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Adventures in Soul Re-Integration




Soul Re-Integration (SRI) is a spiritual healing practice that I offer clients from all over the world via a series of Skype calls. As a result of the great number of such journeys I have had the privilege of experiencing with my many and varied clients, I have made a number of discoveries that, I very much do believe, will be of great interest to spiritual seekers everywhere… but particularly to those who find themselves on an ascension path.


I have addressed the topic of ascension somewhat exhaustively in another of my publications, The Ascension Papers, and so will not duplicate a discussion of that here. I do, however, recommend that this foundational issue be well understood before reading this current book. The other foundational issue is that of Soul Re-Integration itself. In this book I will be offering you a detailed discussion of what exactly SRI is. You can expect to learn how it works, what the client experiences, what I (the practitioner) experience, how SRI compares to past-life regression… and so much more. But all of that, though essential information, is really just the background. The real value that I hope to offer in this work is the deep insight I have gleaned about the true nature of the spirit world, the true nature of our own souls and what it really means that we are here now experiencing these earthy incarnations.


In presenting this material, I will be sharing case studies from a number of my client sessions with you. Whilst the case studies are of real interactions that I have had with my clients, I will be fictionalising them somewhat so as to maintain client confidentiality. I also wish to disclose that some of the case studies I will be presenting are created by me from an amalgam of more than one client interaction or by editing the events from one client interaction. In every instance this is done in order to optimise my ability to share the underlying learning with you. In every instance the gist of what is shared is a true reflection of experience brought back from the other side of the veil as I have plumbed the mysteries of past-lives, life between lives and the journey towards healing and re-integration with my clients.


As with all my published works, I will be sharing what I have written, in real time as I write it, here on You are invited to visit and read each new additional chapter as soon as I have written it. If you take membership of my site you will be notified as new additions are made available. And you are further invited to join in the creative process by sharing questions, comments and discussion about what you read on my website forum. Such reader inputs do sometimes impact the final product, as the book is very much still in flux while it is available online in this form. Once I have finished writing all the chapters, I will put the book through a final re-write to get it “just right”. It will be proof-read and edited. Then, when this whole exhaustive process is completed, the book will be published, first as an e-book and then in paperback. At that point it will no longer be available in this “rough draft” version. The point I wish to make is that what you read here is very much still a “work in progress”. It will still be substantially “polished”, edited and even somewhat re-written. Until then, though, please enjoy it for what it is!


I invite you now to come and share with me some amazing journeys of discovery into the great here-beyond… Adventures in Soul Re-Integration.