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The Ancient Red Vampire is Dead!

Over the past number of weeks I have been receiving updates from Adamu that have left me quite stunned. Events have recently transpired that completely change the nature of the game that is played behind the scenes of our world. The old order is no more. The single greatest threat to world peace and harmony... is suddenly and unexpectedly no more. All of the plans and processes that the agents of the light had in place to deal with this dark threat are also no more. Everything is changed. Everything.  Though this is not yet immediately apparent on the surface. Our ordinary lives still go on. But if you look carefully, you will see... everything is changing. 


A precis of the video (together with all the links shared in the video) is offered below.





Though I very much do recommend you watch the video, here is the story in a nutshell:


The ancient gods of our myths and legends were extra-terrestrials. Some of these ETs were good and benevolent. Some were quite evil.



When it came time for the ETs to depart the earth, the evil ones taught certain chosen humans a variety of dark magicks and secrets so that their human minions would, in their absence, gain control of the whole world so that they could own the world when the quarantine was declared over.



One of these magicks was a path to avoid death via vampirism. One such vampire, thousands of years old and very powerful, became the hidden master of much of the world. In collaboration with certain demonic entities, called “Marsons”, he planned to launch world war 3 to gain control of the rest of the planet.


Watch the video and find out how the vampire's plans were upended, how he played his hand too early, how he was actually (and very surprisingly) killed!


Find out why there is, despite hid death, a huge uptick in anger, extremism and rage in the world. Find out what you can do about this. Find out how to be a part of the solution, how to be a part of returning this world to its path of Highest Good.


For your convenience, here are the links mentioned in this video:

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# Legend 2019-01-17 08:28

 I couldn't see them. They talked all the time. I heard this for two years, and they were all disgusting.
There is another person who will manipulate my body. Really painful.

 Sorry, I do not know English, so I translated it with a web page translation.

 I don't know what to do.

I never liked them.

And I am in Taiwan, Tainan.

I’m wondering if I can ask the aliens around you to help me.
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# Zingdad 2019-01-17 09:31
Hello Legend
I am so very sorry to hear of your suffering.
I am afraid I don't know how to help you remotely. You need to work with a spiritual healer who can help you to heal yourself of this problem. If you spoke good English I might have been able to help you.
Or perhaps, if you cannot find a good spiritual healer you could try a psychologist or a psychiatrist. But I personally am not in favor of the medications most psychiatrists will simply prescribe.
I hope you find healing for your soul!
With love,
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# Odile 2018-10-17 08:07
Hello Arn and readers,
I'd like to bring to your attention an interview during which something similar (to the death of the Red Vampire) is shared:
Adamu said some time ago:
"There is something very special about Planet Earth, about Humanity, in that you are the intersection between all of the Seeders. Within your genetic code, within your collective spiritual memory, you bear traces of all of the seeds. And so, as you are able to find Unity, you unify the consciousness of the Galaxy. And so, finding Unity on Planet Earth is a very, a crucially important thing, that has been intended right from the beginning of the creation of this Galaxy."
This other video from the same person feels related:
Big hugs
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# T. Bryden 2018-10-03 04:41
Pretty extraordinary information it has to be said. There is always more to every situation than meets the eye. I find it intriguing that you say this agent of light didn't really know what he was doing and yet he had the ability to psychically trap this ancient malevolent one. Our light friend is stronger indeed. A changing of the guard perhaps, from dark to light! That I would like to see. Many thanks Zingdad.
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# Dale Laslie 2018-09-25 00:55
Zingdad, thank you for sharing this amazing information! I wonder if this entity was behind the worldwide mud-flood event that buried major cities in the mid 1800's, or was someone else behind this societal reset event? much appreciate your response
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2018-09-30 01:36
That is beyond my ability to know, Dale.
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# Cheryl 2018-09-24 15:44
Thank you so much for presenting this information. Although I didn't know these details, I am aware of some of this happening. Thank you again.
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# Marion Kolesnikoff 2018-09-24 05:51
I am confirming my subscription to the newsletter.
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# Kathleen 2018-09-23 18:32
Hi Arn, so overjoyed our future timelines are looking much brighter. Everything you've been saying is similar to Magenta Pixes latest post. Your first small step was a giant leap for mankind. So grateful for soul source teachers like you & Magenta. Who inspire the strength to STAND in our own sovereignty with 5D Mother earth. Many thanks, love & light Kathleen.
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# victor coca 2018-09-21 20:32
Hello Arn, thanks for including me in your email list for updates.
I am wwriting to you from Venezuela, of which, no doubt, you must be awae of the terrible crisis in all aspects of life we are going through. Your desciption of these beings who feed on ths anger, fear, rage, desepartion of the peoples describe so fitingly the performance of the pack of beings who rule this country, who are not more than two or tree docen "peoples", who incidentally denied any crisi refusing to allow into the country any humanitarian aids, aaids which has been offered by many countries and organizations in the world, it makes sense to me now, why refuse that aid, If they allowed that aid into the country, that would enormously ease the suffering and rage of the peoples, then denying those in the goverment of their feeding energy of emotional distress...what a vicious and malevolent scheme. The numbres of peoples fleing the country adds up to the millions, creating a serious crisi to neighboring countries, and everyday those in the Venezuelan goverment come up with a new scheme to increase the anger and suffering of the peoples, and all that in the name of a supposedly socialist revolution. How do we pull out of this vicious circle dear Arn? its almost impossible to ask peoples not to hate, or suffer given the degree of crisis we are in, let alone when they do not permit into the country any help from outside. bY THE WAY...MOST OF THEM HAVE GROWN INCREDIBLY FAT SINCE THEY ARE IN THEIR POSTS...
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# Zingdad 2018-09-21 20:55
Victor, I am so sorry to hear of the suffering of the people of your nation at the hand of these fat-cat politicians. On the one hand Venezuela serves as a dire warning of why thevrest of the world must not allow itself to fall into the same trap... why we must not believe the lies of "equal wealth for all under the control if the few" as promissed by "revolutionaries" and on the other this is also a orime example of a nation being used to feed the Marsons.
I wish there was something we could do to help, Victor. But it seems your help will have to come from within...
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# Morgan 2018-09-21 18:26
Zingdad, All is well? I was wondering if you could come to my community in Taos, NM to assist. I am unable to come to your current sessions due to financial circumstances....this could change soon.
I do notice triggers coming up in me - I would like to clear them all out....It does not happen that often but enough to need attention.
Please let me know if this is possible and I will keep you updated as soon as my funds are available.
Thank you for what you are doing and much love, Morgan
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2018-09-21 20:49
Hi Morgan
My current trip to the USA is fully planned and scheduled. So, I'm sorry I will not be able to make it to NM and, similar to yourself, I am not able to simply travel as I wish for financial reasons. And I also do miss my home, my freinds and my little dog! I certainly will be making more trips but Europe is next. And then.... I just don't know yet.
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# Marian B. 2018-09-23 17:29
Hello Morgan, if it helps to sort of..... learn to live with triggers, sharing my experience? I've found that approaching that process, I mean clearing issues, aren't equal to getting rid of rubbish by throwing it in the bin.

