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10.1 Action - Supplemental by Zingdad

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Following the release of Adamu's video on Action, I was once again asked to share my own perspective on how the Law of Action has worked in my life.


I talk about how I have misunderstood action in the past (and how I see others misunderstanding it in the same way today) and how this misunderstanding leads us to fail to have our dreams manifesting.

I share with you the specific things I am doing (and importantly also no longer doing!) in support of my new intention.


As a result of this, I also share something quite interesting that I have found as regards hatred. How I have allowed myself to learn to hate, how that was pulling me from my path and making me ill - and how I am now releasing that out of my mind and body.


The full transcript of this video is available below.


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Video Transcript:



Hello again friends


You might recall that, after the Adamu Speaks recording on Intention, Adamu asked me to add my personal perspective as a supplemental video. I guess it is helpful to hear from someone that is also incarnated and is therefore also working through the same sorts of life experiences and issues as you are. And so today, again, I have been asked to add my own thoughts as regards the third sacred step: Action.


Let me begin by saying that I have not naturally been an action-oriented person. Not in this life, anyway. I used to have all kinds of judgments of myself. I used to believe that I was lazy. A procrastinator. That I just didn’t like to get things done. That I was better at starting things than finishing them.


What I am trying to share with you here, is that I am not naturally one of life’s great doers.


Perhaps I am more naturally a thinker. Certainly I am a great dreamer. (smiles) Which is not something that is generally well rewarded here on Earth.


So it is from this context that I share with you that I have learned, in this life, the profound  value of action. Both from a practical perspective and from a spiritual perspective.


You know… I know a lot of people that seem to believe that action is secondary. Or even unnecessary. There are people that say you can change your life by thoughts alone. I see these people sitting around talking about abundance and success. I see them very earnestly meditating upon the bountiful things they wish for themselves and others. And I see, a year later, five years later, ten years later, they are still just exactly there. Still waiting on the amazing stuff that has happened in their minds and in their dreams… but recalcitrantly just doesn’t seem to want to manifest in their lives.


And believe me, I am not judging them. Until relatively recently, I was one of them. Because I understood how important intention setting was. And I understood that thoughts are things. And I knew the vital importance of good attitudes like positivity and gratitude.


I had simply fallen into the erroneous belief that these things were the whole enchilada. But they are not. They are the vital foundation upon which successful reality recreation is built. But a foundation is not a building. It is a foundation. And if all you have is the foundation and then you stop building… well… then you might was well not have built the foundation at all.


Friends… I am not here to tell you what to do. I am not responsible for you, for your life, for your choices or your experiences. You are. So all I am doing is telling you how I have applied the teachings I have been given by Adamu and others. I am telling you what I have found to work. Over and over again. And what I can therefore recommend to you if you would care to try it.


So to begin with I can tell you that, from my perspective I have seen that one must, in this reality anyway, take action. That action is your investment in your desired outcome. It is your sign to yourself and therefore to your Inner-Self, the universe and the Oneness that you are committed to this outcome. And commitment is what transforms a promise into reality. It is what makes an empty promise full with potentiality.


What you put out is what you get back. I am sure you know this to be true. And as ego beings we have the greatest belief in action. Action speaks louder than words, they say. And words speak louder than thoughts.


Examine your own experience:


If you were at the office and your boss tasked you with something and you didn’t move, but said, “Yes sure. I’ll sit here and intend and visualise this thing happening for you for the rest of the day, okay?” How long do you think you’d remain employed?


You see, “intending” is what comes before action. That is why it is powerful. It is how you prepare to actually MAKE IT HAPPEN. But if your plan is really just to think about making it happen and then not actually make it happen then you are just deceiving yourself. You are not intending, you are just fantasizing. Imagining. Dreaming. And these are the things we do when we want to play with alternate experiences that do not actually manifest in this reality.


If you truly did intend to do as the boss asked you might say something like, “Yes, sure! Give me 5 minutes to plan how I am going to do it and then I’ll get it done!” And then, when you have your plan in place… you get it done. THAT’S intending. Not fantasizing.


And that’s what works in every aspect of life. So why should it be any different for our spiritual life?


If there is no action, no doing, involved… then you are not invested in this creation. You are not giving your own personal energy to it. And if you are not doing that… then there is nothing for the universe to work within. Nothing to amplify. Nothing to add to and nothing to assist.


That’s the theory. But it’s also my personal experience. And it is also something that some people actually argue with me over. When I tell people about this, I sometimes get told that I am wrong. That thoughts alone are enough. But I notice that I am told this by the same people who complain that life is treating them unfairly and that their manifestation efforts aren’t working.


And I was one of those people. And that was my struggle. But since I have begun to practice the law of action, my life is utterly changed and my intentions have begun to manifest in beautiful abundance. So… it’s blatantly clear to me that action is a vital component of doing what works.


The next thing I’d like to say about action is this. It is, from my perspective, how you build upon the foundation of acceptance and intention. If you just act, without first laying that foundation, then you might as well also not act. Without that foundation, the building will just collapse.


