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QFZ: How Can I Know My Own Spiritual History?


In today's "Questions For Zingdad", "Jack" (not his real name) asks a simple, clear question about his own specific spiritual history. But, as you will see, my answer is speaks quite generally to all queries about your own truth. And it neatly precedes the following blog post which discusses why I do not offer myself as a psychic.





Jack: Dear Zingdad

How would one determine if he is indeed Pleiadian Starseed?

Many thanks!





Arn: Hello Jack


It's interesting, I am just busy writing a blog post in response to folks who ask me what is true for them. So I really appreciate that you are asking instead how you can find out what is true for you. It's a profound difference. You are asking how you can find your own truth rather than asking me to be your source of truth.


But before I can proceed I must ask you: Are you asking for evidence or proof?


If you want evidence then it is but a matter of looking inside your own story. Looking inside your own feelings, experiences and beliefs. Looking into what feels right for you. About the most powerful tool that you can develop in this regard is to learn to listen to your heart. In your heart you are connected to the eternal divine Self that you REALLY are when you are not pretending, as you now are, to be a mortal little being in a state of deep forgetting.


If you'd like a little help to find your own answers perhaps you might like to try the sequence of three meditations offered on this page:


This will show you to your heart, then show you to your sacred temple within your own psyche and then finally offer you an opportunity to take your question to your divine guidance within.


Alternatively (or perhaps in addition) you could also do an inner-journey either on your own or guided by a practitioner. This is something I can assist with too - please see


Another possibility is for you to visit a practicing psychic but, for myself, I always wonder on what basis I should know if I should believe what someone else says is true for me. But if you find someone that has shown a track record of success perhaps that is a viable avenue for you. This is, however not a service I offer (as shall be discussed in my next blog post)


All of the above will provide you with evidence and, upon that basis you can decide for yourself what is true about your own spiritual heritage.
If, on the other hand, you want proof then I am afraid there is none to be had!


You have come to this place of the very deepest veiling precisely so that you can have this experience of not being able to prove anything at all to yourself or to others in a way that cannot be doubted. I mean, here it is possible to doubt anything and everything other than the simple fact of your own existence! This is why completely reasonable people can, in this place, believe everything from atheism, to monotheism, to polytheism, to pantheism, to oneness... and who knows what else! And none of them can prove to any of the others that they are right and the others are wrong.


Here, in this place, there is no final proof of anything!


Which raises a very interesting question. Ponder for a moment why you choose to come here. Why would an immortal, divine being go to all the pain and effort required to get here only to be in this state of deepest not knowing?


Could it be that you really badly wanted to NOT know?


What do you do and how do you create yourself and your life when you don't know? Only in this place will you ever be able to answer that question! And this is, at least some part of the answer to the question of why you are here. You are here so that you might know what you choose when you don't know who you are.


Soon enough, you'll remember again. Soon enough this journey called "incarnation" will be over. Then you'll know where you have been and what you have done. Will you then feel the need to forget again and incarnate again? Or will have have accomplished all you wished in this state of forgetting that you will move on to other different creation states? Time will tell.


But, in the meantime, the most important question, for me, is this: What story am I telling myself about myself RIGHT NOW. I find this far more important than what story have I told myself in other previous lives. Though, I must admit, finding my answers about my past journeys has been an important part of healing myself, forgiving myself, understanding myself and loving myself. So I don't suggest this past-life delving is without value! Just that it is a subordinate part of the self-creation in this moment rather than something separate or more important.


Thank you for your question! I hope my answer added some value to your journey.


With love,