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Adamu's written works (longer articles) are available here. These articles will later be published as Book 3 of The Ascension Papers.


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The video of the fifth of the six sacred steps,



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Adamu: Why is The Next Release Taking SO LONG?



Guided Journey #1: Open Your Heart


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet your Higher-Self? This divine, magnificent being of Light is who you really are if you are not limited by your current form and (mis)conceptions about yourself. I recently had the amazing experience of meeting my own Higher-Self and I believe you can do this too! If this is something that you would like to experience then I would love to share the journey with you. Here is the story:

gj1 sm

I recently had a "day of silence" (as described in the blog posts Listen to Your Heart (Part 1) and Listen to Your Heart (Part 2)). The point of this “day of silence” was for me to still all the noise in my consciousness and really LISTEN to my heart. While meditating on that day, I had a moment of lucid inspiration. I was guided on a journey of "opening my heart". What I experienced there was both wonderful and sublime. So much so that, on returning to normal consciousness, I felt a deep urge to share it with you... with everyone that might like to experience this for themselves.


And this is what I have now done:  I have recorded a voice track that will guide you in meditation to a deep state of relaxation. You will be lead to open your heart chakra and then go on a meditative journey of self-discovery.  You'll travel to a wonderful inner-garden where you can meet your own divine, God-Self face-to-face. You'll get to experience the magnificence of this incredible being and then, with awesome wonder, you'll discover that the Light of this being shines from within your own heart... that it resides within you!


Having this experience and knowing this to be true was an important stepping stone for me in discovering that I am not alone, and that I am One with my own inner God-Self. I discovered an inexhaustible Love within myself that is always available to me. It seems to me that this discovery is the basis upon which a whole new conception of self can be built. It was one of the most awesome experiences I have ever had and I am absolutely delighted to be able to share it with you through the medium of this Guided Journey!


Please be aware that, especially if you are not an experienced mediator, it might take more than one session for you to relax yourself enough to open up to the experience. And most people report deeper, more profound experiences after repeating the journey a few times anyway. So don't give up after your first session!


To Purchase

Simply click on the PayPal button below and I will email you the guided meditation package within 24 hours. Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries.


What you will get

You will sent a zip file which will include:

1. A 16 minute (approx) audio recording in MP3 format,

2. Cover art - a piece of original Zingdad fractal art that goes with the recording

3. A text file - the "read me file" with instructions for how to use this item. PLEASE read this file before listening to the MP3.


Almost all computers can now open zip archives as a standard feature. If yours cannot then windows users can download 7-Zip for Windows for free here. iPad and Android users are advised to visit their respective app stores for a free Zip app. 


PLEASE come back here once you have experienced this meditation and let me know (via the comment box below) how it went for you, what happened and what you felt/ saw/ experienced!


I trust this Guided Journey will bring you much joy...






Guided Journey #1

Open Your Heart



Price: $9.99

Please note: I will email you your meditation package within 24 hours of your purchase.






Special Offer!   Special Offer!  Special Offer!


This meditation should ideally be experienced together and in sequence with

the Your Sacred Temple and Your Question Answered guided meditations.

It is my pleasure, therefore to offer these three meditations for the price of two!



Guided Journeys #1, 2 & 3

Open Your Heart,visit Your Sacred Temple and have Your Question Answered



Normal Price: $29.97

Special Price: $19.98

Please note: I will email you your triple meditation package within 24 hours of your purchase.






Best Possible Value Offer!   Best Possible Value Offer!


Take the guided meditation journey of a lifetime. Get all 9 of my guided meditations!

Do them sequentially and allow them to build, one on top of the other to experience

these awakening, life-changing journeys as I did, in the order I did.

This is, ideally, the way I'd like you to experience them

and so I'd like you to own the whole set for half price!



All 9 Guided Journeys!

Open Your Heart,visit Your Sacred Temple and have Your Question Answered

Then visit The Healing Room and go deeper into healing by Healing your Physical Pain

and Releasing your Emotional Pain

Then discover your Sacred Inner-Heart before Journeying to the 6th Dimension

and, finally, find yourself Standing in the Light of the Divine.



Normal Price: $89.91

Special Price: $44.95

Please note: I will email you a link to download your meditation collection within 24 hours of your purchase.







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# Jan 2017-08-03 02:13
These guided meditations are wonderful! My husband and I do them every night as we are falling asleep, and try to work one in during the day.
The best advice we can give is, get them all at once. I am back for the 4th time, adding to our 'library' once again.
Thanks, Arn - and Lisa for this beautiful work.
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# Gingi 2017-04-05 11:48
l just finished my first experience with the first meditation and WOW! The peace and joy I feel right now is amazing!
Thank you so much for doing these for us. At the end I became my Faery Self for the first time. Flying with my wings rather than looking at me flying. It felt amazing. I flew to the Sun and laid on Her, sharing the incredible Love. Then I flew to my garden and talked with the Humming birds, the Finches, the Dragonflies there.
During the meditation l was the center of the flower looking up at the petals. Lately I have been working with my Chakras, imaging glowing sparkly orbs of radiant colors, becoming the colors, even up above the indigo to the gold and silver ones there. That may be why l was in the center of the flower rather than looking at it.
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# Nadia 2016-03-05 12:03
Zingdad I came back to your site specially to say a huge thank you. I took you up on your offer for all nine meditations and I am slowly working my way through them and finding them to be wonderful!

