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QFZ: Adamu and the Collection of Genetic Material


After posting An Open Letter to Pleiadian Starseeds , I received a very interesting query from someone that we shall simply call LP. Below is LPs query letter and Adamu's response:


LP: Dear Adamu and Friends

Thank you for the recent letter regarding human history, and the role your people have played in it.

As I'm sure you would understand, it can be difficult for we humans to accept that the history we have been taught is incomplete, and in some instances untrue. However, I'm sure you would also understand that- having been manipulated so many times in the past- it is natural for us to be very sceptical about any new thoughts or ideas regarding our history from what we would perceive to be "outsiders."

Nevertheless, the story you share is intriguing. There are some new twists that I haven't heard before! Some of it also sounds familiar... like that piece about other races who want genetic material from humans.

I'm wondering if you could explain something to me. While I will admit that a certain amount of what you have said "rings true" at an intuitive level, something just doesn't sit right with me.

It's that trope about how one or more races who "damaged" themselves genetically by editing out certain portions of their genome feel they are justified in violating or sidestepping the free will of humans and "abduct" them in order to extract their DNA.

This seemed like a plausible story to me 20 years ago, when I was much younger and we know a lot less about genetic technology. From the present space/time vantage point it appears rather obvious to me that it is not necessary to "abduct" a human being in order to find ample genetic raw material to use for scientific experiments.

With technology that humans have now, one could find a considerable amount of DNA in- for example- human feces. Which means it would be safe to assume that some other race with more advanced technology than our own would easily be able to collect a complete library of the human genome by simply sneaking into our sewage plants. Or even better- simply ask us! I'm sure there would be plenty of humans who would be willing to freely give up their poop in order to help save another race.

I mean no offense, however it simply seems absurd to me that anybody- faced with the situation you proposed- would choose to "mine" a human population for genetic material, when it is abundantly available outside of their bodies in their waste products.

Perhaps you could explain?


Adamu: My dear friend

Allow me to preface my reply with something that I find it very important for you to understand. At no point do I wish you to think that I am trying to persuade you of anything. I am not trying to "make you believe" me or any part of my story. For that is indeed all that I can ever share with you: my story. I endeavour to tell my story with the greatest possible integrity, it is true. But all I will ever be able to share with you is my perspective. The very last thing I desire is to have another religion sprouting up where others hang on my words as "the gospel truth". Instead what I desire is for each to find their own truth from their own perspective. I tell the story I tell merely as a means to offer you supporting material as I offer you tools and mechanisms to support you in your own self-discovery.


This is my somewhat verbose way of saying: I am not here to convince you of anything.


That said, you have asked a reasonable question and so deserve a reasonable answer.


The first​ part of your answer lies in the fact that I have already suggested to you, in the article you reference, that "The story of how Earth gets to be as it is now is long and complex enough to fill all the books in all the libraries upon the Earth and still that will be a cursory explanation." In so doing I stated up front that the story I was telling was to be very, very incomplete. The very lightest skim through the facts so that I might begin to get to the points I wished to touch upon.

The second part of your answer lies in the fact that I have already suggested to you that the Zeta Greys that have operated in your planetary realm act as mercenaries. They sell their services to the highest bidder. And that there are a variety of interests. Genetic materiel is the one interest I explored in that discussion. There are others that are more complex to explain. If I am to begin to get into the detail of all t​hat the Greys are researching with humanity then that explanation will end up being a massive thesis. A pointless exercise since almost none of my audience would be interested in this level of detail and of those that were interested almost none would understand what I had to share. And then there is the complexity of trying to pass this information through the mind of Zingdad. It would take considerable effort to prepare him for this vast technical download. A waste of time energy and effort all round.


What I will offer you is this. The "problem" for the Orion Whites is not that they do not have access to genetic material. The problem is running longitudinal experiments to see how the various genes act and interact in vivo. How different stressors and challenges impact both the genome and the expressed phenotype. Perhaps you fail to appreciate that each organism's genotype is in constant flux. That there are genetic switches that regularly change state expressing different proteins and microbiological structures as they go. And that the genome is actually interacting intelligently with its phenotypic organism. This is why "abductees" are usually revisited many times. On each visit new, deeper understanding is achieved. So it is not simply a matter of removing a little genetic material and moving on. There are numerous test and analyses being done on each subject on each occasion. Indeed, if it were a simple matter of collecting gross genetic material then there would be a great deal less objection to what they are doing. The objections multiply with the deep tinkering that they also do to each subject.


A final point. A sewerage works, or similar, would be a disastrously poor place to look for genetic material. There you will find a soup of genetic material awash in a mixture of all kinds of other biological contaminants. And not to mention a toxic sludge of corrosive compounds that would be actively damaging and breaking down the genetic materials present. And the vast, overwhelming majority of that genetic material will be bacterial. It will be a considerable job to isolate the desired genetic material and when you did obtain it, the task of understanding what you had isolated would be massive. I could scarcely think of a poorer way to go about finding useful genetic material than first mixing it and abusing it in this fashion.


I am aware that this is a wildly incomplete explanation. But given the parameters of what I am endeavouring to achieve, I am afraid this will have to do. At the least it will offer you insight in the direction of you query.