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As a result of my previous interaction with Adamu and divine guidance from within, I find myself called to share more of my “personal stuff” here on my blog. And there is a huge item of this personal stuff that I’d like to tell you about: my uncoupling with my beloved life-partner and soul-mate, Lisa.


Lisa and I have been together, literally the whole of our adult lives. We met when I was just 21. And we had the most amazing soul contract that spanned 16 years. And after that contract was served and concluded, still we remained together as a couple for another 10 years because what we had was so precious and beautiful that neither of us saw any purpose in ending our association.


You see, prior to this incarnation, there was an agreement forged: We would bring great assistance to each other’s souls by sharing a journey in incarnation. My entity had lost Its connection with Its own internal truth. Lisa’s entity had lost Its ability to truly love Itself. And so we agreed: In this life, Lisa would be my truth, show me how to find my truth and stand by as I forged my own relationship with my truth until I was strong in my truth. And I would love Lisa, show her how to love herself and stand by as she forged her own relationship with her self-love until she was strong in love. A perfectly balanced contract. And for 16 years we played that contract out. We even became consciously aware of it and discussed it sometimes. And we were also consciously aware of the day the contract was concluded. We even had a celebratory lunch at a fancy restaurant to mark its closure.


And then, for another 10 years we continued on together, our relationship morphing and changing as we grew and transformed. But while we were always good to each other, always loving and supportive of each other and while our relationship was, in too many ways to catalogue here, a thing of beauty and love, it is also so that the relationship had become one of best-friends and siblings, rather than the romantic partnership that we both still wanted it to be.


For some years we struggled with this. And then we learned to accept things as they were. There is, after all, much worse in life than having a best-friend and brother/sister by your side as you go through life. And this is as things were right up until quite recently. A number of months ago it came time for us to really just be honest with ourselves and admit that we were never again going to be “that” for each other.


Admitting this to each other was quite a challenging thing. And it evoked a number of interesting responses in each of us. One interesting response was that Lisa decided she would begin dating again. I decided that I would not. I thought I would just live out my life in celibacy and bachelorhood. I was, after all pretty happy with my lot in life and quite happy to avoid the “complication” that came with romantic entanglements.


And if that is what Life had planned for me, I would never even have written this blog post because what, really, would any of this have to do with anybody other than Lisa and I? But, as it transpired there WAS a very different plan for me! A plan in which I would meet my Twin Flame! An experience that has utterly changed me and the direction of my life. I will, in due course, write more about this. What a Twin Flame is, exactly and what it has meant to me to meet mine.


But all of that will come at a later date in a future blog post. For now, I would like to conclude this post with an update on where Lisa and I are at now:


She remains my best friend and I can’t right now imagine that we will ever be anything other than this. And she plays a variety of other roles in my life as I do in hers. I love her very dearly indeed. And transitioning our relationship as we have without ever, once, being intentionally hurtful to each other is one of the things in my life that I am the most proud.


My spirit-guide, 8, once said to me: “It is neither in the meeting, nor in the "getting to know" that we see who a being really is. It is in their departing that they show their true colours.” And I think Lisa and I have shown each other some really beautiful colours indeed.

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