I find it useful to do each mediation a few times until it really "clicks" for me. Then I begin the next one in sequence. This has deepend my spiritual practice profoundly. I never thought I could meditate. Now I can - on my own or with your loving, soothing assistance.
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# Zingdad 2016-03-05 12:08
You've got it Nadia! That's exactly the way I hoped people would use them. And exactly the outcome I was hoping for!
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# Khameneh 2016-03-05 11:58
I would really like to use your guided meditations, and it is really great value, but the fact is that I live in Iran, and it is very difficult to pay online over here, because of many sanctions against this country. Is it possible for you to let me download some of your amazing stuff for free. Actually your latest channeling from Adamu, brought be here, it deeply resonated with my soul.
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# Zingdad 2016-03-05 12:07
I'll contact you by email!
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# JazmineB 2017-01-01 00:07
I am so curious I can't stand it. But I don't want to feel like I am turning my back on my Creator, Jesus, God. I want to learn if there is any difference from what you discuss and God! Just so many questions, but my soul is but a precious jewel to me that I try so hard to protect! My God knows that I am open to more knowledge in fact I desire it but I must always first and foremost be loyal to what my foundation or what I believe it to be which is our heavenly Father our Creator! JESUS! Please give me a little feed back one soul to another! Blessings!
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# Zingdad 2017-01-02 11:33
Hi Jazmine. So clearly I am not a Christian and clearly what I am doing does not lead others along the Christian path. But equally I am 100% clear that my work will not take you away from Jesus. Not unless you, in your heart are ready for a different path. The path I teach is Oneness. That is to say that you and I (and Jesus!) are all one with each other and one with God. And we find our oneness in our hearts. We just need to know how to look! And I actually believe Jesus was teaching exactly this message too! I believe his message became distorted. But that's what I believe and I am not here to try to convince you or change you.
I'll contact you directly by email too.
With love,
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# Wham! Bam! Splat! 2016-03-05 11:56
Geez Zingdad I can only echo what Deidre and Damion said about this guided meditation. It is quite simply amazing! I have meditated a bit on and off for my whole life and mostly it has been a lot like sitting around trying to be still. Ya know? Boring! I always waited for "the good stuff" to happen.


It just did! I downloaded the first three of these meditations of yours and I have to say this is what I was looking for! This first one is, IMHO, required before you do the others. It is magic stuff! Powerful! I totally saw "it" and experinced "it"! I felt it in my heart and I saw it with my "inner sight". And what an amazing feeling of... I don't know what... life-spirit-energy-stuff rushing through me lighting up my whole being!

This was just the best thing ever. I cannot thank you enough for this experience. Before now I got the theory of all this spiritual-oneness stuff that we believe but now, with this journey, I felt it, saw it and knew it to be true.

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# Zingdad 2016-03-05 12:06
Wham! Bam! Splat! - (What an EXCELLENT nickname! LOL!) I cannot thank you enough for the kindness and generosity of your words. I am beyond pleased that you have found such great value in my work. What wonderful validation. I thank you.
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# Damion 2016-03-05 11:56

this is truly and awesome gift. i have seen the light of which you spoke if but did not know what it was until now. IT was given me new direction and a new goal in my meditation.

Thank you Zingdad
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# Zingdad 2016-03-05 12:06
Damion, this brings me such deep joy! Having had certain amazing spiritual experiences, I wanted to find a way to share them with others. The Ascension Papers expresses ideas ABOUT them but cannot convey the experiences themselves. And that was the point of creating the Guided Journeys. The fact that you have experienced this directly... makes me want to throw a party! :-)
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# Deidre 2016-03-05 11:55
Zingdad I have to tell you that I am absolutly delighted with this. I have used this meditation recording of yours three times now. Each time was, as you said, a bit different. But the third time I had some kind of breakthru experienc! It was phenomenal! I really saw what you were talking abut and felt it. I have been meditating for a while now but never had such an experince. I will certaily do this again sometimes as it really has opened my heart. I look forward to any more that you might make!
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# Zingdad 2016-03-05 12:05
Deidre, I am beyond pleased that this was such a wonderful, positive experience for you! As I travel on my soul-journey I find certain experiences, techniques or tools that are really amazing or useful. When I do, I desire to share them with others. I guess that is the motivation behind putting this website up in the first place. So getting feedback like yours is just WONDERFUL. Thank you.
And you'll notice there are indeed new Guided Journeys available! :-)
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