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Adamu Speaks

2. The Disclosure Issue

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Below is the video in two parts. And then further down is the full transcript for those that prefer to read the text.





Transcript of video:


Greetings to you my friends!


I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian Civilisation.


Of all the questions put to those of us who you identified as "extra terrestrial" intelligences, the one we hear the most often, the question expressed with the most emotional intensity, is this:
"When are you going to appear in our skies? When are you going to land on earth? When is disclosure going to happen?" 

This line of enquiry is so often put to us that you have probably begun to weary of our vague responses. Either this or you have become disenchanted with one or more failed promises of our arrival.

So now I wish to address this issue with some clarity. It is time for plain speaking and honesty. There is no more place for coyness.  But in order to address this, I will require of you that you pay attention and follow my line of reasoning with me as I unravel the issues for you. It is unfortunately nowhere near as simple an issue as your might think it is.

To begin with. There is not simply one group of extraterrestrials "out there". It is not a criticism if I say to you that your vision is somewhat myopic. It is simply a statement of fact given that you are a particle of consciousness incarnated into deep density. So it is natural that many people on earth don’t even believe in extra terrestrial life. And of those that do, most think in terms of "extra terrestrials" as being one homogenous group of aliens. The broader thinkers amongst you might conceptualise there being a number of other inhabited planets which might send the occasional ship out to sneakily observe you. Well, the truth of the matter is vastly more complex and, dare I say it, exciting and interesting than this.


Earth is one of an infinite number of places upon which life exists. Of that infinity of points of origin a truly vast number of civilisations have, in this universe, evolved to the point where the boundaries of space and time have ceased to constrain them. There are many methods to move faster than light. It is in reality nothing more than an imaginary boundary. In the past, on your planet, there were those that said the speed of sound was an unbreakable barrier. Now your faster aircraft measure their speed in how many multiples of the speed of sound they are able to fly. And in a similar way the light-speed barrier is very much one that can be overcome. You simply need to think a little differently about the physics of the universe. Some methods allow craft to travel very fast indeed and traverse inter galactic spaces in a matter of, what would seem like, weeks or months. Other, more advanced techniques are more about consciousness than physics. The craft is really a being that is able to elevate its consciousness to higher dimensional levels where this universe is just one of many parallel structures of reality and then to return to the lower dimensions again, this time at the space/time nexus of the desired destination. Such a process allows the traveller to go from any point in space and time in any one of the possible alternate universes to any other point in space/time/probability in an instant. The translation might to a traveller objectively feel to have occurred in a matter of moments. But those moments are… mind expanding to say the least. You move into oneness with the universe and then return to separation and individuation again. It is a strange and wonderful thing to experience, especially the first few times.


But I digress.


What I wish to convey here is that there is a profuse abundance of life "out there". Nothing I can say will stretch your imagination enough to even begin to understand how much life really is "out there" and how varied and complex it all is. And how many different consciousnesses are, right now, teeming around, upon and within your planetary sphere. If you could raise your awareness right now and observe your planet from all the various densities of consciousness, you would be staggered to see how many craft of how many types are constantly engaged with earth.  Right from the little tin buggies of the more junior races, though the vast city-sized motherships of the intermediate races, right up to the crystalline and pure-light form entities of the more advanced beings. So many are here that you could scarcely look anywhere without seeing this kind of activity at one density level or another. And as many as are here, there are orders of magnitude more races that would be able to be here but are, quite simply disinterested. They have other business elsewhere and they apparently feel that what transpires here does not directly interest them.

So why can you not see us? Why are we not landing and walking amongst you?

These are valid questions. Let me say that, on the one hand we very much already are here and have landed and are walking amongst you! There are craft and beings upon the planet all the time. But that is not the point of your question, is it? What you want is to SEE us for yourselves and to interact with us. Correct? Well this too does happen albeit on a very limited scale. Many see all kinds of things in the skies and KNOW they are seeing an extra-terrestrial craft. Many have had direct interactions with one of a variety of extra-terrestrial beings. But this still does not answer your question. What you actually want is for us to make a dramatic show that is undeniable to all. You are asking us to land and interact with you on a massive scale. For some obscure reason, more than a few of you seem to want us to land on the Whitehouse lawn. A thought that is more than a little odd. What part of “declaration of war” is not understood by those that wish for us to do so? For certainly, this is how such an action would be perceived! But back to the sponsoring thought of your request for us to appear. You wish us to show ourselves in a way that ALL upon the planet are forced to admit to our existence and in a way that rips apart the tissue of lies that has been told about us.


