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Josh and Kacey's Spiritual Safari


It's difficult to say which Spiritual Safari visit has been MY favorite. Because of course each person (or group) brings me so much in terms of my own growth and learning. And I feel absurdly privileged that anyone would want to fly (usually half-way around the world) to spend time with me, sharing their spiritual path with me, granting me the gift of deep insight into their soul and their journey and, of course, allowing me the huge pleasure of being their to facilitate their growth, healing and self-discovery. There is a real miracle that happens when people are actively awakening. And I just love to that I get to participate in that. So, in it's own way EVERY spiritual safari is my favorite. But for all that, the visit I had with Josh and Kacey was perhaps my favorite favorite :-) And for so many reasons. Not least of which was the profound connection I felt with them personally. Then there was also the main reason for their visit: to deepen the bond of love between them. And in the meditations and spiritual experiences I facilitated for them, that very, very much did happen. Which was just so beautiful because who can remain unmoved in the face of a beautiful soul-covenant being remembered and brought to fruition. What a wonder to behold and what a privilege to facilitate!


I can't really write much more about all of this because it's their private stuff and... client confidentiality and all of that... their story is not mine to share. But I can say that I experienced their visit as quite magical. And a new soul-deep friendship was formed with the both of them that feels like it will last not just a lifetime but forever. So a truly beautiful visit for which I am very grateful.


Now, many of my spiritual safari visitors don't feel called to write a review for public consumption. And that's perfectly fine by me. What we accomplish during this sacred time together is often intensely personal to them and it's not meant to be published for the world to enjoy. But some of my visitors do feel they want to share something about their time with me. Which is wonderful because then I get to share the joy, even just a little bit, with you, my readers. And so I was really very pleased when Josh decided to pen some of his post-visit thoughts for me to share with you. And he kindly also sent me a photo that I took on their camera of the two of them sharing a moment on the beach near here.


So here it is from Josh:





My girlfriend and I, after just a few months together, took a leap of faith and signed on for Arn's spiritual safari. The faith, to be clear, was particularly in supply from her, as she had never so much as spoken to the man, and was trusting in the decision entirely by virtue of my experience with him; an experience comprised of a Skype session and a few emails...


Well, our faith-leap was rewarded beyond our expectations. Through Arn's transformative guided meditation work, and moreover through his deeply caring, attentive, and oft times hilarious presence,  we, my girlfriend and I,  forged an even deeper bond, and returned to the U.S. not only as changed individuals... but engaged to be married.


Arn is a warm, deeply caring guy with a wonderfully ridiculous sense of humor. Throughout the entire experience -- whether we were meditating, hiking, safari'ing, or even simply sharing a meal -- he demonstrated a keen, highly intuitive understanding of our needs, knowing exactly when to offer input, and exact when to give us space. 


Also to note, the meals prepared by Arn's chef  and B&B proprietor, a super charming Irish woman named Fiona, were nothing short of gourmet. She catered to our preferences (no wheat, please) without compromising flavor or variety, and most of the  ingredients were grown from the farm-land on which we stayed. 


Our trip, in short, was outrageously fun, and nothing short of magical -- we can't recommend Arn and his "spiritual safari" more enthusiastically. 


-Josh and Kacey

Los Angeles, CA


And here is their beautiful, sweet, romantic picture: