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The Patterns We Can Discern


When I was a child I thought that there were two worlds: the “real world” that I lived in and the “spirit world” where we went when we died.


Over here, in the real world, you found little boys and bicycles and houses and dogs and trees and cars and aeroplanes and shops and planets and stars and… well… the whole infinite list of stuff that I found around me.


Then, I thought, there was a completely separate other world somewhere else. The spirit world. A mysterious separate place that could not be reached by bicycle or by car. Not even a space rocket could get you there. I imagined a strange and silent place where everyone was a bit see-through and sort of wafty. They drifted around in a peaceful state and had peaceful thoughts. They didn’t have to work or go to school and they didn’t have to eat or do chores. But they weren’t bored because, by some or other mysterious mechanism, they could spy on us. But in a good way. Dead grandparents could look in on you and then help you out in non-specified ways. Perhaps they could hop on over to God and put in a good word directly without needing to pray, like I did. Because I was over here and they were over there where God and the angels lived.


My child-like view of the structure of the “real world” was greatly refined by what science had to teach me as I grew up. I learned about the physical universe and the fact that everything in it was composed of atoms, which were in turn composed of energy. Though I still had some unresolved questions about how it all worked, my view of the architecture of our reality was greatly matured by my years in school.


My understanding of the spiritual world gained no such an upgrade. Religious instruction did nothing to assist me in understanding what the spiritual realm might be like. What is over there? Where exactly is it? What’s it like to be there? These kinds of questions were never answered in any but the vaguest and most confusing terms.


In my mid-teens I began to believe that I had a spirit-guide. And with the acceptance of that notion I decided that the spirit-world must somewhat over-lay our world.  I thought: “My spirit-guide must be able to be here with me if he is to be able to help me. He must be able to see me and even to read my thoughts. Perhaps he is able to even speak to me in my thoughts?”

And so new ideas began to be added to my child-like perspective of the spirit-world. But these new ideas did not greatly assist me in understanding what that world might be like.


It wasn’t until I was an adult that I began to encounter books in which the authors set about describing the cosmology of the spirit world in a way that really added to my understanding. Of these books, the ones that interested me most were those in which the author described discoveries from hypnotic regression cases. Patients of mental-health practitioners who were regressed for clinical purposes sometimes found themselves re-living previous incarnations. This phenomenon was fairly well known. But sometimes these patients found themselves observing and describing experiences between incarnations.


I was fascinated to read about a whole realm populated by such intra-incarnational souls who were, it seems, still clothed, to some degree or another, in a form… a body that was either quite human-like or perhaps more like light or energy. And those souls seemed to have a real purpose. They were most often described as being acutely engaged in their own learning and growth. Visiting vast buildings in the spirit world such as The Halls of Learning where they could confer with their spirit-guides and other advanced teacher-beings so that they could come to greater realisations about themselves. Where they could de-brief after their last incarnation and plan for their next one.


My curiosity was piqued  as I read about notions such as soul-groups that travelled through incarnations together. A group that maintained a tight-knit association of family and friends through, possibly, hundreds of incarnations: In this lifetime your best friend, Joe, was, in the last life-time your brother. And before that your aunt. And before that your cousin. And before that… on and on soul-family relationships went.


The books that I read offered me many such insights that led to a slight maturing of my understanding of the spirit-world. I read about the structures of the spirit world and the rules according to which that world operated. I read about the hierarchy of souls – from very young souls that were just beginning their journey, through to more advanced souls that were coming to the end of their reincarnational cycle, to the masters who were teachers and guides, to the angels that were right at the top and then… God. I read about the structured way in which one must incarnate: one had to have, I read, a certain number of incarnations in each aeon of the world. Another rule was that one also had to have a balanced number of male and female incarnations. And at least once, in each aeon, one had to experience being a mother so that one could feel that special bond to that age that comes from having children in that human society. There was also a rule that specified that we must experience at least one incarnation within each one of the various archetypes. And there were many more such rules for incarnating that I encountered that I now cannot even remember.


There was a great deal about these books that I enjoyed deeply. Primarily I appreciated discovering that “life goes on” and that death is nothing but a transition. But I have to admit I did not like many of the rules. Most of them just did not seem “right” to me. In my heart I just could not find resonance with the notion that I had done things that way. Those rules seemed to me like things that might have applied to some people… but that I, and perhaps many others, had done things quite differently. The way the concepts were presented, however, was often with an authoritative and somewhat dogmatic air of THIS IS THE WAY IT IS.


The second thing that bothered me was the inconsistencies between the different views offered by different authors. Which version was I then to believe?


All I could really do with these issues was to accept that which resonated and let go of that which did not, as I lacked a method to explore and discover for myself what was true.


Until now.


For some time now I have been using the tools I developed to expedite my own spiritual healing and growth to provide a service to others. With each Soul Re-Integration journey that I have offered to a client, I have had the unbelievably precious privilege of gaining a window into the soul-deep perspective of that person’s very being. And so, client after client, I have built up a picture, layer upon layer, of what really, is “out there” in the great spiritual here-beyond. As my client base increased and as I worked with ever more people from all walks of life and from all over the world, I began to notice the patterns and probabilities that could be discerned. And equally importantly, I noted the exceptions to those patterns and probabilities.  And that is the first and most important discovery that I would like to impress upon you: