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9.1 Intention - Supplemental by Zingdad

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Following the release of Adamu's video on Intention I did quite a lot of work on finding and setting my own intention. As a result of this, Adamu asked me to share my process with you as means to possibly assist you with your intention setting.


In this video I will share with you my own process of finding my own divinely inspired intention, how I got to it and what it means for me. You will understand the crucial role of Acceptance (the first sacred step) and how this is pivotal in finding your own divinely inspired intention. You will also understand what the difference is between and intention set from your ego-mind and one set from your heart. Please do watch this video as a part of your process through the sacred steps!


The full transcript of this video is available below.


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Video Transcript:


Zingdad: Hello Friends


As a quick supplemental to the Adamu Speaks series of videos, I have been asked to contribute my present perspective on intention setting. So here goes:


After carefully listening to Adamu's message in the previous video in this series, I decided it was time to begin to work some cosmic magic in my own life. I decided to set an intention. I will be taking that intention through the remaining sacred steps too. But, before setting the intention, I decided to take a step back and find myself in a state of true acceptance. Remember, acceptance is the first of the six sacred steps.


So acceptance.


This is a word that has gained such profound meaning and significance in my life the last few years. Where I am at now is that true acceptance means, for me, that absolutely everything in my entire reality is exactly as it is meant to be. Nothing is wrong. Nothing is broken. Nothing must be fixed or changed. Each creator being is creating their reality from their perspective and getting what they are creating.


Now this obviously doesn’t mean that everyone likes what they are getting! Quite far from it. It is apparently so that those that are unaware that they are creating their reality and those that don’t know how to use their creative powers wisely are very likely to create all kinds of things that they outright hate. Which, I suppose, is the majority of the human population on the planet right now. But hating your creations is not the same thing as not creating them. And we MUST all get what we are creating so we can learn to create better. You know, like a small child MUST learn not to do things like touch hot pots or pet aggressive dogs or walk out in the traffic… because these things will lead to painful outcomes. In just that same way, all of us junior creator beings much learn to control our thoughts, words actions and emotions so that we can come to create the things that we DO like. Because that is the only way we will ever move beyond the belief that we are victims. That we are not creating our reality. That we are not getting back from life that which we have created.


So…. If you follow my reasoning… what I am saying is the world is exactly as it is meant to be. As cruel, sad, painful, frightening and confusing as it can sometimes seem to be. Each soul is, across the span of their incarnations, getting what they are creating.


Now you might not think this is true. You might have all kinds of objections to this notion. You might say to me “Yeah, what about abused children? They are innocent and did not create that abuse” Or “What about abused animals” or “What about people getting dread diseases”. On and on and on there are a gajillion possible objections to my position of total acceptance. But I am not here to convince you of anything. Your beliefs are 100% utterly your own responsibility. But if you are willing to see how I shifted my perspective from exactly those kinds of beliefs that kept me in a state of fearful victimhood then I invite you to read Book 1 of The Ascension Papers. The ebook version is a free download from my website. Or if you prefer to hold a read book in your hands there is a paperback version too. Check it out. You’ll find it to be life-changing if you are ready to release your beliefs in your own victimhood. I am sure.

The point I am making here is that I accept 100%, not just conceptually… but to the very core of my being… as a fundamental truth of my existence… that every mote of consciousness from God, down through the angels and monadic entities right down to the smallest fragment of consciousness here on earth… absolutely everyone is creating their reality from their perspective. Yes. This is a co-created reality. Which means the way we create is to invite others to play roles and do stuff in our reality. But if a being is not directly creating an experience they are having, they have invited and agreed to it being created for them.


I am sure of this.


I also know the vast majority on earth right now won’t agree with me. I know why this is. And I accept that too. It is not my job to change minds and convince them. I accept that all others are exactly where they need to be.


And since this is so, I actually find my way to accepting the otherwise unacceptable. I accept the crooked self-serving politicians that keep getting elected to serve the same corporate interest. I accept the pollution of the planet. I accept the crime that wracks pretty much every society everywhere. I accept all the painful contracts that souls have signed with each other that result in murder, rape and abuse. I accept the painful contracts that souls have signed with their bodies that lead to… well… the litany of woes that lie there. I accept all of that. I will not try to change any of that. I am in total acceptance of this reality and my place in it.


Now that I have acceptance… now I can choose.


Remember Adamu taught us that if we are not in acceptance then we are in victim. Then we cannot choose. Well, my dear friends, I can tell you it has taken me a whole lifetime to find my way to this level of acceptance. And as I arrive here I can FEEL that it changes everything for me. The feeling is of the very deepest peace. And if you don’t know peace, I can tell you what it really means if the possibility of a truly quiet mind. All the chattering, fearful, angry nonsense that used rage incessantly through my mind is gone. Yes, it is true, I had to deal with my Shadow to get here. But I am here now. And if you’re in the mood to believe me, I ask you to believe that finding this state of acceptance and the peace that it brings is worth every bit of effort that it takes to get here. Over and over again.


And since I am in acceptance, I can begin to choose and create.