So why do we not do this?


Let me assure you it is not because we cannot do so! It is because we will not. I will now tell you why. But to do so you are going to have to endure a short lesson in the evolution of galactic civilisation.


All civilisations go through a number of steps in their growth and evolution. First the civilisation is seeded at its point of origin. Mostly these are planets but sometimes civilisations begin inside stars, it might surprise you to learn. Or indeed in other places that might seem even less likely to you. How about the periphery of a black hole for an interesting origin. But be that as it may. Wherever a new civilisation is seeded, it is the norm for it to be nurtured and watched over by an older more developed civilisation. The gods of your myths and legends are actually just this: space faring civilisations that interacted with earth humans when your race was newly formed and in need of teaching regarding certain basics like agriculture, language, writing and various other subjects like mathematics or astronomy. At some point in the civilisation’s advancement, however, there comes the time when separation must occur. The older race that watches over the younger race must depart. They must seem to leave their protégé’s to their own devices. This is necessary as it is only then that the younger civilisation can move properly into the 3rd density of consciousness. As long as the old ones are hanging around watching over you, you are doing as you are told. You are not truly choosing and discovering for yourself who you really are. So their role is to get you going so that you can carry on without them and then to exit stage left. Or at least they must seem to do so. They can of course watch over you from the shadows where you are not aware of them. It is possible that they might also have their own attachment issues and that they might continue to try to tinker with your development from behind the scenes. It does happen! But be that as it may, with this departure the young planetary civilisation takes its first tentative, shaky steps into 3rd density consciousness as it chews on the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, as it were. And this is where your planetary consciousness has been for the last many thousands of years. And since the gods of your myths have seemed to leave you to your selves, you have been deeply immersed in your own choices about who you, individually and collectively, really are.


This is the hallmark of the 3rd density of consciousness. It is ALL about choice. The choice is this: where will you put your energy? Or put another way: where will you focus your love? You have had the ages of choice to sort this out for yourself before the next age begins. And right now you are pretty much in the very centre of the transition between the age of choice and the next age. The opportunity to make up your mind and choose is drawing to a close as it has for countless other planetary civilisations that walked some variation of this same path.

So let us take a look at the choice that lies before you. This can, essentially, be reduced to four main possibilities. First there is the choice to steadfastly continue NOT to choose. It is your right to refuse to choose and you will not be forced. This approach is for the soul that has not seen sufficient examples of the options and it will result in such a being going back into the 3D cycle again for another go-around. This is not a step forward. It is a choice to take the same class again. Where such a being will end up will depend on that being’s higher-self. But it is entirely possible to come back to planet earth at the beginning of this self-same cycle, if that is what is desired.


The second choice is to choose what is popularly called “service to other”. This is the choice for one that is love-and-light oriented. If you feel the good and right thing for you to do is to put others before yourself and to give and serve and love and to make the world a better place… then STO is for you. If you have firmly made this choice then you are already living these ideals. As the transition plays out you will find yourself moving into a reality where you will be surrounded by more and more beings of your own polarity and at some point you will even begin to meet and interact with space-family who are of this same polarity. Perhaps you will even be going with them to a planet which is more truly “home” for you than earth is. Planetary civilisations that are polarised this way are in the main very peaceful, kind and gentle places to be. There is a harmonious coexistence that is quite pleasant for many, if possibly a little boring. I say boring because things can tend to the predictable as conflict of any kind is rare and no-one seeks to put themselves forward over another. But there IS opportunity for excitement for the STO oriented individual. At the fringes of these societies there is an eternally raging conflict with members of the opposite polarity. Let me first tell you all about those.


