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From Victim to Creator - Part 8

The Law of Action


As I write the blog post I am getting ready to launch my Ascension School. In preparation for this event my Higher-Self and Spirit-Guide have been teaching me about “reality creation” so that I may pass this information on in the school. And, of course I am also getting to live the principles as I go.


And I am seeing the beginnings of the how this reality creation process might work.


My house is an example. There is NO WAY Lisa and I could have afforded to buy the land and the house we dreamed of. After liquidating all of our assets in the city we had, possibly, 30% of what we needed to buy our dream home. But we followed our hearts and here we are a few short months away from moving in to that dream home!


The step-by-step details of how that was possible would take far to long to share in this short blog post but I’d like to share just a little something of it with you.


I have been taught by my spirit family that there are 5 steps to reality creation. They are:







Each of these steps would need a whole book chapter to be properly discussed but I’d like to talk about the Law of Action briefly anyway.  You see this is the thing I was always the weakest on. I was always a dreamer. I was always GREAT at intending things. I always had the THEORY sorted in my head. And I knew how to colour my intentions bright golden hues with powerful emotions. But then I wondered why these things did not come to fruition in my life. And the answer is quite simple: What I was missing out on was the Law of Action. In this world, in this reality, you have to physically pick up the tools and DO THE WORK if you want something to be done.


Does that seem like a ridiculously obvious thing to say?


Well here is the kicker: If you do all of the steps of reality creation INCLUDING doing the work… then magic begins to happen. Things are somehow much, much easier than they really aught to be. The universe gets on board and works with you! Events conspire to bring your Intention to reality. You find others around you who are the most amazingly perfect co-creators and journey partners. The cogs click into place and suddenly the engine is running.


Suddenly you are at the center of a whole universe that WANTS what you want as badly as you want it.




Possibly. This IS reality creation in progress.


Here is an animated gif of my house going up (it might need a moment or two to load if your connection is not very fast). It continues on from the animated gif in my previous blog post in this series



And here is a picture of the house from the air. As previously mentioned, my neighbour is a helicopter pilot and I sometimes have the privilege of being invited along for a flip (thanks Nico!). Here is the most recent aerial picture…



And finally... this is me living the Law of Action. Here I am busy varnishing the house. It’s a wooden house (I’m sure you noticed) so there is a LOT of wood. It ALL needed to be varnished. Every single plank of it. THAT was a  “moving meditation” of note, I can tell you!



As my Ascension School becomes a reality so I will be sharing more about the Law of Action and the other principles of reality creation.


Until next time, I wish you boundless Joy...