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Adamu Speaks

6. The Benefits of Unity Consciousness

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Adamu continues his presentation on Unity Consciousness. In this, the 6th video in the "Adamu Speaks" series, he tells us why we might wish to attain unity consciousness for ourselves. Some of the benefits are quite wondrous and magnificent indeed! Adamu also offers us an exercise that we can use to see if unity consciousness is right for us. In the following videos he will  discuss HOW we can begin to attain unity consciousness...


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Transcript of video:



Greetings to you my friends


I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian Civilisation


I will now continue with our series of conversations about Unity Consciousness.


Attaining unity consciousness for yourself will be akin to you undertaking a great journey. As wondrous as this inner journey of self discovery will; be, it will be a journey none-the-less. And before one undertakes something as time and energy consuming as this is, one must be sure that one really WANTS to do this. So a very fair and logical question would be: “WHY would I want to attain unity consciousness for myself?”. Or, to put it another way, “what are the benefits of unity consciousness?” And this is what I wish to address with you today. And then, at the end of this presentation I will show you a quick technique that you can use to be sure if you should be choosing Unity Consciousness for yourself. In follow up conversations I will go on to tell you in real and practical terms HOW you can begin to walk this journey to unity consciousness.


But before we proceed, if you have not already watched the other videos in this series (or read their transcripts) may I request that you do so first? You will gain SO much more from this video by watching the series in it’s correct sequence.


But now back to the subject at hand: the benefits of unity consciousness.


1. Seeing Through the Illusions

The truth of the matter is that All is One and the game of separation and duality that you are playing is an illusion. As you attain unity consciousness, so you begin to see though the illusions. So you become more aware of the truth of matters. And that itself is a great benefit – that you will know the truth rather than to continuing to be a victim to the illusions.


2. Finding YOUR truth

As you discover this most basic truth of all, that All is One, so you align yourself with your Higher Self and indeed with the Prime Source creator of all. And so then you begin to discover the truth of your own being too. You’ll find answers to the basic questions that cannot be answered with pure logical or rational endeavour like: why am I here? What is the purpose of life and, specifically, what is MY purpose. And so you begin to discover who you really are. And this is no casual thing!


3. Discovering your authentic power

Because, you see, to discover who you really are, is to discover that you are a creator being of immense power. Beings who are the deepest in separation and duality very often crave power. But what you will find is something different. You will discover that you have the power to create and co-create your entire reality. Now this is not be the kind of ego-gratifying power-over-others that beings of duality desire. It is you, expressing your true innate nature as a gift to all of Life around you. It will be right and good for you to do this. And you will not be hurting or harming a single other in so doing either. And moreover, those in separation, no matter how much ego-power they attain, they NEVER find satisfaction or peace. They never feel whole and complete. They never have enough. But when you are in right relationship with the Oneness you will ALWAYS feel peace, satisfaction, completeness and wholeness. You will always have everything you need and you will always feel the abundance of having more than enough.


Which brings me to the next point.


4. Connection, Belonging, Peace and Joy

Attaining unity consciousness means being in perfect communion with all of life. It means never again feeling the aching pain of separation. You will know true belonging. You will be surrounded on all sides by the closest most beloved others who will be your true soul family. The aching aloneness that is the hallmark of life in duality will become, for you, a thing of the past. A memory to be wondered at. And you will not be separate either from your emotions. Indeed, you will learn that your emotions are like inks and oils are to a master painter. You will discover that you can choose your emotions and use them as tools to create the experiences and outcomes you desire. For indeed that is what emotion was always meant to be: the energy of motion that motivates your spiritual reality which is then manifest in your physical reality. They should be yours to choose and use to create with. And they will be. And this is another of the gifts of Unity Consciousness. So there will never again be another reason for you not to feel the deepest peace and the most boundless joy.


5. Live in a compassionate world

One of the greatest benefits of really seeing though the illusions is that you begin to see exactly where and how others might be trying to mislead you. You’ll see though their lies. And the complex arrangements of lies called politics and finance and religious organisation and so on and so forth, all become very apparent for what they are. You cease to be beguiled by these phalanxes of smooth talking snake-oil salespeople. You cease to give your energy to them. You withdraw from their games. And then, as you do, you begin to see around you more and more beautiful souls… ones just like you who are standing in their truth, shining with integrity, giving their greatest gift and offering their energy and  love unselfishly. As you find unity consciousness so you will find others who themselves are finding unity consciousness. And you shall recognise each other and call each other brother and sister. You will know them to be your soul family. And you will know that these are the people you wish to engage with, do business with, share energy with, co-create with. Share your adventures with. Share your love with. And as you do that, so more and more will find you. And your circle of interaction will increase. And slowly – yet quicker than you think – you will find yourself engaging only with others who are respectful of your energy and who seek always to treat you fairly, kindly and compassionately… to treat you as they wish to be treated. As you shall too.

And all this is just a smattering of the early gifts and pleasures of unity consciousness. There are many more that come to you as you travel upon this road to oneness. Here are some examples:


6. Self-Disclosure

Meeting your galactic family is one absolute inevitability of attaining unity consciousness. But the best part is that you will be meeting THOSE neighbours that are themselves unity conscious. This is a true guarantee that those that you will meet will be of the highest and purest intent.


