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9. Intention

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Finally, the much awaited update from Adamu! And what an awesome update!


In this video Adamu introduces the second of the six sacred steps: Intention.


He teaches us HOW to hold an intention such that it will become manifest.


He shares with us how those who teach “the law of attraction” often get it wrong.


Adamu contextualises intention setting… and how it forms a part of steps we can all take to change our lives, our experiences and our reality.


Learn about Universal Will… and its vital place in bringing your intentions to fruition. Learn how aligning your will with Universal Will can protect you from creating negative, painful, unintended consequences. Learn how to correctly frame a statement of intent such that is gains an almost “magical” energy.


When you understand Intention setting, you will be ready to empower your intentions to bring them to fruition. The remaining four of the six sacred steps will teach exactly that...


The full transcript of this video is available below.


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Video Transcript:


Adamu: My dear friends, it is my profoundest pleasure to greet you again to bring to you the next instalment of the six sacred steps.


I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation, speaking to you now in channelled conversation through my dear young friend, Zingdad.


If this is the first time you are hearing from me I would advise you to stop here and view the whole Adamu Speaks video collection in sequence. Each most certainly does build on from the last. You can find these conveniently ordered and grouped on Zingdad’s website


If, on the other hand, you have been following along with this series since its inception then you might have noticed the long pause between this recording and the one previous. From your perspective it will have been a number of years since I have last spoken to you through Zingdad. I will, at the end of this conversation tell you

why it was necessary to pause, as we have, as this will lead on to some crucial information that I wish to share.


But right now, I’d like to get directly into the second of the six sacred steps. Intention.


Intention setting is actually a relatively simple thing to do. But as simple as it is, it is often done incorrectly with anything from no result to a totally disastrously self-destructive outcome.


If we are going to achieve life-positive, joyful outcomes we need to learn to set our intentions correctly.


And that is what I will be sharing with you today.


There are really four basic points that you need to be aware of when setting your intentions.


The first is that intention is just one part of the magic.


The purpose of the six sacred steps is to transform some part of your life or your experience of your life. It is about the recreation of your reality. There are, unfortunately, many who teach, quite erroneously, that holding an intention is itself enough to bring about change in your life. That by focusing on a positive thought you magnetize or gravitate that which you are focussing on, in your thoughts, towards yourself.


My friends, there certainly is a law of attraction. But the law does not stipulate that your thoughts will magically become manifest. If that was so then people would have noticed that their every wish comes true. There would be deep folk wisdom and religion truths about this. But the opposite is true. There are sayings in every culture that indicate that “if wishes were horses then beggars would ride”. Or, more bluntly, wishing doesn’t work.


So how then does the law of attraction really work? I’ll tell you. It works, as everything else does, upon the fundamental truth that all is one. Meaning that every other is another self. And so, what you do to others you do to yourself also. And the corollary to this truth is that anything you wish to attract to yourself in large quantities, you begin by expressing or giving to life, at least, in small quantities.


And now let’s see. If this is true then it would be reflected in cultural wisdom and in ancient religious truths. And is it? Well, yes, I’d certainly say it is. This is the basis of the golden rule that can be found encoded in every single religion in the world. The golden rule being, “Do to others as you would have done to yourself”. You’ve certainly heard that, haven’t you? And this basic truth also resounds through folk wisdom. Everyone knows at base that “What you put out comes back to you”. We all know this… even if we aren’t all living congruent with it.


And so THAT is the basis of the law of attraction.


The law of attract is as follows:


What you express into Life is multiplied by universal will and then returned to you.


That’s the law of attraction right there.


And there are two important facets to the law of attraction. That which you express. And universal will. We will talk more about universal will in a moment. For now I want to focus on the first bit. That which you express. You see, my friends, you cannot simply sit with intent in your mind. You must express your intention. You must energise them to get the magic flowing.


