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In the average human body there are probably somewhere around 50 trillion cells. That's 50,000,000,000,000. A lot of cells! And on top of that each human body carries about 50 times that many "non human" cells in the form of bacterial cells - that's about 2,500 trillion bacterial cells. The amazing thing about this incomprehensibly huge number of cells is this: though there are many similarities between many of them, if we are able to examine each of them carefully enough not a single one would be identical to another. Each and every cell is unique.


And if we broaden our search we find this same fact echoed everywhere. In this whole universe there are not two things that are identical. If they seem to be so it is simply that we have not examined them closely enough. Every single thing in All That Is, is unique!


And if this is so, why is it that we expect others to have an identical perspective to ours? And when it NEVER happens that we find one single other soul that perfectly shares every iota of our beliefs and perspectives with us, why does this continue to confuse us? And when we discover this to be so why do we go about trying to manipulate and abuse others into agreeing with us? Why? Why must we be "the same" when we so apparently are not?


And the answer, of course, is a deepest, achingest fear. We fear desperately that we are WRONG about everything that we believe. And so we can brook no dissenting voice. We can permit not even a child's peeping question about what we believe. So badly do we fear our own wrongness that all questions are called blasphemy and heresy and silenced with violence and aggression.


And then, slowly, we begin to grow and mature spiritually. Slowly we awaken from our fears. There is no "eternal punishment" for getting it wrong! We realise that, after all, there is no single Truth to which all must cling. And slowly as we release our terrified grip on dogma we begin to see the true wonder and miracle which lies in the diversity of life. To look into the eyes and the soul of another. To see the differences. To celebrate these differences. To love the other precisely FOR the differences. Ah! The sublime irony! For in that moment we see the Oneness in the eyes of this other. And that the One Truth that we failed to find in the details of our dogma lay hidden in plain sight all along: The One Truth is that we are One.


And so, yes, we each have a unique perspective. I neither expect nor want to find others to share my perspectives. What I wish to find is others that are traveling from their perspective to a destination that I share. That destination being Oneness. It is a long but wondrous journey. A journey of on-going discovery and remembering that which we have hidden from ourselves: our own eternal magnificence.


I seek not others to agree with me. Instead I seek others to walk with me as we each find for ourselves what is wonderful, delightful, brim full of love and what rings the truth-bell of each of our hearts.


And how wonderful it is that I am finding such journey mates - as I have just found in you!