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Chapter 1. – Dimensions, Densities, Space and Time


book2 300w<- Click on the book cover to return to the Contents page


Zingdad: Hi 8.


8: Greetings my young friend.


Z: I can’t believe we are already writing the 12th chapter of The Ascension Papers!


8: Yes. From one perspective it is, as you say, the 12th chapter but from another perspective it is the first chapter of a whole new book.


Z: Explain?


8: The previous 11 Chapters that went before form a coherent whole. If you re-read those chapters with a the gift of hindsight you will see that Joy-Divine and I took you on a particular journey. We presented you with information that challenged your perceptions of your world in such a way that you could slowly release your grip on your fears and anxieties and convert them into love. The first 11 Chapters are book 1 of The Ascension Papers and it is the journey from Fear to Love.


We ended Chapter 11 on a very high note. You came to understand your world in a whole new way. Fear need never again motivate you. You now know yourself to be a creature of Love. And as your view of your world has changed so your experience of it has changed too. Not only do you feel differently about your world but your make new choices and create for yourself a new life. You begin a whole new journey based upon Love and following your heart. Is this not so?


Z: I can only laugh, 8. It certainly is so. Everything in my life is changed. Everything. The world that I engage with everyday is breathtakingly  beautiful and the people in it are wonderful. I find myself working much harder and much longer than I did in the city but now I find that I love doing that which I have to do. Whether it is labouring on my land to clear alien vegetation or to grow vegetables, whether it is working on The Ascension Papers or my website. Or whatever else my day brings, I love it all. But more than that I love how I am feeling about myself and my choices. I love feeling that I am now beginning to take an active hand in creating my reality rather than the previous feeling of being a victim to stuff happening to me. And this is the shift in my soul that has come as a result of the wisdom and insight that you and J-D have imparted to me in those previous 11 chapters. I am unendingly grateful. I love, love, love my life now!


8: This is because you love yourself now and focus your attention on that which you love. You no longer insist on focusing your attention on that which you don’t love. And you create your reality with your focused attention. That is what you bring to yourself. And as you have made a new decision to release that which does not resonate with your heart and move towards that which does so you are made anew. So your whole life is made anew. And in due course, so your whole reality will be made anew. We have only just begun!


Now, obviously if you are done with all the dark and heavy stuff of fear and pain and evil and victimhood and so forth then we no longer need to concern ourselves with those issues as we proceed. This means the whole tone of The Ascension Papers will now also change. Now we can begin to really have fun with this quest for wisdom and understanding. We can open ourselves up to discovery for the pure joy of it and see where it leads us. Now we are no longer trying to run away from that which hurts us and makes us scared… now we are running towards that which intrigues us, fascinates us and makes us happy.


And so it is time The Ascension Papers to also make a new beginning. I would like you therefore to draw a line at the end of the preceding eleven chapters and call them Book 1 of The Ascension Papers. And this chapter is no longer the 12th chapter of The Ascension Papers, it is Chapter 1 of Book 2.


Z: Wow, okay. I’ll do that. But that means I must first compile and edit those 11 Chapters and update them and…


8: … yes, there is much work to be done. You’ll know what to do. Remember, you always have everything you need to do what must be done.


So do it.


It is time.


And then when you are done with that come back to me for this chapter.


(Zingdad note: months pass as I go though the arduous process of editing, updating and compiling Book 1 and making it available first as an e-book and then publishing it in softcover. I hadn’t realising publishing a book was such a huge, complicated task. But, as always, 8 spoke the truth. Though there was a huge amount of work to be done and a tremendous amount to be learned – every step of the way, when I needed something I found it was available to me. Like the fact that I had previously learned how to do fractal art and, when I needed it, I found I already had the cover image for the book. My thanks also to Leigh and Lisa who helped with proof-reading and editing. But now, finally, that work is done and Book 1 is available as an e-book and in paperback on my website and elsewhere on the ‘net.)


Z: Well, 8, here I am. I apologise for the long wait!


8: No time passed for me, my friend. I am outside of time. But I can see you have had much to contend with. The process of producing this e-book put some strain on you as you have, for the first time, encountered the notion of trying to make commerce with your passion.


It’s an interesting challenge. And now you realise the burden of bearing a gift. If you have a gift to give you not only need to labour to create the gift… you actually have to labour to give it away!


But what you need to know is that, as with all things, once you have created the path then you can walk it. These things will get easier if you just persist. And you should also know that the nature of consciousness is such that you change the whole world by bringing this information to it. Those that have need of it will find their way to it. And those who are called to do so will tell others about it as and when it is appropriate. It will take wings and go where it needs to go in the perfect time.


But let us get to the topic at hand, shall we? Let us begin with a very important bit of groundwork:


The ideas I am going to present to you are all convenient fictions. That is to say they are one way to describe and make sense of your reality. They will have a great degree of validity but, equally, there might be other ways to understand your reality that might be equally valid to you. So enjoy the concepts and use them as you might need to but don’t get too attached to them. Remember this: these are DESCRIPTIONS of your reality. They are not your reality itself. And the reality they are describing is an illusory one anyway so there really is no point in getting too rigid about any of this.


Z: I’m not sure I understand, 8. Do you mean there aren’t really densities and dimensions?


8: Let’s use a well-favoured metaphor as an example:


If you look at a rainbow – how many colours do you see?


Z: I think there are seven colours. As a child I was taught it goes: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.


8: Alright. But what if I have very good eyes and great colour perception and, in addition to those seven colours I can also discern crimson, peach, lime-green, teal and purple.


Can you agree it is possible that I might insist there are actually 12 colours?


Z: Yes, of course. Because in reality there are an infinite number of different colours, aren’t there?


8: Yes, there are.


Unless, of course, there aren’t. From another perspective it is only white light that has been refracted in water droplets.


Z: Ah. So in reality there is only the one colour – white light.


8: Yes. Technically white light isn’t a colour. It is that which includes all colours. But nit-picking aside, you are correct.


If, however, you were to stand looking at a rainbow and say, “my goodness how beautiful the white light and water spray is!” you would get you some pretty odd looks. Because white light is not what you are perceiving. It does not describe your experience. You see colours. Then you describe it as seven colours. But that is just a fiction that you are inventing to conveniently describe your perception of your reality. It is not your reality itself which is something quite different.


But what REALLY is your reality?


Z: White light and water-spray, right?


8: Yes.


Unless it isn’t. From another perspective it is an interplay of creator-beings co-creating a dance of pure energy. Everything is energy. The light is energy knit into parcels that have been called photons and those photons are bouncing off the water. The water is also that same energy but this time it is knit into sub-atomic particles that are dancing together in a tight little dance as atoms of hydrogen and oxygen, which are clinging together as water molecules, which are clinging together as little droplets. But you see the light and the water is all just energy. And that energy is created in the mind of a being of great consciousness and shaped and manipulated in other great minds.


Z: So it’s energy.


8: Yes.


Z: Unless it isn’t?


8: You got it. There is another perspective in which it is all just consciousness. It is all The One creating a multiplicity of points from which to experience Itself in new and different ways. That is, ultimately, what everything is. And you, taking a moment to marvel at the rainbow, are really a moment of The One putting on a show for Itself.


You are the viewer and you are the mirror by which you are observing yourself. And once you have awoken to the reality of the situation you will come to see that you are also that which you are viewing. You’re the rainbow too.


You, the world you are standing in and the rainbow are all The One experiencing Itself, observing Itself, creating Itself and loving Itself. And it is ultimately impossible to separate you from the body you inhabit, the planet you are standing upon and the rainbow you are observing because, indeed you are not a passive observer as you might think you are… you are creating all that you see. It does not happen outside of you for there is indeed no “outside”. It is all happening inside your god-like creator mind.


Z: That is SO beautiful! Thank you, 8.


But… what about the fact that this is not what I feel like I am experiencing. I mean… honestly… to me it is a rainbow in the sky. I don’t FEEL like I had any hand in making it.


8: Yes. This is true. You have worked very hard to create for yourself this powerful illusion. It is meant to delight you no end that these wondrous and beautiful things occur in your world without you needing to pre-meditate them. Your world is a paradise-wonderland of pure delight. Or it should be but for the fact of the way the game is being played at the moment. But the old way is coming to an end soon and then it will be as it was meant to be. It will be a paradise for those that are willing to remain here for that.


But your question remains valid. When you look at a rainbow, it does not appear to you as if you are The One creating all this for yourself. It does not appear to you that you are observing an interplay in consciousness. It does not appear to you as if you are observing energy or even white light and droplets. It appears to you as if there is an arc in the sky made up of a range of colours. But which of these descriptions are TRUE?


Z: They all are?


8: Indeed they are! There are always layers and layers and layers of truth to everything in your reality. Depending on how you are asking the question, who you ask the question of and the level of consciousness you are able to bring to the answer, you will get a different answer to the same question. You see, there is no one true description for how your realty works that will be true from every perspective.


If you observe what occurs in science then you will discover this to be true. Science attempts to find definitive answers and explanations for the phenomena of your reality. And the reason science is as successful as it is in describing your reality is that the scientific method is predicated upon an understanding that there ARE no absolute truths. Good science recognises that there are no scientific facts. Instead there are only scientific theories which can be tested experimentally. If the experiment confirms the theory then the theory is accepted. It is still just a theory, but an accepted one because it is understood that in due course a different experiment conducted in a different way may very well disprove the theory and then it will have to be replaced by a new one that better explains that which you observe in your environment. That is the way science should operate if it were functioning in a healthy way. Twisting things with egos getting too attached to particular theories and behaving as if they are facts or, worse, heavily funding experiments that prove a particular theory and denying all funding to experiments that might counter that theory debases science. It ceases to be a tool of discovery and becomes instead a tool of manipulation, power and control. Alas what passes for science in your current planetary culture is more of latter than the former.


But that is actually peripheral to the discussion at hand. What I wish you to understand at this juncture is that the insights you will gain from this chapter are a description of your greater reality as given from my perspective. This is how it looks from where I stand. But it is not possible for me to describe your reality in such a way that it cannot be described equally accurately in another. Some will read what I have to say and will conclude that I am wrong because I describe a rainbow of seven colours plus pure white light being the 8th. They will get in a huff and say there should be three colours… or ten… or whatever other number they are attached to. But what I wish you to see is that this is trivial. It is of no meaning whatsoever how many colours you see. This is a function of your own perceptions and it is really quite unimportant how many colours or I are describing. What is important is what lies beyond that: what is the true nature of the reality that gives you the very temporary illusion of experiencing these colours.


Z: Yes, I see. It is about the deeper truths not the surface things which, anyway are a function of our own individual perspectives. But then what is the point of even discussing the surface things… why talk about densities and dimensions at all if we might each have a different experience of them?


8: What’s the point of a map?


If you haven’t been to a place before and you don’t know what you will find there but you wish to navigate that area then you can do with a clear and accurate description from someone that HAS been there. Then you can make your own way through that territory with far greater ease.


But the map isn’t the territory. It doesn’t look anything like the territory itself. Its just colours and lines on a small piece of paper. There is nothing on it which is at all like roads, rivers, mountains and trees. It doesn’t show smells or sunrises. It doesn’t show friendly people or angry dogs. Or sleeping in a tent on hard ground or new insights gained walking a long and quiet road… or anything else that you might experience on the journey.


