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book2 300w 3d


You are, right now, experiencing yourself as a 3-dimensional body in a 3-dimensional world. The world of 3 dimensions should therefore be very easy for you to comprehend. By “dimension” we mean a space that can be measured. For example, the dimensions of a cube are expressed as length x height x width. All objects in your reality can be made to fit in a cube of sufficient size. All objects therefore exist within three spatial dimensions. Any point in your reality can be defined by three co-ordinates. So there are three dimensions to all things in your reality and to the whole of your reality.


But as this IS your reality you should be very familiar with it so and we can move on and describe the other dimensions. Lets take a step down to the second dimension next.




If you stand between a bright light source and a screen then you will cast a shadow on the screen. What you, perhaps, haven’t considered before now is that your shadow is your body in 2 dimensions. It has height and width but it has no depth. No matter how closely you look you will never be able to measure a shadow’s thickness. It has none as it is not really a “thing” in the normal sense of the word. It is merely an absence of light. So, it has only two dimensions: the dimension of height and the dimension of width. Your shadow is a 2d object.


Now I would like you to please imagine a 2d being – someone very like your shadow – but a being of independent consciousness. He is going to help us understand dimensions. Let’s give him a name. Let’s call him Shadowman. Let’s imagine you could have a conversation with him. Remember his world isn’t actually simply “flat”. It is much worse than that. The conception of depth does simply not exist for him. So, not only can Shadowman not see over even the smallest obstacle, he can’t even begin to imagine the concept of “over”. He can’t even think in terms of there being an “above” or a “below”.


If Shadowman and a number of his friends stood next to each other he would not be able to see beyond the friend on either side of him and he would also not be able to conceptualise what it might be like to see “past” someone. So, if you asked him how many friends had gathered and he only had one friend on either side of him in his direct line of sight then his best answer would have to be “two”. Other friends that were beyond his line of sight would not be in his presence and he could not know that they were there. You, on the other hand, could see everyone in the gathering like so many shadows on the wall and you’d immediately know how many there were by simply counting them. You could tell Shadowman which friends he was going to see at this party and he’d be astounded at your prescience. Not only this but you would be able to see, to all intents and purposes, inside Shadowman. You’d be able to see any internal organs and structures his body might have and even what he ate for lunch! You’d also be able to see inside closed boxes and “through” walls and barriers. Your ability to see and know things like this would astound Shadowman. He’d think you were god-like in your comprehension of his world. You would, to his mind, have an impossible ability to see what lay ahead of him long before he could discover this for himself. And if you tried to explain to him that you didn’t really have supernatural powers but could merely perceive the extra dimension of depth, then you would find that he would simply not understand what you were talking about. You could possibly use analogies to give him some idea as to what depth is like but… sadly… he would never really know what it would be like to live in a world with this third dimension, depth.


And that should give you some inkling of what a 2d object is like. It is a flat shape with no depth.




In order to help us understand what a 1-dimensional object might be like we are going to get Shadowman to help us some more. He is going to fetch a bright source of light and a screen from his 2d world and stand in-between them. Just as your 3d body has a 2d shadow, so Shadowman’s 2d body will yield a 1d shadow.


Let’s do this together in our imaginations, shall we? Shadowman has a perfectly flat lamp that shines a “flat” light in only two dimensions which causes his 2d body to cast a shadow on his flat, two-dimensional screen. What does his shadow look like to us? Can you, in your imagination, see that his shadow is just a vertical line? It is as tall as Shadowman is, but, being his shadow, it has no width. And, of course, just as Shadownman has no depth, his shadow also has no depth. It is a line of no width and no depth. It is a 1d object.




To take the next step down to 0 dimensions, we simply continue the process. We take Shadowman’s shadow, the vertical 1d line, and we imagine that there is a 1d light source and a 1d screen on either side of it. But, because it inhabits a 1d world, the light and the screen can only be placed on the same axis as the line. There is no “in front’, no “next to”, no “to the side of” in the 1d world. There is only the single dimension WHICH FROM OUR PERSPECTIVE is above and below the vertical line of Shadowman’s shadow.


So, let us imagine that we place a 1d light (that only shines a laser-like light in a perfect line) so that it shines a light down on Shadowman’s shadow and it projects a shadow on the screen below it. What would this shadow look like? Can you, in your imagination, see that it would be a point? A single point of no width, no depth and no height. It is a 0d object.


Z: But 8, if it has no width, no height and no depth… then it can’t really exist, can it? I mean it can’t for example, have any mass. It can’t really be a “thing” in the ordinary sense of the word, can it?


Maybe it is just an imaginary object?


8: In fact anything below 3d has no mass. But you’re right this 0d point is not a thing like anything you have any experience of. It is, from that perspective, a no-thing. It is nothing. And that is all it is to those in the scientific community that have no place in their world-view for consciousness. But for the more enlightened there is much more to this “imaginary nothing”.