At the level of reality that you now find yourself, creation will not operate on thoughts alone. And this is very, very fortunate for you. Imagine if it did. Your every fear, anxiety and worry would begin to manifest in your life. And most people do a lot more worrying than they do positive intention setting. And this is why all those that reside at the level of consciousness you are now inhabiting, are actually protected from having your thoughts directly manifest. At this level of consciousness you need to empower your intentions for them to come to fruition. And I will, in due course be teaching you exactly how to do that. But right now, I want you to understand that intention alone has no magic.


Shall I prove it to you? When you wake up in your bed tomorrow morning, Id’ like to ask you to lie there without moving a muscle and focus on the intention to get up. Just lie there and intend with all of your might. See how long it will take before you actually find yourself out of your bed.


Do you see? Intention is not the magic. An intention is like putting a pin in the map. You are saying “I am going THERE”. But people make the fundamental error of thinking that the act of putting the pin in the map should translate to them already being at their destination. Or that someone else will magically begin carrying them there.


I say this again. You are right now being protected from that happening. You are not at a stage of your spiritual development where your mind is so totally disciplined and so totally under your control that you can think only those thoughts that serve you. You are prone to creating some very counter-productive and self-destructive thoughts. So it is not permitted for you that your thoughts should automatically begin to manifest. You MUST empower those thoughts before they can come to fruition.


But I do not wish you to think, therefore, that setting an intent is not a very, very important thing to do.


If you lie in bed and have no intention of getting up at all… you will actually have to be forced out of bed by someone else.


I am saying that intention setting is a vital part of a greater process. It is the second of six sacred steps. It is not the whole of the magic. But without it there is no magic.


And by magic I mean unexpectedly powerful alterations in your experiences. Just that.


The next point I wish to make is that there is a power multiplier called universal will. If your intention is in alignment with universal will then the whole universe will conspire to assist your intention to come to fruition. If your intention runs contrary to universal will then it’s really you against the universe. Nothing will happen. And of course there is a whole ocean of grey area between the two extremes. But obviously the close your intention is aligned with universal will the less effort you, yourself, will have to put in to bring it to fruition.


I’ll offer you an example. Imagine you are again lying in your bed and it is your intent to roll out of your bed and fall to the floor. It is apparent that gravity is a part of the universal will for your body while you are incarnated. So the tiniest little push of your arms will have you rolling over and... BAM… your intention comes to fruition with a thump.


If, by contrast, your intention was to roll out of your bed and fall to the ceiling… well… then you’d find it would take some profound effort on your part to sufficiently empower that intent. Perhaps you could discipline your mind through decades of mediation and learn to levitate. Or perhaps you could build a jet-pack. Or come up with some other such a massive expenditure of effort to achieve your desired outcome.


My example is perhaps a little silly. But only because it is obvious that gravity pulls in the downward direction. Universal will is in many cases a little less obvious. How would you know if it is in alignment of universal will for you to get that job you are hoping to land? Or that promotion? Or to meet that person of your dreams? How would you know what universal will is as regards the improvement of your health? Your relationship with others? Your relationship with yourself? And so on…


If you do know any of these things it is because you are connection to your inner-self. Usually via the portal of your heart. And since your Inner-Self is a being that knows that it is one with the oneness, your inner-self is connected to universal will.


If you don’t know HOW to do this… how to connect with your Inner-self then I have some rather exciting information that I will be sharing with you at the end of this presentation. That has to do with the long pause between this recording and the previous one. So please do listen out for that.


So aligning with the will of the One… or universal will as I have been calling it… is about the best way to ensure that your intention comes to fruition.


But there is another equally important reason to align with universal will. And this is the third point.


When you align with the will of the One, you align with the greatest good. Universal will offers you protection, healing, love and joy.


I shall explain about the way in which universal will protects you. Imagine for a moment that someone really angered you. Imagine you responded by wishing all manner of pain upon them. Halitosis, haemorrhoids and hangnails.


You would only do this out of the most junior kind of ignorance. Because even slightly advanced beings all know: what you do to another you do to yourself also. So creating pain and suffering for another will lead directly to pain and suffering for yourself.


