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book2 300w8: While the dimensions just discussed are a way to understand the “outer world” around you, the densities we will now begin discussing refer to the “inner world” of your own consciousness. From the perspective of the consciously ascending soul it can very much seem to you as if you are climbing a ladder of densities as you evolve spiritually and as your self-identification (or ego conception) changes.


Interestingly, these same levels of consciousness are recapitulated in your body in the chakra system and also in your human experience as you grow from child to adult to fully-mature personality.


Something else to be aware of is that there are whole realities that appear to exist at one density level or another. When this occurs, then most of the beings inside that reality will share the same level of consciousness.


Zingdad: Can I stop you for a second please, 8? These two names confuse me. Why is the one called “dimensions” and the other “densities”? These names just don’t make sense to me.


8: Alright, I shall help you to make sense of it. You do know that another word for the physical measurements of a box, for example, would be its dimensions, right? So, if your whole universe were inside a hypothetical box, then we could say that your universe is inside a box with three dimensions: length, breadth and depth. A 3d box. And so it is. Except there is no box… it is a frame of reality. And that 3d frame of reality is inside a 4d frame of reality, which has an additional dimension which, despite your current inability to perceive it, is none-the-less equally real and equally measurable. And this is so, right the way up the 8th dimension. So dimensions are things you could measure about the world around you.


Densities, on the other hand, are about the level of consciousness at which a reality is created. It is called “density” because of a perceptual effect. Your world is part of a 3rd density reality. At this level, things appear to be real. Rocks and plants, your bodies and the bodies of animals. The things you manufacture out of all this: desks and chairs, houses and cars. All of these things appear very, very real. They appear so real because, when one of these items encounters another, there appears to be a high degree of density. Your hand touches the desk and it feels firm, solid and real. But moreover: if you turn your back and stop paying the desk attention it doesn’t begin to disappear.  It seems to always be there. If you go away for a few years it will still exist and seem to be more or less the same when you return. At your level of experience, the 3rd density, things seem very dense and very real. At higher densities it becomes ever more apparent that things are simply projections of the creative mind and, as such, that they are not real. It becomes ever more apparent that only consciousness is real. Things are simply artefacts of consciousness. Things appear, therefore, ever less and less dense. But, unfortunately, there is a convention to call these higher levels of awareness the higher densities. I understand how this arose but it is not a useful expression. 7D is actually of a lower density than 3D. But the convention is well set, so we will continue to use it as long as we all understand what is actually being referred to. Agreed?


Z: Perfect, thanks 8.


8: Now let us discuss exactly what the densities are and then we shall discuss how they apply to you personally.


For the sake of expediency we will use a capitalised “D” as a shorthand notation for density as we have already used a lower-case “d” to indicate the dimensions. So 1d is the first dimension but 1D is the first density.




The consciousness of the first density is that of simple existence. The most basic biological functions of organic consciousnesses and electro-chemical functions of inorganic consciousnesses occur at this density. Many of your body’s functions occur from, and within, this level of consciousness. For example: a cell takes sustenance across its cellular membrane by a process of osmosis. This alters the chemical balance of the cytoplasm, which causes a biochemical switch to be turned on, leading to an increase in metabolism. All of this occurs in quite an autonomic way. No one had to decide anything for this to occur. The decisions were all taken when the system was created. Now it runs like a machine on automatic: it is the very simplest switch-like logic of “if this/ then that” which makes up the world of 1D consciousness.


There are beings that reside at 1D. The most basic single-celled organisms are an example. It might surprise you to know that much of what you might call the rocks and minerals of your world are also of 1D consciousness.


There are very many planetary realities that resonate at 1D. Most of the planets of your solar system, at this current space/time nexus, exist at 1D. That is to say, if were able to travel by spaceship to the planets in your solar system you would find them to be inhabited pretty uniformly by beings of 1D consciousness. You do understand by now, of course, that I regard rocks and minerals as “beings”, don’t you? (he smiles)


Z: Yes, that has come up before in Book 1.  So you are saying that a rock is a “someone” and that it has a 1D consciousness?

