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Adamu Speaks:

11. Visualisation

In this latest video in the "Adamu Speaks" series, Adamu continues to teach us how to create our reality.


In this video Adamu introduces the fourth of the six sacred steps: Visualisation. Learn about the importance of Visualisation as part of reality creation. Learn how to use this amazingly powerful tool.


As always, Adamu uses this teaching opportunity to share a great deal of wisdom that is applicable in our everyday lives.


The full transcript of this video is available below.

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Video Transcript:


Adamu: My dear friends, I thank you for once again sharing this time with me. And now it is my great pleasure to offer you the fourth installment of the six sacred steps.


I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation, speaking to you, once again, through Zingdad.


I always like to begin these conversations by advising all those who are hearing from me for the first time… and all those who do not have a clear memory of the previous parts of this conversation… to please stop here. Please view the entire “Adamu Speaks” video collection in sequence. Or, at the very least, please begin with the first of the six sacred steps, Acceptance. Each of these transmissions most certainly does build on from the last and you will gain little to no value in simply beginning from here.


You can find the entire body of my communications through Zingdad, conveniently laid out in order, together with their text transcripts, on Zingdad’s website.


Find all of Adamu’s materials here:


With those preliminaries behind us, we can begin our discussion on the fourth sacred step. And, by way of quick reminder, the six sacred steps are:


  1. Acceptance
  2. Intention
  3. Action
  4. Visualisation
  5. Emotion
  6. Observation

So, today, we are looking in some detail at the fourth Sacred Step, Visualisation.


Visualisation is a crucial step as it fulfils three necessary components of the creation of your desired outcome, namely: Testing, Energising and Preparation


Let me tell you about these three components.


When you visualise correctly you give yourself the opportunity to audition the new reality you are creating for yourself. In your imagination you get to step into that reality and inhabit it. You can see how it looks and feels. Make sure you really like it. It’s a kind of a try-before-you-buy step.


Please understand. Most 3rd density beings are desperately confused about what will best benefit their lives. The things they believe they most want will usually net them increased pain and unhappiness. But, due to a lack of foresight and insight, they simply cannot imagine this to be true. I’ll offer you a case in point.


Most 3rd density beings have fallen for the money trap. Most think that more money will bring them more joy. Most believe that the best possible outcome for their life would be to win some stupendous amount of cash. Most simply refuse to believe you if you tell them that such a win would be the very worst outcome for them. Even if you show them the statistics as regards past lottery winners: the suicide rate, the drug and alcohol addiction rate, the loneliness and isolation experienced by most winners, the number of winners who, in a matter of a few years or even just a few months, end up with even less than they had before they won. If you categorically prove to people that a lottery win is a terrible idea, most will shrug this off claiming that they would be the exception.


Now, I am not actually endeavouring to speak ill of lotteries here. I am simply using this as an example. Most people have very ill-conceived ideas of what would really be of benefit in their lives.


You will be protected from the most disastrous choices if you have applied my suggestions from the second of the six sacred steps. You will recall that I suggested to you that you should align your will with universal will. That you should intend something that serves the greatest possible good. And now, with visualisation, you have an opportunity to really check to see whether you are absolutely sure that you wish to create your stated intention. To see, in as much detail as possible, how such an outcome will impact your life and the lives of all others that it impacts.


Since you have already began, by virtue of the 3rd Sacred Step, to action this intention… it is already beginning to manifest. Energetically it is already coming towards you. And so this really is the “last chance” for you to self-correct and see if you wish to release this creation or to begin again with a new intention that actually does serve the highest good and that you actually do wish to experience in your life.


You have been warned. Create carefully. If you give your full creative power to intentions that lower your vibration you won’t like what you get.


So take the time to fully visualise your intention. To FULLY see its impact on all concerned. I’ll be teaching you how to do that in a little while. I am now just explaining WHY you want to do this comprehensively and carefully.


An intention on its own is just an idea. Young Zingdad gets ideas all the time about all kinds of things that he knows he will never actualise. Like starting a Rock band for example. He knows it’s just a fun idea he is playing with. He knows he will never actually, really, truly WANT to start that Rock band. And so he also isn’t doing anything about this fantasy – such as learning to play an instrument for example. And in the same way, if all you have is an intention, then that is akin to Zingdad’s rock band. It’s just an idea that floats by that you muse upon.


If you really, truly want that idea to become real, then you must energise it.