The third choice is for what is called “service to self”. It is the opposite and balancing polarity of service to other. STS is the choice for those that seek their own pleasure, power and advancement before that of any other. If you feel you are the most important person in your reality and it is right for you to always put yourself first, then this is your polarity and you will find yourself living this ideal already. You will most likely either be in a position of power over others in some legally legitimised way, such as being a corporate leader or a government power-player, or you will find your way to power over others illegally such as through crime or even just victim/perpetrator psycho-dramas. You will also gravitate to those who you perceive to be powerful and you will serve them but only as a vehicle to your own advancement. As the transition plays out you will find yourself inhabiting a reality surrounded by ever more beings who, like you, are seeking their own self-service. And in due course you shall also meet members of other space civilisations who themselves are predominantly service-to-self. I shall not be coy about this. STS is a hard path and I feel great compassion for those that travel this road. The path of ego over heart is the lonely path. And there is no soft place to fall ever. No one can be trusted and everyone is manipulating for their own interests. It is very much eat or be eaten in such a reality. But many thrive in such circumstances. They are adept power-players and they get to the top of every heap they are in. They love the power and glory of having minions to do their every bidding. And they are very willing to play the role of the cruel and heartless master to keep everyone in line. There are many compensations for life in such a hard reality. Certainly the ego may be given full reign in its search for gratification.


One of the hallmarks of true STS civilisations is rapacious use and abuse of planetary resources. Another is unbridled expansionism. Put these two things together and it is obvious that such civilisations will be constantly seeking to colonise other planets. And where they find other civilisations on those planets they will seek to dominate them and take from them what they need. Resources, slaves… whatever it is that they desire. And so it is that borderlines are quickly drawn. STO civilisations band together and defend what is theirs from constant incursions from STS civilisations. And so it comes to be that there is an on-going never-ending war in the heavens between these two polarities of being. The war often reaches a kind of stalemate and borderlines seem to become permanently drawn. This is because STO civilisations are naturally harmonious and are very willing to co-operate and help each other. They will leap to each other’s mutual defence as a matter of course. So they easily form vast pan-galactic alliances which have access to so much by way of combined resources that they become a very formidable defensive foe.


STS civilisations, by contrast, do not easily form alliances. If they do these agreements are weak as they exist only to serve the transient, narrow self interest of the signatories. At the drop of a hat the parties stab each other in the back and the alliance collapses. STS civilisations grow by conquest. Empires grow to span many planets and then schism and collapse in on themselves as internal conflicts over power pull them apart. But these civilisations are always seeking advantage over all others and war is a natural expression of their way of being.


And that outlines the STO and STS duality between which you might now be choosing.

But there is a fourth choice. It is the choice to simply leap-frog the realm of duality altogether and to ascend your consciousness above the petty squabbles. This is the choice for unity consciousness.


All STS and STO civilisations will themselves come to a window period such as you are now in. And there they will have the opportunity to either switch polarity, which is rare, or to make the leap and come to the realisation that polarity is an illusion. There is, in truth, only Oneness. The “self” is in deepest truth, one with the All. “Other” and “self” are temporary illusory constructs that are brought to us via the veil of unknowing. Separation is, it is discovered, an optional experience. It is entirely possible to hold onto individuation whilst releasing separation. If this choice is made then a whole new way of being blooms for that civilisation. A reality which is based upon each particle… each individuated portion of soul… simply expressing itself as it must. Where each being gives its greatest gift and receives in exchange all that it needs from those around it. Coming to THIS level of awareness is incredibly liberating and empowering. It means there is never any further need for conflict at all. And there is certainly no boredom from lack of diverse interaction either! What happens to those of unity consciousness is that they come to know themselves to be One with the infinite source of all. The significance of what this means can scarcely be explained. It means you are directly connected with infinite energy, infinite creativity and infinite potential. You are able to focus your attention anywhere and everywhere you like. You are able to blink from here to anywhere you can imagine. You are able to create by an act of will. Whole realities and universes are expressed like so many playful thoughts by such beings. In fact the universe you are now in is really nothing more or less than a fascinating conversation between such beings. And you, yourself, no matter who you are, are ultimately one of many simultaneous expressions of one such a being.


And here is the good news. If you are willing. If it is your hearts desire. Then you are able to make the choice for unity consciousness and in so doing transcend the intermediary duality polarities. THIS is in fact the great miracle of what is happening on you planet right now. Yours is the first planetary civilisation in which this is being tried: to go directly from the choice stage of deepest duality right up to unity consciousness. It has never been done before and your planet and this space/time nexus is the test case. It is the model according to which a whole new way of doing the business of spiritual evolution will be played out.


So this is possible for you. You can begin to awaken to true unity consciousness right now.

Now, please understand. There is no judgement of those that choose the polarities or indeed of those that choose not to choose. But it is simply so that it is not essential that you spend the next age of your existence in one or the other polarity. And there is something else you should realise. If and when you do awaken to true unity consciousness then you will realise that everyone actually also made that choice. Eventually, you see, everyone does. And when you do then you step out of the game and find everyone else there too. That’s the point of Oneness. It is all encompassing. No one and nothing is not really, a part of the Oneness.


But… the more attentive amongst you are now wondering… what does all this have to do with disclosure? (smiles)


Well, now that you have a little background in galactic anthropology, I can finally tell you:

Your planet has been kept in a kind of semi-quarantine since the departure of the older races that we were talking about a moment ago. Many of the craft that are in the vicinity of your planet are there, primarily, to enforce this quarantine. This is to make sure that you are not unduly interfered with.


In the main, your civilisation must be allowed to proceed unhindered so that you can each make the aforementioned choice. Assuredly there are STS races who are eager to pounce upon the incredible diversity of resources that you and your planet represent. And equally there are STO races that are diligently working to keep them at bay whilst also performing a number of services to your planet. But ultimately all the elements of both of these polarities MUST make representations to the Planetary Council before they are permitted to take any action. Or else they are simply denied access. Your planet is surrounded by what I can only describe as a… kind of a spiritual membrane. A zone of much higher dimensional energy. It is actually a spirit being that provides this service. And this forms a boundary that cannot be crossed by anyone of less than pure unity-consciousness. However, it is the best interests of the All that some work be permitted to be done on your planet. Perhaps you have heard of some of the STO civilisations sending ships to help with the cleaning up of this pollution or the balancing of that problem in Gaia’s energy body. Perhaps you know of them strategically inactivating nuclear weapons from time to time. These kinds of things must be allowed to happen if catastrophic destruction of your whole civilisation is to be averted. So STO races apply to the Guardians of the Planetary Council and are given permission to carry on such activities. But the Planetary Council is of balanced unity consciousness. So it is that each such activity by an STO group will draw a counter-request from an STS race. They will want to gain access to your planet for this or that purpose. These requests are weighed against the greater good and sometimes they are permitted. So… for example… a human being on planet earth might have a soul contract in place that allows for him to be interfered with by an STS group. In such a case a so-called abduction experience might be permitted.


There was an instance in your history when you discovered the powerfully destructive forces of nuclear weaponry. The dawning of such a capacity for self-destruction is a trigger moment for interaction. The leaders of the nuclear aggressor nation were approached by beings of both polarities, STO and STS. Two competing offers were made. The earth leaders at the time chose to rebuff the offer by the STO group. They chose the STS offer of deep secrecy and behind-the-scenes chicanery at the expense of the peoples of their own nation and the earth at large. They did this in exchange for access to weaponiseable technologies. A contract was opened in this way with the STS races. But even the activities which occurred under the auspices of that contract are heavily monitored and limited. But it did mean that the STO offer was turned down. And this would have included a process of peaceful disarmament of the whole planet in exchange for clean free-energy technologies and techniques for eliminating illness and hunger.


And so your planet has progressed with this most momentous of interactions hushed up and hidden. And those in power that had, and continue to have, interactions with extra-terrestrial consciousnesses have worked quite diligently to procure a situation where discussion of and belief in UFOs and ETs is relegated to the realm of kooks and crazies. Ironic that they themselves know that it is all true.


Now, it might dawn upon you to ask why only STO and STS groups are permitted to interact with you. Why, you might ask, are there not true unity conscious beings playing their role. The answer is quite simple. Ones of unity consciousness are not able to engage with you consciously. You see, in order to inhabit the reality you do, your consciousness must be passed though what is called the Veil of Unknowing. You cannot know Oneness while you are on that side of the veil. And so a unity conscious being cannot interact with you. It is as if such beings are permanently perfectly cloaked from your perceptions. The only way you will be able to become aware of such beings is if you raised your consciousness and ascended your own psyche to a higher density of awareness. But this is something that very seldom happens and so you don’t really hear about people suddenly becoming aware of a being of pure radiant crystalline light. On the rarest of occasions, when this does happen, it is a powerfully transformative experience and the person sets off on a new course of seeking truth and love after that. But the point is, unity conscious beings are not primarily able to interact with veiled beings. Not in the normal sense of having someone sit opposite you for a conversation. But that is not to say that we do not do work in consciousness. We are present with you all the time and are constantly offering you guidance and help – if you are but willing to receive it and act upon it.


