right back to a whole chapter of a book.


But perhaps we would be better served if I tried less to tell you WHAT I do and more to tell you HOW I do it. And perhaps the best way to do that would be to describe how you might begin to do it.


A brief word about spiritual hygiene

As discussed above, this process is not channeling. You are not inviting any other entity to work through you or to gain access to your faculties. What you are doing is holding a question and allowing your own Inner-Self to provide a response.  Considering that your Inner-Self is already right there present in your life, experiencing itself through you and as you, you are not doing anything inherently spiritually dangerous.  The only danger is that you might become tempted to open the door a little wider and to allow someone else “in” so to speak. If you do this carelessly you might find yourself engaging with a less than desirable entity.


In order to keep this process spiritually clean, I strongly suggest therefore that you begin your session with a clear statement of your own intent. It makes it more powerful if you do something to physicalise that statement. Here is one suggestion;


Light a candle while saying aloud (or in your mind) something like:

“I am open to receive wisdom, knowing and truth from my own Inner-Self only. Any input from any other being must pass through the cleansing pure White Light of The Oneness before it can be passed on to me by my own Inner Self. This candle flame is the signal of my intent.”


Then don’t blow the candle out until your session is over.


In time, as you get very comfortable with this you well be able to forgo the ritual and simply state your intent.


How can you create an Intuitive Conversation?

Typically I begin with something that is bothering me. The first step is to convert that feeling or issue into a clear, concise question. I hold that question in my mind. The simpler the question, the simpler the answer, the easier the conversation. Yes/ no questions are the easiest. A vastly complex question like “what is the meaning of life?” will be somewhat more difficult to work with.


One should probably start any new endeavour by making the challenge as easy as possible, so as to first “get the hang of it”. So I strongly suggest starting slow, taking it easy and asking very simple questions with yes/no answers at first.


Pick your device

Before you can get going though, you will first need to choose the device by which you are going to receive your answers.  For a beginner it might be best to use a pendulum or something similar.  When I started out at age 16, I did this odd thing where I balanced a stone on the back of my hand. If it fell to the one side the answer was “yes” if it fell to the other it was “no”. I asked a question and tried to keep my hand very steady. It would then begin to FEEL as if the stone was being nudged. I don’t insist that there was any supernatural action on the stone. My belief is that I was just using the stone as a prop to give myself permission to have the conversation. The answers came and, I strongly suspect, I subtly shifted my own hand to reflect the answer.  The point here is that we are not trying to do some kind of magic. We are simply using a tool to allow ourselves to get the answer. But much more important (at this point) than the answer is the FEELING of what it is like to be “receiving”. You are, at this stage, training yourself to differentiate between your own surface thoughts, feelings and desires and that which comes to you from deep within yourself.


As an example: perhaps you are going for a job interview. You REALLY want the job. You ask “is this job right for me?”

You WANT the answer to be “yes”.

But when it arrives it is an unambiguous “no”.

At such times you can FEEL that this is not, in the normal sense of the word, “you” that answered.


Open to receive

After a number of conversations with a pendulum driven yes/ no response, you will find yourself becoming rapidly frustrated with the limitations of the process. When you do, you can broaden your repertoire to include other simple answers such as “maybe” and “can’t answer”. Modify your device’s responses to allow for this (such as picking a pattern and direction for the pendulum to swing for each of these new answers).


Leaving your device behind

In due course, after many such conversations, you will become more comfortable with the process and will find the answers arriving faster and faster.  At some point you will become aware of the FEELING of the answer arriving before the pendulum begins to swing (or the stone falls or whatever other device you are using). When you become confident that you are getting your answer then you can graduate from using the device.


An important point I want to make here is this: there is NO MAGIC in the device!  Pendulums, balanced stones or any other creative device you can come up with are just things. They don’t provide you with any answers to anything. You do. You are simply using them. They are just tools. Don’t become entranced by the tool such that you feel it is more than it is. When you no longer need it… move on!


Write it down

When you are ready to leave your device behind, I strongly recommend that you begin to write. Whether you take up pen-and-paper or computer-and-keyboard is entirely up to you. I type faster and more comfortably than I write. I am also too lazy to transcribe my work to be able to publish it later. So I do it all on my laptop. You can decide what is best for yourself.


Start again by formulating a question that invites a very simple response. Stick to yes/ no/ maybe/ can’t answer for now. Hold the question in your mind as you write it down. Then, as you move on to the next line where you will write the answer, purposely let the question go. You no longer need the question. It is there on the paper and need not be in your mind any more. As the question leaves your mind, you can allow for the familiar feeling of the answer just as you used to feel it before the pendulum started to swing. Just feel for the answer and write it down. When the answer is written down, FEEL how it feels. Do you feel comfortable? Does it feel “right” within your being? If so, move on to the next line and write down your next question. Keep going. Question/ answer/ question/ answer… just keep it flowing until the conversation is done. Only THEN should you go back and critically read what you have written. Only then should you begin to think about what it all means and whether you like the answers you received. While you are writing, you are playing. It’s a game. When it is over then it is time to, perhaps, get a bit more serious and make decisions about what this might mean to you.


