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Ben's Spiritual Safari Experience


I recently had two Spiritual Safari visitors in fairly close succession. Ben was my first visitor from the UK. In fact, my first visitor not from the USA.


Here is what he had to say about his experience:



If you are considering visiting Arn for a spiritual retreat, then all I can say is I highly recommend it! I can easily say it was the most valuable and transformative week of my life!


From the moment I was picked up from the airport I knew I was in good company with Arn and couldn't wait for the time ahead.


The lodgings and surroundings where I stayed were most beautiful, and I find myself still missing the peace and serenity of the place. Dear Fiona, who will be cooking for you, cooks the most beautiful food and looks after you in the most wonderfully caring fashion.


My reason for visiting Arn was to deepen my connection to my inner self/heart. And I can quite assuredly say that I accomplished that goal but in ways I could never of imagined. Arn and I agreed that we would let my Inner-Self be our guide and lead us in the direction where most growth, awareness and healing would be attained. Arn gently guiding me with his wisdom and special skills certainly did achieved that.


The experience I had with Arn, I wish for every individual who is walking the awakening path. For me to share my awakening with someone like Arn, in South Africa, made it even more special, and I feel very honoured to have done so.


- Ben from England



Mountain Drive


Ben took this first photo on a drive near my farm. What you don't see in the picture is that, just beyond the heather next to the road, is a precipitous drop into deep tree-filled gorges.


From Fiona's Kitchen


I do advise in the Spiritual Safari article that you will be spoiled by Fiona's cooking. But somehow everyone is still pleasantly surprised!  :-)  And since Fiona and Anthony have an organic fruit and vegetable garden everything is so fresh it's almost still growing!


Knysna Waterfront


The core purpose of a Spiritual Safari is, of course, the growth, healing and spiritual awakening of my visitors. This is, in the main, accomplished in quiet interaction in the cottage. But one can only do so much intensive work before you need a break... a little diversion. And so we head out to explore adventure and see the sights. And there is SO MUCH to see and do in the surrounds! The Knysna waterfront is not just really picturesque but also has some really top restaurants. So, after going for a drive to the waterfront and taking in this view, Ben and I found ourselves yet again deepening our conversation over a wonderful meal.


Meeting the Elephants


Each Spiritual Safari guest has experienced tailored to their needs and desires. When I listed the options available, Ben said he wanted to see some of the animals that we have in this part of the world. So, amongst other things, I took him to meet the Elephants. While we do have a herd of wild Elephants wandering the forest that borders my farm, they are highly secretive and one almost never sees them. So, instead, I took Ben to a nearby sanctuary for rehabilitated elephants. These are rescued from Zoos and the like and given a wonderful life with lots freedom and space to roam. The elephants that like to interact with humans are given this opportunity. Those that do not don't!  Here Ben is meeting the Elephants and offering them a gift of food. 


Taking a Stroll With His New Friend


The introductions over, we took a walk across the grassland with the Elephants with guides on hand to tell us all about these amazing animals... and to make sure we don't make any Elephant-etiquette mistakes. The elephants are quite tolerant of humans but aren't pets. Obviously. And one must still respect them and their ways. 


That said, there is nothing quite like the thrill of walking next to one of these moving behemoths. And this one next to be, is still a juvenile of just 11 years old. She will still continue to grow until she is in her 30s. Those little tusks can eventually grow to be longer than a man is tall. 


Birds Paradise


Similar to the Elephant experience is a "monkeys and apes experience" and a "birds experience" that Ben and I shared in. Massive enclosures with wonderful animal encounters. 


This is a picture taken at the world of birds of a very rare bird, endemic only to this area called the Knysna Loerie. In the wild one is very lucky indeed to see one. Here' at the World of Birds they are both plentiful and almost tame in their willingness to be approached and photographed.