The content of issues, sparked by a trigger has been building up for a long time. It's helpful to accept the presence of what is triggered and not immediately use a force of will, clearing it.

I'm putting emphasis on leaving out time pressure for the following reason. The information present in the issue that rises up in our awareness, due to a trigger, is potentially of great value to look into, without making haste.

So that the process of clearing can assist us in moving through emotions, which have their own way of expressing themselves, outside our mental decision making. Embracing them in love for oneself is a great way of embodying the process and to let go what can be cleared.

Also, the taking of time is valuable in making a new choice, finding a new attitude that replaces the old program. I don't believe that all issues should be cleared entirely. Some can be deep seated and therefore it's possible to at least have a good look at the issue, by taking the time for it without being in a hurry to get rid of it. For that stance is close to avoiding the dive at the deep end, so to speak.

The awareness of an issue alone can be helpful to learn to live with it, taking responsibility for it. All psychological processes need their time, our mind has no say in it you see?

It's not the trigger and the issue that is the problem, objectively speaking, it's the manner with which we deal with it and to what extent we're willing to discover what the present is that is wrapped in it. What's the way-shower in that experience. See what I mean?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Bob Clayton-Cragg 2018-09-21 10:30
Thanks Arn and Adamu......Understood ….. Blessings and love

Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# levi 2018-09-17 05:06
I found your video on youtube and It reminded me of an anime series called Planet With for some reason. I would have commented on YT but they are disabled.
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# Julie 2018-09-13 12:35
So what makes the remaining dark agents think that this entity will not come after them? If he took out their master, what chance would his barking minions have? Food for thought...
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2018-09-13 18:16
As it was related to me, Julie, "this entity" is a human being like you and me. Not some kind of super predator. This person has dome kind of special spiritual skill or gift that allowed them to set a psychic trap that the Red One "accidentally" stepped into.
I don't think this person is "hunting down" the minions. And there would be no protection, karmic or otherwise for them if they did. Let's not lose our sense of proportion here...
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# richard 2018-09-13 19:42
the christed souls cannot be harmed in this age
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Marian B. 2018-09-14 07:13
Quoting Julie:
So what makes the remaining dark agents think that this entity will not come after them? If he took out their master, what chance would his barking minions have? Food for thought...

If I may offer some food for thought too, there's an essential difference in consciousness between beings that live with a live conscience and beings living with a conscience that is put in the freezer. The taking out of the master doesn't imply an awareness of what came to pass and how, in his minions. There may be suspicion and confused emotional turmoil, but an understanding of this procedure, which has lead to their master's death, is probably lacking in most of his minions. Imagine the fear for something you don't understand, Julie. That's probably what drives these minions, in much confusion and despair of losing the reign and now find themselves sort of "hanging in mid air". A person without knowledge of evil doesn't expect evil and a person without knowledge of goodness doesn't expect goodness.
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# Kathleen 2018-09-11 20:54
Hi Arn, you've done an amazing job of explaining a not nice topic. Your genuine sincerity shines through - question "technically do those below the Red One follow the lightworker now"?? How awesome that would be for the light!! Wish you all the best for your upcoming tours from New Zealand. Love & light Kathleen.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2018-09-11 21:09
Hi Kathleen
"technically do those below the Red One follow the lightworker now?"
Well wouldn't THAT be nice!
His followers have fragmented into a few different factions. It seems there IS a group that is taking the opportunity to attempt to mend their ways and move in a more positive direction but, alas, most of his followers are trying to continue on their evil path. Which is why the world continues to be in such a state of chaos.
Most of them will be unable to change and will perish in their darkness. Some will change when there is nothing else they can do. Only a few will change because it is the right thing to do.
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# Marian B. 2018-09-11 05:55
Hello and good day to you! When you said that the Marsons are now mopping up the negative astral energies that are whizzing about in our present world, I'm curious about what it is that made them change their mind, going from feeding on these energies to mopping them up. For to my knowledge, mopping up is a way to clean the environment, without a need to see them appearing again and again, as feeding ground. Can you pleas explain what you meant by saying that they now merely mop up the negativity? I can't believe that Marsons suddenly gain that much insight, working for the benefit of humanity. Thats a step, if they've taken that step, in need of a process of transformation. The death of the Red dragon vampire doesn't sound like the Marsons were jumping for joy, choosing a different path.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2018-09-11 21:01
Hi Marian
I think you misunderstood. They USED TO, originally, serve the purpose of mopping up negative energies. As humanity "evolved" and learned to create misery on a large scale so the Marsons evolved and learned to feed more powerfully by encouraging evil behavior like war. It is my hope that we can get them to shrink and return to their prior behaviour but we will first have to deprive them of their mass food source. With the Red One gone this could even be possible. The Light Circles I am endeavoring to create and teach are precisely for this purpose.
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# Marian B. 2018-09-08 19:25
Thank you for this presentation! There's a book, written by Whitley Strieber, an experiencer and explorer of ET abduction and the role they play in relationship with human beings. The title of the book is Lilith's Dream and when I was reading this book with occasional shivers, I felt that vampirism might still be in existence to this day. I'm familiar with 4D entities feeding on emotions of human beings and I'm almost sure that Whitley Strieber is too. For some reason, it felt that with this book (he has written more books about vampirism) Whitly indirectly suggests the connection between the concept of vampirism known to those who love the thrill of legends or horror cartoons and those who are able to look deeper into this practice of feeding off energy in an abusive manner, that happens on a physical and non-physical plane. I've attended a School for Intuitive Development in Holland for many years and trained the use of my intuition and energy-system, through awareness and observation. Also, part of this training was past life reading and the connection between belief-patterns in the present and the past, plus the ability to observe from a neutral point, finding the key to healing the past.
At this moment in time, it seems that letting go of the past and healing the collective human pain body is key. Much is in change and Saturn in Capricorn pushes our choice of manifestation to the limit, as I perceive it. It's goodbye and hello both, throughout my present days, allowing life to unfold, while stepping into uncharted territory.I wish you a safe journey!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Rosemarie Jones 2018-09-05 15:56
Thank you for the confirmations that this world will be more light. I am interested in working with you. I am doing my part. I would love to work with you.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2018-09-05 15:58
Hi Rosemarie
Please contact me so that me might discuss HOW you would like to work with me...
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Vasundhara 2018-09-05 12:27
Thank you
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Rea Love 2018-09-04 05:28
Just came across you video today and though you suggested listening to others to understand, there was no need for the resonance was so high & your truth so attune there was no need.

I have been picking up the same transmissions as you around building the potective forcefiels with other & the necessity of me takin a seat to assist others in soul intergration as well as reading energy to better understand our human design and interface with invisible entities.

