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Coronavirus - Part 3 - An Awakening Perspective

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Part 3 of a multi-part series in which Adamu speaks on the Corona Virus. 


In this video Adamu it he shares some startling information about the Coronavirus, namely that we are being terribly mislead. The media and the authorities are horribly skewing the Coronavirus statistics to create a very false impression about this virus.


In a nut-shell: it's far more contagious than they are saying. But don't fear! It is far, far, far less dangerous and deadly than they are saying!


And so we are now at a moment where we can really begin to co-create the time-line we wish to be on. He will be guiding us, step-by step, through the process of creating our strands our shared future time-line. And it all begins with this video!




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