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The Green Lady


In reading my works and visiting my website, I am sure you have encountered mention of my lady-love, life-partner, muse and all round life-lighting angel, Lisa? Well today's blog-post is really dedicated to her because, she has JUST published a book! And I simply have to share this news with you because I know you will totally LOVE this book... and it's free!




So in the very briefest terms, Lisa's book is called "The Green Lady" and is about a nature-spirit that inhabits the forests in the area in which we live. In Lisa's book there are folks living on the edge of the forest that have magical, mystical, transformatory experiences when they interact with the Green Lady. And not just the Green Lady! There are sylphs and undines and changelings and who-knows what other creatures to be met! It really is a fairy-tale written for adults!


It's hard to say what I love most about this book. It is beautifully written and delightfully magical. It is also emotionally touching and moving. But perhaps the thing I would have to choose as favorite, is that it communicates the kinds of spiritual concepts that are discussed in The Ascension Papers in a way that is so light and gentle that, really, anyone could read this - not just "spiritual seekers". Indeed, I think this book could even be a great introduction to such spiritual concepts for younger readers too, perhaps from early teens up.


And not only has Lisa published this new book, but we have also set up a website and facebook page for the book. So let's begin there, shall we?


Please do go an visit The Green Lady's website. You'll find it here:


And, then you will be able to download the e-book for free from here:


There is loads more on offer on Lisa's website. And since it has JUST gone up and we are still working on it, more will be added soon. But some of the things that might interest you are:

Get to know Lisa a bit better on the "about" tab. And read her first blog post on the "blog" tab. And once you have read her book... don't forget to leave a review. You have no idea how valuable reviews are to new authors!


And, of course, I invite you to visit (and "like"!) the new facebook page for The Green Lady. You'll find that here: