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Ego – A Message from Joy-Divine


Joy-Divine: It is time to dispel some of the untruths that have been told about ego. These are misunderstandings that have entered your popular psyche in recent years.


The first idea is that ego is bad. That it is somehow the enemy. That you must beat ego, destroys ego, somehow silence ego, in order to be a good spiritual person.


Well this is just nonsense (non-sense, that which makes no sense).


Because if you are to destroy your ego… who is doing the destroying?  If you are to vanquish your ego… who is doing the vanquishing?


If you reply “I am,” then you must understand the “I” that replies IS your ego!


That is the definition of “ego”… it is the “I”. The one that is separate and individuated from the ALL. The one that can say “I” rather than “we”. “I” is ego. And the “I” cannot defeat itself! That is self-contradictory nonsense!


Moreover… you cannot DO anything at all without ego. The ego is the “you” that does. And so certainly you cannot defeat the ego without defeating yourself. It is therefore impossible to defeat the ego!


Allow me to be clear, though: it most certainly is possible to still the ego… to let the ego go to sleep. That is very possible. But if the ego is asleep then, you will probably find yourself in a kind of a trance. Just drifting pleasantly without being aware of “self” and without making any choices. You certainly can’t be a “walking around living your life person” with no ego.


There are exceptions to this. A very few people on the planet manage to train the ego to be still to the degree that they only “observe what is”. They observe their bodies’ needs and desires and they stay out of the way and let the body get on with taking care of itself. They are pure observers. But let me dispel the myth that there are teachers and gurus who are like this. The willingness and the desire to tell someone else about this state… that needs an “I” that sees “you” as separate. An “I” that can desire to share something with “you”. Ego is present! And to gather a group and teach… takes a very powerful ego. To be willing to publish a book take a hugely powerful ego.


Furthermore, with regards to these ones that preach the defeat of the ego: What do you think would happen if you should appropriate their teachings, copy their words from their books and publish those exact words as your own? Instantly they’d let you know, probably via a lawyer, that you are guilty of plagiarism. “You have stolen MY words that I wrote. That book is MY creation and you have broken the law!” they will tell you. You see? In that moment they prove how powerfully alive their ego is. And by their actions they prove that they are not living their teachings… or that they in fact do not understand what they are teaching!


Ego is the attachment to “self”. It is identification. To have ego is to say “this is mine” about certain things: your identity (your self-hood) is the first thing you attach to. But then there are other attachments: your memories (those are MY memories), your creations (I made this) your body (this is my body) and probably, your possessions (this is MY stuff). Sometimes we develop all kinds of other attachments like outcomes (I WILL make that happen) another people (my wife, my children, my friends). Attachments are not wrong. SOME level of attachment is a prerequisite for you to be living the life you are living. The thing you should be aware of though is that, as things change, as your attachments change or come to an end, so this might cause you some suffering.


If you are seeking primarily to reduce your suffering then perhaps you should be seeking to reduce your attachment.


But if you are seeking to DO things in this world, to explore, to create, to discover, to help, to make, to experience… then you will HAVE to have, at least, some minimum of attachments.


Neither of these choices are right or wrong. Both are choices. Both have consequences. You can choose where you want to be on the continuum.


So ego is not wrong. If ego is wrong then everything in the universe is wrong. For it takes ego and will (which is an attribute of ego) to DO anything. Even create universes.


Do you know another name for God is “The Great I AM”. If we speak literally then that could also be said, “The Great EGO”. Well… this is not totally true. The One is much greater than The Great I AM. But, at least, this should give pause for thought for those that engage in this perpetual senseless ego-bashing!


So ego is not wrong. It is just often misunderstood.


You see there is a higher ego and a lower ego.


The higher ego is the limitless self. It is the “All That I AM”. It resides in your body in your crown chakra.


The lower ego is the limited self. It is the “I Am THIS”. It resides in your body in the solar plexus chakra.


The Higher Ego is limitless. Infinite. It is pure consciousness. But it is consciousness that is creative. So the Higher Ego is Creative Consciousness. It is the God-Self. It is the part of self that knows it is one with the All. It is infinite and divine.


But, you see, the higher ego cannot be limited to a physical body. Because a physical body has needs that the higher ego alone cannot fulfil. The higher ego is pure consciousness and the most it can create is a body out of its own light. A light form. But to have a dense physical body such as yours, you need an incredibly complex set of interaction between a whole host of many more consciousnesses than you can imagine. An impossibly intricate co-creation is your body. And your body cannot simply exist on its own energy. It must be fed. It must also be kept warm and so on. Being in a body implies need. You will NEED to do certain things or you body will die and then you will no longer be in it. So, in order to experience yourself as a physical body, as you now do, you must lower your consciousness to the point of polarity. And for, so long as you are identified with a body that has such powerful needs, it is possible for you to fear the lack of those needs. In the event of sufficient lack, that which you are identifying yourself with, can die. So it can seem to you as if YOU can die. And so fear is felt as being very real. The way you deal with and respond to this fear will determine which side of the polarity you are on. The side of taking or the side of giving.


Polarity is where the “give and take” relationships occur. It is when you must feed on something else and give something back in exchange for your feeding. All entities feed on another entity within polarity. So everything in your reality that is of a 2D, 3D, 4D or 5D consciousness feeds [Zingdad Note: These densities of consciousness are comprehensively described in Book 2 of The Ascension Papers]. Even spirit beings of those levels of consciousness feed. They must absorb energy from somewhere or else they dissipate and return to Oneness.


And so this is all lower ego. If you identify yourself with anything that NEEDS input from someone or something outside of yourself (feeding) then you are the lower ego. The “outer self” so to speak.


The higher ego is the “inner self”. It is your god-self. The higher ego experiences everything you experience right with you but the only difference is the higher ego never, even for a second, thinks it is ONLY you. It knows it is in the very same eternal NOW being all kinds of different beings… all kinds of other incarnations and other experiences… all right NOW. That is the higher ego.


The higher ego is not God. It is one infinitesimally small part of God. But it is a part of God that never forgets that it is always One with God. That is to say… One with All That Is and that which creates All That Is. One with the creation and One with the creator.


The parts of Self that are of unity consciousness reside at 6D and above. At 6D is pure creative consciousness, as we have said. It is still. It only observes. Watches. It is the eternal, watching presence. If you manage to truly still your mind in meditation then you might find your lower ego going to sleep. If this happens and YOU remain awake then you might find yourself at 6D consciousness, but still here within the veil of unknowing. So then you experience yourself as pure stillness. As the eternally watching presence. As pure consciousness.


The Veil of Unknowing is that which stops you from directly creating your reality. Here, inside the veil you can only create it indirectly. You can only create it by resonance and by doing for and to others. This is the indirect way. It works because what you put out is what you get back. And so you create. Put energy out to others, and over time that same energy comes back via others. So you create


But you cannot create directly. You cannot look at the sky and will it to be green. The sky is blue. You cannot will yourself to defy gravity. So you stick to the ground. These things are not subject to your creation because you are blocked from the knowing of exactly how you are One with all these things. They appear to be “out side of you” and also “outside of your control”. And that is the action of the Veil of Unknowing.


So inside the veil… you might come to experience your 6D consciousness but then you will still be constrained into non-doing. Non-creation. You will feel like a point of pure, still consciousness that only observes. That is pure awareness and nothing else. That is what 6D, inside the veil, feels like!


At 7D you cannot have any kind of physical or even light body. You are pure energy and therefore beyond form. For you are all form and no form. You are one with the entire formness of this whole reality. You create any form you like. You play with and manipulate energy at will. This is why the 7D self is called the “magical self”. Magic is when, by will alone, can make it so. At 7D, you ARE magic. And at 7D you are, in one way or another helping to create this whole universe!


And then finally there is 8D. I’m afraid there is nothing that one can actually say about 8D. All thoughts and ideas are restrictions. And the 8D-self is truly unlimited, all encompassing and unrestricted. 8D is The One, you see.


If you would wish to understand The One better then you might wish to read these thoughts on the subject.


Now, dear reader, I will speak to your higher ego through you. Please read the following and allow understanding to come to back to you from your higher ego.


Bright Being, I said ego is not “wrong”. It isn’t. Ego simply DOES. And the lower ego does all kinds of things when left to its own devices. Some of the things the lower ego will then do will cause harm to the Self. Some of the things lower ego will do will bring great satisfaction to the Self. And so YOU, the higher ego must just get in charge and teach the lower ego what is right to do. The higher ego must be the boss. The higher ego must say “lower ego, your job today is to do XYZ as that will make me happy.” And the higher ego must condition the lower ego not to do things that are harmful. Take the time to show lower ego the truth of the statement “what you do to another, you do to yourself also” so that lower ego won’t do things to others that which causes harm. Because that harm will come back to all of your Self. So teach the lower ego better.


If you do this, then lower ego is not bad. Then lower ego is good. And you’ll be amazed at how much lower ego wants to be good! Lower ego will LOVE all the good and happy things that come back to the Self when it does good. And then you must take time, be still, and give lower ego much love for the good that it has done. Remember lower ego needs to feed? Remember that? 3D beings need to feed? Well… lower ego is not the body! Lower ego does not feed on food as body does. Lower ego feeds on YOUR energy. YOU keep lower ego alive. You can do this with Love or you can do this with fear. Both will feed lower ego. Love will be very healthy for lower ego and will make it grow straight and strong and true. Fear will be a lot less healthy for lower ego. Lower ego can live on fear but it gets very ill. And if it learns to feed on fear it might begin to seek to feed on the fear of others around it. That is terribly bad news. Lower ego can get into a very destructive cycle then. And it takes aLOTof work from many dedicated and talented Interventionists to eventually free such an afflicted lower ego from the webs of its own creation.


