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Ken's Spiritual Safari Experience


The second of my most recent Spiritual Safari guests was Ken from the USA.  Here is what he had to say about his time with me:



It has been an eventful few weeks since my return from South Africa where I went on Arn’s spiritual safari.  A lot has been pondered and assimilated.  I decided to meet with Arn after I received a link from a dear friend of mine to one of Arn’s U-tube videos ( Here for the first time was someone alive who spoke about everything that had also been revealed to me through my own journey.  But he also spoke of something that none of the others who I have met have discussed - and that was the belief that this world is not only just an illusion, it is one which is being created by our own mind - an understanding I have also had revealed to me.  I was immediately interested in getting together.  I really had no expectation other than to spend time with another who understood.  Where it went from there did not matter, for I knew that exactly what was right to happen would happen.  And I was interested in seeing what that might be, as well as looked forward to “talking shop” with someone who spoke my language.


After a long but enjoyable trip there, Arn picked me up at the airport and met me with a big smile and hug and was just as friendly and charming as in his video.  We stopped on the way back for a stroll on the beach and had our first talk, where the conversation soon delved into Truth and started to set the foundation for the time we would spend together.


The accommodations were wonderful.  The cottage was quaint and quite comforting and comfortable.  On a wonderful, natural site with a beautiful view, along with a nice deck facing a serene pond.  Fiona & Anthony were quite gracious hosts and Fiona’s cooking was incredible!    Quite a peaceful and beautiful environment full of positive energy.  I had the special pleasure of meeting Arn’s family - Lisa, Zing & Pikachu.  Although I love them all, Pikachu touched a special place in my heart.  


The next 8 days with Arn were amazing where we experienced interesting twists and turns and ups and downs that turned out to be exactly as they needed to be.  Arn knows well of what he speaks.  He has a deep understanding of all aspects of Truth through his rich and colorful experiences, and has a wonderful, colorful and eloquent way of expressing himself. It was an experience with an an other that I had never had before.  


He confirmed and affirmed my beliefs and understandings and helped me see things in different lights, as well as brighter within my own.  There were cathartic experiences of complete surrender which led to an even deeper understanding of the complete Truth that I already knew I was.  Arn helped me see more clearly the alignment of heart with mind, so that I could stay more firmly connected with my Self which is That which is beyond both.  He was the perfect mirror for me and allowed me to see my Perfection through his reflection.  


Although we often played with and exchanged many roles, we spent a lot of time as colleagues enjoying discussing the most important aspect of our lives - our Selves - Oneness.  And a special role that we both shared not long into the visit was that of a friend. 


I would highly recommend Arn’s spiritual safari for anyone who is looking to get a better understand of who they Truly are.  As Arn would say, go with your heart.  Just as it did with me, there is no doubt it will provide you exactly what is right for you.


When I asked Ken if he'd like to share any of his photos that he took while here he offered this one which he took from the deck of my house. He said summed up his experience here quite well!