To be clear: this is not a point on a surface such as a dot on a piece of paper. A dot on a piece of paper is a 3d object. With a microscope, or similar, you can quickly see that it has three dimensions. And, more importantly, the dot resides on a piece of paper (which is 3d) on your desk (again 3d) in your universe (also 3d). You cannot separate the dot from the context in which it finds itself. No matter how small you draw that dot it is still a 3d dot in a 3d world and there is no possible way you will ever be able to make it any thing other than that because YOU are a 3d being in a 3d world. A 0d object does not exist on a piece of paper. In fact it does not exist “on” anything at all. From the perspective of a 0d being there is nothing “outside” of it for it to be on. At 0d all things are integrated and there is no separation between one thing and another. Indeed it is the creation of the dimensions themselves that allow for the illusion of separation between things. So, a 0d being is pure consciousness, there is no “you” and no “me”. There is no “here” and no “there”. There is no “this” and no “that”. There is no “before” and no “after”. There is only a singularity of everything which could possibly ever be, all condensed into one singular point with nothing at all outside of that point. That is 0d.


Z: Wow. The 0d point contains EVERYTHING!


8: It does.


Z: And where can one find such a point. I mean… really… in my world how would I find such a 0d point?


8: Everywhere. There are an infinite number of such points literally everywhere. At the very, very finest scale this is all this whole universe is composed of. Points of everythingness.


Not bad for an imaginary no-thing, wouldn’t you say? This is the nothing that is everything that you, your whole reality and everything in it, are composed of at the very finest scale.


Do you see? You have heard it said here in The Ascension Papers and certainly in other spiritual works that all things contain the whole. Well that would not be possible if the very smallest of all things were not, itself, the whole!


Were it possible for you to invent a magical microscope that could zoom-in so far that you could see across dimensional boundaries then, at your maximum magnification, you might get to see such a 0d point. And if by some further magic you could zoom into one of these points then, inside that point, you would find… the whole universe!


Z: Oh wow! I get it! The whole universe is contained within each of these smallest points… which in turn is what every thing in the universe is made of! Wow! That is the best mind-boggle I’ve had in a long time.


Except… wait a minute… something doesn’t make sense to me, 8. May I pause you here to ask a question or two?


8: Certainly.


Z: Firstly I’d like to know why, if I zoom in, I’d find the universe and not something… bigger. I mean you have told me that the universe is not everything that is. That there are other realities outside this universe, for example. Secondly I’d like to know about the physics of that finest, smallest 0d point. I don’t think our quantum scientist have found such a “point”. I think they are talking in terms of “strings” being the smallest thing, not this imaginary point. Are they wrong?


8: Good, good questions. I like them.


First answer: When I say you will find “the universe” I have a somewhat broader definition of that word than you normally would. I don’t mean the space around you that you can observe with telescopes alone. Your universe is the 3d universe. It is one single slice of a far greater whole. What I am talking about is the whole universe. All 8 dimensions of it. So these 8 dimensions are what the universe REALLY is. And this universe is a contained unit… a singular whole entity on its own. It is not the only such singular construct though… it is akin to one grain of sand on the beaches of eternity. It is one whole perfect thing complete unto itself amongst many, many such others.


Gaining access to this universe requires of you that you must “split yourself up” in a particular way. You must disintegrate the unity of your soul so that you can experience this universe as it is. Once you have done this then you are able to navigate around inside the universe. The fragment of yourself that you have placed at the third dimensional level, for example, can have many incarnations here and can feel itself to be a human being on a planet such as Earth while other fragments of yourself can, in a similar manner, experience other dimensional levels of this universe. As a result of this special “disintegration” process you can, however, not simply leave. The part that might wish to leave cannot leave other parts behind. Only the whole of you that entered may leave. So you must remain here until you have managed to “re-integrate” all your fragments. This very healing and integration of the soul is what we are calling the ascension process. As you ascend… as you gather together all that you are into a single, whole, integrated, sovereign being… so you will find your consciousness re-resonating to the place where you can “get out” of this universe. When you are truly at one with yourself then you are at one with everything. Then you find yourself at the “surface” of the universe, if I may speak metaphorically. This “surface” exists at exactly the place where 8d and 0d are one and the same thing, where 8d and 0d contain all the other dimensions. It exists at exactly the place where all things are One and you are One with all. At that place there are no boundaries and no divides. That is the place where you may go from anywhere to anywhere. You may go to any other reality that exists. Then there are no limitations at all. Because, indeed, that “surface” is also the nexus between all realities. At that place you already are… everywhere!


And that is the answer to your first question.


Now to your second question. Your physicists’ best effort to theorise a description of your reality at the very smallest level has yielded a concept called “strings”. This is actually a pretty useful notion. There are indeed energetic filaments that run through your reality. As they vibrate and oscillate in your reality it creates an effect that your science has observed and called sub-atomic particles. So far so good. But what, pray tell, are these strings?


Z: Um… I think they are energy?


8: Yes… at that level everything can be said to be energy. But I am asking in terms of our discussion about dimensions.


Z: Oh, right. They are long but… I don’t know… maybe they have no width and no depth? Maybe these “strings” are 1d objects?


8: That is very astute. Yes. And if you understand that these strings are 1d objects then clearly you haven’t yet found the finest, smallest 0d point yet! These 0d points of singularity and unity project the strings into your reality. They are the point of origin and destination for all the strings. The strings in turn are the source of the phenomena you call sub-atomic particles. Sub atomic particles dance together to form atoms which in turn bond into molecules. And molecules are the building blocks of your world.


Got that so far?


Z: Yes, thank you. I follow.


8: Good. So, in summary then, the 0d points are the source, the very primal, smallest and finest origin of everything in your universe. They also contain the whole universe. That makes them pretty special, don’t you think?


