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What is Ascension?


I am in the process of writing a series of books called The Ascension Papers. The first book has been published as a (free) ebook and in paperback and the second and third books are in progress and are available for you to read-as-I-write here on my website. Since these book are all really about the concept, ascension, I thought it would be apropos to for me give you a thumb-nail sketch of what "ascension" is and how it might be manifesting itself in your life. 

The Ascension Papers are written in the form of a series of discussions… question-and-answer sessions between myself and members of my spirit family.  So, yes, this is what many would call a “channeled” work. And in keeping with that I am going to do the same here: in order to write this article I am going to ask my own inner-self to converse with me.  Practically, the way this works is that I ask a question (or make a statement) and then I intuitively feel the answer as a pure-thought construct which I then “translate” into English and type.  There really is no hocus pocus involved… just me sitting with my laptop typing.  So there is no sense in which I expect you to give extra credence to anything said because it is “channeled from beyond”.  These are just words… just thoughts expressed.  And how I derive this information is, I believe, very much less important than the message itself.  It is in reading what is said that you will be able to discern for yourself if it is “right for you” or not.  And if it isn’t PLEASE feel free to just move on to something else that is more to your liking!

And so, without further ado, let me begin the conversation: 

Zingdad: I wish to speak to my inner-self. To that which has before identified itself to me as Joy-Divine. 

Joy-Divine: Hello Zingdad. I am always here. You want an introduction to the concept of Ascension? 

Z: Yes, please. I am aware that this is quite a large, multifaceted topic. Is it possible to address it in just a couple of pages? 

J-D: Yes. On the understanding that this really is just the very briefest of introductions. Readers are invited to read The Ascension Papers if they want more detail. 

So let us begin. 

Let me make the assertion that there are two main forces at play in your reality.  We can express this as “expansion” and “contraction”.  It happens everywhere and in everything.  You can see it in your person in the cyclical expansion and contraction of your breathing… in and out.  It finds expression as you enter into life as a baby, expand as an ego being and then, in old age, your ego begins to contract and you return to a spirit state via the transition called death.  You’ll see it everywhere in nature such as in the waves of your oceans.  You’ll see it in the very greatest events of your universe where your universe itself begins as a singularity, undergoes a great expansion which accelerates outwards until a tipping point is reached and then there is a return, a contraction, back to a singularity. It is, as I say, everywhere and in everything. 

My contention is that there is one true source for everything.  Everything ultimately springs forth from that source, expands, moves outwards, complexifies and grows and then, at some point, begins to re-integrate and return to Source. 

That great divine cycle is echoed again and again in many places throughout all realities. 

How this relates to your ascension is as follows:  As a spirit being you too come from the one true source.  You begin there and through a process of stepping down energies, of masking yourself from other aspects of yourself, of complexifying and, literally, dis-integration… you find yourself there on planet earth living your life.  Now there are two paths you can go by.  You can continue on your travels AWAY from Source, or you can change direction and begin to return.  But ultimately, no matter how long or how far you travel in the "away" direction, there is no destination there.  It is an inevitability that AT SOME POINT you will begin your return journey.  Maybe it is in this lifetime, maybe it is next lifetime, maybe it is not for another thousand lifetimes.  Irrespective.  It is an absolute certainty that at some point you WILL begin to return.  When you begin to return then you begin your ascension path. 

Now, I actually don’t like the word “ascension” as it seems to imply that you will move “upwards” and this sometimes creates a false impression.  Sometimes people expect to have some kind of once-off “lifting up out of their body” moment.  And that is not what this is about.  It is actually about the on-going process of returning and remembering.  It is about awakening to Who You Really Are.  It is about surrendering the beliefs you hold about yourself that limit you and that constrain you from your true capacity as a creator being.  But mostly, above and beyond all, it is about LOVE.  It is about you beginning to truly love yourself magnificently.  As you do so, so you will begin to heal yourself.  So you will begin to see all the things about yourself which you have negated, despised and rejected in their true light: you will see them as reasons for compassion.  And compassion is the most powerful tool for forgiveness of others, for seeing the light of God in the eyes of all others.  And this is the essential component in the beginning of the journey towards a very important recognition: 

That all of us are really ONE

Or, stated another way: 

That I am the other you.

Gaining this realisation is a profoundly healing thing.  It strips away the judgements that you hold in your mind that creates separation and division.  It disables hatred.  All the things which you perceive in your world to be ugly, painful and "evil" all stem from the fact that you have forgotten this most essential truth of all, that we are all really ONE experiencing itself as many. 

Gaining this insight as your own personal truth is a vital component in releasing much of your own inner-pain that manifests itself as ill-health and emotional traumas, as difficult relationships and unforgiven animosities. 