I am , like you and eternal student and seeker but it’s clear that we have been tracking the same thing. You call them “MARSONS” which make sense- the only thing I could equate them with in a virus, and whispering snake- given the way they move and infect people through the subconscious & wounds and laying eggs like cubes that unfold and hook into a persons soul and psyche. anywho- I HEARD you. LOUD & CLEAR. I just started a youtube channel but it’s barebones and scattered- though that’s part of the way the collective consciousness teaches me and it’s what I’m suppose to use my “gifts” or rather skills in service of. I am playing for the WIN WIN~ moving with the creed “MAXIM IMPACT, MINIMAL RESOURCES...NO SOUL LEFT BEHIND” that’s the easiest way I could explain my mission statement that is on loop as a reminder for me. Alas, I’m in Oregon and go back and forth between here and California. So I’m wondering if I could interview you for my channel and discuss and few things . Where & when will you be in LA? I usually stationed in he Bay Area but feel STRONGLY called to speak with you while I have the chance so I’d be happy to come to la. Thank you for your contribution & you have my support and great appreciate for the work you are doing. Intergration is key- and understand he psyche, + coming together in community is key. here’s a video so you can feel if yours called to meet:
Love to you... eternally , rea.Love
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2018-09-04 05:36
Hi Rea
Thank you for your kind words of support. All the details of the LA event are here:
With a very few exceptions, I don't do interviews anymore. It just doesn't optimally serve my mission. But I thank you for your invitation!
With love,
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# Guy 2018-09-03 06:58
It happened, much as described. I only put the puzzle pieces together for myself when I was guided to watch the vid.

Quoting Narendra Mishra:

I absolutely love the fact that you said it was an incarnated (high) Being who didn't quite know what he was doing when he set the psychic trap.

That guy/gal is going to have an amazing story to tell.

You can say that again!
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# Heidi Minten 2018-09-02 14:14
In 2003 I would have been very gratefull to hear this message because I was alone with the experience I had. After I did in 2003 (29mai-11 juin) a healingsrituel to safe the love of my life who was very evil, but I didn t know, I just wanted to heal his eyes because he was turning blind.I asked my garden angels,god, to help me, because I was at the end of almost everything. I never had a relation with this man but he was with me, near me, in me, around me, he was everywhere.Wat saved me was my unconditional love ,naivety and my humour. That kept me alive during 14 days of expel this demon out of him. I saw it,the demon was red and had a very heavy energy. It was much later that I remembered it was on 6/6/2003 at 6 o clock in the evening. I can tell you from the start what happened because I wrote everything down and made drawings of this rituel. I am a composer, pianist, singer and I made a total concept of it, I called it The third eye
14 songs, 14 quotes and 150 pictures. I gave a performance on 31 oktober 2005. Only once.
After that concert, my life changed completely.I had to ge back to rebuild. I was empty, cried a lot, I saw too much and I saw what evil really can do and how it felt. It took me10 years to recover. totaly 20 years of my life.But I am oke now. I am happy and glad, I am in peace and I live a life by myself andQuote:
The third eye
I am almost completely cured.
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# Gillian King 2018-09-02 02:40
Hi zingdad, I came across this video today, via YouTube, and it left me so emotional! I then went to your website, and read Adamus writings, and signed up to your newsletter. At this time, I'd like to say that I am blown away by what resonates with me as such deep truth- always I am disappointed, but not this time! Also, I want to thank you, for doing what appeared to be a very uncomfortable to the point of painful video, on what has to be the best news ever, regarding the death of the 'red vampire'! Thank you for your love and courage! I so look forward to now reading as much information as I can, and I look forward to your newsletter. I also envisage that I need to be having help in healing from you, so I look forward to being in touch with you soon. This info that I have read here has blown me away, and I feel emotionally and physically exhausted, but also elated, and excited, so again, thank you so very much!
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# Squirrel 2018-09-01 23:13
Came upon your video on YT today about the death of the Ancient Red Vampire. Fascinating! Aligns with so much that I already know. Obviously recent, but do you know the exact or approximate date? Also, when I go within and remotely view the point where he was shut down, I see the manifestation channel that allowed him to create in the world being looped back around to him. The energy he sent out came full force back upon him. Spiritual short circuit.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# richard 2018-09-02 08:28
Hi Squirrel can you go into more detail about the stuff you have seen related to the red vampireQuoting Squirrel:
Came upon your video on YT today about the death of the Ancient Red Vampire. Fascinating! Aligns with so much that I already know. Obviously recent, but do you know the exact or approximate date? Also, when I go within and remotely view the point where he was shut down, I see the manifestation channel that allowed him to create in the world being looped back around to him. The energy he sent out came full force back upon him. Spiritual short circuit.
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# Thelma Ball 2018-09-01 11:43
Thank you for the video. It brings a lot of things together to give a good understanding. I appreciate it.We will all be needing a lot of forgiveness. Love ad blessings
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# mcknz 2018-09-01 02:59
So everyone is just frustrated. Then now is a good time to 'be still'. And help each other heal so earth is more in alignment with what we really want when the quarantine is lifted. Thank you for the good news!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# terry crane 2018-08-31 15:03
Just found this YT video and honestly, what you have shared makes much sense to me. I have much to catch up on here at the website and I will do that. Is this great news really happening in my lifetime? I can not come to your LA/NY USA visits as I live in Washington State, but I will be dowsing my way through for my own soul healing (I just found out my dog with deep skin issues needed the rest of her soul to come back to her) I like your delivery style-casual, calm and interesting. Thanks for that. Now I will check out your books. May kindness land on all your endeavors and much laughter. Terry Crane
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# william 2018-08-31 01:03
nice story on how vampire was defeated
when you come to the states
are u visiting chicago
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2018-08-31 14:24
Hi William. Unfortunately not this time. I have been guided to offer free events in LA and NYC only. More info here:
But if you sign up for my newsletter there will be opportunity to "vote" for me to visit Chicago for my next USA trip!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Melinda Siebold 2018-08-30 17:51
I just want to say I know you are talking about Marduk, at least I hope you are, and I am glad he is gone. I know our family story and I know you are speaking the truth.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# George McKenzie 2018-08-29 11:48
100% in alignment with my feelings on world affairs
I appreciate your capacity to pick a positive direction . Helping others become strong and healthy . This will , in time , cleanse our environment,.
Restoring balance within til the whole is operational enough to once again live freely , without quarantine.
Gatitube .
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Tien-I 2018-08-28 22:39
OK Arn/Zingdad! You were not kidding when you said this information would be significantly important and earth changing. Not that all the rest of the Ascension Papers Trilogy work is not. However, I can tell from watching the video, you are very serious about this and that it was difficult for you to film. Tell Adamu thanks for sharing and caring.

That being said, our intent must be for a safe and productive US journey for you and Dwaro. Like all journeys, it definitely will be a learning experience with all its hills and valleys. One that I choose to participate in because it resonates deeply within my Sacred Heart.

Realizing that the death of the Ancient Red Vampire will be perfectly balanced with some other event and understanding that there will be some expected resistance to this initiative, I go forth with full understanding of what I choose to do, Acceptance!

Folks have left wise and passionate comments to this video. You can feel the Love and support through their words. If this is any indication of the success of this US journey, ALL will be well. I am confident that folks in the various areas of the US will show you their best and most loving nature and the great light energy will build as the journey progresses.

