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Dreamer Awake


Dreamer Awake!
All three modules of Dreamer Awake! are now available!


The final module, The Tools of Creation, is now open for enrolment!



Adamu Speaks New2


All of Adamu's materials, including written works and videos are available here. These articles will later be published as Book 3 of The Ascension Papers.


The latest Adamu release is:


Adamu Declares Victory!


My latest blog article is:


Dear Yoni - An interview with Lisa Picard



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Full Moon Gathering of the Tribe of Light


Light bringers, starseeds, healers and spiritually awakening souls:


Do you often feel alone? Lost, disconnected, lonely and unsupported? Do you struggle to fit in; feeling like an alien in a world that seems to have gone completely mad? Do you feel as if you’re a lone voice in the wilderness, desperately trying to elevate your consciousness; trying to heal yourself and the world?


Many lightworkers feel this way. I’ve certainly felt this way for much of my life.

But now I’ve decided that I’m going to do something about it!


This is YOUR invitation to attend a monthly, full moon gathering of the Tribe of Light.


You don’t have to be alone any longer. Your Tribe is waiting for you…


Wherever you are in the world, you will be able to find, and reconnect with, your soul family on the Zoom platform. We will meet with open hearts to raise our frequency together and to rejoice in the experience of our One-ness. We will learn about energy, about our Divine connection and we will be given tips and pointers on how to navigate the challenges lying ahead in each upcoming month. There will be a guided meditation, which will be an experiential journey into healing and the raising of our shared frequency. There will be channelled input from Adamu, Joy-Divine or 8. There will be the opportunity to ask questions; to speak about issues with which we have all been struggling and to engage one-on-one with the tribal shaman, in the person of Zingdad.


Come and join in the gathering of the Tribe of Light. Sign up for the next event and you'll be added to the TribeLite email list which will also allow us to connect with you and invite you to the live event (or share the replay with you if you can't make the live event). 
Please sign up for our free newsletter to be updated on the details of all Zingdad-related events and offerings. 


UPDATE! the Tribe of Light is now "TribeLite"

We have grown and evolved! We have a permanent Tribe now, called the One new Earth Tribe (ONEtribe) with its own website here
The monthly full moon gatherings do still take place just as before and you are still SO WELCOME to join in for those. The only difference, really, is that you will now book you place at the next gathering here on the ONEtribe website: 


Book Your Seat

You may also purchase replays of past events on the ONEtribe website:


2023 TribeLite Replays


2024 TribeLite Replays