And since you enjoy mind-boggles so much, here’s another one for you. Even though these 0d points are everywhere all around you and inside you... there is actually only one of them!


By definition there cannot be more than one 0d point. It IS the whole universe. If there was another, different one then it would have to be an entirely different reality and could not be found inside this reality. There is, therefore, an infinite number of 0d points everywhere inside this reality but, in truth, it is all the same one.


How do you like?


Z: You’re right. That’s a great mind-boggle (laughs). But somehow that feels right to me. Even though I can’t understand it I actually get that one intuitively.


8: Excellent, then we can move on from 0d. Now we are going go “up” the dimensional scale and try to describe the 4th dimension and beyond to you.




The fourth dimension is time. From your personal perspective you could say your 4d body would be a long snake-like form. It begins quite small at the tail with a new born baby. Then moment by moment it grows longer and larger as you grow to be a young boy. Then it gets to its full girth as you become a young man. Longer and longer it gets with each day that passes for you. Its cross-section shape is your body at any given moment. So, though it ceases to get much taller after you became a young man it may well get somewhat wider as you progress into your middle years. The longer you live, the longer this snake grows. Maybe you can imagine it a little like a loaf of bread: each moment of your life is one slice and each slice is your whole 3d body. Moment-upon-moment the snake grows longer and longer until it eventually ends with the death of your body. From your perspective you live a linear life from beginning to end forming one long snake-like body.


Z: But why is it long like that? Why does the snake get longer? Why couldn’t it be like Russian dolls with baby-me in the middle and as I get bigger I just form new layers outside that?


8: It is a good question, even though you ask it somewhat in jest. The answer is this: if you did not move at all there would not be progression. This movement which produces the snake-like growth is time. If you stood perfectly, still time would stand still for you.


Z: But that makes no sense! I stand still all the time!


8: You stand still in 3d but you cannot stand still in 4d. And it is as a result of your movement in 4d that you experience time. If you sat dead still for a whole day, by the beginning of the next day you would have moved once around the circumference of your planet.


So how then are you going to stay perfectly still?


And the movements you make in time cause your long, snake-like body to be shaped into many spiral coils and loops which ultimately make a torus shape.


Let me explain.


At the end of the above-mentioned day you do not end where you began because the planet itself has moved on. It travels around the sun once a year. Making your series of spirals into another bigger spiral. But again you do not end where you began because your solar system is very slowly rotating. In fact EVERYTHING in your universe is rotating right up to the very universe itself. And so, no matter how long you live, your body would be growing and aging and transforming, moment by moment, as it hurtled forward at quite some speed through space in an amazing pattern of spirals made up of ever smaller spirals. The movements you actually choose to make when you walk, drive or fly in aeroplanes don’t even show up as perturbations compared to that patterns created by your high-speed flit though space and time.


Z: Amazing. As you were describing this to me I got a picture in my head of the cord used to connect a telephone hand-set to its base. It’s a spiral. I imagined curling that spiral cable into a much bigger spiral and then taking that bigger spiral and winding it up around itself into a BIGGER spiral…


8: …yes, that is the gist of it. And the longer you live the more spirals you can be a part of. Human lives are, in the greater scheme of things, of very short duration. So your motion only incorporates some of the smaller spirals. If you could live a few billion years then your 4d body would begin to show the arc of the rotation of the universe. But no matter how many spirals you form they always tend to create a torus. A torus is a doughnut shape. This is because you travel in a circle around and central space. So your snake-body makes a torus loop. Then it makes more and more loops until it makes a shape like a loose spring. But as the spring-shape gets longer it curls round upon itself until it makes a complete loop and then you see another torus! But the torus doesn’t quite complete because it doesn’t end where it started. And the pattern just keeps repeating making larger and larger near-toroids.


So that is what your body would look like to you if you were a 4d being. And if you were a 4d being then you would think of yourself quite differently from the way you currently do. In much the same way as you might currently look around the room you are sitting in and see a chair over there and a book over here, your 4d self could look around and see being middle-aged over here and being a toddler over there. All of your whole life is “right here” to that being. He does not need to wonder what will happen when you wake up tomorrow morning because that is as clear and present to him as the keyboard under your fingers is to you now. Your whole life, from start to end, is his “here and now”.


What he might wonder about and try to work with is not “tomorrow” or “yesterday”, it is “alternate”. Which is what is dealt with by the 5d being.


So a 4d being is a time-like projection of your reality and it consists of spirals forming toruses.




5d is an “expansion” or a “projection” of 4d. Let us use you as an example. There are many things you could have been, could have done, could have experienced but chose not to. You feel you are living the life of all the things you did choose and al the things you didn’t choose don’t exist. Well, on some level they do exist. On some level every single choice that could ever have been offered to you was taken and every single outcome to all those choices was experienced. And that level is the 5th dimension.