8: In a manner of speaking, yes. But just as you have an Inner-Self of a higher consciousness than your own, so too are there higher consciousnesses associated with these elemental and mineral bodies.

Your solar system is also rich in other 1D forms that you would conventionally consider to be “living”. Bacteria are an example. These are single-celled organisms that metabolise the chemicals available to them on each planet. Mars is a good example of this that your present culture is beginning to explore. You will discover that there are very simple organisms there that are very busy changing the chemical make-up of that planet and its atmosphere.


1D consciousness is therefore the basis and beginning of life. It is about the pure existence of a being.  As such it is also found represented in your being by your base chakra, which is indeed involved with your simple existence.


1D is also represented by the first stage of human life – the foetus and the new-born baby that is coming to terms with the basics of survival: ingestion, digestion and excretion; breathing in and breathing out.  These are actions that are required for your life to continue. At the 1D level there is no decision-making process. 1D consciousness expresses itself, as I have suggested, at the level of “if this/ then that”. If there is carbon-dioxide in the lungs, then breathe out. If the lungs are empty, then breathe in.  Very, very simple logical processes such as these are the domain of the 1D consciousness, but without these crucial processes nothing more complex could occur.




The consciousness of the second density is that which you might call instinct or “drive”. On planet Earth it occurs in higher-order animals which have developed nervous systems. These nervous-systems allow animals (including the human animal) to feel urges from various systems within your body and will drive you to respond in a particular manner. You don’t need to think much about these drives but you can, if needs be, over-ride them.  Which is just as well. For example: if you haven’t eaten for a while your body will begin to enact the hunger drive. You will feel a compulsion to find food and to eat. If, in this state of hunger, you were to encounter a small child with an ice-cream, for example, your instinctual drive would have you take the ice-cream from the child and eat it. That would be an appropriate response from the 2D consciousness’ perspective. But that does not mean your 2D-conscious self would always steal every ice-cream he saw. If, by way of another example, you were to come across a person who appeared very much larger and more powerful looking than yourself, and you saw this person was eating an ice-cream, your 2D self would evaluate your chances against him and probably decide the ice-cream was not worth the beating you were likely to take over the attempt to steal it.  And that is an illustration of 2D consciousness in action. It is the level of consciousness you will see being exercised in most complex animals: a baboon troupe, for example.  In fact, some notable exceptions aside, most higher-animals on planet earth at this time are of 2D consciousness. Their choices and actions are governed by instinct and drive. This leads them to eat and procreate and migrate and do all the other things that each species needs to do for its continued survival.


A 2D being is not self-aware in the way that you are. They do not have a sense of a “me” as an individual. There is simply the drive to do this or that in response to the environment. There certainly is decision making… sometimes quite complex decisions taking numerous factors into account… but there are not ideas, beliefs or philosophies and there is not the sense of a “self” as being separate from what is outside of “me”.


You experience 2D consciousness impacting your life all the time. Hunger, thirst, the need for sleep, the desire to have sex, the desire to have children, the urge to run away from harm, the drive to stand and fight when challenged… these are some of your 2D urges. And sometimes these urges can be extremely complex. When a pregnant woman is in urgent need of a particular nutrient for the continued sustenance of her unborn child’s body – or her own body for that matter – she will feel cravings. It is a well known phenomenon. The craving will be for a foodstuff – or a combination of foodstuffs – that is needed for the continued biological well-being of the mother and the growing foetus. 


Your 2D consciousness can also form addictions. For example, a person can become dependant on pain-killers. The 2D consciousness can actually manifest the experience of pain to cause you to re-dose on the pain-killer that your 2D being has become confused into believing it needs in order to keep you alive.


This is all 2D consciousness in action. When it calls, it is can be very hard to ignore.


2D is the basis of highly complex life-forms: very nearly all the fish, birds, reptiles and mammals on earth… and it is this level of consciousness that allows such animals to survive.


This consciousness is expressed in your sacral chakra – the chakra in your pelvis where it is often associated with sexual and reproductive urges. But of course this is a shallow understanding. It is actually about all drives, urges and instincts. 


