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Full Expression

Below is a little conversation I recently had with my Inner-Self (some may call this Higher-Self, Divine-Self, God-Self or Holy-Spirit). What I learned was simple, powerful and very thought provoking. So I thought to share it with you...


Me: Inner-Self?


Inner-Self: Yes, Arn?


Me: I have a question.


You see, I love you more than anything else in existence as you are my portal to The One. And I think you are so awesome that I want to be more and more like you. That I might, when it is time, when this life is over, again become you. So when I meditate I try to still myself and merge with you. And when I achieve that this is my highest bliss and joy. So I have been striving to have this experience more and more. And today it struck me to ask: Is this what you want for me? For me to be as much with you as is possible?


Inner-Self: No Arn. My greatest will for you, is for me to be with YOU as much as is possible. I want you to live YOUR life. I want to live YOUR life with YOU. I want you to be all that you can be. I want you to find yourself in the fullest most glorious expression of me in YOUR world. I want you to be everything you can be by letting as much of my light shine into your world. You have done magnificently to get yourself to where you are. But you are constantly limiting yourself still. And I want you to just once feel what FULL EXPRESSION feels like. Just once in that world.


But along the way I am very happy, ecstatic in fact, to have you be with me from time to time. For us to share a moment in which we both feel the ecstasy of union… of returning to oneness.