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Coronavirus - Part 2 - The Darker Perspective

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Part 2 of a 2-part series in which Adamu speaks on the Corona Virus. He addresses the fact that this virus is the trigger to "The Event". This video, therefore is actually about your awakening and enlightenment!





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Zingdad: Hi everyone. So, I recorded the previous video, Adamu's release on the Corona virus. I recorded that yesterday. And this morning I woke up, Day 1 of quarantine here in South Africa - we're on full lock down. I woke up this morning and Adamu was right there in my mind. He was saying to me that we need to do a follow-up video, even before the previous one had gone out. So, that was new for me, but alright, sure, let's do a follow-up video with Adamu!


So, if you give me just a moment, I'm going to tune into Adamu and let him share with you exactly what it is that he has on his mind.


Adamu: Thank you to my young friend, Zingdad. I am, of course, Adamu of the monadic entity of the Pleiadian civilisation.


The previous video that went out (Adamu Speaks - Coronavirus - The Light Perspective can be found together with all of Adamu's materials conveyed some very important information; conveyed a perspective that really needed to be placed in your collective consciousness. And I wished to observe what the reverberation from your collective consciousness would be before taking the matter further.


So, there is another side to the story, to what is going on with the Corona virus in your planetary consciousness. Perhaps a darker side to the story.


One of the reverberations that came back from your collective consciousness was a kind of an angry disbelieving response. Now, please, this is not from everybody, but there is a contingent who would respond in this way to say, "But Adamu, surely, surely you can't be serious! This virus is terrible. It's serious! Are you saying it's a hoax, are you saying it's a scam, that we shouldn't take it seriously?" There is that contingent who cannot bear to see somebody taking a lighter perspective on this.


So, allow me to start by saying, no, this is not a hoax, it's not a scam and, yes, it is serious. It's serious because many people will die. Many people will die, directly from this virus. Many people will die indirectly from various complications. And, depending on how your planetary consciousness deals with this, potentially far more will die from the indirect consequences. And when I talk about indirect consequences, what am I talking about? Social upheaval. When people are fearful human beings, when they fear for their lives, when they fear for their well-being, when they feel that, they, their loved ones, their family members, those they support are at risk, many human beings respond in violent ways. Riots happen when people get hungry. When people get scared they riot, they loot, they burn. Social upheaval is a very real possibility as a consequence of this virus.


Economic implosion is a kind of a certainty. To one degree or another, your planet is going to be vastly affected economically. It's already happening in this early stage. Companies are closing; people are losing their jobs. The knock-on effects of this are going to be felt on your planet for a very long time. When people lose employment, they don't just no longer have a job to go to. They don't just lose a salary. They lose all kinds of other things: social networks and a sense of purpose in the world. And when people lose this, when they lose their direction, when they lose income, when they lose their purpose, when they lose their value, when they notice economic implosion going on around them, social upheaval is multiplied, and social upheaval leads to further economic impacts. If the one thing that is working in your small town is perhaps a store that sells groceries and people go and loot the store and burn the store, well then, that's not working anymore. And so it goes.


So, this is serious. I'm not inviting you to become irresponsible about this. In fact, quite the opposite. I'm inviting you to become self-responsible and to take your self-responsibility to the next level and become Unity-conscious. To awaken. So, it needed to be said that this is just a virus because the problem is not, really, the virus. The problem is the virus of the mind that I addressed in that last video. The fear, the panic, the desperation. that is, really, the problem.


Now, one might say that there is a silver lining to every dark cloud. Well, there are a number of silver linings. Two silver linings that I can share with you right away is that globalism is really coming to an end. Globalism, as a concept, is being destroyed by the Corona virus. Now, globalism, per say, is not a bad thing. It's really not a bad thing for the humans of planet earth to stop seeing themselves as separated by things like, nationhood, the country you belong to, ethnicity, religion, the colour of your skin, culture, socio-economic circumstances. It's really a good idea for humans to see themselves as one humanity, belonging to one planet. So, from that perspective, globalism is a beautiful thing. A beautiful ideal. One world, one humanity.


But globalism, as it has been implemented on planet earth, as it continues to be pushed for, is driven as a political front-end of these ones, the dark cabal or the Illuminati, whatever you are calling them. The bloodline families that are running the show behind the scenes, have been powerfully pushing for globalisation because it is the lynchpin in their plans for world domination. You cannot dominate a planet that's fragmented in this way. Where you have to persuade local governments to do things. The European Union was a very interesting exercise in globalism. Convince the people of an area that it is in their best interests for them to open their markets to each other. One common market, you might recall if you are not a child, you might recall that this started really as just a European common market. And then you slowly expand from being just a common market to more and more commonality and that there are laws being made, not by elected officials, but by bureaucrats. This, to some extent, is still happening in the European Union. Thanks to Brexit and various other things, the European Union plan is falling apart. And that was to be a model that was to be rolled out - more and more unions and then unify the unions and you have one world. With officials that are not elected, but are bureaucrats that are placed there; that can be influenced and controlled by the dark cabal.


Well, with the Corona virus, it becomes immediately apparent that it's not a good idea to have, for example, all of America's manufacturing in China. Not a good idea. Surgical masks - if you import all of your surgical masks from China, all of your N95 masks, the masks that are supposed to be protective, in exactly this case. Well, if you import all of your masks from China and there is a Corona virus, and you need masks and China stops exporting its masks, you're in trouble. Well, one can extend that idea to everything. It's really not a good idea to have such substantial power in the hands of a foreign nation, if you're trying to look after your own people, trying to look after your own nation. So, for an unrelated reason, globalism is dying and that's a good idea. In the long run, that's a very good idea.