As always, All my Love and Gratitude for your contributions and sacrifices. I will be in touch! Let me know how I can help.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Kim 2018-08-26 05:32
Great video!! Great explanation!!

What you talk about is not really a surprise to me personally, but I am sure that for many people this is a great awakening.

For those of you listening to this video and being curious about Zingdad's work, I would say go for it :) If it feels right it is right and I know by personal experience that he has much to offer in terms of holding the space for you to find out more about yourself.

May we all be blessed on our journey.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# AliceinW 2018-08-25 20:42
Aloha and thank you for this information. If it’s crazy to some, I can’t account but it resonated with me! Let the healing begin. Let’s bring in the Light. Ascension now!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# SunnySmiles 2018-08-25 20:01
Just watched. FIRST I've learned of you.
I've been on healing journey for 30 years.
I'm not sure, but certainly OPEN to learning your
skills. I'm certified in 20+ modalities. . . so always learning. I know I'm a healer, just hasn't been the 'right' time yet?? or ??
I live in AZ, USA.
Interesting information. Although new, resonates somewhat. I KNOW I desire to be a part of the GREAT AWAKENING. Believe this to be a part of my purpose. Also desire to help awaken people, teach them, help heal people, animals, and PLANET.
Thank you for bringing forth what you did.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Rojeanne Cooper 2018-08-23 11:23
Thank you for this message. I wish I could come and see you in one of your visits in the US. But that I am afraid at the moment is impossible. In the last week, I have been driving my car and two different times I have had a car that the driver (first time laid on their horn) Second time a lady actually stuck her head out her window while turning a corner driving in the opposite way has cursed at me for being too slow. I don't really believe I did anything wrong. This update helped me to see something is trying to make me angry. I they are attacking me where I am vulerable. I understand what might be happening now and that I need to heal myself in this area. I hope that I can learn this without being able to come and see you :) Do you have a healing book. Though I do believe once I understand and can help myself more. I am sorry if this makes no sense. I have had people say that to me before also. I will send you Love while you are in US. those seem like dangerous places to go.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2018-08-23 15:57
Hi Rojeanne
There is A LOT of rage and frustration "out there" now. This is EXACTLY what I am talking about... why it is important to begin creating these Light Circles. But, of course, if you don't feel safe coming, please trust your intuition and stay home!
I have MANY healing offerings. Please start on my homepage and read all about my many books, videos, meditations etc. Many of them are even free! Start here:
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Marian B. 2018-09-11 06:45
Quoting Rojeanne Cooper:
Thank you for this message. (part of quote is left out in order to leave space) I understand what might be happening now and that I need to heal myself in this area. Do you have a healing book. I will send you Love while you are in US. those seem like dangerous places to go.

Rojeanne, there's a valuable book by Amy Wallace and Bill Henkins called "Psychic healing", to answer your question about a healing book. And if I may share a few thoughts with you, regarding the process of "winging" our present condition on planet Earth, to me it's become clear that I'm invited to be a light unto myself. As I see it, throughout human history, there's been a deep imprint in the human mind to be submissive to greater powers, which have become corrupted through time, by man-made church institutes, suggesting that personal power is close to sin. I myself believe that this is the core issue that challenges many of us to see how we walk away from ourselves, giving away our power. It's my belief that we're invited to use tribulations in order to outgrow the limitations we've placed on ourselves and in that way return to wholeness and freedom of expression, making our role as creators manifest. The experience of being attacked and accused, can be taken as much personal as we choose to take it. To see it for what it really is, from the observer point of view, is helpful. The difference is, that you let it pass when it's not felt as a personal attack. That's what it means to be a light unto yourself, as I see it. We humans are so used to let others make choices for us. Now it's time to make our own, so that the path we travel, is resonating with who we are in truth. As within so without. You may find practical pointers in that book, it's written before the New Age terminology came fashionable. Safe journey, not necessarily as a hermit, but foremost.... make it your choice to step on that path ;)
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# Melissa Rotondaro 2018-08-23 03:53
Hello Arn!! Amazing job condensing the TRUE history of the world into this video. Everything u talked about resonated with what I’ve learned on my journey since 2010. I am about an hour by train from NYC. I am going to share this video in my FB group. I have about 82 members. I want to meet u and come to ur talk or program or whatever u out together for us east coasters!!! How awesome all of this is happening now!!! I look forward to hearing back from u. Yes, I believe healing ourselves, loving ourselves first before going out to heal others and spreading the message of One Love. I believe in what u r doing and am doing it over here too! Let me be of further service to the world by assisting u here in NY. God bless u, Adamu and all light workers/warriors out there raising the vibration on the planet!! Looking forward to hearing back from u...whenever u can. In brotherly/sisterly love, Melussa
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# Zingdad 2018-08-23 09:25
Awesome news, Melissa! I am looking forward to meeting you and your friends. And sharing in the co-creation of a wonderful event!
If you haven't already, please check out the event page here:
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# AC 2018-09-02 01:01
Blessings to you for shining your light on W Babylon.... gave me a giggle that you live in a town with that name. America is the end time (3rd and final) Babylon in Book of Revelation.
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# Maciej 2018-09-02 09:19
The Book of Revelations refers to a different timeline. With the event called the harmonic convergence, which was the first globally coordinated meditation and took place in 1987, we changed our timeline and the end of time that is mentioned there fell on the floor. Armageddon was supposed to be the end of the test of dark and light on this planet with a nuclear war between the USA and the Soviet Union and it was supposed to be triggered around 2000/2001. It didn't happen because we (represented by the higher-selves/inner-selves of all souls that ever were, are and will be here) voted for a continuation of humanity and so the Soviet Union collapsed on itself in 1991 and one side of the Armageddon fell away. On December 21, 2012 we passed the marker of graduation and fulfilled the prophecy that is know as the Mayan Calendar but many indigenous peoples have in their tradition. This prophecy says that once we pass this marker we will never again destroy our civilization, which happened 4 times on this planet. We are the 5th attempt to pass the marker and we made it. We are now in a time without prophecies writing a new chapter on blank pages and the prophecies of the bible have run their course. None of it prophecies will come to pass. What is happening in America is a demolition man in the White House who is tearing down the service to self structures of the illuminati. The job of the next President will be to begin a process of constructing of unity consciousness structures.
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# AliceinW 2018-09-03 00:38
Maciej, I am in alignment with your view of things but do you also believe there will be anscension of those humans who wish for it? My belief is that as soon as there are as many humans ready to ascend it will begin. After Ascension the planet goes through its cleanse. What are your thoughts?
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# Maciej 2018-09-03 16:24
The ascension is available to anyone who wishes to go into this process and the global ascension has already began. It is not something that is going to happen, it is happening. It take only less than 0.5% of humanity to awaken to generate enough light so that darkness will not be able to exist here and the awakening is speeding up. I am in several awakening groups on FB and I notice huge waves of people coming in these groups. Many are asking for explanation why they keep seeing repeating numbers like 11:11 or other combinations on digital clocks or license plants finding feathers, small change, seeing butterflies or dragonflies all the time, hearing their names being called when there is no one around or feeling a touch on their shoulders etc. It is well underway and from what I hear from channeled messages we are moving froward faster that spirit has expected it. So all is well despite the propaganda efforts on mainstream media. They report only the dark to us. The light does not get reported but it is here and lots of it.
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# Gallower 2018-08-20 13:53
Zingdad, really loved the ascension papers.
Thanks for the insights.
In regard of the ancient red vampire, he resides now on his lonely island of pain in the spirit realm.What if he decides to come back? Would't we all not be in bit of a pickle? I hope his got no choice other than to stay where he is now.
Just a thought.
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# Zingdad 2018-08-20 16:02
Hi Gallower
Can you imagine for a moment, you are the old red one. Your life is over and you are in the spiritual plains. You review your life in the presence of the Bright Ones and the Masters. You gain deep, fundamental compassionate insight into all the impacts you had on others in the life you just ended. Imagine with me... what do you THEN think you should do next?
I can tell you with sure clarity what your answer ISN'T. You are definitely NOT coming back to incarnate again in total forgetting as a baby in a bloodline family with the hope of doing the same soul-torturingly painful, exhaustingly long, lonely journey all over again!
No, we have nothing to worry about from that being ever again. That being is in for aeons of the deepest self-inflicted pain. If this world ever sees that soul incarnated again It will come back with the deepest desire to live an utterly saintly life to counter-balance this life that has just ended.
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# Isabelle 2018-08-21 12:54
Hello Zingdad,

