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Adamu Speaks

7. Opening the Path to Unity Consciousness

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In this presentation, Adamu begins to tell us HOW we might attain Unity Consciousness. He discusses, first of all, the DRAMAS that we use to keep ourselves in duality. This understanding is essential groundwork for the "six sacred steps" that he will be teaching next.


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Transcript of video:


Greetings my friends


I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian Civilisation


It is time for us to walk the next step in our journey together.  I do hope you have been following the whole Adamu Speaks series as these conversations follow on from one another and are together building into one great coherent whole. Taken separately they will not make a great deal of sense.


We have been talking about a spiritual awareness called Unity Consciousness. I have discussed with you that, All is in fact One. That you are all one with each other, one with the planet and one with the eternal, infinite creator of all. And yes, obviously, also one with the Pleiadian Monad… yours truly.


We have discussed that, while this is true it does very much appear to you as  if it were not so as a result of a uniquely powerful illusion called Duality which is created for you with the Veil of Unknowing.


In our most recent conversation I shared with you some of the benefits of Unity Consciousness. These are the good things that you can expect to have come to you if you come to awaken enough to see through the illusion of separation. If you come to discover, as your own personal truth, that All is One. At the end of that conversation I promised that I would begin to share with you some of tools that you can use to awaken to unity consciousness. This is the part where I tell you HOW you come to Unity Consciousness yourself.


So before we proceed. I must ask you to be sure. Are you truly ready for this? You must be sure you are for this is not a reversible process!  Once you are awake and once you KNOW then you cannot ever again not know. You will be changed forever if you follow this through. And what you will KNOW will be that you are not and have never been a victim. Not to anything or anyone. You are and always have been a creator being of immense power. You will know this. And you will come to know HOW that power works. You will come to know WHY you hid this truth from yourself. And you will step into your power and you will create, in full knowing and wisdom, the reality you wish to experience. You will open your energy field to those that resonate with your own spiritual frequency and you will co-create together knowingly and willingly.


My friends… this is a one-way journey into the true bright-white light of the Oneness. It is time for you to be sure that this is the path that you want to tread. It is time to be sure that the small, weak, disempowered, fearful and painful dramas that you have entertained yourselves with no longer serve you. You must be SURE though. If you are not ready to relinquish these dramas then you will not like what I have to say. It will cause in you anger and resistance. And then before you have gone much further you will find yourself unable to walk this journey any further.


Now, I have no desire to cause you any pain so I ask you to please be clear and certain. If you have not already done so then please take a moment to be certain that you can with absolute conviction affirm the following statement:


It is right for me to be walking the path of Oneness now and to begin awakening directly to the fact that I am One with all life, one with the planet, one with nature, and one with the eternal creator of all.


If this is not right for you please leave this conversation now. It will do you no good whatsoever. If this IS right for you however then we are ready to begin.


You are still listening to me.




I trust and accept, in good faith that you have enacted your free will and choose to walk the path to Oneness.  This is the most wonderful news. What awaits you is truly magnificent!


Now: there is a series of steps that you can take to facilitate your awakening to Unity Consciousness. But before I can tell you about these steps I need to take a step back and tell you about Dramas.




Dramas are the acts of the stage play called life that duality conscious beings use to keep themselves and each other in duality.


These are the many, many stories that you are telling yourselves daily that you can use to keep believing you are separate from each other, from the creator within and from the Oneness of All. Most importantly to keep believing that you are not a co-creator being, that you have no hand in creating your reality and that you are therefore not responsible for your life and your experiences. That is the function of your dramas.


Now there are many overlapping dramas that can occur simultaneously in the average duality conscious being’s life. They all have a common theme. They are all stories that you have created or have invited that tell you that you cannot be happy and successful until something outside of your control changes. And so you must await that change or in some powerless way try to encourage that change.