Keep practising and keep writing down your conversations. When this becomes very comfortable for you then you might want to open the conversation up a little more. Ask your Inner-Self to use more of the words and concepts that are available in your mind. Feel free then to branch out a little more. Ask a question that needs more than a one-word response. Allow for more complex concepts to settle in your mind and then write them down. See how that goes!


Advanced conversation

I’d like to share with you some of my experiences in more advanced conversation. The kinds of conversations that yielded the chapters of my books.  I think it is important to do so because reading my books will give you a false sense of how the experience flows.  If you read the conversations in The Ascension Papers it will almost certainly seem to you as if I just sat down and wrote question/ answer/ question/ answer until each chapter was done. I’m sure it seems as if that is all there was to it and I should be able to bang a chapter off in a few hours with no difficulty and no preparation.


I’d like to correct that misunderstanding. You see, when I sit down to write a chapter for the first time I simply do not have in my head all the things I need to be able to write that chapter.  Imagine trying to write a story and not knowing any words. Or imagine trying to write a story in a foreign language that you have never even seen written or heard spoken. Having these more advanced conversations without any preparation would be a lot like that for me: impossible. Advanced conversations require a WHOLE OTHER level of commitment and work in order for me to receive them.


There is no clear distinction between simple write-it-in-one-go conversations and advanced conversations. I can’t tell you when I graduated from the one to the other. But what I can say is that I began to become aware that the written conversation that was eventually published in the book was merely the final recording of a much, much longer conversation.


In the beginning what I received is what my readers read. Then, as I went on, I began to receive bits and pieces of information that was, perhaps, interesting and relevant to me but not worth writing down and sharing with others. And so these bits and pieces would accumulate in my mind until the day when a new BIG QUESTION would muscle into my mind and bother me enough that I would sit down and put it before 8, J-D or Adamu and record the session in writing. As that conversation unfolded so I become aware that there were concepts, ideas or examples necessary for me to clearly understand (and therefore convey to my readers) the broader issue at hand. And, then, like magic, I found that the missing elements were already filed away in my mind awaiting their perfect use. I realised the seemingly irrelevant bits-and-pieces that I had been receiving prior to the conversation had been the building blocks necessary for the construction of a much bigger, much more important story.  The building blocks are interesting and nice to know. The way they are put together is what creates the transcendent understandings that I am seeking.


If you have read the chapter in book 2 of The Ascension Papers about “Story and Isness” then, I think you will understand that I am given bits of Story which can be woven together in a way that I am able to attain for myself a greater Isness.


Really what I am trying to share with you here is that the more advanced conversations are actually more of a RELATIONSHIP and the written conversation that you can read is really just the final version of it that brings it all together in a way that makes sense.


What I have eventually learned about this is that it is best not to view my connection with my Inner-Self and my deepest knowing as a series of conversations. Rather it is more fitting to see it as an ever-deepening, ever-unfolding relationship. And this, finally, is the thought I would like to leave you with: whether you decide to try some of the above methods or not. Whether you decide to write your conversations down or not. Whether you decide to publish or in other ways share your conversations with others or not. I would urge you to work on fostering a relationship with your own Inner-Self. Even if you never record one conversation for others to read, such an always-open always-connected relationship will bring to you a deeper feeling of rightness and belonging than would otherwise be possible.


Final Notes

I have attempted to give you some insight into what works for me. I cannot tell you what will work for you. You can try the methods outlined above and they may or may not lead you to some satisfactory results. We are all different and the best way for each of us to connect and engage with our own truth and inner being will vary. Perhaps the best way for you is something completely different from this?


Whatever the case, if you open your heart and release your self-limiting beliefs and heal your own blockages, there is no reason whatsoever for you not to be able to have a wonderful, rich, connected relationship with your Inner-Self and, via your Inner-Self with your spirit-guides and other such wonderful beings of wisdom and light.


I strongly recommend that you keep things “light and easy” at first. Remember everything takes time, effort, patience and commitment to master. Begin by just having fun with it. Get to the serious and important questions later when you are getting good at it. Otherwise you will simply discourage yourself and feel that you “can’t do this”.


Also, your Inner-Self is not a fool. You can’t trick your Inner-Self into telling you things that are not in your best interests to know. If you want to frustrate yourself and waste your own time go ahead and try to get the lottery numbers or some such information using these methods. Or try to get hidden secrets that will give you an advantage over your business competitors. Try it, frustrate yourself and then give up on it.  Intuitive conversation is best applied to your own personal spiritual growth. Bring a mindset of serving the greatest good of the All to it and you will be fine.


Need Help?

If the above intrigues you and you find yourself needing a little personal help and guidance then you are invited to book some time with me using the "coaching" page. I look forward to helping you to connect with your own Inner-Divine which is your own greatest teacher and guru.