I’d like to tell you a little personal story by way of example. Some years ago I became aware that I was headed towards financial disaster. As a result of my choices, I was in a situation in which I was living off my savings and did not have any real prospects of any income. This caused me some distress. I was fearful and anxious. And I began to hatch plans for the things I would do to remedy this situation. And then I set about furiously working on those plans. I worked and I worked and after a many, many months of effort there was a very small pay off. A very small bit of income trickled in from this huge effort.


You see, friends, what I was doing wrong was that I was in a state of distress. I was holding a set of beliefs rooted in lack, poverty, the wrongness of the world, the iniquity of the financial system, me not being enough and fear about the future. With such a belief set there was really no way I was going to be able to procure abundance for myself. You see, I did not begin with the acceptance Adamu speaks of.


And then to add to that, I did not actually set an intent. I was simply reacting to my circumstances. Like if a swarm of wasps came at you. You wouldn’t think about it. You’d just run. In that same mode, I was purely reacting and doing the first things that came to mind. So I was putting those limiting beliefs into action. I was not in any way taking the time to align my choices with universal will. I was certainly not thinking about what I truly wanted to create in my life. I was just leaping into reaction.


In retrospect, I guess I have to be grateful for the little income I actually received.


I’d like to contrast that story for you, with my present circumstances. I don’t now concern myself overly with money. I don’t ask myself “how am I going to make such an amount of money by such a date” or anything like that. I hold the intention that I always have everything I need, to do what my heart calls me to do. And then I do what my heart calls me to do. That’s it! That’s as simple as it is for me. And, friends, I ALWAYS have everything I need and more. Life is generous and kind to me. I am not what you would call financially wealthy. I don’t have massive investments or anything like that. But that is because I don’t believe I need massive investments to feel safe. To the contrary, I feel they would be a burden upon my mind.


But now I am veering into financial philosophy which is not the topic under discussion at all.


I am telling you what works for me. And it is not just action… but action taken mindfully and in perfect congruence with a clearly set intention all the while remaining in a state of loving acceptance of myself and life.


THAT is what works for me. And I cannot recommend this way of being highly enough.


If you are interested I can tell you about the specific things I am now doing… and the specific things I am now no longer doing as a result of my new intention. As you might remember my new intention is that “I am giving my gift every more fearlessly and abundantly to every part of life that wishes it.”


So the specific actions that I am taking in support of that intention come to me from my heart. I hold that intention and my heart tells me what to do. Perhaps you have come across the open letter Adamu wrote through me to the Illuminati. It’s caused a little stir in certain circles. Well… that was the very first action that I took… the very first step in the direction of the achievement of my intention. And I am busy preparing for the next step, which will be the next of Adamu’s expressions through me.


So that is, for me, what it is for now. Those expressions are my actions that I doing to put my energy out into the universe. And yes, this very video is another such an action.


And when I have taken these steps, I know that by listening to my heart, I will be told what the next step is. I am not asked to rush these steps. I am asked to take them at a good, measured but steady pace. As the information arrives for me, and is ready to pass through my mind, so I am asked to write it down and make it available to you.


And, friends, it’s only been a few weeks but already, after taking these steps, I can tell you there is a qualitative difference in my life. There is a lightness, a freedom and a feeling of abundance within my heart. And it is being reflected back to me by life. There is suddenly an upswing of interest in what I am doing. I have new people subscribing to my newsletter at a massively accelerated rate. I have new clients signing up for my services and my other offerings such as the Dreamer Awake material are suddenly selling a lot better than ever before.


Why am I telling you this?


Because it means something.


You see, the world around you is a reflection of you. Or rather, it is a reflection of your beliefs. And in taking a step in the direction of your intention you take concrete action to bring your intention to fruition. You change your beliefs about yourself and about life. And life reflects that back to you. So as I begin to give my gift abundantly and fearlessly, so life gifts back to me, abundantly and fearlessly.


That’s the theory. And it is with joy that I can report that this is certainly my experience.


But there was also something I had to stop doing. I’m quite ashamed to admit that I recently found myself indulging in hatred. I don’t wish to tell you the details because, firstly it won’t really add to the message and second I don’t wish to energise this any further and thirdly… honestly… I am ashamed.


If you follow the news at all… and if you engage online at all… perhaps you will have noticed all the many, many invitations that are out there for us to look at one group of people or another and find them unworthy of love. To even see them as less than self. To think of them as inherently “wrong” or “evil”. To find hatred inside your heart for them.


Well, this started to happen to me.


I know I am not alone in this. I mean that is what racism, sexism, classism, tribalism, homophobia and who know what other excuses we use to hate others, is all about. The hatred that exists when a member of a particular demographic lumps the members of any other demographic into a group and says “I hate those guys”.


Well. I AM ashamed to say, I obviously allowed some of the plethora of news stories and personal anecdotes that I found on the internet recently to pull me off of centre about a particular group. It doesn’t now matter which group it is. What matters is that I actually felt myself get ill with this.


