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Standing in the Light of Your Divine Self

Zingdad’s Hawaiian Retreat September 2018


Are you ready to receive the keys to the deepest healing of your mind, body and spirit?

Are you ready to learn how to release your hurts, your blockages and your victim states?

Are you ready to discover your own Divine Light and to use that Light for the transformation of your being?

Are you ready to know that the ability to heal yourself is your divine right?

And do you feel called to be a healer of others too?


If you find yourself eagerly saying YES!,

then this is for YOU!


Join Zingdad for 6 days and 6 nights of life-altering spiritual transformation in magnificent Maui.

Empower yourself with the tools that will serve your soul's journey all the way Home to the heart of the Oneness.


AND BONUS! Spend each evening around the bonfire under the stars being enthralled by magical, heart opening stories shared by Adamu and friends!


Now read on to find out more about this amazing event and to book your seat…




For many years now I have offered deep spiritual healing to a global client base, primarily via Skype. A number of my clients felt sufficiently moved to fly from the USA and Europe to spend a week or two with me in person in South Africa for the much deeper, more intensive healing possible during Zingdad’s African Spiritual Safaris. More recently I have been prompted by Spirit to travel, to take what I have to teach “on the road”.


Instead of simply healing others, I will now actually teach them to heal themselves and, possibly, to become healers in their own right.


When two dear friends invited me to officiate their wedding in the USA, I knew it was time. I knew I was being invited... not just to THAT event… but also to host a workshop while I was there in the USA.


And so here it is:

Learn to do Soul Reintegration!

Soul Re-Integration is the healing method I “brought in with me” into my present incarnation. Rather than being taught this by a human teacher, this is what my soul simply KNOWS how to do. This is also how souls are healed of their traumas in the discarnate realms. In the very simplest of terms: when your soul gets sufficiently traumatised in an incarnation, it gets stuck. A part of your soul remains attached to that incarnation and can’t move on. Though you reincarnate again, still that trauma remains, and it continues to plague you, lifetime after lifetime. And this is the origin of a vast array of psychological, emotional, spiritual and even physical ailments that remain deeply resistant to all the “normal” healing modalities that we usually try. It is also how we block ourselves from finding the Light of the Divine within ourselves. It is how we hide our own natural gifts and talents from ourselves. It is how we keep ourselves trapped in victim states and how we deny ourselves our own creator nature.


Truly learning to heal yourself with such a powerful healing modality is quite possibly the greatest gift the ascending soul can give itself!


Discover more about my offer of Soul Re-Integration healing here. And then let me teach you to do this yourself!


And, as a side benefit, if you have the aptitude and the interest, you might find that you are able to help others to heal in this way too. You might even eventually find yourself able to use your new skills to offer this as a spiritual healing modality! But it all begins with the first step:  This very workshop in which YOU learn to do Soul Re-Integration!

BONUS! Fireside nights with Adamu and friends!

Each evening we will gather at the fire pit under the stars (or indoors if the weather is not conducive) for a bedtime story with a twist! Spend time with Adamu and hear him tell you the most ancient tales of humanity's origins in this galaxy. Meet a Void Dragon and hear his perspective on Life! Bring your questions to Master 8, the Gate Holder to the 8th dimension! And many more! Each night will bring a magical, awe-inspiring new perspective to broaden your horizons and open your mind to grand new potentialities.


This experience alone is worth the price of entry, over and over again!

How to Book Your Seat

The event runs from the morning of the 13th to the evening of the 18th of September.


The cost for the full 6 day workshop is $1,200.00


This price includes 3 mouth-watering, organic, vegetarian meals prepared on site from the freshest locally sourced ingredients by Chef Sarah Hart of Sweetwater Culinary. These meals will optimally nourish your body in support of the deep spiritual work we will be undertaking with your heart, mind and soul!


The cost also includes the event venue, a spectacular architecturally designed space with bi-coastal views, a very large lanai (exterior patio) and a wonderful fire pit for our evenings under the stars.


The cost DOES NOT INCLUDE: Your travel and accommodation. Accomodation options and suggestions can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Are You Ready to Do This?

If this is exactly the life-altering experience that you have been waiting for, then don’t hesitate. Seats are strictly limited. And this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity.


Book your seat right away by clicking on this PayPal button:

$1,200.00 per person (discount available for more than 1 attendee) for YOUR seat at this very special event.
Since we don't share time zones, please be a little patient: I will email you confirmation of receipt of your payment within 24 hours of your making the payment.


… And then make your travel and accommodation arrangements.


Please feel free to e-mail me your questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Refund Policy

If you’d like to “grab your seat quickly” but are unsure about your accommodation and travel arrangements, go ahead and pay. I’ll give you a 100% refund upon request, within 3 days of payment, with no questions asked.

Please use those 3 days wisely to make all of your arrangements since, after that time, I can no longer give refunds as arrangements must be made depending on attendee numbers.


Accommodation Options and Suggestions

You may, of course, stay anywhere you like, as long as you are within a reasonable distance from the venue and can therefore be there every morning to begin with breakfast at 9am.


The following accommodation venues are particularly close to the workshop venue and are therefore highly recommended:




Banyan Bed and Breakfast


Sue's Cottages

has accommodations for multiple parties.  Sue is nearly next-door to the retreat venue. She may be reached at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Aloha Cottages

is located across the street from the retreat venue.


Hale Hookipa Inn, Makawao 

is about a 12 minute drive away:

Peace of Maui B&B, Hali'imaile

is about a 15 minutes drive away:

Hale Akua, Huelo

is about a 30 minute drive:


If, for some reson these do not suit you then you are welcome to research on AirBnB & VRBO for residences near-by: The retreat venue is in Olinda, just outside of Makawao Town (3.5 miles outside to be precise) on the island of Maui. You are welcome to . Paia is the closest sea town, being approximately a 25 minute drive away from the venue.  The largest city on Maui is Kahului (where you will land) which is about a 30 minute drive away.  There are large hotels and resorts in Kihei & Wailea which are a 45 minute drive away.  There are even more large hotels & resorts in Lahaina & Ka'anapali which is over an hour drive.


The retreat venue's address is: 

1850 Olinda Road, Makawao, Maui, Hawaii