From many perspectives the map might be considered useless. It is only if you are willing to open yourself to the symbolism of the map and understand that it is merely a description of certain very limited attributes of the land given from a particular perspective that it might become very useful to you. Under those circumstances you might find it to be absolutely invaluable. And once you have successfully traversed that terrain, is it possible that you might decide you can draw a different map? A better map? A map that uses different conventions? Maybe you can make a 3D map? Or a map that, somehow, shows smells and feelings? Is that possible? Of course it is!  But you would not then come to the conclusion that the first map never was of any use to you. It is the one that allowed you to travel the terrain in the first place so that you could create your new map of it from your perspective.


And that is one great reason for this conversation: to describe your reality to you from one perspective to assist you in discovering it yourself from your own perspective. If you then describe it differently from what I have this does not invalidate my description… it adds to it.


Z: Okay that works for me. What’s the other reason?


8: (He laughs) You tell me… You wanted to have this conversation! Why did you?


Z: Because I am curious and I’d love to know. Its fun, I guess.


8: That is the best reason of all. Love and joy mixed with curiosity. Sounds like a party!


Shall we get going then?


Z: Yes, please. Lets.


8: Okay, then we’ll start with these often poorly understood concepts: densities and dimensions. These two terms are quite regularly confused with each other or even used interchangeably in spiritual and metaphysical literature. You have made this error yourself in receiving Book 1 – but we have let this small issue go by as we needed to keep the information flowing. But now it is time to set the record straight and to obtain some clarity on this subject.


The first thing to understand is that, as with the rainbow described above, there is no fixed number of densities or dimensions. It is very likely indeed that you will experience a series of gradations but, just like the rainbow, you can decide for yourself exactly how many gradations there are. You can make almost any number fit if you try. This is true of both the densities and the dimensions. You, as a human being with ten fingers and ten toes are almost pre-programmed to think in base-ten. Your decimal system is all base ten and so is all the mathematics you might normally do. So you might like to think that there are 10 densities and 10 dimensions. But there are other perspectives. Before your current civilisation’s earliest recorded history in the Sumerian times, earth-humans had a great deal of interaction with beings that used base-12 mathematics. These beings were, for better or worse, quite happy to have earth-humans regard them as gods and goddesses. And so it was that all “holy” matters were calculated in base-12.


Z: Sorry, 8, but isn’t the base-12 thing because the moon makes 12 revolutions in a year. That’s not something you can really make a choice about, is it? So isn’t THAT why the ancients decided 12 was a “holy” number.


8: You ARE sharp today. That is a great observation. But what you fail to comprehend is that the moon is not arbitrarily where it is by some cosmic mistake. The distance from the earth and the speed of rotation and many other attributes of the moon were all very carefully and very intentionally engineered to create a desired environment on Earth. Before your current history there have been many civilisations either living on earth or interacting with those that did. Some of them had capacity to impact their environment in ways that you would even now find quite god-like.


The moon is not a happy accident. It is a very precisely placed and engineered item.


Z: Well… I am stunned…


8: Good. It suits you. (he smiles) You’ll find many more such interesting revelations when you begin talking to Adamu in a couple of chapters. But lets stay with the topic shall we. I am contending that the 12 months of the year are not an accident. They are intentional. They result from an ancient race who counted in base 12 placing the moon exactly where it is. The moons placement has been absolutely essential to the regulation of all kinds of conditions on your planet that were deemed desirable by the Seeders of Life on planet Earth. But whether you are inclined to believe that or not you will certainly note that there is a preponderance of 12s in all kinds of things that come to you from antiquity. 12 months in a year, 12 hours in a day, 12 signs in the zodiac and so on. There are correspondingly 12 notes (if you include the half-tones) in a musical octave too. There are also echoes of ancient wisdom that reverberate in your collective consciousness that would indicate 12 densities and 12 dimensions.


And none of this is wrong. If you want it to be 10 – it can be. If you want it to be 12 – it can be. How ever you describe it, it is, after all, nothing more than a map which may be of use in navigating and understanding the greater reality in which you dwell.