The second phase of human life, the baby and toddler, are representative of 2D consciousness. At the point at which the baby begins to express desires… to want this and not want that… to accept this mouthful of food and reject that one. This is when this new human being is expressing 2D consciousness. And indeed, such a little being has not yet conceptualised the “self” as being something apart from its world and its experiences. It is still simply following its urges and desires in its quest for survival.




The third density will be very familiar to you. It is the consciousness level of your planet and the consciousness level of most human beings now alive on Earth.


3D is the consciousness of self-awareness and of true choice. It is the consciousness of ethics and morality. It is the consciousness of “good” and “bad”. And because it is the consciousness of “self” versus “other” and “good” versus “bad” it is also the consciousness of duality. 


If I may re-use a previous example to illustrate: a 3D being who is very hungry indeed might encounter a small child with an ice-cream and decide not to simply take that ice-cream because doing so would be “wrong”. Maybe the 3D being decides that he would not like to think of himself as being a mean bully. Maybe he has internalised some ideas about what is “moral” or what is “just”.


But not only will a 3D-conscious being be able to choose not to harm another… such a being might actually be willing to put himself directly in harm’s way if he thought it was “right” to do so. For example: A 3D being sees two total strangers engaged in conflict. He sees that the one is much larger and more powerful than the other and the weaker individual is taking a beating. Our 3D friend might very well spring into action and put himself at risk in order to assist the weaker stranger in defending against the stronger. This is interesting; being willing to put himself directly in harm’s way over a complex ideological concept such as “fairness”. 


It can go the other way, of course. A 3D being might decide that he has been unfairly treated his entire life and could therefore choose a life of crime. He could become the one who predates upon others and takes what he wants from those weaker than he is and feel quite justified in doing so.


The world of 3D consciousness is complex, intricate and often confusing. It is also the world of ego: the place in your psyche where you say “I”.

“I am this. I am not that.”

“This is what I do.”

“I am that kind of a person.”

These are the statements of 3D consciousness, which it is centred in your solar-plexus chakra. 


This is the place from which resolve and will-power originate. It is the go-it-on-my-own and do-it-my-way consciousness. And it is a very powerful force. Empires are built by such a consciousness when it is in full effect.


The third phase of life, which is the 3D phase, starts when a small child first utters concepts such as “I” and “mine”. To observe an awakening 3D-consciousness is to observe toddlers squabbling over possessions and the right of access to playground equipment.


In a healthy world this phase would continue for only a few years. It would very soon be moderated by the reinforcement of reward for more socially accepted behaviour such as sharing, kindness and empathy. Certainly this level of consciousness should, in a healthy world, have been replaced by 4D consciousness long before the child has emerged from puberty into adulthood.  In a world where all children are loved and emotionally nurtured this is what would happen. The desire to prove the self, define the self, and separate the self from parents and others would be drawing to a close by the late teens or early twenties at the latest. But this is not the case in your current planetary reality.  Your planetary consciousness is 3D and so most beings reside at this level for much, if not all, of their incarnation. Sometimes a softening occurs in what is termed old-age. At this point there is a natural diminishing of the ego-body as the being discovers its limitations. This can cause the being to move from ego to heart and become more 4D conscious but it certainly does not always work out this way. More usually a move from 3D consciousness to 4D consciousness happens as a result of a being actively choosing to “listen to their heart” or to “find their own truth” or to love unconditionally. If it happens in a 3D world like yours then the being finds themselves a little out of synch with the rest of the world as they ascend the ladder of densities and leave the 3D world of “me-first and damn the rest” behind.