In the 3rd dimension you are living one life with one set of choices. At 4d you are the whole of that time-line from birth to death. In the 5th dimension you are a cloud of potentiality in which all the probable and possible choices you could have taken exist simultaneously. Your 5d body is a cloud through which you could plot any number of possible time-lines. The choices that are closest to your Soul’s intent are nearer the centre of the cloud. That is where the most energy is expended. That is where you will find the most Life and the most vitality. The closer you, the 3d expression, are to this centre core, the more vital and energetic you will be and the more “flow” you will find in your life. You will feel more “right” about what you are doing and things will be easier to do. Move towards the outer limits of the cloud and you will experience hardship and a decrease in personal energy and vitality. As you approach the edge of the cloud where your Soul ceased to express itself so you will cease to be able to function. You won’t be able to go there. If you persist in trying you will experience a termination of the incarnation.


Z: But I don’t understand…


8: Of course you don’t. You are a 3d consciousness and I have just given you a 5d perspective. Much about this will be beyond your comprehension no matter how hard we try. Until you experience it yourself it will elude you. But go ahead… tell me what bothers you.


Z: Well, for starters, if 5d-me has ALL the choices available then what is the point of me living a 3d life? Why not just look at all the choices and choose the best path… and live that?


8: You were correct when you said you didn’t understand. These other alternatives are no less real, no less valid, no less lived and experienced that your life is. They are all equally true and valid. There is no difference between the life you are living and a parallel life with slightly different choices. The only difference is for you. You make particular choices and you experience the outcome of those choices. Your experiences are just that… they are your experiences. The 5th dimension is a wave-form that includes all the possible experiences that might be had in the 3rd dimensions. You, yourself, are an individual observer. The observer collapses the wave-form into a single event. You turn potentiality into actuality. You do this for your own life and then you experience that life as your own. That is what you do. But in so doing you do not diminish infinity. Infinity requires that all things that can exist, do exist. They must all be equally valid. And so it is for 5d-you. All the choices that you can take… you do take. You take them all, live them all, see them all. But YOU my beloved 3d being, do not see all of them. You only see one linear and direct path. You only see one out of every possible choice being actualised.


Z: That’s… simply mind-blowing. I don’t even know how to make sense of that.


8: Let me offer you a thought:


When we say you create your own reality do you not sometimes think that you must therefore be creating a reality for others around you also? If you choose a happier world starting right now… then you must surely also choose for everyone else in the world, right? Does it not strike you that, if this were true, that you were taking from them their right to create their world as more un-happy if they wanted?


Z: Uh… yeah. I had wondered about that.


8: Well, wonder no more! Each point of consciousness chooses for itself. You can live in a happier world and you will only experience other beings – or other aspects of beings – who have also chosen for that happier world. The version of you that chooses a less happy tomorrow will be there to experience that with others that are co-creating that with him. And if someone is creating a version of the world that is not at all congruent with your soul-purpose then no version of you will be found in that world. As you approach those conditions then your incarnation will terminate. Or you will not be born into that world in the first place.


Z: Astounding. I am so deeply failing to compute this info that I don’t even know what to say or think.


8: Let’s take a moment out then. Remember our imaginary conversation with Shadowman? Now maybe you understand poor Shadowman’s response to being told about depth and how you are above him and can see inside him, past him to all the other flat people on the wall, through walls and inside boxes. Trying to make sense of dimensional realities greater than you own can be a lot to cope with. I understand.


My advice is not to try too hard to think about it. The only real way you can actually think about these dimensions is with mathematics. But you don’t have the training to do that kind of computation and those that DO have such training can only do the most basic calculations like extending a 2d square to a 3d cube to a 4d tesseract and so forth. It’s a neat bit of calculation but it doesn’t begin to explain life and experiences at the various dimensional levels. It doesn’t take consciousness into consideration. So it ends up being lifeless and dry. It certainly can’t describe what it might be like to live life as a 5d being!


So don’t try to hard to think about 5d, rather try to feel about it. Take a deep breath and move into your heart for a moment. Feel in your heart what it might mean to you to know that you are experiencing one version of what you could be but that all versions are equally real and valid. All versions are alive. All versions are equally “you”.


How does that feel?


Z: Hmm. I actually feel quite good about that. The confusion that is in my head isn’t in my heart. The first thing that comes up for me is the realisation that all judgements I might have about myself are therefore pointless. If I am anyway all of the possible versions of me then I have already taken all the best decisions AND all the worst decisions. And if I have already taken all those decisions and all of them are equally real then the value judgements of “best” and “worst” become a bit meaningless, don’t they? Instead I can simply accept that each decision yields an outcome. Then the only decision I have to make is if I like that outcome or not. If I like it then I can take more choices just like that and if I don’t then I make different choices. But what I realise now is the value of the choices I would previously have called “bad”. Now they are perfectly valid choices that have given me the gift of seeing exactly how and why I don’t like them. The fact that I have made those choices allows me to take other decisions. I now take an informed, conscious decision.


So its actually incredibly liberating. If, at 5d, I am already all of it then I choose to gift to my 3d-self the opportunity to be the happiest, most magnificent version of myself that I can be. I choose more love, more joy and more truth and wisdom. And I can be grateful to all the versions of me that are choosing anything else because of the opportunity they gift to me.


8: That is quite a useful understanding to arrive at.


Something else you might consider is that there are other versions of you that are doing magnificently. They are not in any way “less” than you but they are none-the-less doing something a little different from what you are doing. For example: you have felt the drive towards unity consciousness and have used that drive to create The Ascension Papers. Well there is, for example, another version of you who is creating music that is quite sublime and yet another that is making the most spectacular art. For yourself you have chosen language and words as your form of expression. But it is through the hard work and constant effort of these other two alternate life-streams that run parallel to your own that you are able to fairly easily pick up skills in music-making and visual art. Their work feeds you just as your hard work with ideas and words feeds them with inspiring concepts.


