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Zingdad's FREE Event, the

Standing in the Light of your Divine Self Tour

USA 2018




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New info has been added below (as of 25 September) updating the meeting point in New York.


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Thank you for your interest in this amazing, co-creation event!


I do believe the info below is final and correct but, just in case, please do check this webpage before departing on the day of the event. 


The following video explains what the event is all about and deeper details are available in the text below...




There will be two free "Standing in the Light of your Divine Self" events in the USA in September 2018: one in LA and the other in NYC. Additional events will be announced in Europe in 2019 and after that we shall see. I do intend to visit other parts of the world and also to return to the USA soon again. If you would like to stay informed of these events please sign up for my free newsletter.


Each event take place over two days. Day 1 is a day of healing during which you are helped to find and bring forth the Light of the Divine that is already inside of you. And on Day 2 we return and weave the Light Circle together!


On Day 1 the event will begin at 10am with a blessing and intention setting. We will continue for about four hours, until 2pm with healing and awakening of the Light within each of the attendees. Then we will lunch together. After lunch you may wish to stay to socialize or even meditate together with like-minded souls.


On Day 2 we will again meet at 10am and will then have a duscussion about the Light Circle and thereafter will begin to weave the Light Circle together. How long this will take will depend on the size of the group. Perhaps an hour or two. And then we will spend another hour or two connecting, meditating together or making friends and chatting. Day two will end at 2pm, also with a shared lunch.


You can expect this to be a truly life-changing experience of shared co-creation with Zingdad and other souls of high vibration. A wonderful opportunity to make new friends and connections, to heal your own soul, to find your own light and to give a magnificent gift of healing to your country and the world.



The Los Angeles event will be on Wednesday the 26th and Thursday the 27th of September 2018.

The New York event will be on Saturday the 29th and Sunday the 30th of September 2018.



The location in LA is the Los Angeles State Historic Park ( We will gather at 10am sharp, a little inside the gates. But be best advised to get there early as we will be moving on as a group to a better location within the park for the event. Look for me, a tall blonde guy wearing a bright red scarf. For fun, you might want to wear a bright red scarf too for mutual recognition!


The venue in NYC is Central Park.

We will meet at 10am at the entrance to the park on Central Park West and 81st Street. But, again, please get there early as we will be moving on as a group to a better location within the park for the event. I will again be wearing a bright red scarf and invite you to wear one too for mutual recognition.

There is a subway stop right there, on Central Park West and 81st Street. (The A, C, and B trains go there - those are the 8th Ave and 6th Ave. lines). (Thanks to Doug and Tomar for local info!)

What to Bring

Weather appropriate clothing

A yoga mat or cushion to sit on. Or a fold-up chair if you prefer.

A bottle of water to drink. 

A lunch pack and snacks. Perhaps a little extra to share too. 

Help and Support

There are certainly things that I can do with your help on.

  1. Please SHARE THIS! Please tell your friends and invite them to come with you in a group. 
  2. Please share this webpage and/or the video on your social media pages. The links to share are:
    This webpage:
    The video:
  3. If you can help with a donation that would be massively appreciated. Please see info below:

A Note About Donating

Those of you that have been following my work will know that I am "a giver" not "a taker". I have never actively solicited donations before. But this time is different. I am offering free events so that anyone that wants to come can do so. No ticket to entry. But buying return 'plane tickets all the way from South Africa is expensive. And, double-whammy, I also can't work to earn money while I am travelling. And, for those of you that understand forex: because I am here with South African Rands, it costs me 14 TIMES as much to pay for anything in the USA than it does at home. This trip us disastrously expensive for me!


Bottom line: I can really do with your help and support. If you are able to donate to support me with this mission, please do so here: 


Or use this button:

I will contact you within 24 hours of receiving notification to offer my thanks.


Thank you!


Learn How to Heal Yourself and Others

Would you like to become a Light Circle seeder? Would you like to be able to gather friends together and help them to awaken their own Divine Light and so be able to weave Light Circles with them? 

Would you like to learn to perform spiritual healing upon yourself and others?


If you feel an excited, positive response to this thought then you might be called to attend a 6-day healing workshop such as the one just completed in Hawaii (Find the details about that event here). Follow-up events will be announced in my newsletter.


Stay Informed

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