The third density is the density of choice… at 3D, you find yourself constantly being offered places in which to invest your energy.  You must choose what you will serve, what you will love. When you have made that choice clearly and unambiguously then you are ready for the 4th density, which is the density of love and of service. Beings that have moved from the indecision of 3rd density consciousness into either a Service-to-Self or a Service-to-Other mindset find themselves at 4th density consciousness. At this level of awareness the being begins the journey to true individuation as a sole, sovereign entity. Beings residing at the 3D level might wish to think of themselves as such but, in fact they are still very much a fragmentary consciousness. Spending a little time in conversation with beings of 3D consciousness will show this to be true: at the level of 3D consciousness there is a lot of internal conflict, as there are diverse opinions, beliefs and desires which are in internal competition in the mind of each 3D individual. This inner-conflict is obvious in the world in which 3D beings live. The world itself is wracked with conflict. Some of the conflicts are large and very obvious such as the wars that have raged across the globe unabated for all of your history. Some of them are equally obvious but perhaps less violent, such as the social conflict that occurs over every possible and imaginable schism: racism, classism, sexism… if there is a group, then there is another group in conflict with them.  This all changes at the 4th density level of consciousness. In order to graduate from 3D to 4D, each individual needs to come to certain clear decisions about itself. Those decisions can be paraphrased as:

“Who do I love?”


“What do I serve?”


“To what will I give my energy?”


The answer to that question will vary from person to person. One possible answer is “myself,” another equally valid answer is “others”. And so it is that the 4D level of consciousness is often quite correctly identified as the density of Service To Self and Service To Other.  This is why it is also called the density of polarity because there are these two polar opposites in the manner in which you direct your energy.


Most often people who have moved their consciousness to the 4D level are not aware that they have done so and they are usually also not CONSCIOUSLY aware of taking this choice. But, for example, the person who is living their life on the streets amongst the poor giving all of their energy to the upliftment of others… such a person clearly exemplifies 4D STO. As does the person who has chosen to serve planet, earth or the animals upon her. All of these are 4D STO beings living amongst you in your 3D reality. By their example they offer you the choice to similarly decide to love (or serve) the other. The 4D STO polarity is called the polarity of compassion, as that is what rules the heart of such beings.


On the opposite pole is STS. This is where you will find petty dictators of every stripe who have decided that they love themselves only. They give all their energy towards the constant drive to attaining power, wealth and influence. Such people will attempt to ruthlessly destroy anyone who gets in the way of their desire to expand their ego-reach. They will strive at all costs to manipulate others around them to serve their wishes, desires and ego-gratifications. Such people will often SAY that what they are doing is, in some way, for the greater good. They will SAY they are serving the needs of the electorate, the shareholders, the customers, the community or whoever they are pretending to serve. But you need not look too carefully to see that this is a sham. They will go directly against the interests of anyone and everyone if their own ego will be better served by them doing so. 4D beings of the STS polarity can be found playing out their dramas anywhere from criminal gangs to corporate offices, to political parties, to religious organisations and beyond.


4D beings, irrespective of the details of their polarity, are characterised by a kind of clarity of purpose. They have clearly decided where their energy should go. Such beings follow their hearts and go where they must. Because they are not pulled hither and thither by all manner of conflicting thoughts and beliefs, they can align their personal energy with their goals and drive towards those goals with great power. 4D beings get things done!


The 4th density of consciousness is represented in your body by your outer-heart chakra (there is an inner-heart chakra too and this is something that we’ll talk about later).


The challenge for those at this density is that, eventually, all 4D beings begin to run out of resources. The occupational hazard of the 4D being is burnout. You give all you have and then you exhaust all that is at your disposal. Illness and disease easily then takes hold of the body and you exit the incarnation. The reason for this is simple: no system can exist in which the energy only flows in one direction. A dam which ONLY gives water, and is never replenished, will run dry. A dam that ONLY receives water, and never releases any, will burst its banks. Or, more likely, people will find a way to bypass it entirely because they know it is useless to them.  Both STS and STO beings find that, lifetime after lifetime, they run out of resources. They either burn themselves out or end up all alone with nothing.


This is why 4D beings (and 4D societies) can achieve a modicum of success and power but they are ultimately quite limited. 4D beings will never get the traction and the reach that they desire to really change the world. At least not until they find themselves ready to awaken to a simple fact:


You have to give to get…

and you have to get to give.


When they do, they awaken to 5D consciousness.



5D is often called the density of “balanced polarity”. At this level of awareness the ascending being will still be inherently STO or STS, depending on where they came from. But they will now know that they must also balance their polarity with some of the opposite polarity.


