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Adamu's written works (longer articles) are available here. These articles will later be published as Book 3 of The Ascension Papers.


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The video of the fifth of the six sacred steps,



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Adamu: Why is The Next Release Taking SO LONG?



Guided Journey #9:

Standing in the Light of the Divine Self

gj9 300This meditation was originally created for the Shining the Light on Shadow multimedia seminar series. The feedback I have received from those that experienced it in that context was that it was utterly transformative. And that I should offer this as broadly as possible. And so here it is!


The outcome of this meditation is as simple as it is profound:


Let go of this here and now. Go deep within to meet the eternal divine being that you really are: your Inner-Self. Then step into the Light of your divine Inner-Self and begin to merge once again with this great being. KNOW the truth of your being!


If you are ready to know your own true, limitless, divine nature - not as a theoretical idea but through your own direct experience - then this meditation is for you!


To Purchase

Simply click on the PayPal button below and I will email you the guided meditation package within 24 hours. Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries.


What you will get

You will be receiving a zip file which will include:

1. The audio recording in MP3 format

2. A text file - the "read me file" with instructions for how to use this item. PLEASE read this file before listening to the MP3.

3. The artwork associated with this meditation.


Almost all computers can now open zip archives as a standard feature. If yours cannot then you can download 7-Zip for Windows for free here. iPad and Android users are advised to visit their respective app stores for a free Zip app.


PLEASE come back here once you have experienced this meditation and let me know how it went for you!






Guided Journey #9

Standing in the Light of the Divine Self



Price: $9.99

Please note: I will email you your meditation package within 24 hours of your purchase.






Special Offer!   Special Offer!  Special Offer!


This meditation is a part of the divine bliss triple pack of meditations.
Get all three meditations for a wonderfully spiritually elevating experience!
The divine bliss triple pack consists of The Sacred Inner-Heart meditation,
the Standing in the Light of the Divine Self meditations



Guided Journeys #5, 8 & 9

The divine bliss triple pack of guided meditations



Normal Price: $29.97

Special Price: $19.98

Please note: I will email you your triple meditation package within 24 hours of your purchase.






Best Possible Value Offer!   Best Possible Value Offer!


Take the guided meditation journey of a lifetime. Get all 9 of my guided meditations!

Do them sequentially and allow them to build, one on top of the other to experience

these awakening, life-changing journeys as I did, in the order I did.

This is, ideally, the way I'd like you to experience them

and so I'd like you to own the whole set for half price!



All 9 Guided Journeys!

Open Your Heart,visit Your Sacred Temple and have Your Question Answered

Then visit The Healing Room and go deeper into healing by Healing your Physical Pain

and Releasing your Emotional Pain

Then discover your Sacred Inner-Heart before Journeying to the 6th Dimension

and, finally, find yourself Standing in the Light of the Divine.



Normal Price: $89.91

Special Price: $44.95

Please note: I will email you a link to download your meditation collection within 24 hours of your purchase.







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