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Adamu Speaks

4. From Duality to Unity Consciousness

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Transcript of video:


Hello everyone. I am Zingdad. I have recently been receiving many requests from many of you for information about how to raise your vibration into unity consciousness. For some of you this is about raising your awareness so as to become aware of galactic neighbours – for many others of you this was simply a desire to peruse your own spiritual growth. I’d like to address this question from my own perspective before getting out of the way and allowing Adamu to speak to this subject as well.


Up to now, most of us have been aspiring to positive polarity. This is also called Service to Other or maybe love-and-light consciousness. One of the reasons positive polarity is so attractive is that it allows us to put all the "bad" things in our lives outside of ourselves. We lump it all together "over there" in the "dark ones" and then self-righteously judge these “dark ones” and hold ourselves above them while we sit over here in the light and bake cupcakes for each other.


But the only way we can successfully continue to hold this attitude is by being unwilling to look at the "darkness" inside our own souls. We hide from ourselves that we too are capable of doing harm and we reject the fearful, angry, negative and destructive thoughts and emotions that are inside us. We studiously ignore all the injuries we have caused to others and divorce from ourselves our own past – in this lifetime and previous lifetimes – in which we have caused others harm.


Essentially, in order to maintain the illusion that we are only of the light, we work to split ourselves in two and then love only the one half while divorcing ourselves from the other half. All this so that we can pat ourselves on the back and tell ourselves how good we are whilst judging others for how bad they are. Which is all quite seductive, isn’t it? I know I was there too and I still feel the urge, sometimes, to think like this.


But I have been in duality long enough to see that thinking like this is not only self-deception… but it is also self-destructive. In my life I have seen that every psychological, spiritual, emotional and physical trauma that I have had was rooted in some distant long-forgotten choice that I took to judge and reject some part of myself because, I decided, it was wrong and un-loveable. Deep meditation and past-life regression has allowed me to see this. These practices have allowed me to find many of the broken, hurt and unloved fragments of my own psyche and then to love them, heal them and bring them back home to wholeness. In every instance this has brought me profound healing. And this isn’t only the case for me. I have, for some time now, been offering a healing service called “Soul Re-integration” and, in offering this service to others, I have had the privilege of seeing exactly this same dynamic play out again and again with everyone I have worked with: deep seated and often ancient choices and vows that are based in duality consciousness cause a fracture in the soul. That fracture remains with us and continues to bring us pain and discomfort until we are willing and able to release that decision and come to a new, more loving decision based in unity consciousness. When we do, true healing instantly begins.  


And so I come to the firm conclusion: duality consciousness is hurting us and killing us. Splitting life up with a fictional divide between good and evil, right and wrong, loveable and unlovable is a profoundly self-destructive thing to do. You can do it. But it will cost you. And since we live in a duality reality this is something we have all been doing. And if we take a look around at the mess we have made of our lives and our world then there is no doubt that we are paying the cost. Each of us, personally, are paying the cost in fear, anger and pain and our bodies are ill from it and our relationships with loved ones struggle from it. And our broader society is paying for it as well in the way we allow corporations to brutalise our planet and politicians to cause division and war between nations. This duality thinking is literally killing us and destroying our world.


So, for myself, I have taken the choice to move from duality consciousness to unity consciousness. I have taken a good few steps in that direction and I am ecstatic to report that every move I manage to make in that direction brings me greater peace, joy, healing and wholeness. I discover all kinds of amazing things about the way life works and how, in fact, we can all be powerful co-creators of the life we want to live if we will but wake up to that fact. This, and so much more, lies on the road to unity consciousness.


For me the journey started with a whole lot of getting real with myself. It meant unflinchingly looking at my own “inner demons” and then owning them, loving them, healing them and reintegrating them. I am very far from done with this but as I go I begin to discover something amazing: what seemed like “inner demons” were actually just scared, hurt, lost, parts of my self. And as I healed them and brought them back into the light of my own self-love I discovered that they were holding in their hands some of the most precious jewels of my soul. Some of the best parts of myself were lost with THOSE parts of me. One of the things I discover is true compassion for others. You see, in my own past lives – and in this lifetime too - I have done some really hurtful things to others. I have certainly been “of the dark”. And as I bring that back to myself I realise I can’t judge others that are there now. I was there before and they are playing out that same drama now. And that teaches me compassion!


And those who are engaged in the victim drama as well. I’ve been there too. I’ve been a victim and I know what it’s like. So I cannot judge those that are doing that now. I feel only compassion. I have stood in negative polarity and I have learned how bad that can feel. I remember it well. I have also stood in positive polarity and played the rescuer. What confused me about trying to be the good and kind rescuer of others was that it never seemed to work out the way I wanted it to. No matter how hard I tried, I kept finding myself locked in a dance with those of negative polarity – you see these two things go together! And so I also kept finding myself being victimised by those that I was trying to rescue. Until I realised that this wasn’t working for me and I discovered another jewel of the soul. I discovered the wisdom that, despite the great compassion I felt, this dance is not my dance. I am not here to rescue anyone. Rescuing others simply doesn’t work. This wisdom teaches me that I am the only one I can change. BUT if I DO awaken myself and live the change I desire to see in the world then, almost like magic, I find myself being of assistance to others who are attempting to also awaken. I do this, of course, not by rescuing but by pointing them always in the direction of their own truth, and showing them to their own self-healing. And as I do so, I discover more of my own truth and more of my own self-healing.


So this is what I am doing. I am heading towards Oneness and I am sharing what I know and what I discover as I go.


Besides wisdom and compassion some of the other jewels of the soul that I have discovered include the fact that we are each very powerfully creating our own reality with our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves. By joining together to do this we are quite literally co-creating the reality we are living in. I discover there are c ertain tools which we can apply to become more conscious of this process of reality creation and learn to create more of what we DO want and less of the destructive painful mess that, perhaps, we are giving our creative energies to right now.


There are many other such jewels of the soul and each will discover their own as they go. But the point is that, as we begin to TRULY align with Source, not just the happy, candy-floss love-and-light side of this duality but with all of the Oneness of Source, then Source energy begins to flow through us. We find healing, connection, belonging, authentic power, magic, marvels and mystery. And this is the beginning of the journey Home to Oneness.


I wanted to tell you this from my perspective. From the perspective of another human being right here with you on planet earth. Though beings from higher dimensions have much wisdom and truth to share, they can perhaps feel like they are little removed from us who toil away down here on planet earth. So I share with you a little of my own perspective before once again handing over to Adamu for his wisdom and teaching.


In my next video I will be getting out of the way so that Adamu can share some practical advice on some specific things that we can do to raise our vibration into unity consciousness.


If you haven’t yet seen the other videos in the series then I can recommend watching them, in order, starting at the introductory video. They are available to view in proper sequence here on my site.


If you would like to keep up to date as follow-up videos are released then you are invited to subscribe to this youtube channel of mine and also to sign up for my free monthly newsletter.


I look forward to sharing the journey towards Oneness with you.


Thank you for watching.

I am Zingdad


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