The 5D STO being will know that she must be willing to receive with an open heart from all those that would give to her, SO THAT she can give her great service. She will become a powerful force for change in the world because she is now, for the first time, really beginning to channel energies through herself rather than simply giving from her own small store of personal energy.


The 5D STS being, by contrast, will know that he must be willing to give to others around him, to feed them and to nurture them, SO THAT they will remain faithful and loyal to him and continue always to give him what he demands. He becomes a “benevolent tyrant” and might very well be admired, respected and even loved by his subjects. At 4D you find “bosses” but at 5D you find “leaders”. Here you find beings who inspire followers and unite them with their vision. Powerful corporate CEOs and admired national presidents are perfect examples of this level of consciousness.


As 5D really is about a deep knowing of how to give to get (or how to get to give) and because it is based on the wisdom of knowing how to manage the self and the other, it is very aptly called the density of wisdom.


5D consciousness is represented in your body by your throat chakra. It is all about powerful expression.


At some point the 5D being will awaken a little more too. At some point, eventually, she will tire of all the endless cycles upon cycles of life in which she tries to change the world in order to make it different from what it is. At some point she will begin to wonder what it is all really about. “What is the point of all this endless service of the self or the other,” she will wonder. For indeed she will have noticed that there is a simple rule that seems to work, always:


What you do to another you do to yourself also.


And at this point she might be ready to choose to make the leap to the realisation that the separation between “self” and “other” is only illusory, that, in fact, All is One. If she does… then 6D consciousness dawns for her!



At the 6th density there is no more polarity. The STO and STS streams converge. It matters not which path you trod before. Now all paths are one path. And because the 6D being knows that All is truly One, this density is often called the density of Unity Consciousness.


It is represented in your body in the brow chakra. The aspect of self that observes what is. That takes it all in. That resides in loving acceptance and surrender.


The 6D being’s “natural” body is a light-form. A pure expression of bright light.  But the 6D consciousness CAN still experience itself in a human body, for example, and this is the highest level of consciousness that one can attain whilst still attached to a dense body. But when you meet such a being outside of incarnation, you will see it as it really is: a bright light-form.


The sixth density of consciousness is a truly beautiful place to find yourself in. This is the level of awareness in which you finally have a good and useful grasp of the meaning of life in this system of reality and are able to enjoy it to the full without constantly tripping yourself and hurting yourself.


I shall explain: To enter the sixth density is to discover that you are One with All That Is. And so you live a life that is congruent with that truth. For example: you only put out what you want back. And you therefore only get back that which you want to experience. Life becomes a lot more harmonious and peaceful. But at the same time you are able to enjoy all the fruits of the illusion of separation. You can play and love and explore. You can taste and feel. You can live in a wonderfully complex human body on Planet Earth (or a different body on another planet, for that matter). You can have all these wonderful experiences that separation provides and yet, at the same time, you can simply choose to forgo fear and suffering!


The 6D being knows that he is One with Life. He knows, when he meets you, that you and he are two faces of the same eternal, infinite Source of All. He knows also that he is the creator of his own reality and that he is constantly bringing all his experiences to himself by his deepest beliefs. He therefore dedicates some of his time and energy to learning to heal the beliefs he holds which bring him results he finds undesirable. In this way he masters his thoughts and choices. In this way, in fact, he masters himself. Though, from the perspective of the 3D being, even a 4D being is of a more ascended consciousness, I myself would not consider a being to have attained mastery until they have attained at least the 6th density of consciousness. Before this they are still experiencing inner-conflict, suffering and pain. Before this they are still creating fear and undesirable dramas in their lives. The 6D being rises above this. And it is precisely because the 6D being rises above fear, pain and suffering that these things cease to drive him to evolve any further.  Below 6D his evolution was driven by his desire to move away from that which he did not wish to experience. By a kind of a “running away” motivation. At the 6D level his motivation changes to a “running towards”. That is to say, the 6D being, as a direct consequence of his level of consciousness, no longer finds himself having “negative” experiences. This allows him the deep peace and stillness necessary to truly observe “what is”. In that state he can see quite clearly who he really is and how, from the deepest depths of his Soul, he wishes to respond to life. In this state of truly still BEing he can clearly see his own true purpose. He can see himself as he is and he can see life as it is. He can see what the perfect fit between himself and all of life is. He can see EXACTLY why he is in this particular here and now. And so, from this place, the 6D being responds and delivers to all of Life his Greatest Gift.


