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QFZ: Adamu mentioned the "Big Bang"


I received an email from Zoltan (not his real name) in which he complained of the fact that Adamu uses the term “Big Bang” in his transmissions. Here is is message:


Dear Zingdad


Adamu said, and I quote:  "From the moment of the Big Bang until now has been, largely, the time of forgetting."

Since this is Psychological Universe, without beginning and so on, why did Adamu use the term "Big Bang"?


How can I now believe anything he says?


Best Regards,





Hi Zoltan


It's a little bit funny. The email I received directly before yours was from someone asking, in some respects, quite a similar question to yours. This guy, by contrast to you, believes the world is flat. Something that Adamu said referred to the planet as round. He was offended and asked, like you, how he can ever again trust Adamu!


So first things first, Zoltan: Adamu isn't asking for your belief. He actually doesn't want your belief at all! He wants you to find your own truth in yourself and believe in yourself. He always said that. He is therefore not trying to tell you what you should believe. He is simply telling you what is true from his perspective. He doesn't claim some kind of "ultimate perspective". He doesn't say he is perfect. He doesn't say he is God. He tells you, quite clearly, who he is and then simply offers you his truth from his perspective for you to take or leave as you see fit.


I think religion has messed us all up a bit. Religions try to tell you what you must believe and also try to tell you that you will be punished if you believe the wrong things. So we get confused when beings like Adamu speak to us. We are prone to thinking they require our belief even when that is the last thing they want.


And then too, when you factor in that everything Adamu says is filtered through my conscious mind - and that I am a normal fallible human being just like you... you would, quite simply, be foolish to believe everything you read from Adamu as 100% gospel truth.


All that said... Adamu is not wrong in speaking of The Big Bang any more than he would be wrong if he spoke about tomorrow morning's "sunrise".


I mean, we all talk about "sunrises" as if they are something real that actually happens, don't we, Zoltan? Because that is how it seems to us. It seems, very powerfully, as if the sun rises each morning in the east. So we talk about sunrise as if that is what is happening. But we all (I hope!) know that the sun is not doing anything but shining. No rising. No setting. The Earth is, in fact rotating on its axis creating the illusion of a sunrise for us on Earth. This is what we know to be true. Except, of course, for flat-earthers who would dispute this too. 


And while I pick "sunrise" as a convenient thing that doesn't really happen, I could actually choose from an infinite number of things. Because EVERYTHING in this reality is an illusion. NOTHING is eternally valid or "real" in an indisputable way. Everything is just an experience, an effect, a temporary, transitory illusion. Even me. Even you. There is really no Zoltan and no Zingdad. Just The One playing hide-and-seek with itself inside this crazy "psychological reality" as you call it. 


So, Zoltan, you have my absolute blessing to disregard anything and everything Adamu has ever and will ever say. If you want to do so because Adamu spoke in terms of something that, from our limited perspective appears to be true BUT ACTUALLY ISN'T, then more power to you. And I should think you could find a vast array of other objections to add to this one you already found without much trouble. I mean, I could give you hundreds more reasons to disbelieve Adamu if you gave me ten minutes or so to work on it! So go ahead. Disbelieve! 


Or, you could read what he has to say with an open mind. You could connect to your own sense of truth within yourself and you could see if there is not a GREAT DEAL in what he says that points you to your own truth and helps you to make sense of your world and your life in a new and helpful way. And if you do... keep reading! And if you don't... stop reading! Simple as that.


Now, Zoltan, if after reading this message, you find you are interested in reading even more about The Big Bang that is not a Big Bang after all... I'd like to offer you another perspective on what is actually going on (apparently, it's more of a Big Roar). I invite you to read the below-linked article. Not with Adamu, this time, but another being called simply "8":


I wish you well, whatever you choose to believe. :-)


With love,