Drama’s can be of a very personal and transitory nature. A pimple on your nose noticed before you meet a romantic interest for dinner that, in that moment, you feel you cannot be happy with as long as it is there. Dramas can be longer lasting too. Perhaps you believe you need more money before you can be happy. To have your debts paid off or to buy some wonderful possession that you simply must own. Perhaps you feel you need your body to look different or to be thinner or more athletic looking before you can be happy. Perhaps you feel you need your spouse to behave differently. Or your children to behave differently. Or your whole community to behave differently. Perhaps you believe you will be happy if you live somewhere else. Or if you had a different job. Or if you got a promotion.  Do you see? These are all experiences that you have brought to yourself that you are now willing to believe you are a victim to and that stand between you and the happiness and success that you desire.


And dramas are not only personal in nature. They can be co-created by societies, nations and even a whole planetary culture. Let’s take a look at a perfect example of a planetary drama: the political system.


Your world is in a bad way, is it not? Of course it is. And there are people who have been placed in a position of authority who could enact their power and make the world a better place: politicians. But the problem is they never do, do they? They always seem to mess it up and make it worse. But, you are told, if you play along with the drama and give it your energy they you can replace the current group of clowns with a team of focused visionary leaders who will do it all RIGHT. So you do. You give it your energy. You stir up some belief from the depths of your soul and you get active in the political system and you follow the debates and finally you go and vote. But somehow, a year or three later you find yourself right back where you were. Your new focused visionary leaders have turned into clowns who are making the same mistakes as the pervious circus performance did. Or worse. What should you do? Hold firm to your belief in this current crop? Or join the rising chorus for big political change to oust these clowns and replace them with the next group waiting in the wings promising focussed visionary leadership? 


Politics is a perfect example of a drama.  Because you KNOW all this and yet you still find yourself giving it your energy. You still find yourself falling for the song and dance all over again and believing in the drama.


So dramas can vary greatly in scope. And they can vary greatly in impact. They can certainly vary greatly in how they appear to those playing them out. But the one thing they ALL have in common is that they are all about the belief that you cannot be happy and successful until something outside of your control changes. They are all about the illusion of your powerlessness. The illusion that you are a victim. And THIS illusion is the corner-stone of duality. Dramas and duality are inextricably linked.


And would you believe it if I told you that there are dramas that reach beyond the boundaries of planetary cultures? Dramas that are even galactic in their scope?  Would you believe it if I told you that there are beings whose drama is


“I will never be happy until the whole galaxy is under the sway of my will.”


Would you? Yes, indeed, there are some beings that have such aspirations to grandiose personal ego-gratifying power. How very peculiar is that?


And then there is the perfectly complementary drama that runs:


“I will never be happy until those dark ones that want power over the rest of us are contained and eliminated.”


This dual drama of power over others and the dogged fight for freedom has raged across the galaxy for aeons. It is ancient and it is tired.


And so, my friends, I wish to ask you. Do you wish to be sucked into this drama? For right now your planetary culture stands on the cusp of an awakening. And as you awaken so you yourself will be lifting the quarantine that has kept you apart from interacting with space-faring cultures from other parts of the galaxy.


And as that happens so you will no longer be protected by the ignorance of non-contact. You will be drawn into the business of the galaxy. And that business is not all sweeteness and light. So there are these galactic dramas. Some part of that is intimated and shared with you via various channellings of beings who speak from the perspective of those fighting for their freedom. They want you to join them. And there are CERTAINLY those spreading disinformation too who wish to lead you astray. But the point is both sides are actually involved in the same great drama. And both sides wish for you to align with their cause.


And THIS is why I speak to you of these matters. I urge you, my friends, whether the drama is personal, national or indeed universal in scope, think very, very carefully before being sucked into more dramas. Remember, the point of these dramas is that they entertain your mind so that you can remain in duality.


If you wish to stay in duality then I have no problem with that. Then enjoy the dramas. But if you wish to awaken to Oneness and to your own intrinsic power as a creator being then you must know that these dramas do not serve you.


