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From Victim to Creator - Part 9

Energy Exchange


It seems to me that everyone has a Great Gift hidden in their soul. Everyone has something that they can do or make or offer that is awesome, special, unique and needed. And providing this service or creating this product is the one thing they most love to do. It is their True Purpose. Everyone, I believe, has such a Great Gift to give. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were all discovering and giving our Great Gift? Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone in the world was putting out the energy of being perfectly On Purpose?


So why aren’t we? Why do most of us have no clue that we even have a True Purpose, let alone what it is… let alone how to begin giving it?


I believe it is because of the poverty-and-lack mindset that we are taught by society. The concept of “money” teaches us that we must not give anything away without first putting a numerical value on it and then exchanging it for more than it is worth (or else there is no profit). So, before we can GIVE, we must think about what we will GET – “What’s in it for me!?” Then we must find someone willing to part with a quantity of their hard-earned cash in exchange for what we want to give before we can give it. And because money is such a scarce commodity (it is literally made of debt… did you know that?) it is quite difficult to get people to part with it. So, long before we can get enough practice to get good at this thing we like to do we give up on it and go and do something we hate doing instead. This is called “a job”. Usually it entails doing something mindless and vaguely distasteful in a toxic office environment surrounded by other people that also hate being there, All the while sucking-up to a total toad of a boss because he signs the salary cheque. And this is how we get the money we need to pay for the things we want. So when someone else comes along and says “give me some of your money for this thing I love to make” we are really not keen to hand over the cash. It was earned with blood and sweat in the corporate salt mines, after all!


So that ain’t working!


But how can we do better?


Here is a thought: what if we each asked ourselves “what would I MOST like to do for others?” If you are doing it for others then you are putting energy out. So how about we each came up with the energy gift we most loved to give… and then began to give it! And as we gave that gift so our hearts would open and so we would become more proficient at giving that gift. So we would become more and more clear on what our True Purpose and our Great Gift is. And as this unfolded for us so we would find ourselves in the world I hypothesised above… a world in which everyone is perfectly On Purpose.


“But how do I get the stuff I want and need if I just give my energy away?” I hear you ask. Well that is exactly the question that keeps us blocked from giving our gift. And that is the question I hope to address with a new idea I have developed called Energy Exchange Cheques.

The black-and-white version of the cheque   The colour version of the cheque

Here’s how it works. You give some thought to an energy gift that you can give. If you don’t already know what your purpose is then simply list a few things that you are happy to do for others. It can be anything from walking the dog to weeding the garden to assisting with their tax returns. If you can and like to do it then this can be your energy gift. Next, you download a page of Energy Exchange Cheques from here. You print it out and cut out the individual cheques. Then you look around you for people that are offering services or products that you think you would like to have. Then you approach them and offer your energy gift in exchange for theirs. If they agree, you can write out a cheque and sign it. Give it to them and get the thing they are offering. And bingo! You are on the road to offering your gift and discovering your True Purpose. It might be a very, very small start. But all great endeavours start with baby-steps. Giving yourself the opportunity to express a small energy gift is the only way you will come to discover what your Greatest Gift might be. And opening to exchange in this way will allow energy to flow between you and the recipient of your gift.  They are then also giving their gift.


So sure… you’ll have to keep earning money the old way for a while. But at the same time you’ll also be doing something that you love to do. You’ll be giving some of your energy to the new you. You’ll be opening yourself to that new way of being. And a law of the universe is “where you put your energy is what you get more of”. So doing this is going to bring you some change. And it might certainly be that you could get to a point that you have discovered , honed and practiced your Great Gift to the point that it is perceived to be of such value by those around you that you can do JUST THAT as the means of your livelihood. It could be. But you have to take the first baby steps first!


Now, clearly there are things you won’t be able to “buy” with an energy exchange cheque. Retail businesses, for example, will obviously not accept them. But this is not about finding another money system to replace the old one. This is about each of us giving ourselves permission to GIVE. To find our gift and to give it. Which is a bit different than the basic premise of the money-system which is about each of us trying to GET at the expense of each other.


So Energy Exchange Cheques don’t really replace money. But in a subtle and beautiful way it changes everything. You find you can do what you most love to do and you get all kinds of wonderful things in return.


A fan of Energy Exchange ChequesI have been doing this in my local community for a few weeks now and I can say that I am finding it much easier to give my gift and in return I am overloaded with an abundance of gifts from others. I have a whole bundle of cheques – and many more that I have already cashed – for all kinds of things like massages, photo-shoots, car services and more. It is wonderful. And here’s the best part: even when I occasionally get a cheque for something that I don’t really want or can’t really use… I can still trade it with someone else that DOES want it. I just pass it on and get something else that I can use in return. Where previously the energy stalled, now it cycles and flows!


So I would LOVE for you to check it out and try it out yourself. Tell others about it. Let’s begin to give our Great Gift from a place of love and abundance. You can read all about the Energy Exchange cheques and how to use them and also download all the materials you might need from here.


Let me know what you think… and come back and let me know how this worked for you!