Along the road to ascension you will also begin to realise that you are not a victim of your circumstances.  You will first begin to realise that you are responsible for how you feel about that which occurs in your life.  And then something quite magical will begin to happen - and I don’t use the word “magical” lightly!  As you travel this path you will begin to see that these things you call “emotions”, these “feelings” you have… they are not useless impediments that get in the way of you living your life.  Oh no!  They are in fact incredibly powerful tools of creation.  I tell you now, how you feel about your reality can and does create your experience of your reality.  You just need to learn how to take ownership and control of these tools given to you!  As you do so you will begin to learn how to truly create.  In ways that are much more powerful than you could now begin to imagine. 

As you journey home, as you awaken and remember more and more about Who You Really Are, so you will discover the unique and magnificent power and gift that lies within your being.  And you will find that it is your greatest joy to give your finest gift of self to All That Is.  And the reward in return for you giving your gift is… EVERYTHING! 

So it is indeed a beautiful process.  When a being has traveled away from source enough, when the tug of HOME begins to be felt in their heart, when there is a desire to really wake up, to KNOW, to give, to heal… then a wondrous journey ensues. 

Z: And when we have returned to this state of Oneness?  Then do we cease to exist as individuals? 

J-D: Oh no!  Not at all.  Nothing ever ceases to be.  Your experience is ever-changing but, in truth, nothing is ever destroyed.  It is only you who are inhabiting an experience of reality that is inside of time that feel things can truly end or be destroyed.  The issues of time, sequentiality, densities and dimensions have been addressed in some detail in book 2 of The Ascension Papers. Reading that will provide a better idea of how such things work.  But for the moment let me say that from a higher perspective all things are really RIGHT NOW.  And all things are eternal.  And indeed it is the same for you.  You are actually an eternal, immortal being.  Now I understand that your experiences of yourself as you have headed away from Source might have lead you to believe that this is not so.  On the journey out you are complexifiying and so you are creating new experiences and compartmentalising them.  In practical terms you have experienced this as having a life which begins at birth and ends at death.  So it may very much seem to you as if things start and end.  However, as you awaken a little you will begin to realise that you have lived many lives and have survived many "deaths".  You will probably think of these lives as separate experiences... somewhat like pearls on a string.  Then, as you awaken a little more and you will begin to see all these lives as nothing more than aspects of a greater self.  And then you will awaken to the realisation that YOU are that greater self!  And so the journey home is begun.  As I said in the beginning, it is an on-going process of awakening and remembering.  But at no point in this process do you cease to be!  At no point do you lose your sense of self or the validity of your own being. 

Now I can see that a dichotomy that might spring up in your mind: how can you be your unique and individual self whilst still being One with All.  Well… this is addressed in The Ascension Papers using a rainbow as a metaphor and I don’t desire to re-hash this now. 

Z: But essentially you are saying we can all be who we are and retain our sense of self and individuality whilst still knowing that we are an indivisible part of the Oneness? 

J-D: Yes, indeed, that is exactly what I am saying.  You can experience yourself in both of these states at the same time.  And doing so will bring you to be able to create your experiences as you desire whilst not causing harm… pain and fear… for yourself or other-selves. 

Now, there is a lot more that we can say about this subject.  There will be a lot of questions in interested reader’s minds.  Like: “if we create our own reality why did we create such a painful one in the first place?”  There are a great many such questions that are good and valid responses to the contentions I am making here.  And THIS is the essence of the invitation inherent in this little article we are writing: if you, the reader, have read this far and find yourself interested in what you have read, or if you find you have questions cropping up, or indeed if you find a feeling of “rightness” as you read… then you are invited to come and join us on our journey.  You are invited to come and read The Ascension Papers as they are being written and see if this does not begin to provide you with some more answers and… particularly… some more questions.  Because, ultimately, I do not seek to provide you with every answer to every question.  Quite the opposite.  I seek to provide you with just enough possible answers that you might begin to ask some really big questions of your own… that you might, in fact, begin to create your own answers for yourself or co-create them with us. 

You see, The Ascension Papers does not contain a set of rigid TRUTHS that you will be required to believe.  It's much more subtle than that.  It's a creation which is at once a gift and an invitation.  It is my gift to you if you wish to accept it and it is my invitation to you to engage in a grand new cycle of co-creation, if you want that.  So in them I will set before you some perspectives… truths as I see them.  You can then decide to what degree this will be valid for you.  And then you can begin to create for yourself. 

And that is what I wish to say for now.  I realise that I have not dealt fully and comprehensively with the question “What is Ascension?” as that is far to big a topic to handle here.  It is a subject that we can spend aeons exploring if we wish.  As of course we will!  And it is also a subject which is intensely personal and will find different expression for different beings.  Each person will ultimately have to answer this for themselves and each answer will be unique.  But I do believe I have imparted some of the essence of it as I see it to be.  And in so doing I have also provided you, the reader, with an inkling of what is to be found in our more expanded work on this subject.  And that is what I wished to do here. 

You can find Book 1 of The Ascension Papers here.

Consider yourself invited!