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Coronavirus - Part 1 - The Light Perspective

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Part 1 of a 2-part series in which Adamu speaks on the Corona Virus. He addresses the fact that this virus is the trigger to "The Event". This video, therefore is actually about your awakening and enlightenment!





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Adamu: Greetings, my friends. I am Adamu of the monadic entity of the Pleiadian civilisation and I am coming to you, as always, through my friend and scribe, Zingdad.


The topic of today's conversation, it may surprise you, is NOT the Corona virus! The topic of today's conversation is your enlightenment. Now, you might be a little surprised to hear this because the heading of this video is, "Corona Virus". We're not endeavouring to mislead you. It is simply so that the planet is abuzz with conversation about the Corona virus and Zingdad approached me and said, "Adamu, we need to do something about the Corona virus. Everyone wants to know: has the sky fallen on our heads? Is the world coming to an end? Is civilisation as we've known it grinding to a halt? The Corona virus is here!" So, it was necessary for us to respond; for us to speak.


But, my friends, the Corona virus is really just the trigger; it's just what's going on, on the surface of your world right now. Yes, it's top-of-mind right now, but, in a few years time, the Corona virus will be boring, old news. Nobody will want to speak of it. But, your divine awakening, your enlightenment, your ascension will be, really, the most important topic of all. As it always has been.


Right now, you are in a crucial stage of your planetary evolution. Right now, The Event is busy being triggered. Just to catch you up: The Event is the moment when the timeline that you are all collectively on, fragments. When you go away on separate timelines, you will find yourself on the timeline that is resonant with your own vibratory frequency. Right now, you are busy choosing. And, because you are busy choosing, you are busy creating your timeline, this is a time of extraordinary events. This is a time of miracles and magic. A time of wonder. You're very powerfully being invited to use your divine creative abilities to focus on fearful, disastrous outcomes. You're being invited to think small. To be scared. And, if you accept this invitation, you will find yourself on an other-responsible timeline and life will continue, in broad measures, as it always has been: you, being a victim, needing powerful, external others, masters, leaders, to tell you what to do, and you just doing what you're told. You can transcend this. You can find yourself on the self-responsible timeline. More powerful, more centred in yourself, finding yourself being more of an equal with those around you, creating your reality. Or indeed, you can transcend all the way to a Unity-conscious timeline, where you are aware of the divinity within and you will be a divine being, walking the world amongst divine beings. An angel amongst angels, so to speak.  


So, the Corona virus is really just a trigger. My friends, it's a virus. You are inhabiting, right now, a human body. A human body that is gifted to you after hundreds of millions of years of evolutionary biology. This virus is new to your body and so, as a result, it has some risks, it has some dangers. But the human body has faced risks like this countless times. Every single virus that you know of: cold viruses, flu viruses, every single virus that you know of, was, at one time, new to the human body. At one point it was novel. At one point it posed the same kind of risk. The human race survives.


So, what to do about the Corona virus is, perhaps, worth a brief conversation. At a minimum, take the other-responsible approach, which is, listen to what you are told by those who know a little bit about the subject. You know the drill: sanitise your hands, consider a mask under certain circumstances, consider eye protection under certain circumstances, and keep social distancing. When appropriate, self-isolate. These are the measures that you can be taught, that you can apply in a rules-based way. You can do these things to limit your chances of being infected. You cannot completely eliminate your chance of being infected without being a complete hermit, which, for a human being, a social being, is very difficult to do. So, the probability is that you, and those that you know, will eventually get this virus. Which means that these other-responsible techniques are really about protecting society. It's about slowing the transmission so that society can cope with the disease.


The self-responsible path builds upon that. It takes you to the next level, where you take responsibility for yourself. Society will respond to take care of itself. You need to take care of yourself. How do you do this? You need to be in right relationship with your form, with your human body. You need to love your human body. You need to understand that your body has magnificent intelligence. Your body is wise, it is a teacher, if you are but able to pay attention, to listen. Respect your body, engage your body in a dance. If you are, then your body is strong, it is healthy, it is essentially happy. If you have a strong, healthy, happy body and it gets infected with this virus, you'll sail through. Yes, you'll probably have a cough. Yes, you'll probably have a bit of a fever. You've had coughs and fevers before. You'll come out the other end and you'll smile. You'll say, "I survived the Corona virus!" Because your body is strong.