And THIS is the motivation of the 6D being: neither to serve the other nor the self. For that is an irrelevant thought at this level of existence. No. Neither to give nor to get. None of these things. But indeed, simply to find and express his truest nature, moment by moment. And doing so cannot be anything other than him giving his greatest gift. It cannot be any other than that which is MOST desired and needed by the Life that he finds around himself at that time. He MUST, by divine right order, be the perfect response at the perfect time to Life’s needs, there and then.


But of course we, by now, know the way life works, don’t we? We know that:


What you put out is what you get back.




So I am sure you can imagine what our 6D friend’s life is like. He is giving his greatest gift and this is his highest joy. And so Life responds by giving Its greatest gift right back to him! It can do no other! So he finds himself living a remarkably abundant life too.


And just as it is true that what the 6D being does, is to give his greatest gift, so too is it so that this is the means of his continued growth, expansion and evolution. Anything that you do repeatedly you will get better at. Your skill and capacity will increase. And so much more so if you really love what you are doing. And so it is that the 6D being will come to truly master the giving of his gift. His reach will become great. His impact very large indeed. And all this will become close to effortless for him.


At about this point it might very well dawn upon him that the work he is doing is indirect. That is to say that the gift he is giving is by way of working with metaphors or representations rather than the thing itself. At about this point he will be ready to come to an understanding of the true nature of the energy behind the metaphors. He will realise that he has been working with the realm of story rather than the true energy and ISness of life itself. As all this dawns for him, so it will become time for him to awaken yet further and to evolve one more step up the ladder, to the 7th density of consciousness.



I myself am of 7D consciousness. This is my home in this reality and I currently reside here.


Z: You are a 7D being, 8? Have I misunderstood… doesn’t that mean you must have 6D, 5D, 4D… right the way down to 1D within you?


8: No, no. You have indeed misunderstood - you have it somewhat “inside out”. One can penetrate this reality as deeply as one is called to – or as deeply as one wishes. You, for example, penetrated right down to the 3D level. So you have a version of self, an Inner-Self, at 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D and 8D. This is all WITHIN YOU.  But you don’t, as it happens, have a 2D or a 1D self.  This is provided for you by other consciousnesses. Those who help you by making up your body and the planet around you, for example. But you, yourself, do not have 2D and 1D outer-selves.


I am of 7D consciousness. I have not been called to penetrate any deeper than this. I do not have lower density consciousnesses within me.


Z: Okay, that makes sense. 


So I have an Inner-Self at 4D?


8: Yes. All 3D beings do. But you should know that you are very rapidly awakening. You, and others around you who are ascending, are raising the density of your consciousness whilst still remaining invested in a 3D world. You are becoming your own Inner-Selves whilst still walking the Earth. It is, I must tell you, a very beautiful thing to observe happening!


Z: So we might still be in a 3D world but that doesn’t mean we have to be of 3D consciousness?


8: No, indeed. You can attain anything up to, and including, 6D consciousness whilst still incarnated.


Z: Okay – so why no higher than that? Why can’t we get to 7D?


8: Attachment to a dense body, such as a human body, implies certain things that are quite simply incompatible with 7D consciousness.


Let me tell you about that:

7D has been called the magical density because, at this level of awareness, one becomes one with all form – and therefore formless. You are beyond the illusions of dense matter. You are a direct part of the primal energy that is the very Life of this reality. You are, at this level, quite close to the Oneness of it all. At 7D you partake in the creation of this reality by directly working with the energy and the consciousness templates that make up this reality. Some part of your mind is occupied with some great task upon which the realties experienced in the lower densities depend for their very existence. Some, for example, are holding the frames of planetary consciousness or of galactic consciousness. Some are holding the frame of the consciousness of Human Body… or of some other animal. Or of an electron or a photon. At the 7th density of consciousness our perspective is very different from yours. It does not appear to us as if a photon is “less” than a galaxy. They are very different patterns, but the one is in no way inferior to the other. Neither is a planet “more” or “less” than a species of animal. It’s all just different patterns. But not all 7D beings are pattern holders! There are many other employments for the mind at this level. Some undertake the task, of being a Watcher: that is to say, being a special kind of “observing” consciousness. Ones that collapse the huge range of possibilities inherent in the interaction of all these patterns into a small range of actualised expression. There are many others: Speakers, Seeders, Recyclers, Interventionists… and more. Each being, at the 7th density of consciousness, directly working with the formless energy of this reality to allow the magnificently multifarious forms and expressions that constitute this reality to exist.


But in order to do what we do, we at 7D must, by definition, be everywhere. There cannot be a restriction on where… or when… we can find ourselves. We are everywhere, always.  And so a dense body with all its limitations is just not possible for one at this level of awareness. Certainly, such a body could be imagined into existence in an instant with almost no effort at all. But if I were to do this… if I were to imagine such a body for myself (and I could certainly do so) then I would not be able to limit my perspective enough to believe that I am inside that body and not also everywhere else at the same time too. I simply could not do that and still retain my 7D consciousness. If I want to experience myself inside a dense body I must do as you have done… as all your readers have done… I must lower my consciousness further and enter at least the 6th density.


Z: Well now!  That would be awesome! I’d LOVE to have you come to earth as a human being. I’d LOVE it if you would do that! Why haven’t you become 6D or lower and incarnated?


8: We are digressing again. The reasons that I have done as I have… and that you have done as you have… have to do with our true natures and our purposes. I would not have been able to enter any deeper than I have without causing deep contravention in the rules of this reality… without causing great harm.  This is why YOU had to do this for me. 


And instantly I can sense your intrigue! You are suddenly exploding with questions. And every one of them will lead us further from the course of this chapter. So I will promise you one more chapter. In the next chapter I will tell what I am doing in this reality… what my function and purpose has been… and in so doing I will conclude the journey started in Chapter 8 of Book 1. I will give you some great insight into who I truly am. And from this, perhaps, you will gain some deeper insight into who you truly are. But between now and then, you will have to rely on one of your very poorest skills… patience.


And with that I shall return our attention to 7D consciousness. At this level of consciousness it is so that all the experiences that, to you, seem to be separate process, are really the same one process. Thinking, feeling, seeing, knowing, creating, expressing, dreaming, fantasizing, smelling, tasting… all of these processes are, for the 7D being… one process.


Z: I don’t understand that…


8: Imagine for a moment that there was no distinction for you between sight and hearing. Imagine you had one perceptual field in which sights and sounds all played out together. Perhaps you could imagine that you “see” the world around you but it gains an extra layer of texture based upon the noises being created around you. You “see” a tree, for example, but you also see an extra texture on it because the wind makes the leaves sigh. 


Now imagine that all your other senses… tactile, emotional, olfactory, taste… all of them… are all in the same way an indivisible part of this sense-scape.


Now imagine that there is no difference between your sensing of the tree and your creative imagination of it.  To look at the tree is to know that you willed it to be so. You know that you can change your perspective, hold another intention, and the tree will change form. It looks as it does BECAUSE you are imagining it as you are.


That is what it is like to be of 7D consciousness. It is, as I say, the density of pure magic. At this level, your will is made manifest.


The 7th density is represented in your body by the crown chakra.


Beings of the 7th density don’t really evolve and change. There is nothing more that we can become inside this reality. There is nothing that we are apart from and nothing that we cannot know or experience. It is all available to us. So we simply do as we have agreed to do: we undertake the role we have been called to and we experience the Life that exists here.  We do this for exactly as long as it is required and then, when the task is done, we leave this system. Or perhaps we penetrate more deeply into it and gain a different experience entirely.


There are specific points in the great cycles of creation when 7D beings collectively change roles and shift perspectives… when some leave this reality and others enter. This is busy happening now. I will address this subject at greater length in due course when I talk about “time”.