Z: So then how many densities and dimensions do YOU think there are, 8? What number works for you?


8: (a long quizzical pause) …


Z: Oh. (laughs) Sorry. Of course. You’d say there are eight densities and eight dimensions! I should have guessed.


8: (smiles) Yes. We have not agreed on this number being my name for nothing. When we chose this name for me it had many layers of meaning. One of the deeper layers was that, when all is deeply considered, eight is the number of completion, perfection and wholeness. From my perspective this is so. Others might hold another perspective. They are not wrong. But for me – there are eight densities and eight dimensions in this whole greater reality. So that is the first thing to understand: I am going to talk in terms of eights but that does not invalidate other ideas elsewhere that speak in different numbers.


The second thing to understand about dimensions and densities is that these are not the same thing at all.


Dimensions are a means to articulate what you observe in your physical reality. They are discovered with measurements such as length and width. They are about your material, physical world and are able to be discussed and expressed using mathematics. They are in the realm of science and physicists are beginning to grapple with them in such areas of enquiry as quantum mechanics and string theory.


Densities, on the other hand, are spiritual. They are not of your normal physical world. They cannot be observed with your eyes or measured with scientific apparatus. They are experienced in your heart and in your being. YOU can see the effects in your life of traversing densities but you will not be able to show this to another being unless they also traverse the same densities with you. It is more about who you believe yourself to be and what you are willing to create for yourself.


So the densities are observed within you while the dimensions appear to be outside of you. And so it is very important to understand both if you wish to understand your whole experience.


Z: Very interesting. But what ARE they. And why do people sometimes talk about them as if they are the same thing?


8: These two things get confused because your current world exists both at the 3rd density and the 3rd dimension. I will now give you a fairly detailed description of what the dimensions are… but not as they are currently understood by your scientists. The current scientific model is very slightly flawed but will very soon improve. The flaw is that scientists generally believe that the basis of your universe is energy and that all material is constructed of this. Their postulates and models work from this assumption. And they aren’t far wrong. It is beginning to dawn, however, on some scientists that CONSCIOUSNESS is the basis of the universe. Consciousness is what everything is made of. The energy that you are able to work with and perceive is created by, from and within consciousness. Coming to this realisation and finding a way to integrate it into physics will change everything. It will precipitate a massive leap forward in your ability to comprehend your reality and that will allow you to construct fantastic new technologies. Finally your physics will allow you to transcend the light-speed barrier, for example. It will allow you to traverse time and space in a wink. It will allow you to work with matter and energy in ways that you would now call miracles and magic. So important is this discovery that, in due course it will come to be that the age that is now dawning will be called “the age of consciousness”.


You are living at the dawn of the age of consciousness!


Of course there is resistance to this change. The scientists that are working from this perspective are on the fringe and are considered somewhat heretical by their peers. Most of science still remains rigidly materialistic and still clings to the idea that “mind” and “consciousness” are effects of brain function. But this is clearly erroneous as there is a great deal of evidence available to you that “mind” survives the termination of brain functioning. And that is by far not the only evidence of the pre-eminence of consciousness. There is, for example, scientific evidence to show that all reactions at the smallest scale need an observer to occur. Without an observer these reactions remain in potential. Now, if an observer is needed, who, I ask of you, would observe reactions in the deepest of space? Who observed the first reactions of the Big Bang? And what brain was there to produce the consciousness that did all this observing everywhere? It is simply not tenable. Brains are the tools of consciousness, not the source of the consciousness!


But, of course, it is possibly to cling to a view tenaciously if you are determined to do so. Especially if “the establishment” is behind you. So the “normal” scientific view does not yet reflect this new reality. In discussing the dimensions with you I am going to speak from the perspective of the pre-eminence of consciousness and so my version of what the dimensions are will be a little different from the current scientific view. I will try to talk about this very complex subject in a way that is easy to comprehend. To do so I will start with the very familiar and work outwards from there.