The third sacred step, action, is a very powerful energiser. Perhaps the most powerful in the 3rd density reality since people here believe in action, in doing, as a necessary part of achieving desired outcomes.


That, really, is the point of Action. To kick-start the energising process. To begin to turn the fantasy into reality.


Visualisation adds to this. Spend time visualising the intention coming to fruition and you energise it mentally. And this is something that I will teach you how to do. To spend time “seeing” every single part of this intention as a reality. All the particulars of it. Building as coherent and complete an image in your mind of how it will look when it “comes true” as you possibly can. That mind stuff is creative. And it is cumulatively creative. Each time you come back to it, and go over it again, you add complexity and detail. You energise the creation further.


Action is “physical energising”.

Visualisation is “mental energising”.

Emotion, the next sacred step, is “spiritual energising”.


Perhaps you can intuitively see that, by proceeding in this order, we are raising the vibration of the creative energies. That physical energy is the least subtle, lowest vibration of energy. Mental energy is more subtle and of a higher vibration. Spiritual energy is the most subtle and highest vibration energy.


And you need all three to truly create. Ideally all three in equal measure and in sequence. But at least some of each is required for the “magic” of the six sacred steps to happen.


One of the real challenges that novice creators face is the shock that comes when they actually get what they intended!


You’ll laugh, perhaps. Until it happens to you. You set an intent, work the sacred steps and, on a day, “Bam!” you realise you totally got exactly what you created, in every detail.


It’s quite a shocking, unnerving moment when you have spent who knows how many lifetimes convincing yourself that you are a powerless victim. And why have you worked so hard to convince yourself that you are powerless? If it is because you showed yourself in some distant past life how you were willing and able to abuse your power and cause harm to others with it… then you are in for a little double trouble when you are forced to admit that you are, once again, using your divinely ordained creator powers.


I suppose what I am saying is this: those few who are reading this who think that they should simply be able to create and recreate their reality, that it should be easy and that there should be no internal dissonance over this… those few are actually the ones who need to be MOST careful. You have probably not bumped your head on your creative gifts. Yet! If you are not very careful, very wise, very cognisant of the guidance that comes to you from your heart, then there is some significant pain in your future when you do bump your head on this. And that pain will then teach you the wisdom of caution that everyone else feels about using their creative powers.


If, on the other hand, you feel a kind of careful, respectful, apprehension, then that is actually good news for you. That obstacle is behind you. Your apprehension is wisdom in action. And I would advise you to use the tool of visualisation to fully explore your intended creation. Especially the polarities of “best and worst” that I will soon address. And check very carefully that this intention you are bringing to reality is in service of the highest good and in congruence with your soul's desires.


If it is, then you will not again bump your head as you did before. Then, this time, and from here on out it is safe for you to exercise you divinely gifted creative powers.


And so, with Visualisation, you prepare yourself for what is to come. You prepare yourself to gracefully receive into your reality the actualisation of the energy you have broadcast into Life.


Which is a long way of saying – you prepare yourself to be the creator that you truly are!

How to Visualise

Allow me to begin by saying that, if you do not already have a regular meditative practice, you should begin one. Meditation is the practice of stilling the mind. The mind is the processing tool of the soul. But if you do not sometimes still this tool you become gravely confused. You are prone to believing that you ARE your mind. And you are not! You are prone to believing that the noise that exists inside your mind is what is real. And it is not. Through meditation you can move beyond mind and come face to face with soul. That which you more truly are. There is so much more that I could say at this juncture about the benefits and importance of meditation, but this conversation is not about that. This is about Visualisation. The reason I raise the topic of meditation is that those who are experienced meditators are, right now, ready to begin powerfully visualising. Those who have never meditated will find this more difficult to do as their minds are noisy and undisciplined.


Zingdad Note: You could give yourself a head start by joining a local meditation class or, if you like, you can check out my offering called, “Create Yourself, Create Your Life”. This will certainly help you to get into the habit of meditation! Find that on my website:


However, irrespective of whether you are a seasoned meditator or brand new to all spiritual practice, you can still begin to visualise your intention into fruition. The difference, really, will be that experienced meditators will find it much easier to maintain a still mind whilst visualising. A novice will, quite likely, find their mind often wandering counter-productively and will have to spend more time and effort to complete each visualisation exercise.