And so finally. When will disclosure occur? Let me say that it is vanishingly unlikely that your world governments will disclose. At root, the ones that wield the power are completely STS. And to tell the truth about their knowledge of and engagement with extraterrestrial intelligence is tantamount to admitting to all kinds of atrocities committed against humanity and a long-running game of lies and deception. And then, for their efforts, they would immediately lose all the power they so desperately crave as you realise what has really been going on. If they disclose all, you will abandon all their games of like money, politics and organised religion. You will give up on hatred of each other. You will ignore national, racial, social and religious boundaries. You will see each other for what you really are: one family of beings that is an integral part of a much greater universal family. They will lose everything they have worked so hard for and get nothing in return. So they simply won’t do this. The lie is sometimes told that they keep you from knowledge in order to keep you from panicking and harming yourselves. Well… STO groups have staged a number of powerful demonstrations to prove that this is just another fabrication. It has been shown that humanity is very much robust enough to handle knowledge of and interaction with extra-terrestrial beings.


So the government will not come clean. Some disclosure has happened amongst various world governments that have nothing much to lose from doing so. But the real government… the hidden ones behind the scenes… they are highly unlikely to show any of their cards. Many of the events you know about where you were promised disclosure or where you were promised a great showing of ships were really a game that was being played out between the STO and STS to either force their hand or to bring your consciousness forward towards your own awakening.


You see THIS, your awakening, is the only way true disclosure will happen. No worthy and wise government representative will appear on your television screen to tell you the truth. They have squandered all such opportunities. Indeed, as the age transitions, you will be able to disclose to yourself what you know to be true. The transition will happen and you will choose. And then timelines will diverge. And then you will see what you know to be true. You will find yourself inhabiting a reality in which there is no question but that there are races from other places in the universe who are able to interact with you. The quality of those engagements will depend on you and how you choose. What you awaken to, depends on what you are telling yourself about yourself now while you dream. The centre of the window of opportunity is, for some fairly complex reasons, the end of this year, 2012. And as you move forward so it will become more and more powerfully apparent that you bring EVERY experience you have to you by your choices, beliefs and ideas. As you do this more consciously so it will be ever more powerfully apparent to you. You will be able to leave behind ones that are deeply dis-resonant with your own energy. And then the change will be done and you will find yourself in a reality that is entirely resonant with your own vibration. And then you will see what you know to be true. And no talking head in a suit will need to appear on a quaint little picture-box to tell you anything about your reality. For outside in the night sky will be ships of light!


And with that thought I leave you.


I love you with the heart of oneness.


I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian Civilisation



Zingdad note: So, in the final analysis, it seems we should cease waiting for disclosure to "happen to us" and begin to enact our own disclosure by bringing great awareness to the choices we are making and by elevating our consciousness. If this is a journey you would like to join me on then I invite you to sign up for my free newsletter. I will be sharing information from Adamu and others on this very subject. Ultimately it is ALL about our ascension and NOT about the power that we might in the past have given others to control our destiny.




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# Tien-I 2018-11-05 15:31
Well said Adamu! The life-changing disclosures that occur when reading and re-reading the Ascension Papers Trilogy, and then living that truth and ascension journey, would seem (Is) far more valuable and important to Self and Other-Self than our "Powers to Be" halfheartedly admitting that we are not alone in this vast reality. Ya Think!

Our most sincere Gratitude and Unconditional Love goes to Adamu, 8, J-D and Arn who make these great life lessons and Truth (The One Is) available to those who choose to listen to It. It's the Gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving!

A special Love and Gratitude goes out to our Sister Dwaro, (Arn's muse, Twin Flame and resident psychic) who I suspect is very busy co-creating with us All as we speak (or write as the case may be) and that have chosen to continue inward on this most fantastic and incredible journey to self realization, unity consciousness and the One. What could be better than this! Truly an inner-experience that the One That Is would be (Is) proud of. Tien-I (Florida U.S.A.)
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# James 2018-09-22 13:44
Thank you both SO much this is so incredibly helpful and wonderfully clearly presented.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Wendy Xia 2016-10-31 17:37
Did Adamu mention the window opportunity by the end of 2012? or should be 2016?

