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QFZ: My Safety in South Africa


A number of people, having picked up in the news the story about farm murders here in South Africa, have contacted me to indicate their concern. And most of them were kind enough to offer me safe refuge in their homes if I should ever need that!  As an example, Dana (not her real name) wrote me this very kind and caring message:


Dear Zingdad


If you for whatever reason become unsafe where you are there and need an emergency place to go i have a spare bedroom. I’m hearing some awfully horrendous things about South Africa. If any of it is affecting you and you don’t have a safe place to go you do now.







Hi Dana


Thank you so much for your kindness and your concern but I am perfectly safe. 


You know, Dana, I don't believe in accidents or random happenings. Things always play out, really, as they should. I don't, for example, live in South Africa randomly. We Starseeds and Lightbringers are where we need to be to hold the frequency where we are so that things might transform on this planet as they should. 


Things are pretty scary right now, it is true. But this is so everywhere. I mean, for example, I am hearing about all kinds of terrible things going on in the USA. School shootings for example. And this is being used by those that wish to disarm America to drive a narrative about actually confiscating citizens guns. Which very likely could lead to civil war. And it sounds like there is, in some sectors of US society, the makings of another civil war based upon political ideology: the left vs the right. And the race issue is simmering pretty hot over there right now too. This is what I am lead to believe if I watch the news about the USA. And Europe, if anything, sounds worse according the news. There seems to be a massive migrant crisis with the potential to blow up into something truly disastrous. So it's everywhere. The question is: what do we believe: that the news is "the truth". Or that The Truth is to be found in our hearts, in our connection to the Divine Being within? The True Self?


If I choose to believe the news... then I must panic. Then all is terrible. Then I need to consider going somewhere else to live. But where? Perhaps another planet. LOL!


But if I check with my own divine guidance then all is exactly as it is meant to be. I am guided. I am protected. I am safe. And if things should change then I will be guided to move and given all of the resources I need to make the move. And if that should happen then I am blessed to have a great many friends all over the world that I can appeal to for help, if needs be.


Now, I also believe this is true for everybody else: everybody is guided and protected if they will but LISTEN and OBEY when they receive guidance. Most people, of course, don't believe this about themselves, don't know how to access their own guidance and don't anyway trust what they get from within. Most people trust the news instead. Which is, really, the heart of the problem. But that's another story.


But all that said. I truly do appreciate your very kind offer and should I ever need it, I will certainly take you up on it!


With love,