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Arn “Zingdad” Allingham

Frequently Asked Questions and Introduction


Zing and IWhy the name "Zingdad"?

My real name is Arn Allingham and, while I make no secret of this, the fact that I am published under the pseudonym "Zingdad" is something I very often get asked about. So here's the short answer: Some years ago, when I needed a pseudonym for an internet forum, my dear friend Lisa took one look at me (with my dachshund puppy, called Zing, curled up on my lap) and said "call yourself 'Zing's Dad'". I changed it to Zingdad and it stuck! People got to know me all over the internet as Zingdad and I liked the quirky fun of it. And that's really all there is to it!


Zing has since passed on. But his spirit is still with me... and I will always be Zing's dad!


So much for my name. But who am I?


I am:

The other you.


Beyond that, I am an awakening soul doing the work of remembering who I REALLY am. And as I do remember, so I discover, I cannot help but to also assist others around me to awaken and remember who THEY really are too!


And when we let go of false, limiting beliefs about ourselves we discover that we are the eternal, immortal, unchangeable, observers and creators of our reality. We are each powerful beyond the limited imaginings of these little personae that we are presently inhabiting.


So it is my gift, my purpose and my joy to be here, to heal myself of my limiting beliefs, to remember who I really am and then to help those that are ready and willing to similarly remember who they really are.


I do this by writing books, by sharing ideas and thoughts in blog posts, by producing guided meditation recordings, by packaging the body of my knowledge and experience into multimedia seminars, by offering one-on-one healing in person and via Skype, by hosting people for “spiritual safari’s” and events in which we can have extended persona interaction. In short, I use everything at my disposal to shine the light of my soul into this reality.


About my Life:

When I am not doing my life’s work, I love to take long walks with my dogs. My dogs are VERY special to me. Like surrogate children with whom I have a very special spiritual contract. I have written a little about some of them in some of my blog posts. Even if you aren’t a “dog person” I think you might find the utterly amazing tale of Hagar’s passing to be quite interesting. And then you can meet Zing. And read about the wonderful big lump of Sunshine that was Gandalf the Golden Retriever. And meet the utterly adorable Pikachu - also a Dachshund. And then read the sad but touching tale of Zing's passing


Other than that, you might be interested to know that I used to be a city-slicker yuppy. After having a life-changing moment of unity consciousness while hiking in the Tsitsikamma mountains, my then-life-partner, Lisa, and I decided to change life-direction completely. We left the city life behind us. We purchased some land and (with our own hands!) built a timber home upon it and began to live a self-sustainable life-style growing most of our of food, using solar electricity and harvesting rainwater to provide most of our needs. And I exchange my gifts for the income we need to support us for all those things that one my pay for with money.


Since then, Lisa and I have uncoupled in a very loving and harmonious way.


From my perspective, my primary relationship is always with the Divine within. I am in love with the Divine. I find it in myself, first of all. And sometimes I am also privileged enough to see it in others around me too.


I live a truly beautiful, blessed life. If I tried, just 10 years ago, to imagine the BEST life I could possibly live... it would not have been even nearly as amazing as the life I now am living. My imagination would have failed to dream all of this up!


And I want you to know this not because I think I am more special than anyone else or because I want to brag. I want you to know this because I want you to know that it is possible. Whatever your grandest dream for your best life is… it is possible. MUCH more than that is possible. I’m not saying it will land in your lap. I’m not saying you won’t have to work hard to get there. I’m not saying there won’t be sacrifice and even fear on the road there. There was a massive amount of all of this for me in getting to where I now am. What I am saying is you can do it. This life can be miraculously blissful. It is possible.


What you do with that information is up to you. But I want you to know it is possible and I want you to know that you can contact me if you need help getting to that place in your life. I can help you to uncover, release and transform the limiting beliefs that keep you from that. You might not believe me right now, but it is so: The only things holding you back are your own beliefs. 


My elevator speech:

I’ve heard it said that we should each be able to tell others in just a sentence or two what is that we really DO. If we cannot then we, ourselves, are not clear on that. It’s called an elevator speech because you should be able to meet someone for the first time as you step into an elevator and tell them what you do before the door opens on the next floor and they get out. So here is mine:


DING! I step into the elevator with you and as the door closes behind me I say:


Hi! I’m Arn Allingham. If you are ready to remember who you really are (which is an eternal, immortal creator being of infinite power) then I am really, really very good at helping you to do just that. I have books that you can read, experiences I can offer and journeys that I can take you on that will all assist to to awaken to the greatest, most joyful truth of you own Being. And then, if you’d like to work with me in person I am really quite skilled at showing you to your Inner-Self and helping you to heal the blockages in your psyche that keep you from being all that you truly are. I’d LOVE to help you if you are ready and willing, so here is my business card…


Business card




DING! The door opens on your floor and you step out of the elevator.


Now, of course, you must decide: will you walk away shaking your head as you think about the nut-case you just met in the elevator… or will you use that business card and open yourself to a truly delightful journey of self-discovery with me as your journey-mate and guide?


Since you are still reading, I’ll take that as a good sign!


What I’ve Learned:

The single greatest truth I have discovered is that All is truly One. We are all, really, one with each other, one with the planet and one with Life. We are all parts of the One creating our own experiences, each from of our unique perspectives. And together we are co-creating this reality we inhabit.


The “problem” is that almost no one here knows that they are creating their reality. Mostly people are giving their creative energies to all kinds of experiences that they really don't want. And then complaining bitterly when they get them!


And when you encounter a rare individual that claims to know that they are, in fact, creating their reality... a quick investigation will reveal that they aren't sure exactly how they are doing this. And their lives continue to be filled with all kinds of negative and painful experiences that they say they wish they were not experiencing.


What I have learned is that it is indeed true that we create our reality. But we do not do so with wishful thinking. We create our reality with our very deepest beliefs. If you change your beliefs you change yourself, You change your perspective. You change the world you see around you. You, quite literally observe a different reality into being.


I have learned to do this and as I perfect the art, I wish to share what I know with you. The more that know about this the better for us all. Because the way this creative power works really cannot be abused. You cannot use it to gain something for yourself at the expense of others, for example. You can really only use it to the greater good of the All.


If you are ready to engage in this journey then you will probably need a little preparation.


To really understand what oneness means, I strongly recommend Book 1 of The Ascension Papers - the ebook is free to download from here and there is a paperback version too. The words my readers most commonly use to describe that book is "life-altering". Check it out for yourself to see!


And then, if you are really ready to take your innate creative powers in hand and to begin consciously creating your reality, I strongly recommend the Dreamer Awake! multimedia seminar series. This 3-part series takes you from where you are, to meet and begin to reintegrate with your divine, god-like Inner-Self. Then you are introduced to your Shadow and shown how to lovingly heal that most self-destructive part of your psyche. And then, finally, you are taught the Tools of Creation. This is the "how" of conscious reality creation done with full intent and mindfulness. This is it.


If you are not quite ready to commit yourself to the full journey and wish to discover first that you can choose your emotions and wish to learn first hand how choosing your emotions can and will utterly change your life then I can recommend a 30-day journey called Create Yourself; Create Your Life. This is also awesome for people wishing to learn to meditate or those wishing to develop a discipline to their spiritual practice.


Want to know more about me?

In the first chapter of Book 1 of The Ascension Papers, I go into a some detail introducing myself. If you'd like to know about my past lives and where I originate spiritually and why I am here in this reality then that is all dealt with there. But, that said, if you still find yourself curious about me, my work, my life and you still have some unanswered questions then I will be tickled pink and flattered silly if you'd ask me. We all love to know that others find us interesting, after all!  So drop me a line and if I think your question would interest others I'll add it to this page...