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QFZ: Substance Abuse and Addiction


I recently received an email query from Arek (not his real name) in which he asked for my input with his struggle with addiction. I replied to his email only to discover that he had given me an incorrect email address... my reply bounced! So I thought to share the conversation here in the Questions for Zingdad section. Hopefully he returns to my website and finds this here!






Arek: Dear Zingdad


As many people on this planet earth I am awakening. I am studying internet very carefully, making more and more conclusions.


I am writing because I am addict of mepehedrone and cigarettes. I know that both of these are the only barrier to fulfill my transformation.


Can you help me?


Give any suggestions?





Arn: Hello Arek

Thank you for reaching out to me.

Addictions are a very interesting phenomenon. Really, what is happening is that you have a deep-seated need that is not being fulfilled in your ordinary life. Like an ancient spiritual hunger. And then you encounter something that seems, in the very short term, to fill that need. You take that substance and like magic you suddenly feel as if you are feeding a hunger for the very first time. It feels wonderful!

The first problem is, this "feeding" is artificial and is not giving you what you really need. So you get "hungry" again. And you must "feed" again.

The second, even bigger problem is that this "food" becomes less and less effective. You feel less good each time you take it. And soon it begins to have a toxic load on your being too. Soon your body begins to suffer and your spirit becomes toxified. And that is when you find you are truly addicted: you come to realize that you are compelled to take something that no you no longer want to be taking. You want to stop but you cannot.

That's the addictive pattern.

Breaking this pattern is not easy but is certainly possible. There are two components that need to be addressed: the spiritual need and the physical addiction.

It is my strong recommendation that you deal with the spiritual need first. If you have tried to break the physical addiction on its own without dealing with the spiritual need first, you will see: it's almost impossible to do. And if you do get it right... there is always the chance of relapse later.

So... the spiritual need first.

This hunger that is in your soul is not something you are going to figure our very easily. It requires that you journey deeply into your own soul. First you need to connect with your own divine spirit. To align your heart with your mind. Then, when you have done that you can begin to work on your own Shadow. This is the part of your soul that is hidden from your self-perception. And this is where the hunger, that drives you to your addictive behaviour, lies.

Please have a look at Dreamer Awake. It's a multimedia seminar series that I offer. The first two components are:

Heart and Mind Aligned, a 6- week seminar series, and

Shining the Light on Shadow, a 9-week seminar series

The benefits of doing this work are enormous. But ONE of those benefits is that it will help you to understand, deal with and heal the spiritual need driving your addictions.

Read all about that (and watch the video) and see if you think this is what you need at this point.

When you have healed the spiritual need it becomes possible (still difficult but now very much possible) to heal the physical addiction. You do this by giving your body all the love and support you can while withdrawing from the addictive substances. I would suggest dealing with your addictions one at a time. I would suggest the most damaging and destructive addiction must go first. So the Mephedrone first. Get clean for three weeks. If you relapse, you forgive yourself and start again.

During the three weeks you should understand that you are fighting a battle. And you need to give yourself all the support you can for that battle.

I don’t know your circumstances but if there are very close friends or family members who are understanding and supportive, it would be helpful to enlist their aid. Tell them what you are planning to do. See if they would be willing to support you during your battle. You will need both emotional and physical support. Ideally someone to “sit with you” for as much of this time as possible. Certainly, for as much of your waking hours as possible. And also someone to look out for your bodily well-being; to make sure you are eating and remaining hydrated and so forth.

It’s not a bad idea to check into a rehab facility if you don’t have this kind of social support available. Fighting a physiological addiction on your own is not something everyone can do.

Also, during that three weeks give yourself permission to enjoy whatever foods/ other special treats you can so that you don't feel deprived. Especially, for example, if you like chocolates or things like that. For three weeks you can eat anything because you are doing this difficult thing of getting clean. It's hard, I know, but you will be able to do it because the spiritual need will have been resolved.

When you are totally clean of the Mephedrone, give yourself a little break to find your feet again and then you can do more-or-less the same thing for the cigarettes. This time you won’t need a “sitter”. You can do this on your own. Kicking cigarettes is not fun but it doesn’t have the same burden on your body as methamphetamine derivatives or as opioids. So, really, it’s a case of allowing yourself three weeks of anything else (within reason!) that you want to eat or do to keep your mood elevated while you go cold-turkey on the cigarettes.

Then, when you are done, it is time to bring your diet back to healthy to completely detox. It is time to get the toxins of the addiction out of your body. You can either do a strict water fast for 3 to 5 days. This is highly recommended but not everyone can do this. Or you can do three weeks of fresh salads and lightly cooked vegetables. Drink lots of water, do light exercise. No alcohol, little meat.

After this you will feel like a new person!

And THAT is my recommendation. This is a protocol that will work. You don't have to follow this to the letter. It’s not the only way to do it. There are other protocols such as “coming off slowly” rather than going cold turkey. And using other substances such as Iboga to assist the withdrawal. There are many ways to do this. But you asked me and the above protocol is what I recommend.

I wish you every strength with your journey to wellness!


With love,