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All of Adamu's materials, including written works and videos are available here. These articles will later be published as Book 3 of The Ascension Papers.


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Questions for Zingdad


writingPeople quite often email me questions. I guess it is a natural by-product of the work that I do and the fact that I seem to be able to (somewhat miraculously) get all the answers to my questions from 8, J-D and Adamu. So people have questions of their own and they send them to me. Quite often the question is framed something like "Won't you please ask Adamu..." or "I am struggling with something that I am sure 8 can help me with". Sometimes the question is simple enough and the answer is straightforward enough. And on those occasions it is my pleasure to allow the answer to come back through me and send it off to the querant. But often it is not so simple. For all kinds of reasons. People often ask questions for the wrong reasons. Looking for "proof" of something outside of themselves. Looking for someone or something to "believe in". Looking for a guru or a rescuer. And so on. And very often they ask a simple question but the answer is not so simple. The answer lies in a deep interaction. A consultation. Or even a healing session.


For these kinds of reasons I have been a little loath to offer a "question and answer" section on my website. The last thing I want to do is to create the impression that I am here to provide you with the answers to all of your questions. But, that said, there have been a number of beautifully framed questions that have simply been looking to hear my perspective (or that of my spiritual circle). And there have been some answers that came back to those questions that I thought it a pity not to be able to  share more broadly... especially when I have thought that the answers might be of general interest and usefulness.


So, instead of making myself a victim to all of this, I decided to open this up in a transparent fashion:

If you have a question for me (or for my friends) then you are welcome to send it to me. I do not promise I will answer you promptly. I do not promise you will get the answer you feel you want. I might reply saying that I won't be able to answer the question for whatever reason. I might reply suggesting that we rather need to engage in a consultation. But I do promise I will read your question and see if there is a good and useful answer that arises. And if I feel the question and answer have general applicability or interest, I will share it here on my website. And finally, I promise not to reveal either your real name or any other personally identifying attributes here.


If you are okay with all that and if you have a question for me, please feel free to let me have it via my contact form.


Further than that, please enjoy the questions and answers in the Questions for Zingdad (QFZ) section here on my blog...