If one wishes to leave this system entirely, the only way to do so is from the level of the 7th density consciousness. If a 7D being gives ALL of Its creations back to the system of life… if It releases all Its creations as a gift of Love… then It begins to balance Itself perfectly. It attains true Oneness of spirit. It releases any and all separation within Itself and, metaphorically speaking, It opens Its eyes to a new awakening as an 8th density consciousness.



It is very hard indeed to say anything at all about the 8th density because any attempt to define it, is to limit it. And the 8th density has no limitations. So I will offer you some thoughts that will point you in the direction of understanding, but please remember that the 8th density is actually the doorway and the destination… it is the process and the end-goal. 8D is where you are One with the Oneness. The 8th density of consciousness is that which contains this whole reality and also contains all other realities. For this reason it is the portal through which you may leave this reality and enter another. But it is SO much more than just a gateway. 8D is Oneness. To be at one with the Oneness is an experience for which there are no words. Perfect completion. Wholeness. Home. Belonging. Centeredness. Being completely seen for all that you are and wholly loved exactly as you are. These kinds of thoughts are the best I can offer for what it might be like but, as I say, they are just words and they do no justice, truly, to the experience.  Bliss beyond anything anyone here in separation is able to imagine lies there. Peace that transcends anything I can even hint at.


Z: But 8, doesn’t 8D also include all the negative stuff? I mean if it has all the joyful and peaceful stuff… what happens to the fearful, angry and sad stuff that it surely also encompasses?


8: Perfect comprehension happens to it.


At that level of awareness there is nothing at all that is beyond the scope of your mind. Your mind IS the universal mind. You perfectly know and understand absolutely everything that ever was, is, or will be. To bring your inquiring consciousness to something is to gain the WHOLE of the understanding of it. It is simply not possible under those circumstances to have a “negative” response or feeling about something. And such a deep and perfect comprehension IS bliss. You see that everything is a work of creative art. And it is ALL beautiful. You love, love, love EVERYTHING. All perspectives are your perspective and so there is nothing that you feel called to change. There is nothing that is problematic. Nothing that is incomplete. All IS. You are One with the All. And All is perfect.




Until you come to decide… to choose… to WILL that something should in some way be created somewhere in a way that would please you more. And promptly, in that moment, you are a part of Life that has created some imbalance within yourself. In that instant you find yourself inside a reality. If it is THIS reality that you find yourself in, then you find yourself at the 7th density of consciousness, ready to plunge as deep as you need to go to fulfil that desire. And so the game, for you, begins again.


The 8th density of consciousness is represented inside your body in your Inner-Heart chakra.  This 8th chakra is hidden, it might seem to you, deep within the 4th chakra. Many highly spiritual people who have actively meditated their entire lives do not find this chakra – mostly because they do not know to seek it. But it is there and it is the place where source-energy enters your being and nourishes you. No life would be possible for you if this chakra was not, at least to some extent, open and allowing energy to flow. This chakra has been very poetically described by some of the most ancient spiritual and mystical traditions. Look for descriptions such as a jewel hidden in the centre of the city of your heart… and a flower within the flower of your heart…. These kinds of ideas. You (he is specifically talking to me, Zingdad, here,) have not read much of such scriptures so these are not easily available to me to address. But you can seek them out. The truth of the 8th chakra is not really new.  And the ideas that you will find expressed in the ancient traditions is that it is the most beautiful and precious thing you can possibly find… that it is elusive and that it takes commitment to find… that it is hidden deep, deep, deep inside your heart. 


You have, in your meditations, found this 8th Chakra. I would urge you, if at all possible, to show others the way. To assist those, who wish it, to find this also.


Z: I’ll do this 8. I’ll record a guided meditation that people can download and listen to which will take them to find their 8th chakra.


8: That is good. But remember, YOU cannot take them there. The best you can do is point the way. If they are ready and willing your pointing will be all they need. If they are not, then nothing you can say will take them there. But I make a subtle point. I agree with you that this would be a wonderful gift for you to give.


And with that we have concluded my description of what the densities are. Next I will like for us to have a short discussion on what they mean to you and your readers…