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Life is a Spiral


What I have discovered is that life proceeds on a spiral. That is to say that you will go round and round, seeing the same issue over and over and over in your life. Perhaps the first time you see an issue you struggle with it, wrestle with it and feel overwhelmed by it. You feel as if you failed and it beat you. And then, some time later it comes around again, perhaps in a slightly different guise and probably it defeats you again. And so it goes, the self-same issue coming around again and again, each time it does you feel yourself being defeated by it. Of course you don't feel like you are fighting "an issue". It appears to you to be other people and situations in your life that you are struggling with. The details will vary greatly depending on what your issue is. But whatever the case, you will find yourself victimized and disempowered by this drama.


This spiral will extend across all your lifetimes. The "bottom" of the spiral is large and in climbs very slowly. That means the first few times you see this issue you will have great difficulty with it and not feel like you have learned anything from it. Then, as you proceed, as you "toughen up" and face the issue again and again so you will get advice from others, try various strategies and find, by trial and error, responses that are more and more effective in helping you to cope with the issue you are carrying.


And so, slowly the spiral begins to wind up going round and round faster. You begin to see this same issue more often. But the spiral also climbs. Each time you see this issue, you are seeing it at a higher level. You are coping more effectively.


But even so. You will find yourself going around the spiral, the same issue coming around again and again until, eventually, you recognize that it is in fact, at root, the same issue. And when you notice this, then you arrive at the first level of mastery of this issue. This is so because, quite simply, to notice that is is the same issue over and over again, is to notice that the common element to this "problem" is you

With this realization comes the ability to refine your coping strategies. Now, instead of fighting the issue (or the people that play the role of presenting the issue to you)... instead of making others wrong and battling with the world... you look to yourself and see what needs to change inside of you.


And for the first time now, you begin to try responses to your issue that will actually really work. Healing the self, you discover, is the only thing that has a chance of healing your issue. Changing your self is the only way to change your world.


But still you are on the spiral. And so it can be deeply disheartening, after making some wonderful, positive healing change, to see the same "big issue" come around again. Especially after you felt like you had dealt with it and overcome it. 


But this is when it is time for you to come to the another realization: Not only that you are seeing the same issue again and again (going round and round) but that you are seeing it, each time, from a higher level. When you realize this then you become aware that you are experiencing spiral progression. And realizing this is what allows you to gain the next level of mastery.


This is, quite simply so because to become aware of the spiral nature of your progression is to become aware of growth... learning. It is to become aware that you are expanding through your interactions with this issue. You are becoming more. 


You realize there is a "previous you" that was overwhelmed and floored by this issue and there is a "present you" that is coping. It does not take a great leap of awareness to realize that there is a "future you" that is handling this issue with ease and grace. And that you will eventually become that "future you".


This brings to you the next level of mastery because now, for the first time, you do not feel like you are simply its victim. You realise that this issue is, and has always been, a tool for your own expansion. Now it is not "a problem", instead it is "a challenge" that will both expand you and allow you to gauge your own progression. Now it is not "the enemy" any more. And now you move out of feeling like a victim. Now you begin to feel like a creator. 


Which is, of course, what you truly are!


In the end, I do believe, final mastery resolves to simple acceptance. Acceptance of ourselves, our lives, the world we are living in , the situations we find ourselves in and all of "what is". With total acceptance comes an expansion. Only THEN do we reach the very apex of the spiral. Only then, do we see our "big life issues" as they really are. Simple little dramas that we have purposely chosen, crafted and created for our own self-discovery. Only then do we realize that we never intended for our many sojourns through reincarnation to be about "overcoming the challenges" but instead to be about loving ourselves and accepting ourselves exactly as we are, wherever we are. 


Only then do we see that this unconditional self-love and total self-acceptance is the same thing as complete love and acceptance of all others. And only then do our hearts open enough that we are able to fully access all the gifts, talents abilities and powers that are truly ours. 


For only when we love ourselves limitlessly and love all others as ourselves can it possibly be right and fair that we can step into the power of our divine, limitless Self.


And how else? How would it be if there were beings of god-like power walking amongst us who did not love themselves and all others limitlessly... who therefore were as petty, fearful, jealous, hurt and hurtful, prone to anger and rage, small and destructive as we all can be?


It would be an utter disaster!


So, in our wisdom, we have hidden our greatest gifts and powers from ourselves. But we have hidden then in plain sight and in easy reach. And we will all, eventually, find them. And when we do we will smile with great compassion for self at the memories of when we struggled so mightily with these "issues" and thought they they were "our problem".


If you would like help to find your way to seeing the spiral of your life, then I can help you to do so. Through Soul Re-Integration I can help you to bring back to "self" the other parts of self that have come before you that have become lost and disconnected in their struggle with your issues. In so doing you will gain the wisdom and compassion that they have to teach. You will see the bigger picture and move closer the kind love and acceptance of which I speak. 


And as you heal the whole of yourself I can show you how to open your heart portal and connect ever more closely and intimately with the limitlessly powerful being that you truly are. Of course you will find your way there on your own eventually... as I am very busy doing for myself. But if you'd like a hand with your journey... contact me. I'd love to help!