The good thing is that it is never in alignment with universal will to cause anyone an iota more pain and suffering than is necessary for the greater good. What I mean is universal will, will permit you to hurt yourself if getting hurt is the best way for you to learn something important to your own growth. If you really, really want to hurt someone else, you might be permitted to hurt yourself so that you can learn not to do that again.


Universal will always lead to the greatest good of the all. And it will always tend towards healing, love and joy.


Another way in which Universal Will protects you is that it helps you to avoid painful unintended consequences


You know, if one could give a random collection of Earth humans one wish perhaps 90 to 95% of them would all wish for money. Lots of it. Millions or Billions. Or an unending river of the stuff. This is because a great majority of Earth humans have fallen for the ego magic that has been perpetrated upon them. The belief that money is actually in and of itself a thing of value. The belief that everything you want and need can be obtained if you only have enough of it. And since they have taken this belief on board they are willing to exchange their precious time on Earth, their health, their peace, their joy… pretty much anything and everything else that they value and love… for money. So, it is probably understandable that people think the most valuable thing in the world is money. And it is probably understandable that their wishes would all be for more money.


But what this majority have exactly zero concept of is the vast set of painful unintended consequences that would arrive together with their wish coming true. If these people did just suddenly get millions and millions in cash… they would come to realise that it is more of a curse than a blessing. They would see how their entire social structure is destroyed by envy, jealousy and greed. How they would no longer be able to trust their friendship. How their family unit would be twisted and destroyed. How their life would lose purpose. And so on and so on. And the deepest reason for this is that a wish for a lot of money is not at root a wish for greater abundance. It is a wish for a greater disparity between the self and the other. For that is what monetary wealth is. It is disparity. If you wished for EVERYONE to get suddenly rich… you would see that this would not give you what you desire at all. If the whole world gets millions then the millions are worth nothing. Because the money is backed by nothing. It’s value lies only in its scarcity. Because money, as the elite of your world have created it, has no backing. It is created directly out of debt and debt alone.


I use money as an example because it is the most common such an error. People most commonly try to use their creative powers to create more money. And if they manage to get what they have wished for, they end up bitter and unhappy. But if you align your will with universal will you are protected from this. Because your inner self desires TRUE abundance for you. By which I mean: your Inner-Self desires for you that you should have everything you need to do as you need to do. And then also everything you want that will bring you greater joy without also causing you harm. Your inner-self desires the best for you. And your inner-self knows that you very often don’t know what is best for you. So it behoves you not to find yourself in disagreement with your inner-Self. It serves you best to align your will with that of your inner-self… and therefore with that of the One.


And so it is that in so many ways, aligning with universal will protects you from creating self-destructively. And, again, you align with universal will by learning to listen to your inner-self. And, again, I will share some information about this at the end of this conversation.


The fourth and final point that you should bear in mind with intention setting is that you need to be crystal clear on what your intention is. You must be able to state your intention to yourself in one sharp, clear sentence. And when you state your intention it must also evoke a positive, empowered feeling within your heart.


I’d like to offer you an example from my own story. As a manifestation of the Pleiadian monad, I am acutely aware that there are parts of my soul-group that are still incarnation. Many parts are alive right now as Pleiadian Starseeds walking amongst you on planet Earth. Some of those that listen this presentation are very likely to be such members of my soul family. Perhaps you, dear listener, are even one such. The point being, that I am very aware that these fragments of my own greater soul… these other-selves of mine… are quite often quite hurt. Some have become quite lost. And when I look to the light of the divine that shines from within myself, I feel a firm clear knowing that it is right for me to work to heal, re-integrate and return home these, my other selves.


This is right for me to do on the most fundamental level.


And that preceding paragraph is my intention.


But can you see that it is a clumsy statement. That it is neither crisp nor clear. That it would be quite difficult for me to align my very being behind that collection of sentences?


How much different would it be, if I framed my intent like this:


“I am an agent of reintegration for my spirit entity.”


Feel that?


Feel the power of it.


It is both true and unarguable. It is something to live by and act upon. Clear. Concise. Unambiguous. Stated in the first person, In the present tense.


There is no “I am going to this or that” or worse, “I want to so and so” or even worse “I hope to such and such”. No prevarication. Just the truth of it.