7. Telepathy

What you call telepathy is actually the normal mode of communication for the unity conscious soul. For on some level we are all the dreams and thoughts of the same one great mind… so then it is actually quite easy to share our thoughts when we wish it. And when you DO meet your galactic neighbours perhaps it will not surprise you to discover that they will communicate with you… telepathically. Mind to mind and heart to heart.


8. Translocation

Translocation is another benefit of unity consciousness. All time is one time, all space is one space and all energy is one energy. Because of this, it becomes possible to manifest an appropriate body anywhere you wish to be. Higher order beings do this all the time.


But you see the fact of the matter is that, all is truly one. So choosing to align yourself with anything other than this is choosing to align yourself with an illusion. And aligning yourself with an illusion is to believe in something that will temporarily seem true. For a short while this will sustain you and then its transitory nature will show itself to you and in disappointment and disgust you will give it up and start again trying to find something else that is more true. And so you can continue in a stop-start bumpercar relationship with the truth for all of eternity. Or you can cease giving yourself whiplash in your quest for the truth and simply align yourself, right now, with what is eternally true. You can begin to understand how and why All is One and you can begin to live and behave congruent with that. And this will allow you to fly past the dodgems on the path of truth. Your path will be direct and true. And as a result of this you will find yourself on a faster, more direct track into higher levels of consciousness. You will find yourself in the company of magnificent beings of vast consciousness who are creating whole universe-spanning realities and you will be able to work with them to bring to fruition the most beautiful and wondrous creations your heart can desire. And then, when it is exactly as you desire, then you can play in those realities and relish the pleasure they bring to you.


Which sounds more pleasant to me than playing in a reality that you don’t understand, which brings you pain and confusion and surrounds you with conflict and misery. Does it not?


Now I have really just touched upon SOME of the benefits of unity consciousness. These are some of the things you might experience as you travel that path Home. But the truth of the matter is the path Home will, for each of you, be as unique as you are. The other truth of the matter is that every single mote of consciousness will inevitably return to Oneness eventually. Because there is nowhere else to go! So really, it is just a matter for you to decide if you want to dally in duality for another cycle of this reality – which might mean many more incarnations in duality because, of course, it is the nature of duality that just like quicksand, the more you struggle and fight against it, the deeper you sink into it.


So here you are now at the window opportunity. The fact that you are listening to these presentations at all means you are ready to hear this message. You are, at the very least evaluating it. And so here is your opportunity. Your moment of choice – if you haven’t already chosen. Here and now you can choose, or affirm your choice, to step resolutely and boldly on the path to Oneness.


Are you ready for that choice?


Let us see, shall we? Let us check with your deepest truth that lies within your heart. You do that like this:


Take a deep, deep breath in. Make sure you fill your lungs right down to your diaphragm muscle above your stomach. And slowly let that breath go, at the same time letting go of any confusion and doubt inside you.


And again. Breath in peace and clarity, taking it right the way in until your lungs are full. And slowly breathe out, letting go of any fears that cloud your true knowing.


One last time, a deep breath taking in peace and trust in yourself, right the way in. And slowly let it go, breathing out the last vestiges of self-doubt that you were carrying.


Now bring your awareness to your heart. Take a moment to sense the steady, rhythmic thump in your chest. And as you do, become aware of your energetic heart. This is often called the heart chakra. When you are feeling the deepest, most loving feelings for some beloved other then you feel that in your energetic heart. So concentrate on THAT place within your being: your centre of unconditional love.


This is the true centre of your being. This is where you are connected directly to the Oneness of All. This is where you can access infinite wisdom, infinite compassion, infinite creativity and infinite knowledge. 


Now you are going to access that wisdom and knowledge and find out what is right for you to do next. It works like this. You are going to remain very conscious of how your energetic heart feels while you hold two contrasting thoughts in your mind and see how they compare. See what your heart says.


So, feel your heart and then hold this thought in your mind: “It is right for me to stay in duality for many lives more and to be a part of the eternal battle between light and dark.” Feel your own heart and then make that statement in your mind and see how it feels for you. Does it feel good and right for you? Let’s say it again, this time say it in your mind with me:

“It is right for me to stay in duality for many lives more and to be a part of the eternal battle between light and dark.”


Alright. Remember how that feels in your heart, but now let go of the thought itself, so that we can try a contrasting though.

Again you are going to feel your energetic heart while holding this following thought in your mind: “It is right for me to be walking the path of Oneness now and to begin awakening directly to the fact that I am One with all life, one with the planet, one with nature, and one with the eternal creator of all.


Again feel your heart very carefully. Does THAT feel right and harmonious? Or do you get a little leap of excitement perhaps? Or does this feel all wrong for you? Try saying the statement in your mind with me and see: “It is right for me to be walking the path of Oneness now and to begin awakening directly to the fact that I am One with all life, one with the planet, one with nature, and one with the eternal creator of all.


Alright. Now compare the feeling you received in your heart from the two statements. Which is right for you? If it is the latter, then I welcome you to the journey Home. There is so much more I wish to say to you but it will, I’m afraid, have to wait for the next presentation in this series. For indeed that is where I will begin telling you HOW you might begin walking this path to Oneness. Feeling that decision in your heart is the very first step. Next I will be showing you the following few steps to get you firmly on the path Homewards.


But again I welcome you. You are coming Home.


And on that note I must leave you, until we speak again.


I love you with the heart of oneness.


I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian Civilisation.


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