So make the choice now to be a good and responsible higher ego. Make the choice to always love your lower ego. Feed it richly and powerfully on your love. Do so much, much more when your ego does things that are congruent with the Law of One. Constrain your ego with the gentlest withholding of that energy (not because you stop loving but because you stop sending that energy) when the ego strays and acts destructively. This way, you give your energy to Unity Consciousness. This way you create for yourself a lower ego that behaves always as congruent with the truth of Unity Consciousness. 


This way YOU can live inside a dense-matter reality like this world is and only experience unity conscious experiences. Because you will have a lower ego, who is inside a body, who is in density and separation… but who is living the unity conscious life.


Now I wish to get out of the way and allow my own lower ego, the one known to you as Zingdad, address YOUR lower ego. He will speak from his own experience about how your incarnated being, the one that feel it is living inside a human body, can best live a happy and harmonious life in alignment with the Inner Self.


Zingdad: Okay, that’s a surprise!  But sure, why not?  Here goes:


Dear friend,


You are reading these words because you are a part of a consciousness that clearly wants to move into Unity Consciousness. Being of Unity Consciousness is a beautiful and blissful thing. You get to live a life here in separation and experience all the beauty and joy of separation: Things like holding another person in your arms and sharing feelings of love. Like the amazing sensations of eating wonderful food, drinking truly beautiful wines or whatever other culinary delights you enjoy. Like walks on the beach or in the mountains. Like watching sunsets or moon-rises. Like friendship, conversation and laughter. Like… well… all the things you might really enjoy about this life weather it is chocolate or autumn leaves, snow-fall or long drives.


Whatever it is… it’s hard to argue: this world of separation has some truly delightful charms!  And so, as a Unity Conscious being you can continue to enjoy all of these things but also come to realise that the fearful, negative, painful things of suffering are actually OPTIONAL. You don’t HAVE to experience those things if you don’t want to. Unity Consciousness brings to you the knowing that you can choose to create the experiences you wish. Walking the path to Unity Consciousness IS walking the path to learning how to master yourself and your creations. And so this is a truly joyful and wonderful way to go. But more than that. I am really, truly sure that there is actually no other way to go!  Any other path forward is just an illusion. All is One and so, eventually everyone will HAVE to attain Unity Consciousness. Sooner or later we all have to evolve to this point. Are you ready for that now? Or do you want to spend more time on some other side-path and come Home to this later?  I’ll wager that you are ready for Unity Consciousness NOW! 




Of course you are!


So here is what I (as an incarnated person right here on planet Earth, just like you) can advise you to do:


1. Make the conscious choice to BE of Unity Consciousness. That means choosing to live AS IF it is true until you know that it is true. You begin by deciding always to only treat any other as you yourself would like to be treated. Put out only the energy that you would most desire to have come back to you. Cease acting and thinking like a victim. Choose to awaken to the realisation that YOU are the creator of your reality and the co-creator of the greater reality. Cease looking to others to rescue you. Cease blaming others for your fears and pain. Take ownership of yourself and possession of your life. Take RESPONSIBILITY for all that you are. If you struggle, by all means look for a get help! But remember: help is not the same thing as rescue. Seek to find within yourself your unique gift that you have to give… and give it!


2. Learn to really listen to your heart.  Not the surface emotions that flitter across your OUTER heart but the deepest truths, knowing and inspirations that speak to you from the center of your INNERMOST heart. Take time to listen to these. Whenever you are in doubt… LISTEN. And if you don’t know what the answer is, wait until clarity arrives; just keep listening. And learn to follow your heart. Initially you will get directives from your Inner Heart to do things or make choices that seem contradictory to that which your ego-mind would think would be good ideas. In those moments you have a choice: are you lead by your ego (duality consciousness) or are you lead by your Soul that speaks to you through your heart (Unity Consciousness). You decide! But if you want to live in Unity Consciousness you can’t do this by half-measures!  So be clear and then stick to your choice. Listening to your heart like this IS the way you align with your Inner Self. And that is something I cannot recommend highly enough.


3. Learn to discover and express always your AUTHENTIC SELF.


4. Find others who are of Unity Consciousness to interact with. Find a group where you live and spend time socialising and also engaged in spiritual awakening together. If you can’t find a group… create one! If there is no-one around you, find an online group – such as a spiritually-oriented forum. You will find it invaluable to realise that you are not alone on this journey!


Just those things right there will already be a great start! But of course there will always be healing and integrating that you will need to do on this path too. The difference is that, as you get comfortable with the path so “working through your stuff” becomes something you actually begin to get good at and enjoy. And then, too, you will discover the great gifts you have to give to Life and you will begin to relish giving those. You will come to feel like you have a true purpose and you will love to do whatever that is.


This is a beautiful part of the great journey Home. I welcome you on it!


Joy-Divine: Words expressed by a lower-ego that were very well aligned with the will of the higher-ego. I am well pleased.


Beloved friends, with that we leave you. It is our deep desire that you will have gained the value from this message that you are not “wrong”. Your ego was never “wrong”. And there is nothing for you to destroy, defeat or vanquish. But there certainly is a great deal to Love!


And with that we now leave you with our love…


I am Joy-Divine