When you find an intention like that, my dear friend, it is like finding a magic spell. You can feel the words tingle with energy. They feel like they want to leap from your tongue and begin to take action in the world. And that is, of course, because you will have used all four of the points outlined today correctly.


You will have understood that while intention is not the whole of the magic… it is a vital part of it.

You would have aligned with universal will and the power multiplier will already be straining to assist you.


You would have aligned with universal will and you will know that you are protected from the harmful effects of a destructive intention. You will know that your intention leads to healing, love and joy. You will feel the truth of that.


And you will have stated your intention in a clear concise fashion that you can very easily empower with the whole of your being.


And that is what I am going to teach you to do next. I am going to teach you how to empower your intentions. To energise it and make it come true. We do this with action, the third sacred step, visualisation, the fourth, and emotion the fifth sacred step. And then finally, we use the sixth step, observation, to become present to the magic happening.


I look forward to sharing the specifics and details of these in the following editions of the Adamu Speaks series.


And now there is but one thing left to do before we bring this recording to a close.


I mentioned that I have some information to share with you as regards how you can align with your inner-self.. and in this way align with universal will.


There are two ways to do this. The first is to work your own path. To use disciplines like mediation, body-work, breath work and so forth to bring yourself to a state of deep, peaceful stillness. To practice profound self-love to open you r heart portal. And then to stand in the light of your own divine self and come to a clear knowing of what it is that your Inner-Self has intended for itself… why it has incarnated as you. When you know this.. and when you are aligned with your inner-self in this fashion… then you will be able to discern universal will for yourself quite easily.


And the nice thing is you will be able to teach others to do this too.


That’s the one way. The other way is to find someone that has worked such a path to teach and guide you. There are a few such beings on planet Earth at this time. Choose one carefully and you will be profoundly assisted.


And that brings me to the reason for the years that we have paused between this recording and that previous one. You see, my dear friend, we have not been idly sitting upon our hands. In this time, my friend and yours, the person channelling this very conversation has been engaged in exactly such a journey. He has found his way to communion with his inner self… and found a way to share and teach what he has learned. Now to be very clear: I am not saying walking the path with him is the only way to get into resonance with your Inner-Self. I am saying, if it is right for you to walk with him… you will find it to be a very clear and powerful expression of the path.


In a small departure from the norm, I am going to step back now and invite him to speak to you directly of his offering. So that you can check with your heart and see if this will serve you upon your path.


And with that I wish you a fond farewell. I am Adamu of the monadic entity of the Pleiadian civilisation and I have been channelled for you by my dear friend Zingdad.



Zingdad: Wow, okay… thank you Adamu.


Perhaps this seems a bit odd because it’s still the same voice speaking to you. But now it’s just me. My name is Arn Allingham. I have produced books, videos, guided mediations and seminars under the name Zingdad. And of course I bring Adamu through to speak to you.


Now, Adamu mentioned the material I have produced and invited me to talk about that. And it is my pleasure to do so. If you would like to learn how to align your mind with your Inner-Self then I have crafted a 6-week multimedia seminar series that assists you to do just that. It’s been available for a while now and many people have completed the series and are reporting phenomenal results. The seminar is called Heart and Mind Aligned and it is a part of a bigger series called Dreamer Awake. I’d like to invite you to visit the web page for Dreamer Awake. The url is on screen now


Read all about Dreamer Awake at


I can, with every confidence say that if your heart calls you to do this now, you will find it to be completely life-changing. Heart and Mind Aligned takes you to meet your Inner-Self. Teaches you to live in conversation with his great being. And helps you to release your blockages and limitations that keep you from being in open clear conversation with this, your own divine Self.


If you need a helping hand to connect… this might have just what you need. Please do check it out on my website and trust yourself to know if what I have to offer is right for you. As Adamu says there are other path-workers. And you can work your own path too. So this is just one option. But it is an option I have worked very hard on this indeed. It has taken me years to craft. And I am very pleased indeed to be able to make it available to you now.


So that’s the story.


And with that I too will say …