Your words kept turning in my mind.

I got this coming up right now and convey it as it comes:

I understand our uplifting ourselves to next level/dimension as choosing to embrace everything in love. And also embracing in compassion and forgiveness. All of them are of the same quality and all are in my understanding the key for our definitively transforming into our higher state.

Indeed, forgiveness is in my opinion a key, if not the key.

I cannot see us going higher with the idea "got you B**ch!". No such thing as retribution nor self-gratification would manage it to allow for this vital metamorphosis.

So, considering also that everything that is happening can only do so with some implication of

a) God's/Life's own agreement


b) as we are a Godspark, we must also have agreed initially to this series of extremely challenging experiences.

Those who, either by personal inclination, or - could it be at all in a spirit of sacrifice? - played the part of the (ultimate) bad and ugly, have been doing so only as long as it was agreed and only as long as it would serve God-Life, yes?

Could their ultimate contribution to be to give us the opportunity to forgive?

And from there on, who knows, the whole way of Life as we've known it until now, may transform into the most wonderful of Life.

I trust it that these beings will not just escape with a caress. But maybe our ultimate gesture is unexpectedly and specifically in this case, to respond with forgiveness and compassion, and if possible with love also.

We are divine alchemists. Thanks to the Godspark in us, we are able to transform everything into its Highest. Love is the energy to do so.

May we take the opportunity presented to us, which has been building itself over aeons, to offer our ultimate present to this life.
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# Zingdad 2018-08-22 13:32
Beautifully said, Isabelle!
I think you will find you are in alignment with Adamu on this subject. See his open letter to the Illuminati here:
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# Isabelle 2018-08-22 22:26
Thank you Zingdad: Adamu's open letter is a gem!
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# Sarah Dawson 2018-08-22 15:14
I love this Isabelle! I’ve also been getting the message that forgiveness is the most important thing we can do at the moment, are you planning on coming to Ireland zingdad? as I’d love to be involved in this mission it’s made more sense to me than anything else I’ve ever come across. Thankyou so very much for getting these messages out. Xxx
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# Isabelle 2018-08-22 22:19
Hi Zingdad and Sarah,

Though, what a relief to hear that something so monumental has changed and we can now carry on in a more pleasant way! How many of us are gasping for what we have very likely already experienced and always kept the feeling of it, which may be our present to this level of life. To simply be able to be in a frequency which is not the norm here. No need to do huge things, just to be here and carry and convey the frequency of love and light the best we can.

With my best will I've been going through this life, but may I - may we truly have fulfilled every detail of it so this is no more necessary.

The best conclusion is one which is offering love, peace and healing to everyone, including those who either have been overzealous, or who have simply fulfilled their part. We'll know later, but our response of forgiveness and contribution to healing for all involved is regardless of either scenario.

Oh may we experience now the positive result and transformation manifesting themselves! What a celebration :o)
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# Eloise 2018-09-20 21:41
This resonates so deeply, thank you. Rather than react, we respond with compassion, kindness and unconditional love, within and without and we expand it from our heartspace, individually and collectively for we are cocreators and One.

Deep gratitude and love to all
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# Francois67 2018-08-20 16:13
Gallower, since some time now, all souls that are able anymore to connect to their inner light, are recycled in the Central Sun of our Galaxy. God's order.
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# Melissa Rotondaro 2018-08-23 04:01
Hello Francois,

So true!!! And that is where my guidance has confirmed for me where this soul, or NOT soul, but dark hole is the Great Central Sun for the cosmic recycle. The Divine Spark has been put out, therefore, this soul’s evolutional cycle is being ended by Source. As u say, this is the Mandate. No one will EVER hold Mother Earth hostage again.
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# Tomar Levine 2018-08-19 18:27
Zingdad, I live in New York City and I want to connect with you when you come here and learn whatever you'll be teaching.

I'm a channeler, a light worker, an activator of light workers - at least that is my mission and I've embarked on it. I have known for a long time that this time was coming and knew when it had arrived and I am on fire to do my part.

Thank you for your incredible work. I've been following you for a year or more.
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# Zingdad 2018-08-20 08:04
Hi Tomar
I have received guidance that I must offer an event in NYC on a free/donation basis. I'll be making a video about it today - and hopefully post it by tomorrow - in which I will explain the whole concept. I'll need help from Interested New Yorkers to make this happen though. But I'll explain all of that in the vid...
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# Colleen holthe 2018-08-18 17:03
Hello Zingdad I just watched your video on the red van Peyer being dead and that you’re coming to the US and I just wanted to extend you an invitation to come to Sedona where I currently live to share this knowledge. As I am very interested in helping you create the circles as you call them, please contact me if you’re at all interested and you are even welcome to stay in my spare bedroom while you’re here in Sedona. Very excited about this news and looking forward to speaking with you again we had a few consultations a while back I don’t know if you remember. Hello Zine did I just watched your video on the red van Peyer being dead and that you’re coming to the US and I just wanted to extend you an invitation to come to Sedona where I currently live to share this knowledge as I am very interested in helping you create the circles as you call them please contact me if you’re at all interested and you are even welcome to stay in my spare bedroom while you’re here in Sedona. Very excited about this news and looking forward to speaking with you again! we had a few consultations a while back I don’t know if you remember. Hope to hear back from you soon!

Tsunami of love,
Colleen Holthe
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# Joanna 2018-08-18 15:43
Hey Arn and Adamu,

Funny, I was just talking to my mother about how she allows her sister to trigger her!