There is another, very important silver lining, which is a little sensitive, a little difficult for me to discuss. But those of you who are in the know, those of you who have been reading alternative media, watching what is going on behind the scenes, will not be shocked or surprised to hear that the members of the dark cabal and their chosen few, their lackeys, who end up being some of the richest, most powerful, some of most politically connected, some of the most influential beings on planet earth, this group, this club, engages in some very dark activities. They engage in things like, ritual practices, ritual sacrifices, sexual perversions, very often on the youngest and the most innocent. Groups of children and toddlers and babies being used in the most perverse way, causing them the most horrendous emotional distress. And, at the end of all this, these young ones, these innocent ones, are then ritually sacrificed and their blood is taken and there is a drinking of the blood and an extract of the blood, a particular extract that is known as adenochrome, which is then used. It is consumed as a youth elixir.


When you live this kind of a dark life, you are dark within. Your connection to the divine is severed. And so, as a result, the body struggles, the body withers. The drinking of adenochrome counters this effect. It has a vivifying effect. You feel younger, you look younger, you probably extend your longevity somewhat. You have less wrinkles, more energy and it gives a kind of a high, sort of drug-like high. So, this has been going on for a very, very long time. Over time, the club, the dark club that participates in this, has been expanded, as the Illuminati have been expanding their grasp on the planet, they have needed more and more puppets, more and more members of their club. So, more and more of this has been occurring. This darkness.


So, where is the silver lining I have been talking about? Well, the silver lining is that the use of adenochrome makes the user, over time, far more susceptible to certain things and one of the things that you are more susceptible to is the Corona virus. So, you are far more likely to get it, and far more likely to get ill and far more likely to die if you are an adenochrome user. That sounds like a silver lining to me. The silver lining extends substantially. When you understand that one of the vagaries of the Corona virus is that children are more likely to be asymptomatic, you know that when one has a pandemic of any kind, it's usually the young and the old who are most susceptible. The young and the old who are going to get ill first and die first. Well, this Corona virus is a little different. It is most likely to get to those who have co-morbidities.,This is something to watch out for: co-morbidities. People who are already quite substantially ill with heart disease, with immuno-compromising diseases, people who are already suffering with tuberculosis, or malnutrition, people who are otherwise weak and ill are most likely to be in that 15-20% that require medical assistance, perhaps hospitalisation, perhaps ventilation, perhaps intensive care. So what's different is that the children, if they get it, are most likely to be asymptomatic. They are most likely to be in the 80% that don't need any medical intervention. Indeed, they are most likely to be a part of that contingent that isn't measured, there aren't numbers about it, because nobody even knows, you're completely asymptomatic, never appear on the radar, nobody even knows that you had it. That's where children are most likely to be. Now, bear in mind, the children are the prey. Are the sacrificed ones in these dark rituals and the children may be asymptomatic carriers, so suddenly your source of prey becomes scary and dries up and you know that you're more likely to get it. Well, if they don't know, they're going to soon discover that their numbers are being decimated by the Corona virus and it's been decimated because of their dark rituals. That sounds like a silver lining to me.


So, my friends, please, it's not that this isn't serious. It's very serious. If you see what somebody looks like when they are on a ventilator, fighting for their lives, struggling to breathe, with a deathly pallor on their face. It's not pretty. When your nation is struck by the Corona virus and that 15-20% that needs hospitalisation is not able to get hospitalisation because your hospitals are completely overloaded and your people are perhaps dying in the streets, it's not pretty.


But, so important that you hear me when I say that you need to take care of you. You need to be self-responsible. Look after your body; look after your emotional state. That's why the previous video was so important. That there is a light side, not just a dark side. And the light side is when you “en-light-en”. When you bring your light into your being, radiate your light, then, not only do you keep yourself well, but you transmit a field of consciousness, a field of healthy consciousness, positivity, which will have a profoundly chilling effect on all of these terrible things that I've been talking about in this video. It will limit social upheaval around you. Believe it or not, this is how it works: you can transmit peace, tranquility, joy. This is the time of miracles and magic, if you awaken and you bring your consciousness to bear, then miracles and magic will happen. People will, generally, remain more peaceful, more calm, more tranquil, more resilient, more stoic, more willing to let this thing do what it is going to do and move through your collective humanity, so that you can come out the other end and we can move to the next stage of The Event.


Remember, this Corona virus is the trigger. It begins the ball rolling. Which timeline are you going to be on? It's not up to other people. It's not up to your neighbours, it's not up to the people down the road. It's up to you. You will determine your timeline with your consciousness and with what you choose. Choose well. Don't choose for panic, fear, desperation. Choose for love for One-ness, for the awareness that you are a divine being and everyone around you is too. Your planet is divine. The animals, the life on this planet is sacred; it's holy.


So, on balance, both of these messages do need to go out. So, I share them both with you. Make your choices wisely. You are divine beings.


I am Adamu of the monadic entity of the Pleaidian civilisation and I have been coming to you, as always, through my beloved friend and scribe, Zingdad. I love you all with the heart of Oneness. I will talk to you again, in due course. Goodbye.