Excellent message.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# june 2017-02-20 11:03
fantastic. fantastic speaker/voice,subject.
loved it.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2017-07-26 10:12
Hi Wendy
Apologies for the delayed response. I only saw your comment now.
Adamu said " The center of the window of opportunity is ... 2012"
The CENTER of the window is not when it closes!
He has not publicly spoken about when it closes but as I understand it, this is variable. It depend most of all on us and what we choose and create.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Charles 2016-03-03 08:48
Wow, wow, wow!
I am not usually a "Channelling" reader. I normally find them to be so much imaginary nonsense. Fairy-tales for the gullible. And I just can't get into them. But yesterday a friend sent me a link to this Adamu stuff and for the very first time I find myself not just being able to enagge... but really feeling that there is something "real" going on here! Thank you. This changes my perspective - not just on channleing in general but on the specific of the subject matter under discussion in particular.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Sterling 2016-03-03 08:46
Michael Tellinger called this the most important channeling he has ever come across. Which is what made me look you up. And I must say I think he could be right. This is very important information and it is very clearly relayed too.
Thank you for the valuable work you do!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Darci 2016-03-03 08:38
I struggled to hear the information in these videos. I realize that is because I am still hanging on to a hope that we will be saved by our brothers and sisters from the stars. But you really have helped me to see that this is not what I should be hoping for. I should be working for my own awakening instead. I can feel the truth of that. Thank you very much.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Lauren2010 2016-03-03 07:29
Wow, I feel truth within these words. So much more than Greg Giles.. he said "they are coming.."
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# zudeva 2016-03-03 07:27
Thank you so much!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Matthew 2016-03-03 07:27
Hello, Zingdad and Adamu! I feel compelled to say only five words in response to your latest message on disclosure and the spiritual evolution of planets: Beautiful. Love you. Thank you.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# joaniewg 2016-03-03 07:26
My heart is full. Thank you, Zingdad, for bringing forth Adamu's words. I am ever grateful.

Adamu, I am truly blessed to have heard you speak of all that is happening and what is to come. Your clear explanations are gems -- true diamond glints that fall into my spirit and spread throughout like Love bits. My heart is full and I await the day when I see you all again. With Love and Light to you and the Beings of Light in Unity, Joanie
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Khameneh 2016-03-03 07:25
This is an extremely important channeling, thanks for sharing it!
i wonder about the dynamics of ascension. Suppose I choose to ascend and my wife doesn't. then what will happen? I cannot end up in a reality in which I lose my wife. How are the dynamics? Maybe the versions of the people I interact with change? Can you elaborate a bit further about this?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2016-03-03 08:45
Hi Khameneh!
Its a good question and it is often asked. I hope to address this issue in an upcoming message with Adamu. What I have understood from him when others have asked this is that this is not something that you should worry about or fear. The answer is beautiful and joyful. It all works out perfectly. The details are a little long to explain no, in the comments section but it comes down to the idea of parallel realities. When you choose that which is truly RIGHT for you, you get that which is truly RIGHT for you. And if you hold your wife in your heart, ascending your consciousness will lead to greater good - for both of you.
Exactly HOW that will work out will depend on the soul contract between the two of you. Perhaps (only guessing here) you show her the way. She ascends with you as a function of your love.
But I will, as I say, deal with this in a forthcoming discussion with Adamu.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Alex1111 2016-09-24 01:29
A very close friend at my work told me I was Adamu and that is what she calls me til this day. I had no idea what it meant so I googled it and came across this page.. I have gotten so many answers to questions ive had my whole life but now I was left with even more questions-- one of them is since I was a kid I have had the ability to leave my body and travel to many different places-- my biggest question is why me? does adamu ever talk about these out of body experiences that happen?? and why was I told I am Adamu??

Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
# Zingdad 2016-09-24 14:15
Hi Alex
I assume your friend, who calls you this, would have a reason? Perhaps you should ask her?

You ask about your experiences and your questions: we come here to this place of deepest forgetting so that we can "not know". Because in the "not knowing" we find our own new answers. In out "not knowing" we recreate ourselves. Really, what this means is that the point of all of this is for you to find your own answers in your own heart. To remember that you are your own guru and your own teacher. As all of us eventually must.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote