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So I am healed… What now?


arnsmugOne of my clients (who has also become a dear friend) recently mailed me with a question that I am beginning to hear more and more often. It goes something like this:

“As a result of all the journeying and processing I have done, I now begin to find myself feeling whole and healed. I am not driven by my pain any more. And as wonderful as that is… I am now left wondering… what next?”


It's a great question!


We become so used to following our pain to our healing that we begin to feel that this is why we exist. And then when then when we begin to find wholeness we don't really know where to go any more. I totally get that. I hit the same thing a while back. It actually left me feeling quite adrift and purposeless. If I am "okay", then what am I still doing here?


It’s not a question someone else can answer for you but what I can offer you is the process I found to answer this for myself. It goes like this:

If I were offered the opportunity to be magically transported to heaven RIGHT NOW... to go without any pain and anxiety to the place where all is blissful and joyful, where I know myself to be 100% creating my own reality and am co-creating only with those that I love completely... would I go? Would I leave?


If I would then I need to look at that. My Inner-Self wants me here for something. What is that? I need to do that to align with my Inner-Self so that I can go Home.

If I would not then I need to ask myself why not. What do I still need to do before I am ready to go home?


Essentially these two questions will lead to the same one answer. And that answer is what you must still do with your life here on earth before you are done with it.  For me it is finishing Dreamer Awake and the last two books of The Ascension Papers. I know that I must do this. I cannot go home with these songs unsung or else I will want to return to do that.


My spiritual journeys are all about finding the information and enlightenment in the higher realms that I then wish to ground back down to Earth in those works. And then to do the work of translating it into words, videos, meditations.. whatever... to share with others.


Perhaps when those works are done I will be done and I will leave this reality? Probably I will come to greater awarenesses of other things to be done. Right now, I simply don’t know. But what I do know is what I must do next because this is the answer to the above two questions.


If you are not, right now, at this wonderful place… if you are still being lead by your pain then perhaps I can help you as I have helped others to arrive at this place. Through Soul Re-Integration and the other methods I have developed, I know I can assist you to get here.


But if you are at this point, and you find yourself to be whole enough that your primary pursuit is no longer your own healing then I return the question to you: Why are you still here? What song of yours is still unsung? What is it that you would still want to come back for if you found yourself Home with your Inner-Self right now?


I’d love to hear your answer to that question, so please leave a comment below!


Once you have the answer to that question then at least you know where you must go next. How you will get there… well… that’s another question altogether, isn’t it?


But there is good news. The idea is this: once you know what you must do, then you have found your souls purpose. Once you begin to follow your soul’s purpose then you align with universal will. When you do that then you find doors opening for you. You find willing, able co-creators that are also following their soul’s purpose. Things begin to flow. It gets easier and easier to do what you are meant to do.


So really, it’s a three step process:

  1. Heal your pain and get whole.
  2. Discover the purpose your soul has for you in this reality.
  3. Align with that and do it!


And, of course, you can let me know if you need help with this. Because helping others to heal and give their gift… is my soul’s purpose!