And it can be so for everyone. Everyone can draw inspiration from their own alternate life-streams and you can know too that every choice you make does indeed affect the other alternate versions of you.


You and your alternate life-streams are, all together, one being… a 5d being. A cloud of consciousness.




At 6d you have made all the choices you, at a soul-level, ever possibly could have made. Here we are talking about all the different kinds of lives YOU could conceivably have wanted to live inside this system. So this would be the collection of all the incarnations you have ever had – each represented by a cloud of potentiality. When you gather them all together at 6d level then you realise that these lives are not separate things. They are also not sequential. You currently think of your present moment as you sit here typing on your keyboard as being NOW. It is “the present” for you. Everything that you have already experienced is “the past” and everything you have yet to experience is “the future”. Well, for your 6d-self all of your possible incarnations are all equally here and now. Your 6d self knows that you do not have “past lives” at all. You have alternate lives, each with their own potentialities and probabilities but all together forming one greater whole.


6d-you knows that your choices in your current lifetime are being made at the same time as other choices in other lifetimes. All lifetimes directly affect each other and none can be isolated from each other. It is only your illusion that they occur in a linear row and that they are separate incarnations. It is a useful illusion as it helps you to gain a sense of your progression but it is, none the less, a figment of your imagination.


As you engage actively and consciously with your own spiritual growth you might begin to get a glimmering of this. For example: when you were younger you knew nothing at all of your past lives and you were also full of all kinds of unresolved anger and fear. As you grew up so you worked very hard to understand where these feelings came from. You went for hypnotic regression and uncovered the root-causes of much of what ailed you psycho-spiritually. As you did this you engaged in an active and conscious process of loving, healing and integrating the parts of yourself that felt most lost, alone and divorced from the wholeness of your soul. You thought in terms of doing “past life” work. But do you not see that you were working directly in your own consciousness at the “eternal now” level? If that which hurt you was truly in your past then you would be able to go back to observe that but you would not be able to heal it. It would remain as it was fixed in the past. But it is not so. You can heal your past. You can bring love to the part of yourself that is struggling and you can help that version of yourself to find peace. So clearly you can affect and change your past and work deeply in these alternate lives and you can, and do, do so with the choices you make right here in this lifetime. This is because all these lifetimes are, at some level, one much greater life. Truly, I tell you when you do such spiritual work of inner-healing then you begin to touch your own 6d consciousness. You are at such times gaining the awareness that you are, right now, able to change the course and alter the experience of beings that have lived other lives in other times… even on other planets or in other realities. You can bring compassion, wisdom and love to them and in so doing you not only relieve a pressure in your own psyche and release a blockage in your own energy but you also bring healing and relief to them where they are. You do great work at such times. It is the work of The Oneness. This is the work of the 6d being and it can happen inside your life and inside your consciousness if you have the courage to choose this and if you invite your highest wisdom, love and compassion to act through you.


At 6d your physicality in many ways resembles a crystal lattice. If you imagine every moment of choice in your life to be a node, then your 4d-self is a line drawn from one node to the next, plotting the path of all your choices from birth to death. At 5d we see that the nodes of choices not taken are also valid and also exist. They are available as alternate time-lines. All these nodes together look like a cloud. Well now at 6d we realise that all the many clouds of all the incarnations you have ever had all intersect. They are in fact not separate from each other. They are one single greater entity. Each node is in perfect harmony and alignment with all the other nodes that are symmetrically positioned around it. If you understand the physical structure of a crystal then you will have some insight into this explanation.


So that is you at 6d. A crystalline being.




At the 7d level your consciousness transcend the physical completely. You come to see that the physical is just an expression. For 7d-you, your current life here in 3d is a bit like a note played on a guitar string. If you pluck the string the note is produced. If you pluck the same string again in the same way a very similar note is produced. If you change an attribute of the string by, for example, tuning it differently you can get variations on that note. But the note, though beautiful, is not a thing you need to worry about. It is just something that you can play if you wish to experience it.


7d-you does not confuse itself with its expressions. It knows it is not these lives and these bodies and these events. It knows that all of this taken together is like the performance of a beautiful song. You can take it seriously if you like or you can do it with fun and lightness in your heart. You can do it any which way you like but, when all is said and done, it is just something you are playing. It is not actually YOU. You are an eternal mote of purest consciousness and cannot be altered or transformed into anything other than what you are by any of these experiences. And that realisation is your window to 8d. If you are not changed by the game and the game only matters as much as you want it to, while you want it to, then you can, with peace in your heart, release yourself from the game at any time.


At 7d you bring a very high level of consciousness to all that you observe. You are able, with a single thought, to change anything and everything in the universe. But, ironically, you see it for what it is and so you end up enacting very little change at all. You see truly and you see that there is nothing that is inherently broken here. Nothing here actually needs change and so you observe with love. You shine your Light. And you give all of yourself as a the greatest gift of love to the Life that is expressed here before you finally turn and face eternity. Before you make the final great transcendence and move into the everlasting oneness of 8d.