So, how do you get a strong, healthy body? My friends, this is about relationship. This cannot be taught in a rules-based way. I can mention some important things, like: make sure that you have, and are taking, fairly large quantities of buffered vitamin C. Make sure that you have a good source of alkalinity in your body. Alkaline powders are readily available. If you don't know, you can start with bicarbonate of soda, but there are far better alkaline powers than that: compounds that are rich in calcium and magnesium and a few others of the essential elements. Feed your gut. A healthy gut is really the foundation of a good immune system. How do you feed your gut? Leafy greens. Fermented leafy greens are fantastic (examples: sauerkraut and kimchi). The freshest leafy greens, juiced, so that you're drinking the enzymes. Fantastic! Salads, and, of course, in your cooking, leafy greens. Have enough leafy greens. Cut out the things that damage your health. I don't need to tell you what they are, but currently there is the awareness that is finally dawning amongst humanity about the negative effects of refined sugars. Cut out sugars or, at least, largely cut them back. Refined starches are, effectively sugar for your body, Cut them out, cut them back. I can't give you rules for this. The better you do, the better you will do. But this is about you, relating to your body. Your body needs fresh, living food. Vegetables, fruits, that are fresh, that are living. Your body needs these things. Listen to your body. Engage your body lovingly. The same thing with moving your body. Get some exercise, get enjoyment into your form.


Now, these things, when done properly, place you on a self-responsible path. You can't only be responsible for your form. You need to be responsible for yourself. So this means, also, taking responsibility for your emotional state. For your happiness. Be happy. Be full of joy. Fear and darkness is a far more pervasive, aggressive virus. Because it is a virus of the mind. If it infects your mind, your mood gets low, you lose hope. You lose joy. What is the point of living if you are low, depressed, angry and sad? Emotionally then, you don't really want to live. How can you expect your body to fight the fight if you won't even raise your emotions and say, "I'm happy. I want to be here."


So, being self-responsible implies taking responsibility for your physical well-being, your emotional well-being, your mental well-being. It's a journey that you need to be on. Now, there are some pointers that one can take in this direction, but I would far rather spend time with you, working on the next level; working on the Unity-conscious level. Working on the level of self-awareness, of transformation of self, that leads to your enlightenment, your ascension, to unconditional self-love, to the awakening of the divine within. These are all words that say the same thing and this is what will place you on, from my perspective certainly, the most joyous timeline. The Unity-conscious timeline.


Now, there is much that needs to be said about this and I have asked my beloved Zingdad, together with his beloved, Dwaro, who is holding the camera right now, to produce a series of videos, which are really about this. It's really about finding the divine light within yourself, bringing that divine light into your body, into your being, into your presence, expanding that light, shining that light, living with that light. Living in a state of harmonious, delighted, joyful love with your own divine being. As I say, there is much to be said about this. More than will fit in this video right now.


But the core purpose of this video was really to say to you: this virus is just a virus. It comes, it goes. You can attempt to avoid getting it. You might be one of those who avoid it altogether. But it's far more important to make sure that you're well and strong and healthy. That you can survive it. And even far more important to awaken to the awareness that you are a divine creator being. That you are standing on the cusp of a vast transformation in consciousness. And you can be leading that charge. Or you can be dragged along, kicking and screaming onto a timeline that, when you get it you say, "But I didn't want this after all!" It's up to you.


The moment is now. There can be no more delay. The trigger is happening now. This is it. We're here. This is what we've been waiting for. You, collectively, humanity collectively, has crafted this. You have said, "We cannot continue as we are." You have said, "We are over-populating our planet." You have said, "We are causing harm to this planet, our mother. We are harming ourselves, we are at war with ourselves, we are toxic to each other." You have said, "Great transformation is necessary." You have said, "Please, we are tired out, we need something new." And you have said that, "When this thing arrives, this new thing arises, it shouldn't be more war, it shouldn't be more catastrophe."


But we do need to let those who want to leave... we need to let them go. Those who want to leave this incarnated life need to have a mechanism to get off of this track to go onto whatever other journeys they want to be on. And so here it is. This is it. It's here. And it's not a terrible disaster. Yes, you are being told that it's a terrible disaster because those who are running the show of this world need you, at least, to be on the other-responsible track. At a minimum. You need to be doing the things that they are asking. So, go ahead and do those things. But do all of it. Do all of it. And a time of magic and wonderment awaits you.


So, my friends, there are many, many more words to be shared. Mostly they will be shared from Zingdad and Dwaro in a series of videos that will follow this. From time to time I'm sure that I'll pop in and add a few extra words. But, mainly what is happening now is beautiful and joyous and exciting. Allow your world to flow with peace, with ease, with grace. Be of good cheer. Be happy, be healthy, be well.


I am Adamu and it has been my great pleasure to speak to you, once again, through my dear friend, Zingdad. Until next time, I love you with the heart of oneness. Goodbye