Something else that happens when you are in a state of peace is that you suddenly find you can listen to your heart.


Let me tell you about that quickly.


When your mind is chattering then all you have is noise. When you find peace and your mind is still then you find you can hear your heart. And when you can hear your heart you suddenly realise that it is the portal to your soul. Your Inner-Divine speaks to you through this portal. Not in the same kinds of noisy words that your mind uses. No, your Inner-Divine moves through your heart and allows you to simply KNOW things. At least this is my experience of it. Perhaps if you attain true peace you will get visions. Or feelings. Or perhaps you will hear things from your Inner-Divine. I don’t know. But you will be inspired with what is the very deepest, rightest truth for you.


Which brings me, finally, to be able to talk about Intention.


You see, before I had this peace and before I was able to listen to my own heart, I would have set my intentions from the noisy, fearful chattering mind.


I would have set intentions that the world must change. I would have set intentions that people must be better. That crime must lessen. That politicians must be better. That pollution must stop. That’s what I would have decided on if I was feeling altruistic. If I was feeling more self-centred I would probably have set an intention that I should earn more money. Or that some health issue must be magically cleared up.


But can you see it? Each one of these intentions hides a hidden statement that I am a victim. That I can not be happy until others change. Which is what Adamu calls a drama.


Now, when I find peace and I listen to my heart and intention bubbles up. It arrives in my mind all luminous and joyful and bright. And I just KNOW this is what I intend for myself. I know that this intention is right for me. Ricght from the heart of the Oneness all the way down through all the layers of divine inner-self right down to this little soul fragment wrapped in it’s persona that is called Arn Zingdad Allingham. This is RIGHT FOR ME. And here is what it is:


It is my intention to find my way to giving my gift as fearlessly as possible, to every part of Life that wishes it.


I want to tell you why this is my intention and then I want to tell you how I condensed that into a tight, powerful succinct statement of intent.


You see, if I think about it, I am not motivated by money. I am not about “what’s in it for me”. What really, really makes my tail wag is to give my gift. And what sends me into a joy overdrive is to feel and know that my gift is making a difference. That it is helping and healing and serving. I love to know that there is more joy and positivity in the world for the fact that I have been here. I love that idea. So I just want to give all my stuff away at the highest rate, frequency and vibration that I can.


But I am also a mortal little human being right now. And my poor little human ego has all the same fears yours does. I fear I won’t have enough. I fear I will run out of what I need. I fear I will get stuck, get lost, be poor. I fear, I fear, I fear.




I mean these fears are what drive us to do jobs we hate. They are what cause us to have insurance policies and retirement annuities. They are what cause us to vote for social security programs and so on and so on. I’m not saying any of that is bad. I don’t have any of that myself. But I am not saying it is bad for anyone else that is choosing those things. What I am saying is that it is obvious that everyone has these fears. I mean why do billionaires not just stop. Why do they not say “I have such obscene wealth that I am silly to accumulate more?”

I’ll tell you. Greed arises out of these exact same fears. The wealthier you are the more you fear to lose what you have. No amount of money will ever make you stop fearing that you do not have enough.


So I accept that too. I accept that this body of mine needs to be looked after and that there are some fears that come part and parcel with incarnating into a human life. It’s okay. I just choose not to be motivated by those fears.


You see? It’s okay to fear. You will never be able to switch the fears off utterly. They are built into this kind of life that we have here. But you can choose to cease having the fears rule your life.


Do you know what courage is? It is not having no fear. Courage is feeling the fear and doing the right thing anyway. But you know that. Don’t you?


So I have these fears just like you do. And I am deciding to the best of my ability to do what is right for me, despite my fears. I am choosing to give my gift as fearlessly as possible. I am choosing not to limit myself, block myself, sabotage myself or in any other way restrict myself from giving my gift to every part of life that needs what I have to give.


The best part of this is that this will bring me the very greatest joy. This is the best way, for me, to have the most optimally delightfully blissful experience of life.


And then there is the other best part. Which is that I know how life works. I know that what you put out is what you get back. So, as I find my way to being able to do this, so life will feed back an abundance of gifts to me. If I give like that, I better be ready to receive like that! And I am! I used to be unable to receive. But I have in the last few years done a lot of unblocking in that department too.


But the point is that this intention arrived for me, and immediately I could see the beauty of it. That this is what is right for me. I want to focus on giving my gift and let Life take care of everything else.


So that is my intent. I have framed it like this:


I am giving my gift every more fearlessly and abundantly to every part of life that wishes it.


How do you like that?


I hope my process has added value to yours. I hope you are working out your intention. I really hope you are framing an intention that truly will serve you. And not by teaching you how not to frame an intention! J But by bringing you ever unfolding joy, love, expansion and abundance.


Now, as Adamu has cautioned, I know well that this statement of intention is only one of the steps. But now, at least, I have taken this step and I am ready to begin empowering this intention with the remaining sacred steps. Next I will be handing proceedings back to Adamu to learn about the third sacred step called Action.


Until next time,