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I'm Coming to the USA!


For some time now I have been getting urgent promptings from my own divine guidance that it is time for me to begin "spreading my wings" a little. Time to travel. Time to get out into the rest of the world and meet people where they are. Time to offer workshops, seminars and healing there where people live, rather than always expecting them to come all the way to South Africa to be with me.

Then, two of my dearest friends, who happen to live in Los Angeles, decided to get married. And decided to ask me to officiate their wedding too!


So... apparently it is time! Apparently I am "hitting the road"!


So here's the deal:

I want to offer a healing workshop each in Los Angeles, Hawaii (where I almost certainly already have a venue) and (possibly) New York. These workshops will be 2 to 4-day events. They will take place somewhere in September of this year (2018). And I will also offer 1-on-1, live-and-in-person healing.


I will begin advertising the events properly as soon as I have the venues sorted. And that's, actually, what this post is about. I'm looking for the best, most suitable venues in these three states to host my events. If you have (or are involved with) such a venue then I'd like to ask you to please contact me so that we can make this happen.


What I am Ideally Looking For:

Ideally the venue will be a place that is usually used for meditation, yoga or similar practices. That it has the resonant energy of healing.


I really need the space to be both beautiful and tranquil. It must FEEL like a place holistic wellness.


Beautiful nature views/ a beautiful garden would be a big plus.


I would need to be able to comfortably seat 40 or 50 people.


A massive plus would be if there is some accommodation for out-of-towners either at the venue or very nearby.


Another massive plus would be the ability to cater a healthy light lunch for the attendees.



What I am Offering


I'll obviously advertise the event as broadly and effectively as I can and that will bring attendees. They will obviously pay you for the use of your venue. So there is a financial reward for you (to be discussed and negotiated).


As the venue owner/ organizer you will receive a free ticket from me so that you can attend at no cost.


Other Locations

I don't plan on only visiting these three states in the USA and then stopping!  If you have a venue elsewhere in the USA, or indeed elsewhere in the world that you think would be perfect for this please also contact me. Let's talk!


As it happens I plan to visit Germany / Austria / Switzerland in 2019 and will be looking for venues there next. But I am also open to considering other locations elsewhere in the world.