There is the drama I spoke to in a previous conversation about disclosure. Many believed, and continue to believe, that they will only be happy and successful when disclosure happens. There are dramas ongoing right now about containment of the power cabal of your planet. And soon there will be other new and different dramas. The one thing you can count on is an on-going supply of dramas!  And as this year draws to a close there will be expectations about what must and should happen with regards to planetary ascension that will become another drama.


Now please, my friends, I am NOT saying these issues are not real and that they are not occurring. Change is ongoing. It is palpable. And it is accelerating. You know this. And there are great shifts going on at every level in this universe at this time. You know this too.  What I am talking about is taking back your power. Coming to the correct alignment of your soul. Ceasing to believe that the keys to your happiness and success lies anywhere other than within YOU. Ceasing to believe that you are not the creator of your own experiences. Coming to full realisation of HOW you create your reality. And intrinsically tied up with that… is coming to the full awareness that you are One with All that Is.


And so that was my first point. Dramas occur. They will continue to occur as long there are beings that are choosing duality consciousness. They NEED their dramas, you see, to keep themselves in separation. And so the current crop of dramas will flare up and die down only to be replaced by different variations on the same theme of “you need this or that thing outside of your control to change so that you can be happy and successful”


So dramas happen. But that does not mean YOU must keep losing yourself in them. But of course you still wish to live in this reality do you not? And this reality with all its many beautiful delights is predicated upon separation. So you cannot simply leave separation behind. You cannot simply let go of all of your experiences, thoughts, desires and creations and sublimate yourself back into the Oneness. You have dreams and ambitions to fulfil first… am I correct?  Of course I am or else you would no longer be here!


So what to do? You reside in a system of reality created out of the illusion of separation. This means there will always be dramas. And this brings me to the crux of what I wish to offer you. The great secret to your own happiness and success is to allow that these dramas continue to occur around you and yet to find your true authentic power within yourself. To find Oneness within yourself.


And then, my friends, something quite miraculous will occur. As you engage in this process of finding your authentic power and connecting with the Oneness within… so the world around you WILL change for you. This is not something you will be able to fully comprehend or believe until you have experienced it. But the very simple truth is that the world around you always perfectly reflects what is inside of you back at you. And so, as you discover the real you within… so the dramas raging around you will abate and become ever more harmonious and peaceful. As you discover great love for yourself so the dramas around you will become ever more loving and joyful. And as you step fully into your own power and truth so you will be a crucial part of bringing forth the change that has been foretold and anxiously awaited since time began.


And so? How do you do this? How do you live in a world of noisy, fear filled and anxiety ridden dramas and still move your consciousness inwards, towards Oneness, towards the discovery of your own creator nature?


I shall tell you.


There is, you see a series of steps that you can take to facilitate your awakening to Unity Consciousness.  And I will take you through each of them one by one.


The critical understanding here is that I am not promising you that I will be coming to save you. I am not promising anything outside of yourself that will at some future date make you happy, safe and successful. Because nice as that might sound, all that would actually do is keep you in a weak state of victimhood. In separation. It would keep you from every discovering your own true power and your own connection to the infinite and the divine.


So instead of this what I am offering you is a set of crucial teachings that I have taught at Zingdad’s ascension school. I will offer them to you in a condensed form so that you can begin to apply these principals in your life. But please be aware – what I am offering you are the basic principals. You will have to make the choices and do the work. You will have to undertake the changes in your own thoughts and beliefs. You will have to do the doing. And the time available to me in these presentations is limited. I can only offer you the vary barest essentials of the principals. If you can feel these things working for you but need more guidance and advice then I will recommend that you contact Zingdad for more intensive or advanced interaction than I can offer you via these presentations.


But now… on to the six sacred steps. They are called this because each time you go through the process of taking these six steps so you get closer to unity consciousness. So you also get closer to knowing yourself truly as the creator of your own reality. So you also raise the level of your consciousness.


The first step is called “Acceptance” and this is the step that I will address in the next presentation.


And with that I leave you for now.


I love you with the heart of Oneness


I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation.


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