It was great to see confirmation of what I have put together over the years in my searching for why things are as they are in this world. The parts I wasn't aware of were the name the "Marsons" - first time I've heard that. I'm aware of the "red team" and their Pindar - but am I right in thinking that the vampire is in the astrals and above the Pindar (who is, to my understanding, the human conduit to these forces)? The Marsons sound to me very much like what I have read referred to as "black hole entities".

I'm so glad this sort of content is something I've come to over a long period of time, because this sort of content could take a bit of getting used to for sensitives! You did a terrific job of telling this - Adamu was right to get you to do this on video. However, I did a transcript of it for myself so I had to keep freezing it - and the faces you were pulling were priceless. I have to be honest with you - I haven't had such a good belly laugh for a while - so thanks for that! :-) Such a tricky story to tell. Best wishes for your US trip and I'll see you in October!
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# Narendra Mishra 2018-08-18 12:04
What a wonderful update! Thank you. It really resonated with me as Truth.

I absolutely love the fact that you said it was an incarnated (high) Being who didn't quite know what he was doing when he set the psychic trap. (Maybe you didn't quite put it those exact words but you get the gist.)

I can actually relate to that because I have had a similar experience recently of unexpectedly finding myself in Washington DC and just being guided every step of the way, clueless until the very end as to what I was doing. I wrote about it on my blog here:

That guy/gal is going to have an amazing story to tell.
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# Shortnort 2018-08-17 19:24
Adamu, Thank you for your tremendous information - quite enlightening, indeed. Question...
When I was about 6 years old I had a quite vivid dream of being chased by a evil person. I went to hide in my closet, and there he was... about 7 or 8 feet tall, bald, glowing RED, two thick horns cut off near his forehead. He was laughing profusely... I awakened with my head pounding ready to explode.
That was about 1956, there was no color tv. I have never seen a painting or drawing like what I saw. Can you explain? It has haunted me for my entire life.
Thank you.
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# Zingdad 2018-08-17 20:42
Hi Shortnort
Adamu doesn't do personal readings of this sort. He explained to me that, were he to do so, it will limit your free will. If a Monadic Entity were to look into your personal story that would change things about you and your story that you have neither ask for nor given permission for. The point of human healers and psychics is that they are best equipped to deal with human hurts and traumas.
I can recommend my own Twin Flame, Dwaro, as a psychic that could help you. Please contact me for more info if this interests you:
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# Divya 2018-08-17 23:13

I am really interested in doing something for this world.All the time the voice in me tells me that I need to change my reality.Can you help?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2018-08-18 00:46
Hi Divya
I probably can!
For some guidance on HOW to recreate your reality check out Adamu's 6 Sacred Steps beginning with Chapter 8 (Acceptance) here:
Or, alternatively, book 1-on-1 sessions with me from here:
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# silvia 2018-08-17 15:30
Hi Zingdad
Have watched video again as found so interesting but just have a couple of questions. Are the Marsons the same as Archons - and is there a chance that one of the other bloodline families of Vampires could replace the Red Vampire? I know you said he never shared his knowledge but was he the only one with access to it?
Thanks from Italy!
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# Zingdad 2018-08-17 20:36
Hi Silvia
As I understand it, the Marsons are related to the Archons. Both feed on negative emotional energy. The Marsons are differentiated in that they became adapted to feeding on - and creating - war.
I am told there is no other that can pick up where the old vampire left off. He killed off anyone that might have been able to do so years ago. He killed his "competition" and so we are free of that particular burden now.
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# Scott816 2018-08-17 14:53
What an amazingly profound video and message. Thank you both for this and all that you do. The intensity of this event is very evident in this video and likewise, the positive narrative that will ensue! I send blessings to you and plan on seeing you in NYC in September/October!
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# Jay O Wilder 2018-08-17 04:58
Hi Everyone,

I have read the comments... I am impressed with the wisdom presented in the comments. And, I feel grateful to be a part to this chain of comments.

Zingdad's latest video feels sooooooooooo right to me. I have been aware of the corruption in the top levels of humanity's business, health, military, medicine, food production ....and of course government. ... and, it seemed hopeless we could ever get out to the "mess"... now, I am so happy and excited... and, so inspired.....

If, what is being said in this 1/2 hour..... if it is true, then we are in for the beginning of reclaiming Earth for Humanity and restoring OUR HOME EARTH to the “Garden Of Eden” it was designed to be.

I can see the next years being about healing,
restoring and creating a beautiful
world where all life is honored,
protected and nurtured to evolve.

And, to start the healing process of those who "worked" for the demon... Forgiveness... lots of it is the call of the day. Forgiveness and restitution
and, new levels of responsibility from and by all of us.

A grand time to be alive... so much to see do and be...

Heartfelt Service is the Greatest Joy.


Jay O Wilder
Tiru Kids
Tiruvannamalai, India
Mobile; 91 770.828.8499
Break Free In India (Tours)
Sedona, Arizona, USA
US: 1-415-226-6140
Skye: jay.o.wilder
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# Alexis Winsor 2018-08-17 04:47
Dear Zingdad,
Thank you for stepping forward and putting this information so succinctly and clearly. Putting it in a "story" format works beautifully. I did have an understanding of most of this material from my inner-guidance as well as from external sources prior to this release, however the way you explained it so well chronologically was very helpful. The exiting of the Ancient Red Vampire is certainly good news for all the forces of Light here on Earth. It is exciting to know the path is now clearer for the Light and will be wonderful to be a part of it all. I fully support your work in lessening the impacts of Marsons and the remaining minions of the dark ones. Blessings to you and to all who are working with healing selves and our beautiful Earth. Much love.
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# Patricia Mackenzie 2018-08-17 04:18
Oh, my. It's like something straight out of scifi. And then you get to the place where you talk about being triggered, and I have been lately noting that in myself (I! who have long been all about loving Humans without judgment!) and puzzling over what was going on. Thankfully I have been able to simply observe, and to dismiss the thoughts of 'it's Humans; they don't deserve to live'. Thankfully! And yes, this all sounds nuts but there's certainly a core of truth there, so thank you, Zingdad, for your courage in sharing it. Peace. I can begin to believe that is actually possible. Peace, and Love, to you.
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# JW 2018-08-16 20:56
Arn -

I found it refreshing that Adamu is finally being more forthright - vs. what "8" offered in your Ascension Papers dialogue on these topics, for example - re: the ancient planetary and cosmic satanic element. That element, IMO, long ago found the means to run beyond the bounds of any original "Push and Stay" or "Growth through opposition" paradigms, instead becoming an out-of-control, highly-destructive cosmic parasite.

That network, here on this pivotal "Cosmic UN planet" - the very kind of dense 3D microcosm from which any long-sought major "Cosmic inbreath" process probably must begin - had Mother Earth and humanity in the fix of not knowing how to free themselves, things continuing to march toward the kind of ominous meltdown scenario this "post-victory Red Vampire message" finally confirms.

Despite what Adamu seems to believe, my sense is that many "major lightworkers" here have long been aware of all these main factors, plans and activities. More than that, some of us have repeatedly had human incarnations here on-the-ground going straight up against those elements and plans. Personally, I would have appreciated greater forthrightness and initiative from our main higher-d helpers on these pivotal topics of general misunderstanding long ago. There have always been means to get more factual information (vs. disinformation) out, which could've made it much easier for those taking on important life missions to make much greater progress.