At 7d your form is Light. You are a beam of light that is not limited in its ability to shine or the form that it might take. It can be anywhere it needs to be instantly. It is this Light which is the energy that precedes all matter. But you are intelligent Light and can manifest from your own being any and all forms of matter as you might choose. It if your thoughts that hold matter together in existence. Indeed all of physical reality in the universe is made of the bodies of a number of 7d beings.


A 7d being is a Light being. The form, tone and intensity of that Light depends on the being and Its choices.




At this final level you come to what might be quite a startling revelation. You come to see that there is no universe at all outside of you. There are no “other” beings playing this game with you. There never were. It was all, always, just you. You discover that every other being that played every single other role, that imagined every single other imagining and that did every single other thing that you hitherto had thought you did not play, imagine or do… was really just another version of you. As you enter 8d you “remember” all your other incarnations, inventions, creations, actions… all of it. And there is no-one and nothing that you cannot, at that moment, remember being and doing. You were and are ALL OF IT. And there is not one little atom anywhere that you did not imagine into being, not one blazing star that you did not cause to shine. There is not one single life that you did not live.  At 8d you are, in every possible sense, the whole universe. All of it bar nothing. You are IT!


And so… for 8d-you there is nothing to wonder about. Nothing to try to know. Nothing to try to understand. Nothing to do. Nothing to change. Nothing to forgive. Nothing to heal. It all just IS. And it is all you.


Now what to do with information like THAT, huh?


Z: Now even my boggle is boggled! Wow, 8! 


But you are right… what can one do with that info? For myself I have two different responses. First my heart leaps with joy. I absolutely love this. I can’t get over how things that I have taken to be spiritual truths are coming together in this stuff you are now sharing with me. It is simply astounding and very beautiful. It makes me happy to think that this is true. And that is great.


But then my head chimes in and say “no”. There are people here on earth getting up to some pretty funny stuff. And I don’t mean funny as in humorous! And… well… I’m not sure I want to be them very much. You know?


8: I comprehend perfectly. But my dear friend, isn’t it then perfect? You don’t have to do any of those things or make any of those choices because someone else is already taking care of that for you. You are free to get on with the life you want to live thanks to them.


Z: Yes, that’s true. We already covered that in the previous chapter when we spoke about judgement.


8: That’s right. But here now is an additional level of understanding. Not only are you released from the need to do these other things but, indeed, when you are finally ready, after your long and winding journey all the way up through the dimensions, then you will finally arrive at the remembrance that indeed it was all you. And in that remembrance will also come perfect comprehension. Not only did you do all of these things but you will, in that moment, know exactly how it came to be that you did what you did. Perfect knowledge with perfect compassion will yield perfect bliss.


Z: Yes. I feel what you are saying in my heart. Thank you for that, 8.


So then… what does an 8d being DO. I mean what is it like to be a whole universe?


8: Everything. Nothing. It depends on your perspective. There is no real way to answer that question. An 8d being does “the universe”, in so much as the universe needs any doing. Maybe a better answer is to say that It dreams. And you are Its dreams, all of you.


Z: And you?


8: Why, yes! I am a part of this 8d being’s dream and I am also dreaming this dream. But I am also aware of myself elsewhere, outside of this particular dream, playing parts in utterly different dreams. In due course you will awaken to the complexity of that awareness of yourself too. But that is very much an entirely different conversation.


Z: Okay but then what dimension do you perceive yourself as residing at? Are YOU an 8th dimensional being? Is THAT why your name is 8?


8: You know… we are all actually the 8th dimensional being. There where this whole universe and everyone and everything is One – THERE we are the 8th dimensional being. But you see, implicit in that fact is the understanding that there is only one 8th dimensional being experiencing itself as being many, many beings who are experiencing themselves as existing in many different states of consciousness in these dimensions within the mind of The One great being. So tell me, do YOU think I am an 8th dimensional being?


Z: I think I get what you are saying. We are all the 8th dimensional being and we are all part of it but obviously you could not be all of it. No more than I could be.


8: You know the funny thing is that we ARE actually, each of us, all of it. We are each the 8th dimensional being. But we are very hard at work creating a very powerful illusion that we are not. The illusion is called “separateness”. It is the ego. It is the idea that we are not one being. It is the identification with our creations rather than our truest being. Which is oneness. If we were to change our identification and let go of all of these illusions then we would each see that we are one, that we are in fact THE One. That we are the 8th dimensional being. That there is nothing but Self everywhere you look.


Is that hard to comprehend?


Z: It’s a paradox. I like it and it seems true but I also don’t understand it.


8: You are right, it is a paradox. Many of the greatest truths will be paradoxical to you. This is because of the Veil and the nature of your reality.


But let me complete the answer to your question. We are The One playing a game of hide-and-seek with Ourself. You are a part of The One that has chosen a corner of the third dimension to hide yourself in. I stand at the cusp, on the very lintel, between 7th and 8th. I am at a place where I am suddenly becoming aware of myself as being… everywhere and in everything. I am therefore right there with you in 3d too. This dawns upon me as the new truth that I am busy awakening to.


Z: You are awakening to 8d consciousness! Is this another reason for your name being “8”?


