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An Introduction to The Ascension Papers, Book 2


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You, me, everyone on the planet, God, the universe and everything. We are all One. We are one great being acting out an illusion of being many little parts that are separate from each other so that we can discover Ourself in a whole new way. And not only are we One but each and every little part of us has some of the attributes of the whole of us. We are each creator beings of infinite power. We have the ability to create our reality the way we want it… to transform it in the most magnificent ways. But the truth of this is not obvious to us. We have very cleverly hidden it from ourselves. We have hidden it so well that not only is it not generally known but in-fact saying so will, in most company, get you ridiculed and scorned. The most basic truths of our being: that we are The One and that we are creators creating our reality is the most hidden, unknown and misunderstood.


When I sat down to write Book 1 of The Ascension Papers I did not know these things. I thought I was writing a series of short discussions with my higher-self and spirit family. But instead a book flowed forth. A book that had a coherent story to tell. And the story was essentially these two truths: we are one and we are creators. But how much did I have to wrestle with those two truths before I could accept them for myself! It took me nearly two years to write because my consciousness needed constant work to expand to the point where I would be willing to integrate this information that was offered to me. It took me 174 000 words to get the ideas down. It took me leaving my job, selling my house and car, leaving the city and moving into a self-built off-the-grid timber cabin in the forested mountains. It took me a journey of a lifetime to get to the point where I was able to accept those two ideas as possible and to write them down to share them with you.


But the implications of these two truths are enormous. It changes everything. It certainly has for me. Think about it: if you become aware that you are the creator of your reality then you can no longer also think that you are a victim to your circumstances. You can no longer fear things “happening to you” or things “being done to you”. You come to the full knowledge that everything that you experience you have created and brought to you. All we have to do is become conscious of the process of creation and choice and the whole game changes. I am awakening to the fact that I am living inside my dreams! And as I do so, I am discovering how I can consciously create my dreams.


What a wonderful, powerful, liberating thing!


I feel like I have spent my life underwater, my lungs bursting for breath and now, suddenly, I am able to come up for air and take deep lungsful of fresh, pure, life-giving air!


I am beginning now to make new choices and I am living consciously for the first time. The result is that I am happy, healthy, at peace and living inside the dream I choose to dream. That is what came FOR ME from living the awarenesses generated in Book 1 of The Ascension Papers. What will come from Book 2? Well, I’m not really sure yet. As I write this I am only a few pages into the first chapter. So I don’t know how this book will impact my life. I do however expect it to continue to be the most amazing thing I have ever done. But whatever the case it is my delight to invite you along for the journey. As was the case with Book 1, I will be posting each unfolding chapter here on my website for you to read for free as I write before it too gets packaged as a final product as an e-book. Please be aware however that what goes up here is very roughly edited. It has not been given the polish that the final published version will get.


I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I am enjoying writing it!


I wish you boundless Joy,

Knysna, South Africa
5 December 2010