Anyway, I guess, "All's well that ends well."

Thank you for your courage and initiative bringing forward such important material as you have. I am re-reading the Ascension Papers and finding that helpful and insightful.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2018-08-17 14:55
As I understand it, it is very much a case of what CAN be said to whom and when.
What is said in a publicly available, published book or youtube video is limited. Timing is everything.
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# Tien-I 2018-11-12 23:22
Interesting. Very interesting indeed! Love and Gratitude
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# johannes 2018-08-16 20:50
Hi Zingdad,

something I want to add,

Many messages in synchronicity about this change Your story is the dragon, that is dead, others tell another story, and the core seems the same.

Let us not rely on others, let us be and act with ourselves!

And takesome care not to be pulled into some center of attraction or events of too many public, there have been many, who became some kind of "guru" ..

But looking at you personally in the video (I usually prefer to read), I have no fear, that you could fall into this:

You spread some charme, sympathy, intelligence. You also have your fine place of some retreat, I guess, to keep your energy.

The dragon is dead,
The door is sealed,
where evil dwelt...

(a letter more for you than a comment)
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# Kim88 2018-08-16 20:34
somehow I felt that the old "Matrix" went offline by the end of last year. Perhaps the harvesting and feeding frenzy of "Loosh!" has no significance anymore..!

is it possible to visit you? I am ready to 'work' = )
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2018-08-17 14:51
Hi Kim
It is indeed possible to work with me in person. Here are some options:
1-on-1 "Spiritual Safari"
Or as a part of a group of 8 at an Adamu event:
Or else, I will be touring to teach soul healing and how to preotect from the Marsons:
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# Maria Bos 2018-08-16 17:06
Dearest Adamu(??), Thanks for your very pleasent reading about the disappearing red vampire. I really enjoyed it. Maybe we'll once meet in Europe, I live in the Netherlands. I found you a loving newsbringer,
Blessings, Ria
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Isabelle 2018-08-16 11:27
Zingdad, Adamu,
and all those with purity of heart and soul:

... I love your vibes ...


Thank you for your communication coming from a radiant space of love.

Love without discrimination, love which includes those you are talking about here.

Love which addresses Itself to our own source of love.

This is why I am valuing you so very much!

Your explanation is among the clearest, most sober one I've ever heard, from a space of honesty and humility, from your HIGHER NATURE to our HIGHER NATURE.

Thank you for the pure, unconditional, divine love you are conveying and awakening in us:
I so appreciate and value you.
I so love you.

Thank you!
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# Francois67 2018-08-16 02:58
I can relate to your story as I have followed the secret political events for a few years now, and I already had this information coming to me and I'm really glad that we had manage to come this far in our liberation process. I feel real love to all humans with the work we have done so far and where we are right now. Our total liberation is coming soon !
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Rob 2018-08-16 02:48
Such good news!... no need to feel uncomfortable to have the honor of reporting it :) I look forward to supporting your mission around the world and still hope to join you in Maui shortly.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Ty Vonhoetzendorff 2018-08-16 00:29
Greetings Zingdad,

I really wanted to go to your Maui workshop, but spirit told me to be patient. I live in Los Angles, so I makes perfect sense to me that we are suppose to connect in LA and create a circle (Dome) of Light in the City of Angels, where I live

I AM That I AM - In Oneness and Unity - We Can and will Create Peace on Earth. It is what I AM on Gaia to accomplish in this life time and I very much look forward to meeting you in person in the name of Love and Light.

I AM sooooo very Grateful for all that you share as Adamu's channel (The Resonate Frequency is of pure Love /Light Essence) and it fills me with JOY! In addition, i want to Thank You for your courage and for the Beauty and Love that shines so very brightly from within your own Soul!

Sending you Infinite Blessings and Safe Travels my Beloved Brother of Light.

Be In Joy!

With Great Love,
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# yael klein 2018-08-15 22:30
This is so amazing.... thank you for this information... it is so valid at these times
We generally know what plays in the background, but we do no5 get much confirmation on things as they happen, so thi# is so welcome! Thank you Adamu and tha5 you Arn for darring to speak it outloud.... million questions pop up after listening to the messege, but non the less, a great peace of mind is present as well!
Thank you,
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Gregory Townsend 2018-08-15 21:11
Thank you so much brother , if you wish to come to Virginia , I am here!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Cheri 2018-08-15 21:05
Wow big news! The red shield has got to be Rothschild. My gut tells me he was the head Vampire that you describe so well. I have been working in full lightbody since 2013 in the energetic realms with my oversoul monad clearing and collapsing these cabal timelines and I am so excited and wonderfully relieved to hear this news!

Really feeling the joy returning especially here in America although the media just reflects chaos by design. All is coming into full alignment now energetically. With love to you from Northern California. Thank you and Adamu for all your hard work from my Hilarion soul to yours!!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Sarah Dawson 2018-08-15 20:56
Wow thanks for all you’re doing and saying zingdad and Adamu. You can count me in too x
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Sarah 2018-08-15 20:30
Wow!! Big mahalos for sharing this! So brave! My eyes were glued to the screen. This fills in so much of the story that is only outlined by others. I feel like I have a more complete picture now. Hopefully others won’t be so cryptic in sharing this information now. Let’s just spell it out already. So many people know the truth anyway. I feel I am meant to help and it’s no coincincede that you are coming to Maui, where I live! Somehow someway I want to attend your workshop even if I can only come for the weekend. I can’t wait to see how it works out. Maui is a magical place. Aloha!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# james 2018-08-15 19:43
where's your donate button?!?!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2018-08-15 20:31
Thanks for asking, James!
I do have a donate button on this page:
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# james 2018-08-15 22:51
You're welcome, Zingdad x)
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# preben olsen 2018-08-15 19:37
Dear Zingdad. Best news in a very very long time, thank you so much. I would love to learn how to make Marson free zones. Love from Denmark
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2018-08-15 20:33
I hope I can learn enough about them myself from Adamu that I can teach their creation. I hope to make a video when I have a group to work with...
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# darla 2018-08-15 19:34
Great news indeed! Thanks so much for sharing and count me in.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Elna 2018-08-15 18:40
Thanks so much for this awesome update!!

I am so excited! Will you also be teaching in South Africa, or maybe an online class? I would be very interested in joining if at all possible.

