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David and Linette's Spiritual Safari (Part 2)


In my previous blog post, I shared some of the truly spectacular pictures that David took. In today's posting I'd like to share the pictures and words that Linette sent.  Here they are:


Having the opportunity to experience a Spiritual Safari was truly the awakening my soul had been longing and waiting for, for a long time.  Arn’s contagious joy, gentle presence and willingness to focus on my desired outcomes was authentic and sincere.  Our mornings' were filled with discussions and meditations that expanded my mind to thinking about my life journey from a different perspective. One that allowed me to embrace all of me and all that is, that would open new understandings of my physical limitations, and help me gather a deeper knowing of the Oneness.  The afternoon excursions to nearby parks were lighthearted, so fun and and yet provided me time to process the mornings dialogues; allowing the truths to find their new residence within me.  My spiritual safari with my cousin, David, and Arn was intense but exactly the safe place I was hoping to experience in seeking a deeper more satisfying life story.  I’m filled with gratitude!
- Linette


One of Fiona's wonderful meals



A little touch of beauty in Fiona’s yard


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 I not only saw elephants.. but touched fed and personally experienced the elephants. Thank you for such a great day!



 The spectacular morning sunrise.  The sky was aglow!!!



 David and Arn in one of many profound conversations