8: There are many reasons. Some you have discovered and others you have not yet. And, yes, this is an additional reason. In this particular context calling myself 8 is akin to naming myself as that which I know I truly and ultimately am and as that which I am longing to experience myself to be. Being at one with All That Is, is my desire and my destination. Very soon I will awaken from my slumbers here in the 7th dimension of existence and I will know that there is no separation. 8 is my true nature. As it is yours and everyone and everything that is.


Z: So… then we are all 8?


8: Of course!  How else could it be? I have told you we are all One and there is no separation between us. Clearly we are all 8! (he smiles)


Z: Another paradox!  My head is spinning with them.


8: Seeing such paradoxes are a sign that you are travelling quite fast on the ascension path. Your whole life you have only seen one side of a coin. You thought that was all there was to the coin. Now you see the other side and your mind is confused but your heart says both views are true. The only way to resolve this paradox is for you to come to full realisation of the coin. You will come to see that it is not a thing with two different sides but indeed an object with depth, weight and texture that you can experience in many more ways than just the two sides you have now discovered.


My best advice is to enjoy these paradoxes as they come up. It is a good sign that you encounter them. It means new insight is on its way.


And this brings me right back to the dimensions. You will notice I have chosen to describe them to you in quite a personal way. I spoke to the way you might experience them directly. I did not try to tell you conclusively what each dimension really IS, rather I told you a little of how you might experience yourself if you resided at that dimensional level. To try to describe the dimensions themselves is not actually possible. Each being will experience them slightly differently and some will experience them radically differently. And it is only when you are ready to know that all experiences are equally true, equally valid and that all experiences ARE your experiences that you will have the full, final comprehension of what each of the dimensions are. But then, of course, you will be the 8th dimensional being.


Z: Is it possible to give me a taste of a very different experience of the dimensions?


8: Yes. But let’s be brief about it as there is much material to still get though in this chapter.


You that inhabit lives on planet earth are ones that have chosen to experience Life as collapsing possibilities into actually. You take infinity and define it into a single perspective. That is the path you have chosen. As a result you think in terms of the individual, the personal, the personality, the identity. You would struggle to think in any other terms. But there are other very different perspectives. Let us look at just one example: In Chapter 3 of Book 1, while discussing the nature of Oneness from a scientific perspective, Joy-Divine told you about Pattern Holders. These are beings that each hold a pattern in your reality. As the energy of this reality flows through one of these beings’ particular pattern it forms into one particular type of sub-atomic particle. But you see there is no actual particle there, it is merely a perturbation in the flow of the energy field. Other beings hold different patterns which likewise distort the energy but in slightly different ways and this results in other different sub-atomic particles. You only need a handful of such patterns and you have all the types of sub-atomic particles that exist. And then other beings can come and hold larger patterns with these sub-atomic patters within them. This next-generation of pattern creates atomic particles: electrons, protons, neutrons and the like. And then other beings can come and hold the third generation of pattern which results in atoms of different sizes. This gives you every one of the chemical elements with which your universe is created. You need just less than 120 of these to make up the periodic table which is all the atomic elements in your reality. And from these atomic elements all the molecules are made. And there is an astounding number of patterns needed for all the many, many molecules. And then a mind-numbing number of patterns of things can be made with molecules. And these latter patterns, finally, are the objects of your world: large-scale things made from many molecules locked together into forms such as the complex proteins of your body that make up your hand or the plastics that have been moulded into the keyboard upon which you type. The patterns for all these things, from the sub-atomic particles right up to your body, are all being held by Pattern Holders. And it doesn’t end there! Indeed the Pattern Holders hold all the patterns for all things right the way up to the light-bodies that exist at 7d. So it all gets very complex indeed. But these beings, these Pattern Holders, are one of the many classes of being that share this reality with you but that experience it quite differently from the way you experience it. If they were not there you could not experience this reality at all! There would be not matter for you to play with. You would not have a body to inhabit. There would be no planet to walk upon. There would in fact be nothing that you currently call “real”. These beings dwell at dimensional levels other than your own. At the third dimensional level you interact with their 3d creations. You collapse the potentialities they create into the one actuality that you choose to perceive as being “the one true reality”. But that is just YOUR temporary illusion. It is just the way things look from your perspective. Do not confuse yourself and think that it is the only way things can or should be perceived!


You who inhabit incarnations on Planet Earth are therefore right now predominantly of the Observer type of consciousness. Your observations collapse all the probable realities into one actualised reality. The Pattern Holders are of another type as they, through their activities, create ever more probabilities from which you might choose. Their experience of this universe is, therefore, very different from yours. And there are other types of consciousness besides the Observer and the Pattern Holder!


Z: I remember you telling me about Consciousness Construct Holders in Book 1. What are they?


8: Yes, it was in Chapter 10 that I first mentioned these beings. You’ll recall I said Joy-Divine is an example of such a class of being. They are a type of Pattern Holder. The nature of your reality in 3D is such that you think matter is real and thoughts and emotions are not. But this is not a perspective that I would share. From my perspective, thoughts, ideas and emotions are as real as matter, if not more so, as they pre-exist matter, bring matter into being and will remain long after matter ceases to have any relevance or interest to you. But all of these things are, ultimately, just patterns in consciousness. The pattern that Joy-Divine holds is of a very pure kind. As I have described above, most patterns are constructed with layer upon layer of smaller patterns within them.  They are like boxes within boxes within boxes, ad infinitum. These patterns are of dizzying complexity if you should have the intellectual courage to try to unravel them and understand them. Joy-Divine holds a very simple and very pure pattern that does not include any other patterns within it at all. It is the light of pure, unadulterated joy. Happiness.