Thanks again and blessings to you :)
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2018-08-15 20:34
I hope so, Elna! Watch my newsletters...
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# moonstars 2018-08-15 17:44
Fabulously and succinctly put! This insanity and crazed anger has been immensely ramped up and it's up to us all to heal and NOT REACT to the madness. Thank you for the great video!
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# Sue Sala 2018-08-15 17:27
Could you teach the Marson "technique" online so that we could each create this shield in our own corners of the world? Many blessings to you!
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# Zingdad 2018-08-15 17:31
I hope to do exactly this, Sue.
My plan is to video it with instructions and hopefully there are folks of sufficiently high vibration out there that can make groups and do this together too. But first I need to be taught it completely. Then I need to do it with the first group in Hawaii. Then I can share it...
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# FireFly Nine 2018-08-15 17:24
No coincidence I'm sure as information is pouring forth from lots of places for me, but I just read a well done series by CE on who 'Lucifer is and why he/they are here (quick and easy read ... ....) The article compiles some of the 'Hidden Hand' material in ways that compliments this video very nicely and fills in some of the background mentioned here regarding how and why the negative overlords took control of this planet. The information is very compatible with your earlier work on Density and evil, and especially the final chapter of T.A.P on Love. I don't completely concur with the idea that 'Yahweh' acted out of anger towards the Lucifer group, but more so out of knowing that 'free choice' needed too be quarantined on this side of the veil.
I expect the other bloodline families will quickly fill the gaps in the game left by the Red Shield, since the game must go on until we sort out what Density we want to arrive at, and where we choose to align. If 51% positive is required for 'harvest' then this may be further reason for the political plays instigated from behind the scenes to test where one truly stands. (See the link above for the details... but do go through them all 1 to 7).
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# Laura Petrilli 2018-08-15 17:08
This video from a well respected spiritual teacher give us a description of who what where this red Vampire came from and the 13 families that war with each other for loosh {negative energy}and money. A great precursor to your excellent video.
Zingdad I hope you don't mind the link. And I hope you hook up with Lisa Trandsendence Brown when you come to Hawii. You will love her. She will welcome you with open arms.
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# Antu Asar 2018-08-15 16:25
Thank you for this wonderful information - it resonated deeply with me, to be honest on some level, I knew something had happened recently that was about to change everything - so I am delighted to finally discover what that was - blessings to you and Adamu for sharing this - wow! The potential and possibilities for the human race, just took a HUGE leap forward! I am based in the NE of Scotland, UK! Keep up the great work you are doing... Antu Asar
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# silvia 2018-08-15 16:24
Just to say how much I enjoyed watching your video - and how it resonated with me. After all the negativity and suffering that seems to be present almost everywhere it's good to hear that there's finally some good news!
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# Kimi 2018-08-15 16:03
In such gratitude for the confirmation. I have known and felt this completion for Earth and humanity! Love and blessings!!!!!
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# MsRhuby 2018-08-15 15:59
Healing the psyche / soul - sometimes all we need are the words to formulate the next step!
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# Bigfeet 2018-08-15 15:56
While this news is promising i can not see how it changes the game on a personal level. One might say the structure of the 'red vampire' is still very much rooted in our society and although the leader has disappeared behind the scene, the aftermath of its influence will still go on. I suppose the ripple effect will play out as it always has. You call it a window of oppertunity, with wich i can concur. Yet the rules of the game are unchanged in a reality of constant change. I can not speak what the future will bring, still totally dependant on individual free will. Therefor it is the respons -ability for each individual as it always was and will be. Time(line) will tell & thank you both for this update. Looking forward & untill next ... time. ;)
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# Jillian Govan 2018-08-15 15:49
Hi Zingdad,
You may prefer not to do video, but you did it, and you did it really thank you. Many thanks to you for doing an excellent job in relating the information as you understand it. It did resonate with me and was further confirmation of much of what I have come to understand is happening, but you also filled in some gaps for me. Thank you Adamu for all the love and help being sent to us and for your connection with Zingdad. With much gratitude.
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# paul hardy d. 2018-08-15 15:39
Hi Zingdad,

With Trump, AND Putin playing the Light roles, it almost like a divine intervention, I was happy to also see the deep state being rough up, and pedodevils are being exposed. But the Ancient Red Vampire being dead, is the icing on the cake news.
I trust you and am getting ready myself to start my journey in my corner of the world, and heal as many fellow country man as I possibly can..... From Indonesia : Thank you ..... Paul
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# Maciej 2018-08-15 15:10
I was listening to this message and relating what you said to the messages of Kryon and one in particular that he gave very recently in which he said without getting into any details that we are about to close a portal through which dark entities are sending their dark energies that play with out minds. Obviously it was too early that to give any details and Kryon does not give any "scary" stories anyway, so such a message will probably never come from from him. He focuses on the light only and never goes into details of the darkness. I notice also in the many spiritual Facebook groups I am member of that very recently there are many post of people who report feeling angry for no apparent reason and no a piece of the puzzle clicked into place. I have two questions to you. 1. about the Marsons - isn't turning ones own light enough to prevent any darkness to come it? 2. Do you mind if I post this video on my FB groups?

Love and Light Your Way

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# Zingdad 2018-08-15 16:10
Hi Maciej
Thank you for your comments. It is interesting that there is corroboration everywhere if we know how to see.
Your questions:
1. Your own light is certainly enough to protect you. Alas, we all have shadows in our Light created out of our own fearful, limiting beliefs. These need to be healed if we are truly going to be beacons of pure Light that cannot be touched at all by such entities.
2. Please do! Share it wherever you feel appropriate!
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# Cheryl 2018-09-24 17:27
Hi Maciej: I also listen to Kryon, but have not heard the info you have referred to. Would you be willing to post that recording? Thank you.
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# Lesley Lillywhite 2018-08-15 14:37
My comment is that I prefer to read, than watch videos. I am a filmmaker, so you would think otherwise, but my partner is a writer, & I cannot watch & hear something without it interferring with others in the house. I don't care to plug in with earphones, I feel tethered. Reading allows me to be at my own pace & process. Am just old-fashion. That said, I appreciate your info.
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# Zingdad 2018-08-15 14:44
Hi Lesley
... and I usually prefer to write rather than to make videos. But I am being encouraged to "speak directly, from the heart" rather than writing. So I guess we are all taken somewhat out of our comfort zones sometimes. :-)
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# The Rickles 2018-08-15 16:29
I'm with Lesley. I wonder if someone would be willing and able to prepare a transcript that you could post.
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# Pam 2018-08-25 20:17
I also would very much appreciate a written transcript to read. We live way out in the mountains and only get internet through a very slow phone connection. Videos do not work well (if at all) on our computer and we're sorry to miss what sounds like very important information. We do appreciate all the wonderful messages over the years. Thank you for those.
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# Sander 2018-08-15 17:58
Dear Arn and Lesley,
Usually I prefer written text too. But in this case I appreciate very much your sensitive approuche in telling such a deep story.
Though I know a lot of the gallactic history and I’ve seen records about real vamps, I heard of an accident in UK in that family... it still touched me to see all the dots suddenly coming together. How could the Red House manage their agenda for so long. Thank you for your Inspiration.
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# richard 2018-08-28 18:35
Is the red vampire the same as the pindar and the Rothschilds?

The description of this red vampire sounds like the pindar.

It also ties into the fact when the humans in incarnation reach the Christ consciousness the corresponding entity is removed from the earth.
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# Eloise 2018-09-20 21:45
I would be happy to help if need be Arn. You articulate so immaculately it would be an effortless journey and pleasure
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