The other point I wish to make is that “visualisation” is actually a misnomer. It should more accurately be called, “full spectrum internal sensory creation”. Except that’s a bit of a clumsy phrase. The reason I make this point is that many people are not visually oriented. If they close their eyes and imagine something, they do not “see” it. They, perhaps, “feel it”. Or simply “know it”. There are many different ways in which different people will explore their imaginations. Do not therefore feel you must “see a movie” in your mind just because this exercise is called “visualisation”. Ideally you will “imagine” with ALL of your internal senses. But work with whichever senses you can bring to bear.


Now; how to visualise:


To begin with, you close your eyes and still your mind. Then you connect with your heart. Find the connection to Source… the place where Love comes from… inside the very centre of your Heart Chakra.


Now, holding that connection and returning to it if ever you lose it, explore the following thought by visualising it in your mind:


Visualisation #1: Today is the day when your intention has manifest. It is happening. You find yourself saying, “This is it! My intention is right now coming to reality! In the most amazing and magical way, it is all coming true right now!


What are you experiencing? What is going on around you? What event is occurring that causes you to say, “This is it!”?


Spend time with that visualisation. Redo it a few times until you feel you really have it visualised in all of its richness. Then (and this certainly doesn’t all have to be in the same session or even on the same day) work your way through the following additional visualisations:


Visualisation #2: It’s been some time since your intention came true. The excitement of it has faded somewhat. This is now your new normal. What is your life like now? How has it changed? What is improved? What have you lost? What is less good?


If you cannot find a single thing that you have lost or given up, then this is a warning sign that you are deceiving yourself. Everything comes at a price. Everything. Do not proceed until you have the self-awareness to at least look at the down-sides. The cost. What you will lose. Look at it. Make sure it is an acceptable exchange for that which you will gain. Only then proceed.


Visualisation #3: Other’s lives have been impacted too. Start close in: what is the impact on your nearest and dearest? How are their lives affected? What are the positives and the negatives for them? What about others? Colleagues and acquaintances? Distant family and friends? What about random strangers? What about (if you have such a thing) enemies and those you dislike? How are all of these peoples' lives touched in ways both positive and negative by your intention coming to fruition?


If you think that it doesn’t matter how your choices impact others, then you have forgotten the most basic premise of how the “magic” of the six sacred steps works. It works, fundamentally, because All is One. The other is another self. What we put out is what we get back. The fact that this is true is WHY the “magic” works. And so… if you create something that brings you great joy, but at the expense of bringing others great misery, then you will ALSO bring yourself that same misery, as part-and-parcel of what you are creating. If you don’t understand this, or don’t believe it to be true, then reality creation is not for you! You will only cause yourself harm with a tool that you are not ready to use.


So, after a 360 degree analysis of the impact of your intention's fruition on all others… is this STILL something you wish to create?


If it is, you have but one final visualisation to do…


Visualisation #4: In this visualisation exercise you cast your imagination forward to the point when you are done with this life. When you are once again a spirit being. When you are reviewing this life that now lies behind you. You are standing with your spirit-guides and the masters of Light. As you look back upon the moment in which you took your creative powers in hand, in which you set your intention and began to bring it to yourself… as you look back on getting what you created and the moment when you could no longer doubt your own creator nature… what do you, as this wise and expanded being FEEL about your choices? Was this the right choice? Feel your heart connection now. Feel how it feels. Does it feel Right? Good? Divinely inspired? Or does it feel like a mistake? The right step taken in the wrong direction? Or perhaps even the wrong thing to do entirely? Feel. Spend time with your guides and the masters. Take their input. Feel (and look and listen) for their guidance.


If, after the fourth visualisation, you are still on track and feeling positive about your intention, then you are ready to continue on to the next sacred step, Emotion. We will be speaking about that next.


If, however, you have decided to change your mind and NOT create this intention, then you may begin by finding great gratitude in your heart for the fact that you had the wisdom to cease this creation before it was already in your reality. Find that gratitude and, with that feeling in your heart, simply let go of your intention. Cease to give it thought or energy. And, when you are ready, return to the first sacred step with the additional learning and wisdom in hand that you might create with a more desirable intention in mind next time…


And so, as promised, we will soon begin to learn about the fifth and pen-ultimate sacred step, Emotion. In that discussion we will learn of the true power of emotions. Alone they are ineffectual and often counter-productive. But when correctly harnessed and focussed, emotion is literally the most powerful force in the universe. Does that sound far-fetched? Wait until we discuss it and see if you still think so!


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Until next time then, dear friends, I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation and I have been brought through to you by my dear friend, Zingdad.