I have been working quite diligently these past many years to raise my vibration towards oneness. And it has been paying off. My consciousness is raised. I am attaining unity consciousness. And for this very reason, it seems, I can now no longer hold the kinds of beliefs that allow for hatred in my mind. They are incompatible with who I am and even more so with who I am becoming. And this incompatibility made me feel really terrible. I developed a horrible, nagging headache that would not go away even with pain pills. I felt ill in my body too. And my mood became grumpy and intractable. And as this just became worse and worse, I realised I needed to do something. So, yesterday, I took a day to meditate. To go within. To listen. And I was helped to understand that I cannot continue to choose in this fashion. I was helped to understand that I was creating that hatred. I was choosing to see the stories that others were telling that allowed me to take this hateful perspective.


You see, there is nothing but peace in my own life. No animosity. No painful interactions with anyone. So I was actually going out there and taking on the stories that others were telling about their pain which comes to them as a result of their choices and beliefs… and using that to make choices for myself and fuel an entirely unnecessary and even self-destructive mind-set.


I could probably talk about this at much greater length… about what I have discovered about hatred and what I have discovered about making authentic choices as compared to proxy choices and so on and so forth. But that would all be quite a different topic. What we are talking about is the law of action. And specifically, I am telling you of an action that I became aware of that was taking me in the opposite direction to my stated intention. I became aware that I must cease this forthwith. Not only is it counter-productive it is also self-destructive. And so I choose to cease taking my emotional and moral direction from news stories, from alternative media stories, from the personal accounts and anecdotes on the internet forums and blogs that I might read… and instead take it from my own deepest knowing.


And my deepest knowing on the subject is that all of life is a manifestation of the divine. In the centre of every single person alive is a divine being. And that divine being is part of the same oneness to which I belong. Which is another way of say that I am ultimately one with everyone else. This is undeniably true for me. And hating these other selves is self-destructive and purposeless.


Yeah! Many parts of the one are terribly lost. Many are horribly traumatised. Many are soul sick with their pain. And so many are doing abominable and atrocious things as a result of their pain. And maybe it is even so that there are groups that can be identified that are, at this point in time, behaving worse that other groups. That may be so. Or it may be so that there are those who have an agenda to whip up our hatred against each other into such a fine froth that the war that they desire might happen. This may also be so.


What I am saying is that it actually doesn’t matter what the story is. It is just a story. And it is not MY story. And I don’t need to allow myself to be pulled from my own deepest truth and knowing because of any story whatsoever.


So I spent the whole day yesterday day in deep spiritual work. After I discovered the cause of my physical illness, I worked to release the toxic beliefs I had been holding on to. I got right to the root of it and let it go in all of its guises. I DO NOT NEED TO HATE ANY GROUP. I let it all go.


I did some body work too, to help my body to heal after I had released that harm from my mind.  And then I connected with the divine self within and allowed unconditional love to flow out into the vacuum left by the hurt. And most of all, I allowed a little wisdom to flower in my heart. I allowed myself to come to a new choice not to do this thing again. It is possible for me to get angry. It is possible for me to get scared. And if I can be made to feel both angry and scared of a person or group, it is possible for that to be whipped up into full blow hatred. So I notice that. And I now choose, whenever I find myself heading in that direction to go instead to my centre. To go to my deepest truth. To replace the hatred before it can even begin with understanding and compassion.


Now, I don’t want you to think that this makes me a pushover. I am not talking about someone transgressing against me. If that happens I am very strong on drawing boundaries and attaining justice. That’s something else entirely. What I am talking about here, is learning to hate because of other people’s stories. I am choosing to see beyond the stories. I am choosing not to hate.


I am choosing to listen to my heart and to take all of the actions that lead me to my desired outcome and to cease taking counter-productive steps in the opposite direction. 


And so that is what I wanted to share with you.


So, please, dear friends, if you are taking Adamu’s teachings to heart, as I am, please ask yourself: “What baby step can I take right now that will take my life in the direction of the fulfilment of my intention”. Or perhaps: “What project can I begin to work upon that will add up to a giant leap in the direction of my intent”. Answer that question and then do that!


And then… keep doing that.


Keep taking steps towards you desired outcome. Baby steps every day or giant leaps ever now and again.


And if find yourself floundering with all the other pressures of life and find yourself missing a day or a week… then that’s okay. Just pick it up again as soon as you can. Just keep at it. Keep doing something as regularly as is right for you that is in alignment with your intention.


And equally importantly, keep releasing those counter-productive choices. Keep rooting out the things that you do that are undoing your good work. Keep exploring inside of yourself to find the reasons for these actions. Keep loving yourself, trusting yourself, respecting yourself and healing yourself.


And in this way you will be carrying yourself forwards on the path to the fulfilment of your hearts’ desires. This way you will be enacting the law of action. And you know how that works. It takes what you put out and it multiplies it with universal will. And when that begins, after some time, to come back to you, that is when you will notice the magic beginning to happen. As I myself have already begun to notice in my life. But that is all going to be discussed at greater length in the following Adamu Speaks videos. Which I will be recording for you soon.


And so, with that I leave you.


Thank you for listening.