Z: But how can it be that I am of the Observer type of consciousness and my Inner-Self is of the Pattern Holder type of consciousness?


8: It is always like this. These types of consciousness do not define you. You define them. It’s like a job description. For so long as you choose to do that job then you can describe yourself like that. But, in due course, as you grow and develop you will come to see that your progression will be better served by you doing some different job. Change is inevitable and so you will make a new choice for yourself as you change. By way of illustration: you have discovered that your Inner-Self is a being called Delight who is an Interventionist. You mentioned this to your readers in your introduction chapter in Book 1. Well, an Interventionist is a different class of consciousness from an Observer or a Pattern Holder. An Interventionist is a being that comes to those that have created themselves into a corner. Being stuck and unable to move and grow causes great pain for the Soul. Such beings then cry out for help from The Oneness. And there is always an answer. Very often the answer is an Interventionist who comes at the exactly opportune moment and… intervenes. The Interventionist places its own self between the patient and Its pain. A new outcome is created and offered to the patient. If the outcome is accepted then movement and growth occurs and the pain is alleviated. Of course it is much more complex than that short description but you get the gist of it. And so it is that you are beginning to awaken and beginning to progress from being Zingdad-the-Observer to being Delight-the-Interventionist. And that is what you will be and do for a while until some other even vision of Self beckons to you. After much adventure you will come to find yourself being Joy-Divine-the-Consciousness Construct Holder. That is the Inner-most version of you before you proceed to the final realisation that you are Logos-the-Universal Consciousness. As we all are.


So to answer your question: you can take any occupation that serves your growth. When you do then this becomes your purpose. In due course your purpose will change and you will take another. From a higher perspective you are fulfilling all these purposes at the same time. And it is also true that you very seldom do only one of these things to the exclusion of all else. Though you are now primarily observing your reality into being you are also, though the work of The Ascension Papers, working an Intervention on your reality. You are also beginning to hold some patterns in your mind also. And so on. It is all a matter of perspective. And it is so for all your readers too. Each is an Observer busy choosing and deciding who and what they will be next as they prepare to awaken to a grand new awareness of Self.


Z: So then what are the other types of consciousness? We have Pattern Holder, Observer and Interventionist. What else?


8: I can tell you these things but it won’t do them justice just to label them and this is not the time for a full discussion of them either.


Z: Alright. Then just tell me what you do…  What does YOUR job description entail?


8: Ah!  I have a very interesting job. Given a full understanding of my job you will reach a new understanding of your life. I think you will find it interesting indeed and it will elucidate much for you.  You’ll be pleased, therefore, to know therefore that this will be the subject of the next chapter. And, of course, the timing is perfect. We started out in Chapter 8 with you asking me who I am. The next chapter will be my last with you and we will be finishing my section with the completion of the answer to that question. And then you can go on to the next seven chapters with Adamu.


Z: Oh excellent! That sounds very exciting. I can’t wait to hear…


8: Well, you shall unfortunately have to wait, I am afraid. We must finish this chapter first and there is some way to go yet.


What I have sought to do thus far is to describe to you the dimensional structure of your greater reality in such a way that you can understand it. I have, therefore, discussed with you the way you might personally experience each dimension. I have now also explained to you that there might be some very different ways to experience these same dimensions and that the one perspective does not invalidate the other it only adds to it. What I did not try to do is to describe the dimensions in terms of the hard and definite edges of mathematics. It is the norm in your current culture to see the dimensions as the purview of scientists and mathematicians. But it is far more suited to my purposes to bring to the subject the awareness that your whole reality is composed of consciousness and that one cannot remove the observer from the experience. Without the observer there is nothing. And you, all of you, are the Observers! And to bring this home I spoke in the most personal terms possible – the way you would possibly observe your own experiences in the various dimensions. And so I believe I have acquitted myself quite well of the task of describing to you in simple, understandable terms the what you might find at each of the eight dimensions.


Z: Wow, yes, I certainly think you have!  And I really enjoyed this description of yours. It was so much richer in meaning for me than I anticipated it being.


Thank you, 8.


But there is one thing I am still wondering about. You closed each description of each dimension with a shape. 0d was a point, 1d was a line, 2d a flat shape… and so on. All except the 8th dimension. Is there no shape for 8d?


8: Ah yes, there most certainly is! And it is very easy to describe too.  The shape for 8d is… are you ready for it… a point! A singular, imaginary point of nothingness which contains everything. It is a point in which depth, width and height have no meaning. 8d is the same as 0d because 8d IS 0d.


Z: (laughs) Of course it is!  That is poetic and perfect. I love it! 


8: (smiles) And so we have come full circle, have we not? We have ended where we began. But, as we do, so we realise we have changed and grown for the fact that we have gone around the circle. And so we are not at EXACTLY the same place as we began. It is therefore not a circle we have travelled but a spiral.


What fun!


Shall we begin another spiral loop? Lets talk about densities next.


Z: Excellent. You said these were experienced within myself. But I must say the dimensions, the way you describe them, seemed to be all about my experience anyway.


8: It is the difference between inner-experience and outer-experience. You’ll see what I mean as we discuss the densities next…